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New reviews for 12-6-2010

after a small delay having to deal with too much work,and being sick for about 2 weeks i FINALLY Have been able to post up some new reviews.i PROMISE to all bands and labels that have sent me promo's the 4-5 weeks your REVIEWS WILL BE POSTED ASAP!!. i am finally back on track so i hope to be able to write and post new reviews within the next week or two.
also as some of you may or may not know {depending if u use myspace or not} they have been going through some changes and some of my emails have not been sent and some ppl. have told me they sent me emails and i never recieved them. so below is my outside email. if you are a band or label interested in a GUARANTEED review and possible interview please get in touch!!! {i am sorry but at this time i can only accept PHYSICAL promo's cd,cdr and casette tapes,NO Digital at this time maybe in the future}
finally!!! i recently found a new social-networking site similar to the old myspace 1.0 with the help of my good friend ed { } a new page was made up for W.torment if the site really sticks to their true vision i think this will be a great place for u/g metal bands,labels,zines,poets etc,etc. to communicate below is the address if any of you would like to check it out and join }
friendburst is the name of the site....

ok i think this is all of the "updates" for now again my apoligies to all the bands and labels and good friends/supporters who have waited for the reviews. enjoy and keep the flames of metal burning bright!!!
patrick and winter torment web-zine {not sure how much longer i will use this so pls.don't email me on there thanks!!}
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astel oscora--eridan cd {grailight prod.}{reviewed by patrick}
grailight prod. unleash another masterpiece of atmospheric black metal upon the unexpecting underground.this time it is moscow's astel oscora who do a wonderful job of combining the elements of fast,yet atmospheric black metal with some epic guitars and well-done guitar and drum structures. astel oscora is a band that will please any and all fans of well-played atmospheric black metal.defintly worth checking out.
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Anguished--cold cd {hammer of hate rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
one-man bands are nothing new in the metal world. but one-woman black metal bands are something you don't see or hear everyday.well that is not stopping "possessed demoness"{vocals,instruments} with the help of session-drummer mental penetrator.demoness has created some amazing dark raw old-school black metal that has both a nice mixture of early 90's norse black metal and also some dark touches of today's suicidal,depressing black metal for a sound that is all her own.the music never strays to far out of the mid-paced sound or range.and as i am sure of you are wondering does demoness demonic vocals fit the dark satanic music created? in a word yes.demoness has some of the best and most chilling screams and shrieks and are a perfect match for the music.if you are a fan of cold,dark raw black metal be sure to check out anguished's debut "cold" as soon as possible.
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blackthorn-araneum cd {musica prod.}{reviewed by patrick}
moscow's own blackthorn are an all-female metal band mixing in the faster more up-beat atmospheric with some elements of progressive and even death metal into their mix.starting off with a haunting,dark guitar and whispery female vocal pattern.blackthorn quickly launch into a faster and epic metal style and approach.the guitars are flawless and executed nicely never missing a riff or solo.equally the drumming is just as good.the drummer ranges from mid-tempo to the galloping heavy metal style of the eighties and has some well-done solo's and drum patterns of her own.the vocals are mainly sung in a powerful,yet beautiful soprano style with some deeper death metal growls mixed in with some of the bands heavier musical moments. fans of nightwish,{old}lacuna coil or female-fronted metal bands should check out blackthorn soon.

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drygva-son of mighty rod cd {grailight prod.}{reviewed by patrick}
drygva come out of belarus and have a different approach to metal than a few of the ther grailight bands i have heard.drygva play a majestic form of whirlwind fast black metal, but also have a huge folk music influence within their music. the music is played fairly fast and the guitars have a great sound with some amazing riffs and solo's drums are heavy and fast like metal drums should sound. but the band doesnt forget their folk roots using various folkish instruments mainly the flute which mixes in well with the bands more metalic if the band did not have enough going on the band also uses some keyboards within some of the songs.but the keyboards really work well for drygva adding another layer to the bands already full sound.drygva is a band that has defintly set the bar even higher for pagan black/folk bands and will leave all fans of this genre begging for more a masterpiece to say the least.

evangelivm--nightside of eden cd {hammer of hate rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
russia's evangelivm have unleashed one of the best black metal debuts to be heard in sometime.combining the powerful mid-paced drum beats and some ice-cold raw guitar riffs reminescent of early 90's norse black metal gods.but don't mistake this as evangelivm being just another clone band far from it.the duo also mix in some slower atmosphere parts and destructive satanic viciousness with more in your face brutality.the vocals are a mix between gruff spoken style vocals and growls.on a side note evangelivm are the first band outside of finland to EVER be signed and released through hammer of hate. and one listen to the great "nightside of eden" and you will understand why.
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gravewurm-blood of the pentagram cd {hells headbangers rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
gravewurm have been a major force within the deepest realm of the u.s black metal scene since 1990! considering most bands either disband after a few years/releases or completly change their style to fit into the current trend this is something gravewurm and their fans should be proud of.well on gravewurm's 7th and final release "blood of the pentagram" the band doesnt disapoint continuing on with the style and signature sound of muddy production,harsh razor-sharp guitars mid-paced drumming and demonic gruff,spoken word type of vocals that fit with gravewurm's dark mid-paced sound.this is band you will either love or hate as they stick to their guns and create music they like/enjoy and not what's the trend of the month. fans of {old} goatlord,beherit,even some varathron influence can be heard will love gravewurm's final assult on the underground.
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jumalhamara-resignaatio cd {ahdistuksen aihio prod.}{reviewed by patrick}
this is my first encounter with this finnish band.and i will begin by saying it is almost impossible to put this band into one specific genre of music.their are song passages with the more primitive harsh/noisy black metal but in the next instance the band will go the opposite directon and have a more controlled,melodic music with well-sung clean male vocals and some chants. this is a band you will have to decide for yourself as it is extremly varied in styles and sound. i enjoyed some songs and some not so much. but i would recomend fans of the newer generation of expiremental black metal with a wide-variety of influences might want to give this band a try.
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kommandant-kontakt e.p {planet metal}{reviewed by patrick}
kommandant are a violent u.s war/black metal force that has flown under the radar for sometime. but with this new e.p i look for them to take the scene by storm! starting with a short intro of harsh-noise piercing guitars the band wastes no time in attacking the listener with a barrage of blasting drums.ear-shattering guitar chords and some of the sickest,most vile black metal vocals to be recorded onto a cd!the band is not all noise as kommandant have moments of eerie uneasiness with slower-mid paced guitars and drums before attacking the listener with unmerciful violence and mentioned the vocals are harsh blackend metal screams but also seems to have a slight industrial tinge in some areas and fits perfectly with the bands depraved blackend war metal sound. fans of black/war metal will want to check this band out asap!!
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malhkebre-prostration Mcd {ahdistuksenaihio prod.}{reviewed by patrick}
ahh this is the type of black metal i got into in the first place and defintly my favorite out of all the black metal sub-genres. violent,brutal and fast. the french masters malhkebre have made a good cd showcasing the bands talent to create insane,violent and frenzied black metal but also adds a touch of class and originality as to not to fall into oblivion amongst all the other bands playing this style.the guitars are well-played and even has some memorable solo's and riffs entertwined with the violent and straight-forward drumming and a combination of demonic shrieks,and growls all the elements fit perfectly into malhkehbre's brutal sound and approach to black metal. fans of straight-forward black metal will want to check this band out asap.
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maniac butcher-masakr cd {negative existence}{reviewed by patrick}
the deranged psycho's of the legendary maniac butcher return once again!! after a long 10 yrs. of silence with maskr. well does maskr hold up to past maniac butcher classics of the past? in a word yes! maskr is 6 songs of pure hate and agrression done only as these czech hate-mongers can do.raw,whirlwind and scratchy guitars flow over a pounding barrage of blasting drums.the vocals are pure evil shrieks and screams of black metal insanity and fit nicely with the bands ugly,raw sound. long time fans of maniac butcher should not be disapointed at all. and if you are new to this band and enjoy raw,ugly violent black metal done the old-school way this is a good way to introduce yourself to this legendary czech band.
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mizantropia-along the lonesome alleys cd {grailight prod.}{reviewed by patrick}
mizantropia are a decent band playing atmospheric straight-forward black metal.the music iies more in the realm of aggressive and straight forward black metal genre than most who play this style.with razor-sharp guitar chords and insane blasting drums.the band is not all cold,harsh black metal as their are moments of somber,melodic guitar passages and some chanting.the vocals are sung female-soprano vocals and also some chanting in some songs.the vocals are sung in the bands native language and add an extra element of beauty to the bands dark,violent sound. if you enjoy fast,aggressive black metal with some atmospheric moments then mizantropia might be a band you will enjoy.
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Neron kaiser-magnum incendium cd {grailight prod.}{reviewed by patrick}
neron kaiser hails from the mighty russian-underground scene. i was lucky enough to recieve this dark masterpiece in the promo pace from grailight prod.i use the word lucky because neron kaiser have released one of the best black metal releases of 2010!! neron kaiser seem to focus more on the brutal,straight-forward black metal sound and approach the band has some dark atmosphere entertwined within their musical sound.the band as mentioned are more brutal,violent sounding then some of grailight other bands i have heard but each member is a master musician and can play their instrument with both class and brutality {not an easy task} the band also uses a keyboardist but to be honest the keyboards actually help add another layer of darkness to the bands sound. neron kaiser is probably my favorite band that i have heard from grailight prod. if you enjoy brutal,dark black metal with some class then defintly find this release now!!
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ruthless order-awakend witness of nascence cd {grailight prod.}{reviewed by patrick}
well i knew it was bout to happen with all labels {no matter which metal/music genre it may be} has one or two bands that really don't stand out that good. and grailight's comes in the form of ruthless order the band tries to mix in old-school heavy metal and some touches of newer death metal.musically the band is ok and does a decent job of trying to combine the metal genres together. the vocals on the other hand need alot of work!! some death growls,and a clean metal vocalist doing a god-awful attempt at king diamond mixed with rob halford {2 of the GREATEST vocals ever} and those 2 vocalist are near impossible to copy and make it sound good. overall i would say pass on ruthless order and check out some of grailight prod. many other great bands.
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torsense--world of harmony,without you cd {grailight prod.}{reviewed by patrick}
i believe with more quality releases like this one from russia's torsense grailight prod.has the potential to be a great and lasting label within the atmospheric black metal underground scene.where as label mates neron kaiser were more straight-forward and punishing in their approach.torsense is has a more complex,epic and atmospheric approach to their craft.starting off with a faster more upbeat approach the band quickly settles into a more melodic sound.but torsense while still heavily into the atmospheric metal are not afraid to stray off into the more aggressive and somewhat brutal land of metal.the bands two-biggest gems are the use of keyboards {yes i know this is probably the most over-used instrument in black metal nowadays} which are played with complex and brillance and only add another layer to torsense's amazing sound.and the second are the amazing female,sopranao vocalist which matches the ever-changing tempo of the music and adds a nice change to the more gruff,male vocals.

