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Interview with demonic cremator-done by patrick. hails!!!

here is a new interview with scotland's demonic cremator.demonic cremator are a duo who worship the old-sounds of old-school black metal!.raw,dirty and just plain nasty! fans of old-school black metal will defintly love this band so read the interview and contact them for the debut demo {in "limited" quanities so hurry!!} and keep a eye out for the bands debut full-length coming soon!! all hail the blackness!!!!!!

interview with asphyxiator {vocalist,drummer} and necrotica {bass,guitars} for demonic cremator done by patrick ...

1.metal hails asphyxiator and necrotica!! how is your weekend going so far? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Asphyxiator: Not too bad, thanks for asking. We have recently returned from a holiday in Prague and have now completed our first album. I am pretty simple really, haha, i am a metal fanatic, drinker, rough as fuck!

Necrotica: Well right now i'm pretty much just concentrating on the band whether it's designing the artwork or writing songs. This is becoming a full time business!!

2. at what age did the two of you discover metal? was it long until you discovered black metal?

Asphyxiator: I discovered metal at age three and i am thirty two now, ha. After my first Maiden gig at age seven my love has just grown for all things heavy but with attitude.

Necrotica: I have always been surrounded by music of all types, especially punk and rock with my parents. It wasn't until i was in my early teens that i started getting into heavier types of music. I was always trying to find heavier and more extreme types of music and eventually discovered Black Metal.

3.who would you say are some of your all-time favorite bands? what about in the current scene who are some of your favorite bands?

Necrotica: All time favourite bands for me would have to be; Mayhem, Bathory, Darkthrone and Emperor. As for current favourites; Tyrant, Watain, Ravencult...the list goes on.

Asphyxiator: Well for me it's; Mayhem, Iron Maiden and Venom. Newer bands would be; Bestial Mockery, Nocturnal Breed, those are the best.

4.when did the two of you decide to start demonic cremator? for the readers who have never heard the band how would you describe your sound?

Asphyxiator: Well we started early last year just as an idea because we were tired of nothing else happening up here. I just bought loads of recording equipment and off we went.

Necrotica: I'd describe our sound as old school Black Metal. If you like you raw Black Metal with a 'fuck you' attitude then check us out!!

5.the 3 song demo you recently sent me is really good old-school raw/primitive black long did it take to write the 3 songs for this demo?are the two of you happy with how the demo turned out? if anyone reading this is interested is the demo still availble for sale or trade?

Asphyxiator: Writing these songs was pretty easy as i've had these ideas for years and continue to do so with thirty songs and counting. We love the demo for what it is, we have a cool producer who understands our sound. So far the demo has been limited to only fifty. We do occasional trades with people around the world, so if interested contact us ASAP.

6.has the band had time to begin work on the next demo/release? any idea when it might be released? has the band been lucky enough to find a label to work with yet or will it be self-released?

Asphyxiator: No new demo, no need, we have just completed our first album.

Necrotica: We've recently been signed with Ziekte-NL who are an underground label from the Netherlands. Our album will be released very soon through them.

7.necrotica you handle the guitars for the group.when did you become interested in playing the guitar? are you self-taught or did you take lessons?

Necrotica: I became interested in guitar when i was fourteen when i started getting into heavier music. My dad learned me the basics and i did the rest myself.

8.who would you say are some of your influences/favorite guitarist? do you play any other instruments? if yes which ones?

Necrotica: I like lots of different styles but concerning Black Metal my favourite guitar players are Euronymous, Blasphemer and Ihsahn. I also play bass but guitar is my main interest.

9.asphyxiator you are the vocalist for the group.when did you become interested in doing vocals? do you anything special to keep your throat/vocals healthy? who are some of your influences/favorite vocalist?

I've been singing for years now in one way or another from Iron Maiden tribute bands to blues stuff but no special routines for warming up other than a few shots. Lots of vocalists influence me from Ian Gillen to Attila Csihar, especially for this stuff. also handle the drumming duties for the group.when did you start drumming?are you self-taught with the drums or have you had lessons over the years? who are some of your influences/favorite drummers.

I am self taught on drums, however what you're hearing is a drum machine programmed by myself. I have too many favourite drummers to list but anything with groove and an awesome style.

11.have the two of you discussed adding more members to demonic cremator to make it a full-band for playing live or do you prefer to keep demonic cremator a 2-piece.

Necrotica: No, we have no intention of adding more members to the band. We work well as a two piece and want to write the same style of stuff. Nobody else fucks with our music!! metal seems to have a different meaning to each person who listens/support it. so i was interested what does the term "black metal" mean to the two of you?

Asphyxiator: Black Metal to us means a darker sense of freedom without giving a fuck about anybody that is undeserved and the music basically compliments that attitude to us.

13.what is the scene like in scotland? are there any new bands the underground should keep watch out for? who are some of your all-time favorite scotland metal bands?

Necrotica: I don't know of any Black Metal scene in Scotland!

Asphyxiator: I honestly can't think of any pure Black Metal bands that we know of here. Thats partly why we're doing this.

14.well thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out. do either of you have any final comments for the readers?

Asphyxiator: We're here to give you what YOU want, the way WE want it!! You will be hearing a lot from us soon.

Necrotica: Aye, what he said haha!

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