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black/dark metal reviews for 4-2-09

black/dark metal reviews for 4-2-09

well here is a new batch of reviews for your reading pleasure.hope you will find something to your liking.we will have alot more updates in the near future so keep an eye out.or if you have not done so take a second and "subscribe" to our blogs for all the latest reviews,interviews,news
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absu- absu cd {candlelight rec.}
{done by patrick}

a 8yrs of silence texas-based absu return! the band has never sounded
better or more intense than they do with their newest masterpiece of
blackend metal. the band mixes in early 90's black metal with some
really complex and amazing progressive guitar
riffs and solo's.and
proscriptor is intense yet flawless with his approach. a true master of the drum kit
if you are familar with absu's past work than you know this bands
brilliance,if you are new to the band or the scene.defintly don't waste
another minute and find this masterpiece of dark art.

aldrlag-advanced copy of upcoming demo cdr
this new project from the u.s has created some of the bleakest/depressive sounds to be heard in sometime.starting with a short acoustic intro the picks up into the realm of raw black metal but this only the beginning of the journey as gramr {all instruments,vocals} plunges himself and the listener into a abyss of depressive ambient/black metal their are event hints of a folk influence in a few areas of the songs.the vocals only add to the darkness with tortured shrieks/screams and more whispery slow pattern.this is a good debut and recomended to fans of the newer depressive black/ambient. hear a few tracks before the demo release {in early spring/summer if all goes well} check out the myspace page.

alunah-fall to earth mcd {catacomb rec.}
this is the new e.p from the u.k's alunah.a 3 songs with a nice variety and mix of traditional doom,blues,and psychedlic rock.i usually am not a fan of this style but i must admit listening to it for about the 3rd time it is really enjoyable release.alunah have done a good job of mixing doom,classic rock and the bands own talented ideas. this is a release fans of traditional doom,classic rock will enjoy.

astral luminous-lunaric tide cd {hypnotic dirge records}
this is a band i have been waiting to hear ever since i first contacted hypnotic dirge.well i can defintly say astral luminious is right at home on the hypnotic dirge roster.4 tracks of ambient soundscapes with some black /noise influences.the harsh black metal vocals are done compliments of drew {of dark procession} but the musical side and strong point of astral luminous is created by scott johnson.the music is created almost flawlessly whether the music has you in a hypnotic trance or is tearing your soul with it's raw viciousness.this is a release fans of dark ambient/metal can not miss.
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beyond ye grave-raping the creation of god cd {cold breath of silence prod.}
this is a russian duo that know what black metal is supposed to sound like! the band plays aggressive,hateful black metal.mixing early 90's norwegian sound with a more straight forward black metal the band does a good job of keeping the chaotic sound and feel throughout the whole cd.the band does show alot of good song writing skills mixing in some memorable guitar riffs and furious yet impressive drum patterns.this is a release old-school fans of hateful,satanic black metal will worship! i look for this band to go far within the next few years if they keep making releases like this one.

blut aus nord--memoria vetusata 11 dialogue with the stars cd {candlelight records}
{reviewed by patrick}

the avant-garde black metal trio from france
are back with their 6th release.this is my first encounter with the
band so i can't really compare the new release to the band's previous
works.but on memoria vetusata you can defintly hear the bands mature
and well crafted get the icy cold mid-paced black metal with
some almost slow doomish interludes in some of the bands tracks.the
vocals are dark and violent screetchs with some more eerie whispers.if
you are a fan of previous releases by blut aus nord then i am sure you
will not be disapointed with their newest creation.but if you like me
are new to the band i would defintly recomend blut aus nord to the
darker avante-garde black metal fans in the underground.

crimfall- as the path unfolds cd {napalm records}reviewed by patrick}
label has labeled the band "epic folk metal".and yes i do agree with
the label for the most part.but the band has also included alot of
various styles to put this band in one catagory is near impossible.the
cd starts off with some epic metal riffs and gentle folkish
interludes.the band quickly raises their swords for battle with some
harsh and barbic sounding black metal influences
and the demonic voices only add to the darkening devestation.but the
band is not just another copycat or clone band.for their is a dark
atmosphere of folk and orchestra style influences to only further the
bands sound of majestic and epic blackend folk of {older}
dimmu borgir,tristania,and fans of epic folk metal
will appreciate this finnish trio's musical genius which is also the
band's debut release! so i can only see this band getting better with

demonic cremator-3 song demo {self-released}
demonic creator are a band i found through myspace and i am glad our paths crossed.this 2 piece from scotland does not follow any of the current trends in black metal.instead they stick to the old-school approach of dirty,raw,furious black metal.intense shrieks/screams overlap some equally raw and filthy guitar/bass riffs and a few solo's here and there.if you are looking for the more "polished" or clean sounds of some of todays black proably will want to stay away from demonic cremator cause their is no melody,no clean production just raw old-school blackness.

fejd-storm cd {napalm records}
this swedish band carry the torch of medieval nordic folk with pride and power.12 tracks of authentic,genuine folk.amazing well sung male vocals and female vocals are also used throughout the cd.sing the hyms sung in the native language only give the songs more of a natural feel.fejid are a new band that know this style well and play it with talent and ease.i would like to point to out that yes some metal guitars,heavier drums are used.this band is more prone to folk genre than the metal it is up to the listener.but if you enjoy folk influenced metal from past napalm bands i would give this band a chance as won't be disapointed.

hellsaw-cold cd {napalm records}
{reviewed by patrick}
this austrian band could not have picked out a better name for their new cd.the band plays a nice mix of cold early 90's black metal but with some majestic and dark atmospheres of some of todays bands.the 5th track "cold aeon" really picks up the pace with a really catchy 80's black/thrash solo.i would label hellsaw a pure black metal band.the guys are not afraid to throw some thrashing riffs/beats in their as well as slow down the pace to add some melody within the songs.the band has created what i would say is possibly one of the best! cd releases of the year so far.this is a must have for fans of black metal.

isole-silent ruins cd {napalm records}reviewed by patrick}
isole is a swedish
epic doom metal band.that fans of this genre need to know!! silent ruins
is a masterpiece of epic,slow and sorrowful sounding doom that
gets better with each release.their last cd "bliss of solitude" was a
good release but still lacked something.but with ruins the band has it
all slow pounding drums that speed up occasionaly. likewise the guitars
are slow and crushing but also speed up to break the pace up and keep
the listeners attention.the vocals are bleak and sorrow-filled with each
note that is sung.each track is a journey into a hellish despair. fans
of epic or traditional/early 90's doom.will want to search out this out

lunatica-new shores cd {napalm
switzerland's lunatica are possibly one of the best
bands to emerge from the "atmospheric metal" scene in quite
shores is the bands debut for napalm rec.{but the 4th release
overall}.11 tracks of melodic and atmospheric metal brilliance!
musically the band ranges from atmospheric progressive heavy metal/hard
rock to more melodic ballad type of song each song a
life and identy of their of female-fronted symphonic metal will

mind odyssey-time to change it cd {napalm
records}done by patrick}

germany's mind odyssey will appeal to the fans of
today with a more rockin/metal style.a few tracks are ok with some
decent guitar riffs here and there.mind odysessey really are nothing to
great but this style seems to be popular in the current if you
like progressive rockin/metal tunes you might like mind odyssey.more
old-school fans will proably want to pass this band

neige et noirceur-demo v {hypnotic dirge rec.}done by patrick}
this is a new canadian band/project.
with a swedish raw black/thrash sound.but also mixes alot of dark atmospheric ambience.the band has some good ideas but i think they need to work on the music some will be interesting to hear the future releases but this one very interesting or memorable.

spellcraft--stripe obscura promo cd.
{done by patrick}
this is a promo of the bands latest release.and is very impressive to these ears.intense and furious black/death with a nice {old} morbid angel sound in the guitar work and the vocalist reminds of abbath {immortal} while the majority of this promo are more brutal straight forward black/death.the band does slow down unexpectedly a few times to almost a doomish pace which only adds to the bands already dark and heavy sound.this is a band fans of old morbid angel mixed with some immortal influence will most likely love! so what are you waiting for? buy it and support the underground already.