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interview with pestilent grave done by patrick

dark hails everyone!!
here is a new interview pestilent grave from the netherlands.the band {which consist of the sloe
memeber vith} has been making a name in the raw/old-school black metal scene the last few months.
if you are a fan of early 90's raw/norse black metal defintly check out this band as it is a great example of
a band paying homage to the gods of b.m while also keeping the music interesting.
hope everyone enjoys,and have a great week!!
best regards,
patrick and winter torment e-zine

interview with vith vocalist,and all instruments for pestilent grave
done by patrick

1.dark hails vith!! how is your week going? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Greets Patrick, can't complain..haven't been in the best shape mentally so I haven't done much but sit around or sleep. Not much to tell really..I live with my fiance and in my free time i'm generally working on one of my ambient/ritual projects, studying ancient and medieval history, the occult and paranormal..or abusing narcotics.

2,when did you get the idea to form pestilent grave? for the readers who have never
heard the band how would you describe pestilent grave's music?

Pestilent Grave itself came into fruition in the middle of summer 2008, but for a while before that I had been contemplating starting a solo project, when I started to get sick of "full" line-ups and the shit you have to put up with from other people. The music can only be described I guess as very primitive/raw BM with deliberate very-little-to-no production value...

3.please tell the readers about your releases that you have availble for order?

At the moment only the "Esoteric Blasphemy" album is available for order from Svartgalgh Records (i'll include links at the end of the interview). The "Black Majesty Invoked" demo tape was going to get a very limited cassette-only release through Zwaertgevegt of the Netherlands...but that has fallen through for the time being because the fucking waste of life in England to whom I entrusted the task of preparing the tape for release lost the fucking thing, so that is still only available for trade from myself.

4.i know you are currently writing/working on your new release "a new aeon under satan"
how many songs will be on this release? will you work with a label or self-release it?
do you have a "release"date set for the cd?

Yes..the lyrics are 100% complete and now i'm just writing the music. It will have 6 tracks..longer tracks than on the Esoteric Blasphemy album. There is no release date yet but I have got a label to release it already. It's safe to say it won't see the light of day for a little while yet, definitely not in 2009.

5.when you start working on a new song how long does it usually take you to finish? which usually
comes first the lyrics or music? what are some topics/subjects you write about?

It really depends...I only work on shit when I feel inspired, else I don't bother because I know if I try and work when i'm not feeling any inspiration then whatever results will be weak and half-assed at best. But when I actually work on a new song I can usually get the lyrics (at least) done within maybe an hour or two..the music always takes longer but again that's just down to how i'm feeling..sometimes I sit with my guitar and come up with riffs straight away...but if i'm not in the right frame of mind then I usually end up sitting for hours or days getting really fucking frustrated. So I only work on lyrics and music if i'm exactly in the right frame of mind, which means a track could be done in a couple of days or it might take a few months. I always write lyrics first though..there's something fucked in my mind which means I can't right shit musically without some lyrics to structure it. Yeah I can write odd riffs before any lyrics, but I won't even think about arranging them into a song until I have lyrics. I mainly write about the occult...Satanism, Kaos, astral experiences...and minor topics of fantasies about murder, torture and isolation. are the sole member of pestilent grave when you formed the band did you plan on
keeping it a one-man band?what do you think are the advantges and disadvantges to being a
one-man band?

Yeah, i'm pretty intent on keeping Pestilent Grave a solo project, although I will collaborate with other people there will never be any other full-time members other than myself. Personally I think the advantages of a solo project really outweigh the disadvantages. I can do whatever the fuck I wish, I don't have to put up with other people's shit and I can do things at my own pace..I really can't think of anything better! And i'm not really inclined to play gigs with Pestilent Grave at the moment. Maybe in the future at some distant point...but i've got a lot of shit I want to get done before I even contemplate anything like that. Once my mind is exhausted then i'll probably think about gigs to chill out a bit with, but be assured that won't be for a good long while.

7.if you had the opportunity to work with any musicians past or present who would you
love to work wiith?

An obvious choice for me would be Dead..get some sick shit done with that fucker. As for musicians who're still with us, there are plenty of people I would like to work with..and i've recently started working with one or two

8.which instrument was the hardest for you to learn to play? which one was the easiest to learn?

In general I can play classical piano, guitars and drums. I would have to say that drums were the hardest for me just because i've always had shit timing geheh. I started playing piano when I was very small so I can't really recall how easy / hard I found it, but for sure the instrument I found easiest was the guitar..I never felt the desire to take lessons and to this day i've never had a single guitar the beginning I just used to get myself a shitload of tabulature of bands I was into at the time (mainly old school punk, early 90's BM and 80's thrash) and sit and play for a minimum of 4 hours a day for the first couple of years. also handle all the vocals for the band.when did you become interested in singing? who are
some of your favorite singers?

I don't know if you can really call it "singing" heheh, but whatever it is I started doing it when I was 15, so 6 years ago. My all-time favourite vocalist is Dead, but apart from that if it sounds like you're having your windpipe ripped out through the back of your throat then i'll enjoy it!

10.everyone has their own ideas/opinion on what "black metal" stands for or means. so in your
opinion what does "black metal"mean to you?

Freedom to be myself fully with no limits or constraints, to be able to convey ideologies and feelings that i'd probably get locked away for in "mainstream" society. live in the netherlands so i was interested in your thoughts on the metal scene in the

I can't comment on the "general" metal scene, but I think that the BM side of things is pretty vibrant..think it'd be fair to compare the current Dutch scene to the one in Norway in the late 80's..a lot of activity from bands old and new, and a lot of collaboration also; both between bands and also from people who're just supporting the scene. It's a pretty tight-knit's never boring that's for sure.

12.who are some your all-time favorite bands from the netherlands? are their any new bands you
think the readers should watch out for?

Some of my favourites are Urfaust, Countess, Bestial Summoning, Necrostorm...and there's fuckin' loads of new(er) bands that're decent, to name a few: Smoke, Infinity, Nachtvorst..

13.are you currently working on or with any other projects or bands? if yes please tell the readers
about them.

At the moment I am working on a project with someone which will be quite significant IF it all goes well. I don't wish to say too much at this point as it is far too early. And there might be a suprise or two in Pestilent Grave...but again, too early to really say much other than that. Just have to see how shit pans out.

14.well vith we have reached the end of the intervieiw.thank you for taking the time to fill this out.
do you have any final comments for the readers?

Cheers for the interview. Stay true and DEATH to the posers...just because you found your mother's white foundation and black eyeliner doesn't mean you can walk amongst our ranks!
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