Wednesday, May 7, 2014

italy's sententia mortis-is seeking new zine coverage and label/distro support for next release

metal hails!!!
italy's sententia mortis is currently looking for new labels and distribution in the u.s underground scene. as well as any new web or fanzines that might be interested in covering the band.
if you have never heard the band their is a mix of early 90's european atmospheric black and the guitars have a touch of technical" style of metal to them to add to the bands darkend and original sound.
if you are interested in possibly releasing/distributing the bands new demo cd {currently being written} or if you are a zine editor interested in interviewing the band or reviewing the bands debut demo "mother earthquake" then please get in touch with the band either through the bands
"official"myspace or demon's {guitar,keyboardist} outside email...
best regards and thanks for reading and supporting the underground darkness!!!

sententia mortis "official" myspace:

or to email demon {founder,guitarist,keyboardist} directly