Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Interview with desolation done by patrick!!

hope everyone is having a good weekend? here is a new interview with kei mastermind of the new ambient/experimental/metal band desolation.enjoy the interview and as always thanks for the help and support
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interview with kei vocals,all instruments for desolation.done by patrick.

1.hello kei how is your weekend going so far? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

So far? Not too bad. Just constantly at work it seems.

2.when did you first get the idea to form desolation.for the readers who have never head desolation's music how would you describe it?

I got the idea to start this a few months back since none of my actual BANDS ever stuck together for more than a few months. This is a horrible area to start a band in if you’re not punk, emo, or a goddamn cover band.
As far as the style goes, I have no real clue how to describe it. It’s based in doom. Skepticism, Shape of Despair, and Disembowelment are major influences for me. But I chose to try to focus on the more artistic and less structured side of things. So it’s less music and more audio art I guess. handle everything for the band all instruments,vocals,effects etc. when you started desolation.did you plan to work alone,or have you looked for others to join?

Always planned to do this alone. No one ever played properly. People would always join these bands with me and suddenly start whining about how they couldn’t play that slow, how odd the arrangements were, etc. So it seemed easier to just do it myself even if that meant I would have to be a bit simpler about it. At least the overall sound would be right. I have one other, non-constant member, who I plan to try to bring in a bit more later on. So far he’s only contributed some feedback samples for some of the songs on the self-titled album, but he’s the one and only person I’ve ever been able to keep working with, or to actually ENJOY working with.

4.if you had the opportunity to work with any musicians past or present who are some musicians you would like to work/write with?

All the guys from Skepticism, definitely. And Pantheist. Oddly, I wanted to work with Sadael and wound up getting contacted about doing a split with him about a week after i first added him to my page. Hell of a great moment when that email showed up. As far as past……..i’m going to be a cheap bastard and say Jim Morrison. Not the best poet ever, and definitely not a musician or even a singer, but as a songwriter and a live performer that man was amazing. recently sent me 3 new desolation releases.can you please tell the readers a little about each release? if anyone is interested where can they get a copy? prices?

Well, my Funereal Drone label is still in effect, to a certain extent, so I still release my work under that label, except for the Misery demo, which was recently picked up by Nax Records. So i guess the best way to get them is to just message me at my page (, or email me at If it’s a trade, I obviously won’t charge, but otherwise I sell for $5 if it’s in the US or Canada. Outside those, I have to charge $5 extra to cover the shipping costs. I won’t be selling Misery anymore until Nax sells all their copies though. Soon i’ll probably be restarting the Funereal Drone page. I still have 3 bands on that label right now (Nocturnal Wraith, Laiha, Anlipnes), so I need to try to the page up for them at least. have mentioned to me that you will have a couple of new split releases coming soon. do you know when they will be availble for the fans? who are the other bands on the splits with desolation?

I’m done with 2 of the 3 right now, and trying to find a label to take them on. The one with Mourning Grave might take a while. We both agreed already that we’d do this without a deadline. If I can’t find anyone to take the split albums on, I’ll probably put up a download link to them, and sell them on Funereal Drone for anyone that prefers to have an actual copy of the stuff. The 2 finished splits are –
1.- Sadael/Ritual Flame/Desolation
2.- Laiha/Vovlieh/Desolation
The one in progress is just me and Mourning Grave.

7.i mentioned earlier that you were the sole member of the i was interested to know which was the hardest instrument to learn to play? which was the easiest for you?

I already play bass, so that’s definitely easiest, though I don’t use it much, and I’ve been programming drums for years. The keys I’ve been toying with for 3 or so years. But as far as hardest, the guitar wins. I fucking hate doing the guitar parts. It’s a damn awkward instrument, and I’ll never be good at it. Which is why I was thinking about bringing my friend in full time. He’s amazing. I’m just half-assing it. you currently have any other projects or bands you are working with? if yes please tell us about these.

No. I MIGHT do something experimental with a Canadian friend of mine, but I’m not 100% on that, so I don’t want to give any solid info out yet. If I do, it definitely won’t be a metal project though. And hopefully, I’ll never have to be in another actual BAND ever again. your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground? and what does the term "metal underground" mean to you?

To be honest, I don’t think I really qualify for or pay much attention to the whole scene in general, so I don’t really have much of an opinion. I’m just doing my thing.

10.well my friend thank you for taking the time to fill out this you have any final words for the readers?

Thanks to everyone that supports Desolation. I probably would have quit a while back without the support and encouragement I’ve received from people this whole time. Good to know people actually understand what I’m trying to do.
to contact desolation check out the band's page here: