Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Interview with solus done by patrick

interview with solus done by patrick

interview with chuckie bolgh all instruments,vocals for solus.done by patrick s.

1.dark hails!! how is your weekend going so far? please tell the readers a little about yourself,

-Hails! I'm Chuckie Bolgh from Hungary.

2.when did you create/for solus? how would you describe solus music for the readers who have never heard the band?

-Solus was created in 2006. This is True Pannonian Black Metal.

3.solus is a one-man band correct? when you started the band did you want to work alone? are you currently looking for new members to join the band?

Yes, I always wanted to work alone. But nowadays I'm looking forward for a session drummer.

4.if you had the chance to work with any musicians past or preseent who would you like to work with?
Yes, I would like to work with session members in a live show. recently released the new e.p "screams from the silent forest".how long did it take you to write the songs for this release?

About a month.

6.are you happy with how the e.p came out? do you have a "personal" favorite song? how has the response been from underground fans and press?
Yes, I'm happy with it.
My favourite song is Örök Átok (Eternal Curse).

7.we had talked earlier in interview you are the only member of i was interested what was the hardest instrument for you to learn to play? what was the easiest to learn?

Basicly, I'm a bassguitarist, and I could learn to play the guitar in the same way.
I would like to learn how to play the drums in the near future. come from the hungarian underground i wanted to know what is your opinion of the metal scene in hungary?

I don't like to talk about the Hungarian scene, because I don't like it.
But there a few cool bands.

9.who are some of your all-time favorite bands from hungary? are their any new bands you think the band should know about and watch out for?

Dusk, Tymah(tuman),666, Diecold and a gothic/blackprog. band called Veil Of Sin. They are the best.
10.everyone has their own opinion of what "true black metal" is. so i was interested to hear your opinion and thoughts. what does the term "black metal" mean to you?
Black Metal is a philosophy that how to turn the human soul into a beast.

11.well man thank you for taking the time to do this you have any final comments for the readers?
Listen to Bathory!!!

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