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interview with prayer of the dying done by patrick

dark hails!!
here is a new interview with a great one-man band from malta.mixing in black,doom,death metal to create a dark and unique sound.defintly worth a listen to all fans who enjoy dark metal.
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interview with martin cippara vocals,all instruments for prayer of the dying.done by patrick

1.hails martin!! how is life treating you this week? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Hails Patrick! Life ain’t so bad at the moment. Same routine, work -studio-home, but as long as I’m healthy enough to do all of the above, I’m ok. Something about me….mmm……! Not much to say. I’m a family man who works from dusk till dawn to keep my family well….and what time I have left I spend it with my music. what age did you start listening to metal? who were some of the first bands you listened to? who are some of your "current"favorites?

I don’t really remember how old I was when I got into music, about 12 or 13 I guess. What I started with were bands like Queen (their 70’s stuff mainly),Motley Crue, W.A.S.P, King Diamond, Danzig, Manowar. Then I started listening to bands like Death, Morbid Angel, Malevolent Creation, Gorefest, Kreator, etc… I still listen to the same bands, not much has changed in my musical taste. In fact my friends tell me I am close-minded, yet I don..t think so when you consider my influences. I would credit them with being right looking at me from a distance as I only listen to what I like and am not particularly easily influenced by current trends. My all-time and current favourites are all old bands like King Diamond, Darkthrone, Candlemass, Count Raven, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Kreator, Misanthrope, Bathory, Immortal, Motorhead, Satyricon , Dissection etc etc….

3.when did you get the idea to create prayer of the dying? please tell the readers a little about each of your releases? for those who have never heard the music how would you describe the sound?

The idea behind Prayer of the Dying had been in my mind for quite a while but wasn’t possible since I was playing in other bands. In 2006 I started experimenting a bit, after I left the last band I was in…and that’s how it all started. I was sure I wanted what the old bands had and never forget the demo-tapes era. During this time War Flagellation Productions released my first album “Structures of a Dying Matter”. The feeling I get when I hear it nowadays is that I was going through a bad time. Afterwards I recorded a split with Sarratum “Slave Gods” and an Ep tape “Ghastly Laments”. Then last September Nekrogoat Heresy Productions released my latest album “From the Mouth of the Passing”. I am really satisfied with the way this album was received. Recently I worked on a split with Firth of Damnation “Behold the Candent Heavens”. If I were to describe my sound I would say it’s a blend of early 90’s black, death, doom. are the only member of the band/project.when you started prayer of the dying did you plan to keep it a one-man band?what do you feel are the advantges and disadvantges to being a one man band?

Yes, when I first started Prayer of the Dying it was intended to be a one-man –band. When you work on your own you get to express more what you really feel since you can do anything you like without any interference. What comes out is purely and solely what the mind behind the music is. Obviously being a solo has its disadvantages as well, especially financially, and when problems come up you have to solve them yourself! Luckily for me I have the full support of my family and my label helps me a lot.

5.if you had the opportunity to work/record with any musicians {past or present} who would you love to work with?

If I had to play with others again, I would choose people I played with before, for years. The only difference would be that the music we would be playing would be predominantly Prayer of the Dying Style.

6.since you play all the instruments yourself i was interested which one was the easiest for you to learn?which was the hardest for you to learn?

The truth is that I never had any music lessons. What I know I learned it on my own. I think the easiest was the drums for me because it’s the instrument I feel most and also what I enjoy most. come from the metal scene in malta. what is your opinion of the metal scene in malta?

There was a music scene, here in Malta in the early 90’s. The followers were a few but very dedicated people. One can’t pretend a music scene on an island of 400,000 residents. What I think is that the people who listen to metal today are only a few, and most of them listen to today’s metal stuff. I don’t like today’s metal. Like everywhere else Malta is invaded with the modern metal.

8.who are some of your all-time favorite bands from malta?
are theor any new up and coming bands the readers should watch out for?

The best Maltese bands were Achairal, Forsaken and lately there’s a band called Thy Legion. Malta is a very small place, but if you look closely you will find lots of great interesting bands here. you currently play in any other bands or projects? if yes please tell us a little about them.

Yes, currently I’m playing in another band called Lustre. The band consists of Sarrum (from the band Sarratum) on guitars and vocals, and me on drums. This project is really at heart because it makes me feel the drummer of a band again, and so I could focus only on my part. We recently released an album which I suggest you should listen to. The link is There are other two bands I’m working with as a drummer but I think it’s a bit too early to talk about them now as nothing is definite as yet, however the interest and contacts are there.

10.thank you martin for taking the time to fill this you have any final comments for the readers?

Thankyou for your support Patrick! Hail all who support the underground scene!

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here is a new batch of reviews from all different spectrum's of the black,dark metal genres.enjoy and hope you all find some metal that you enjoy!!
more reviews,and interviews coming soon!!
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azaghal--teraphim cd {moribund rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
finnish black metal legends azaghal return with their eighth album{second for moribund} teraphim is a strong and powerful release filled with brutal,cold black metal as only the finnish can do it.
azaghal also show off their creative side with some amazing guitar solo's and chords.and mixing in some impressive drum patterns to give the band a unique and to seperate themselves from the endless sea of black metal bands that seem to pop up of azaghal will defintly like this release.and if you are a new fan to the band but enjoy creative,memorable black metal give teraphim a try!
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black pentagram cult-no mercy shown cassette e.p {thorn laceration rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
this is an "advanced" copy of the new black pentagram cult release coming mid-october on thorn laceration rec.the e.p consists of 5 tracks of pure old-school blackend speed/thrash metal.the band seems to draw alot of influences from the early 80's gods like venom,possessed,kreator etc. and also adds some more modern raw black metal guitars within their insane metal sound.this is black pentagram cult debut and is really good and shows alot of good song-writing skills and metal passion for the old-school metal genre. fans of early mayhem and the above mentioned thrash/speed metal bands will want to check these metal warriors out when this is released {special note: at time of writing this review their is no "official" release date has been set.but keep watching the label or band's sites for more news and information.}
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bleeding fist--bestial kruzifix666ion cd {moribund rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
holy shit now this is some crazy and chaotic blackend war metal in it's truest and most primitive form.bleeding fist a band that comes out of slovenia's underground scene.this is a band that fans of 80's/early 90's raw black/war metal will defintly want to hear and own.the band seems to be paying respect to the early gods of this genre like beherit {demo days,early cd's},impaled nazrene,bestial warlust and impiety and doing a great job at it i might add.defintly worth a listen if you are fan of the above mentioned bands or war/black metal in general. another hateful masterpiece for the moribund cult.
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Reviewed by Lori

Canis Dirus is a two member black metal band from the Midwestern US. "A somber..." is based on their disdain for the fact that humans have been ruining nature and the beauty of nature. Music wise it is burzum and old Bethlehem, but lyric wise in stead of "evil" topics its all about saven them trees. (haha I really dont know the lyrics)
There is not much I can say about this CD really. Why waste your money, just pop in your old burzum CDs or any really raw black metal with poor production or to make thing even more exciting run around the woods naked and scream like an idiot and howl just for the heck of it and there you have Canis Dirus.

Moribund records

fraility-lost,lifeless lights cd {solitude prod.}
{reviewed by patrick}
fraility are a band who are not afraid to expirement with different genre's of doom and mix them together.starting off the release with dark,heavy riffs siliar to older anathema or my dying bride.but then they bring in some clean male vocals/chants for the newer goth/doom fans.personally i think the band would band sounds alot better and have a darker atmosphere/feel if they would loose the clean male vocals but i know alot of bands are using the cleaner vocal/chants within their music so i understand why they use them.but with that being said the band stays pretty much close to the heavy guitar/bass driven doom of dreary,dim sounding doom/death metal should check out lativa's doom horde. a decent release from this up and coming band.
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fraility-self-titled e.p {self-released}
{reviewed by patrick}
after the release of their bands good debut cd "lost,lifeless,lights" lativa's" fraility wanted to release their older material as not to forget their roots and let their fans hear the band in the early days.what you will hear is 5 tracks of crushing death/doom.the band was defintly influenced by the early gods of the 90's such as my dying bride,anathema,and maybe a little paradise lost.personally i thought the debut full-length "lost,lifeless,lights was a good release of varied doom styles.but this e.p is a of more straight-forward death/doom without the ambient/experimental influence will love this.
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genocide winter-monastica holocaust cassette {thorn laceration records}{reviewed by patrick}
here is a new band from the u.s black metal scene.i had this bands name before from various friends/contacts.but i must admit i am a bit disapointed.the duo plays the minimalistic,raw style and the band is not a complete rip-off but they really don't seperate themselves from the past norse bands who created and perfected this of dark throne or norse black metal might like this.
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grand demise of civilization -black goat apocalypse cd {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
this is a fairly new band coming out of the u.s metal scene.grand demise of civilization play some aggressive and brutal blackend death with hints of thrash metal mixed within the bands madness.the vocals are a mix of standard screechy black metal screams and deeper growls and the vocals fit perfectly with the bands brutal uncompromising intensity. if you enjoy the more brutal,straight forward blackend death with hints of thrash and even some moments of war metal then this is a band you will want to sink your teeth into.
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Reviewed by Lori