valoton--beastificate cd {hammer of hate rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
finland's valoton unlea some of the most barbaric and satanic black metal to be heard. the other bands/promo's i have heard from h.o.h have their dark and satanic side but valoton wastes no time in unleashing ferocious black metal blast beats, and razor-sharp guitar riffs that will cut the listener right to the bone.the vocals are just as brutal with demonic shrieks and screams but their are also a few times when the band uses clean vocal patterns.the production is a perfect match while not using the over-produced or polished sound of so many of todays bands{personally i feel this destroys black metal's essence and true darkend sound} but not using the lo-fi raw for the sake of being raw of the more violent straight-forward black metal will not want to miss valoton's newest release.
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vitsaus-sielunmessu cd {hammer of hate rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
vitsaus are a two-man band from the depths of the finnish black metal underground.the band plays straight-forward early 90's norse style black metal.the music is ok but to be truthful the band is not really breaking any new ground and with so many bands out in the scene playing this style i am not sure vitsaus will ever get noticed outside of the hammer of hate circle.this is a band that only appeal to the black metal purist of the underground.

weapon-from the devils tomb cd {the ajna offensive}{reviewed by patrick}
canada's weapon are back with their second release of blackend death metal.the band does a good job of mixing in early morbid angel style guitars with some melodic and acoustic parts {without compromising their dark brutal sound} the band also strikes with some thicker,heavier guitar riffs and a fierce pounding drums to add the death metal element into the bands dark sound only adding to weapon's sick,dark sound of blackend death metal.this is a great release and well worth anyone and everyones attention who enjoys dark,brutal blackend death metal weapon won't disapoint!
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