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Interview with ravenhelm done by patrick

metal hails!!
hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far? here is a interview i did with new up and coming band from the u.s.ravenhelm play raw pagan black/folkish metal.this is a band all black metal fans and folk fans will want to check out for themselves. enjoy and talk to you all soon.
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[interview with Munnin the Impaler all instruments, vocals for Ravenhelm done by Patrick]
1.dark hails my friend!! how is your weekend going? please tell the readers a little about yourself.
“Mighty hails kindred, thanks for showing your support and cares. My weekend is going ok. Enjoying a rather long road trip around the United States and embracing the sites I haven’t been able to see for so long. To tell you the truth, I am a person that keeps to myself for the most part. I try not to get involved with too many people, but I tend to either make my friends and foes. For some time now, and years, I been a practicing Wotanist though not affiliated to the movements of NS doctrine. Romantic person I suppose and have a love and reverence for mother nature and all that of the natural world. Enjoying long hikes in the woods listening to my surroundings. For the most part in the music realm I enjoy various bands from Black Metal, Power Metal, and the Folk Metal variations.”
I do have many hobbies and interests. Mainly in the arts. Since I was a young boy, I always loved to pick up paper and pencil and draw pictures, today I very well enjoy fantasy art. Also, I am very fond to various teachings in the Universe and occultism(mainly in the area of Runic Magick and castings)
I try to think that I am laid back and easy going, however I rant about many things and can be out-spoken more than I realize…… what age did you become interested in playing music?
“I was maybe about the age of 13 or 14. Which I am 21 now so its been a few years but not as long as many others have dedicated themselves too. I wish I took it more serious in my youth but I did not, however I have started ‘playing music’ since I was maybe at the age of 8. Never did I really have an interest at an earlier age and didn’t even really listen to music at all on my own free will. Just wasn’t my thing until I became a teenager.”
what was the first instrument you learned to play?
“The first instruments I learned to play was a cheap recorder flute I got from grade school in the class I was enrolled in and I rather enjoyed messing around on a harmonica I bought when I was young, so I have some experience in woodwind and pipe intruments. I also played drums for about a year in the school’s band. Although, guitar was my first true love of an instrument that I started to play at age 14-15.”
3.when did you first get the idea to create ravenhelm?
“I came up with the idea about 2007, although it was nothing stable. I formed a few various thrash/death metal outfits from my local town with my best friend at the time through out high school before hand. Sadly, all such bands died before anything was accomplished or even wrote. I was in the realms of stupidity and posers wanting to be the next big thing, to be the next Metallica or some shit like that. So much dreams of being famous without the work being put into it. They ended up becoming a formed fake band with Guitar Hero, what a waste. Though, on my own, I still wasn’t all that great in my musicianship skills and had no funds to get recording equipment. During the dawn of 2008 many of those I seeked for band creation with faded into oblivion and I found that those people were holding me back from my own dreams hahahahaha. In the fall of 2008 I was finally able to start recording a demo for Ravenhelm. In its infancy, Ravenhelm was called Immortal Visions and I wrote a few songs for the project, which was to be mainly depressive black metal and doom metal fusion. Ending that name, Immortal Visions changed into Ravenhelm and one of the songs I wrote for IV ended up on the Ravenhelm demo. The project after a short period of time evolved into pagan black metal, and now with folk elements.”
 how did you decide on the band name?
“To tell you the truth, I had many ideas, ranging mainly from Orcish language…one being Ankath originaly. That project never formed like I wanted. Ravenhelm I came across from combining Helm’s Deep of LOTR with the idea of Wotan’s raven Hugin an Muninn. I am also a big geek, and play video games from time to time, and Ravenhelm sounded a lot like ‘Ravenholm’ which is location in a game called ‘Half-Life’ so I pretty much took out the ‘O’ and substituted a ‘e’. As I see it, Ravenhelm in my usage is a fictionary analysis I created for describing Midgard, the realm of man in Norse Paganism. Referring to the fact that the Ravens of Wotan/Odin watch the world and take its helm.”
 are you happy with how the band is progressing so far?

“Yes and no. I am never satisfied with what is the final product, but enjoy the range of progression and evolution I am taking. It is hard to do such music and being the only member in it, especially if you want it to sound like a full line up did it. The more complex I want to take the music, the bigger of a challenge its becoming since I have to put a lot of time and dedication to learn new instruments to bring out such a sound. After the point I decided to take my music into a more pagan/folk direction…its more than speedy riffing and bombastic drums. More layers and textures are needed to bring out the full essence that I am trying to convey. Its not an easy feat, but the challenge towards the outcome in its own can be refreshing”
for the readers who have never heard ravenhelm how would you describe the music?