At first glance of My Destiny, the cover you will see Liv in a Gothic gown with the tops of her boobs exposed, her long blond hair cascade over her shoulders, her blue eyes open wide staring intently at something. The cover is very lovely.
"My destiny" has 6 songs of symphonic choir-filled rock with some folk aspects, angelic vocals by Liv and male harsh vocals sung by Alex Krull. Clouds, wispy trees, earthly creatures caring for their young, a lovely women gracefully dances behind the brush....these sorts of imageries come to mind while listening to My destiny. Three of the tracks, 'The Battle of Maldon", "Nine Wave Maidens", and the cover of Simon & Garfunkle's "Scarborough Fair" will not be on their new release "Njord", for that reason alone I would think true fans would pick up this release.
The first song My destiny has majestic piano, catchy guitar riffs and Liv's soring vocals with Alex rough vocals screaming my destiny. That right there ruined the song for me. *skip to next song* Majestic piano and synths, operatic vocals along with gutturals brings life to the song "The battle of Maldon". The next song "Scarborough fair" is extremely beautiful with the acoustic and synths. Vocals along with the music creates a folk atmosphere. "Northbound" *skipping this song* (boring).
"Nine wave Maidens", cover of Simon & Garfunkle's is one of the best song's on this album. Very epic, grand, full of life and beauty. There is another version of the song My destiny and to my dislike they still throw in Alex's voice yelling my destiny.
While forcing myself to listen to this CD many times to try and give an honest detailed review I realized how much I dont like "My Destiny" and I see why Ive always avoided this band. There are aspects of this EP that I find enjoyable and I know fans will love this CD, but I am someone who liked Atrocity back when they were brutal death...not this!!


Reviewed by Lori

Esoteric is the band's first full-length in 5 years and wow this release is awesome. Just going by the first song the music will be very enjoyable to listen to and review. For those that dont know about this band (like me) they are a progressive black/death metal band from Sweden.
The CD starts off with a beautiful symphonic intro that will prepare your ears for the start of the journey through Skyfire's melodies and aggression. Through out your journey you will experience powerful/talented guitar riffs, death/black vocals and classical sounding keyboards (reminds me of Dimmu Borgir, but less annoying).
So far the best songs is "Esoteric" and Misery's Supremacy". "Esoteric" because of the choir samples, pretty cool and "Misery's" for its progressive ,epic, triumphant guitar riffs, you can hear the talent dripping from the lead guitarests fingers (Johan Reinholdz) in this song. The next song is great too "Under a pitch black sky", fast black metal riffs than to melodic prog death riffs, racing/galloping drums and clean male vocals, never can go wrong with that. "Within reach" ends the CD with an orchestral sound, clean male vocals, black vocals, heavy riffs with a groove sound, this last song has it all.
Personally I do not see why anyone would not like "Esoteric". This CD is killer and is worth your hard earn money.

Pivotal Rockordings


Reviewed by Lori

Syrach is a doom metal band that formed in '93 in Bergen, Norway. "A dark burial" is their third release and from what I have read it is more "heavier" and "faster" than their past releases, for those that are into this band should notice.
"A Dark Burial" is 6 songs of death metal, classic doom mixed with modern. The music draws you into an endless yawn, mindless agonizing torture that has never been felt by mankind before. Every second you swear is your last, you pray it is your last. Repetitive riffs, drag on and on and on and on and on and on and on never changing. Repeat ion and long drawn out guitars, very slow monotone atmosphere is not uncommon with doom metal and still can be interesting, enjoyable but this release tops the most boring CD of this year.
Trax 4, "A mourner's kiss" is actually not a bad song. Musically it is not such a downer...for the most part . The duel vocals are really cool on this song, adds something to it. Towards the middle of the song the guitar sound remind me of old school Norwegian black metal. There is many layers in this song, so I dont know why the rest of the album has to be so dull.
Here is some words from their label, "The songs evoke a sweltering sentiment saturated with hopelessness and despair. Syrach's world offers no light at the end of the tunnel and those who choose to enter into this forsaken darkness, will undoubtedly lose themselves in it.

Napalm records

the few against many-sot cd {pulverised rec.}{reviewed by patrick}

another great metal band from the mighty swedish metal scene.the few against many have created a melodic,progressive death metal really shocked me how well the band has combined all three genre's into one amazing sound.wild and progressive,spaced out guitar riffs and solo's.and also some more heavy melodic death metal riffs.each song is layered with riffs and drum beats,solo's. the vocals are melodic death growls similar to the early 90's melodic singers. to be honest{and most people who know me already know this} i am not a big fan death metal but the bands musician plays each song with precision and executes them perfectly to give each individual instrument a full sound. a good releaase and
defintly sure to sure to please fans of progressive death metal.
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the black--alongside death cd {pulverised rec.}{reviewed by patrick}

it is good to see this band make a return,comeback whatever you want to call it.for those who are new to this band they formed in the early 1990's and were at the front of the swedish black metal scene.releasing a few a demo's and the "classic" "the priest of satan" cd in 1991.the band has not changed one bit and are still creating hateful,raw black metal like only the swedish scene can.harsh screechy guitars,blasting ferocious drums and some of the sickest,most violent shrieks to be of early swedish gods such as marduk,dark funeral etc.will love this release and band buy it now!!
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tovarish- Da tovarish demo cd {self-released}
{reviewed by patrick}
i'm not really sure where tovarish is coming from with
this release or their sound.the demo consists of 7 songs beginning with some samples and industrial type overtones.the music moves along at a mid to slow droning pace.the band seems to be trying to mix dreary drone and darker side of ambient music with alot of industrial samples. not really a good combination to me.i have seen alot of good reviews,and press for this band so maybe fans of the newer generation will enjoy this but i've got to pass on tovarish.
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