“My music has been to me all about experimenting, since I been unhappy of how certain recordings and sounds that came from me has turned out. I want something new every album. I started out doing a combination of doom and thrash as my early styles for Ravenhelm with mild usages of prog metal melodies on the debut demo “Infernal Ancient Years“. By my first album, it was a mix of styles ranging from blackened thrash and black/death metal(minus growls) with a handful of progressive melodies. Now, Ravenhelm is going further and further away from typical black metal and into the heart of pagan metal with folk instrumentation sections and melodies. I try to build up epic song structures and lengths. Very similar to Hammerheart era Bathory and newer Graveland, but with my own take on it all. To put it direct, my music is for the spreading of Wotanic poetry and tales.. Ideals of bringing out the wisdom of all mortal man to journey on his or her own voyage of life. However, being strong into paganism, I seek to bring a certain beauty to the listener of its enlightenment” recently sent me copies of the new EP "serenity is only for the dead" and "through
pagan mist cd".how long did it take you to write, and record the songs for these two releases? Are you happy with how the music turned out?

“I am still glad you got them, I send copies for promotional uses to people before and they ended up getting lost in the mail. “Through Pagan Mist” took many months of work, I started on it February of this year and was completed about a week before Beneath the Fog Productions signed it in mid July. It proved its hardships of trying to outdo everything I did on my first album “Grave Beyond Yggdrasil” that I wrote and recorded almost over night(laughs), not literally but I rushed it I admit. I am fairly happy with the way TPM turned out, but it could have been better. The production is a bit more balanced than the debut album though there are errors on timing with the drum programs which I wish I paid more attention to. Above all, I think it’s the album that helped me into the sound I want to embark on and into a bit more recognition. Maybe a few more months of planning and execution would paved to something better.
“Serenity is Only For the Dead” was an album that I recorded as a fan service for a select few people only or for those who requested a copy of it that was limited to only 20 handmade copies by me. I worked on it off and on during the time I was recording TPM, and most of the riffs and songs I had wrote or was lying around for some time so its hard to pin point the amount time it took to write it. The song on it however “Demented Profundity” has guitar work which was contributed by my good friend Melchizedek of Sancre Tor. It was a song that was written as it was recorded, improved and rehearsal take. This EP was a recording I did more for the enjoyment and not for actual release on a wide scale, and I did not take all that serious. 3 out of the 4 tracks is rather short for what I am used to write now and the title track originated as a single that was originally going to be on TMP. I removed it from the final set list because it didn’t fit the sound. I may be planning on finding a label to sign it eventually, if not then its no big loss. Beneath the Fog Prod. Which is the label I am signed with denied a signing for it due to its short length sadly, so it may be included alongside my new album “Runemal” if signed. Give is as bonus tracks on a limited edition version.”
5.besides the above mentioned releases do you have any other releases or merchandise available at the moment?

“ I have a demo, “Infernal Ancient Years” which I recorded and gave to a select few people. The demo in its self was never widely released so I gave some permission for internet downloads. Limited to 100 copies, I ended up lowering the number to 50, only ever releasing about 12 actual hard copies. I have a few t-shirts available through the Zazzle services…I want to find something better and cheaper for the buyers however.” has the response been from the fans and the press?
“Its been nothing to get excited about. I have a very small fan base and even less of press coverage. However that doesn’t really bother me due to reasons I want Ravenhelm to stay small and out of the face of blatant commercialism. The fans I do have, they all seem to enjoy the works. Some have came to thinking Ravenhelm is a NSBM band due to some of my own personal political views, even though they misunderstood everything I mentioned, and others I been able to speak on highly intellectual standings. Some of my fans I have come to know them personally or talked to them from time to time and are all wonderful individuals. Your webzine has been the first to actually review my material, which is awesome…so I thank you for the added promotion. This is also my second interview”
7. I believe I read on your site that you are currently writing new songs for a new release? will this be a full-length or e.p? do you know when it might be released. feel free to share any other information you might like to on this release.

“ Yes, you are very much correct. I am working on material for a third full length album titled “Runemal” I hope to have it done by the year’s final days and maybe a release in 2010, early in the year. The new release is taking certain principles and sounds from the previous album and taking it further. Unlike the last albums, which has a dark ambient track, this will not. All the songs so far are long lengthed and written to be epic and full of pagan glory. I am making more use of the Irish penny whistle than TMP and have also added acoustics and Mandolin segments for the first time…also I am making good uses of keyboards in this album to synthesize background choirs and several added horn instruments to add upon it epic nature. It will also showcase for the first time of any o my albums, the use of soundscapes. I also plan to record a cover of the Braveheart theme song on the album. Unlike other albums, I also have the privilege to be blessed with a session drummer on this recording, rather than using drum machines for a change which has made the overall outcome to be much more better. Id like to give my thanks to Melchizedek for his drum tracks on this album. While I am at it, I might as mention that I am also working on lacing a runic spell into the overall album, bringing the listener more enthralled into its calling. Interesting how it will play out since, in Norse ‘Runemal” translated to “Speech of Runes” a old practice of rune casting shamans using the Alfather’s wisdom as a oracle. The album has a loose concept based around this, but not every track deal heavy in the actual mystic nature of the runes”
“ In vocal department, it will have less violent shrieking and more clean folkish chants. I also hope to incorporate female operatic to it in the future” are the sole member of ravenhelm. when you started this band did you plan to keep it a one-man band or have you looked for other members? what would you say are the advantges and disadvantges to being a one-man band?

“ I am the only the member at the moment. I do have my good friend Melchizedek that has contributed session work from time to time with me. He did some work on that EP and doing drum tracks for the new album. Never did I want a true full line up for it. I usually don’t work well with others in the arts. Too much conflicts and not enough actual product to show for it, looking back into the past. I wouldn’t mind adding members one day if my mind set changes. Advantages overcomes the disadvantages. Being my project alone, I can work at my own pace and achieve what it is that I desire out of my own personal art. Keeping outside voices out of the equation allows me to just relax and reflect on what it is that I want out of Ravenhelm. Diving deep into my own influences and interests and captivate their meanings deeper from my point of written speech. Just like the Runes that came visible to Odin, my music is my own journey into the point I want to end at, wisdom. Making a sacrifice with a sacrifice to gain something so much more marvelous. Its more harder in my views to have an actual band than a solo project. Though, it means that it is all up to me to deliver. The quality, production, everything rest upon my shoulder and I and I alone must withstand the hardships. If I fail, then it is no one elses fault other than my own. If a band has a crap drummer, it may be ok in the long run…but that doesn‘t work to well in solo projects. However I do see fans of this type of thing to be a little less harsh in their synopsis for it. Its my heart, soul, and utter being that goes into it. I must learn and evolve many elements, sounds, and instruments to get to the key point of personal approval.”

9.if you had the opportunity to work with any musicians {past or present} who would you like to work/write with?

“ That is something I don’t normally think about, but since you ask I would probably love to have the chance to collaborate with the great(and my hero if you want to call him that) Robert “Lord Wind” Darken, the man behind Graveland. I would also would love to have the honor to work with Quorthon, Valfar and the legendary Per Ohlin..”
10.everyone seems to have their own opinions/idea on what black metal means or stands i was curious what does "black metal" mean to you?

“ The ‘Black Metal” scene has left a rather lingering and unwanted taste on my palette. As much as I love the music, a lot of it and the musicians of this genre is running stagnant and uninspired. Giving birth to hundreds of identical bands that thinks praising “satan” is the coolest thing since the invention of the guitar. Preaching their path as law, talking ill upon all who disagree and frown upon the “enemy” when they do the same. The so called atheistic and individualist “Satanists” are no better than Christians as they are indeed CHRISTIANS. I find it funny how they use a Christian and Jewish coined invention term to express themselves that has nothing to relate each other in context and later speak against the term's creators.. A symbol it may be, but one severely over played, one with little meaning outside egotistical hedonism and has become what black metal fought against, trends and fads. To me…”Black Metal” is the essence of one’s inner self of personal reflection. Standing aside what others think and do it based through your own inner calling. A lot of these “Look at how cool and evil I am” bands are doing exactly what they have sought to destroy. Bringing it further and further into a commercial laughing stock of idiocy and illiterate teenage angst mediocrity. Black Metal is not categorized by a sound. Its not about playing the same old fucking flat noted punk riff played in tremelo picked fashion and leeching off of the Norwegian bands before. Its about an ideal that you will stick true to you inner being and cast that onto the world. You came to that path by your own choice through a period of such inner reflections. Black Metal can be anything it wants to be, as long as it embraces what man usually doesn’t, and that is the embrace of the natural design of life and death, nature and universe
Though recently I have denounced my own connection to the said “scene” and never wanted to be just another Darkthrone want to be, Varg worshipping idiot. I follow my own path which that I decide, through hours of intense meditation and personal studies into the universe that I am housed in, under Wotan’s golden halls. Either it be in sound or reason, I decided that Ravenhelm will be what it wants to thrive to be. As long as I keep my personal beliefs at hand, then thats what makes it the epitome of opposition, or to the metal community....'Black Metal' ”
11.besides ravenhelm are you currently working on any other projects or playing in other bands? if yes please tell us a little about them.

“ Well I did agree to join a Black/Thrash band called Nightmare Angels, but I been too busy to work on such material as of yet. I did send a guitar track to contribute to USBM horde Nokturnicon(great band that shares similar views), which I still need to tab for them(laughs). I also contributed a guitar track for Sancre Tor’s “Great Sigil Gate” to which he is currently looking for a label.
I do plan for the new year to form a Nordic themed power metal project that I may name “Thunder’s Bane” Other than that, Ravenhelm is pretty much taking up most of my musical time and I am very dedicated to this project. Hoping to have enough inspiration and material to keep it alive for a long time.”
12.well my friend thank you for taking the time to fill out this you have any final comments for the readers?

“You are very welcome mate. Its an honor that you wanted to take the time to give to me such an interview. To the readers, keep true to your calling. Be proud and never falter. Find strength from with in and releases its aura. True wisdom and the search for truth is not in a text book, or any book for that matter…its from with in your own heart and soul. Only you can decide your path and only you can conjure your chains to wisdom. It can not find you, you must find it. Don’t forget your ancestry and have pride from where and whom you hail from. Search, Search, Search…..
Show your support to all the great musicians that are the voice of the true music and disregard the “scene”. If you feel like you have to, come by at to order an album and show your true support, if you choose not too, then that is ok.
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