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interview with aldaaron done by patrick.

here is a new interview with a amazing epic,dark black metal band from france! if you enjoy majestic,atmosperic yet fast blackend metal in vein of early 90's {fans of dissection,emperor will love aldaaron!!} defintly check this band out and order your copy today from paragon records!!
enjoy and keep watching the blogs more interviews/reviews on the way!!!
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interview with loldar vocalist,guitarist for aldaaron done by patrick.

1.when did you all get the idea to form aldaaron? how did you come up the band name? does it have a special meaning? what is the "current" line-up? for those who have never heard aldaaron how would you describe the bands music?
I decided to form Aldaaron back in the year 2004. Aldaaron is one of the Valars in Tolkien’s Silmarillion. He is the Lord of Trees and warrior of the Valars.
As for the description I would describe our music in 3 words : epic, warlike, melancholic.

2.i know the band recently signed with the u.s label "paragon records" how did you come into contact with the label? are you happy with the job they've done so far?
Basic process: we simply sent them a demo of our album. They have done an excellent job so far and I am really happy we have signed with them.

3.the debut cd "nous reviendrons immortels" was released on march 9th.are you and the other members of the band happy with how everything turned out on the cd? how has the response been from the fans and press?
We are satisfied with this album and we don’t regret anything. The reactions from the fans and the press have been surprisingly good so far.

4.when the band begins to write/work on new music how long does it usually take for you all to complete a song? does the whole band work on the music or does 1-2 members handle everything?
I take care of the whole creation process and compose the parts of every instrument. I then send it to the rest of the band and it usually takes 1 or 2 rehearsals to handle it. It is very fast as we have been playing together for a long time now and everyone in the band is rigorous with his own parts.

5.which usually comes first the lyrics or the music? while on the subject of lyrics what are some topics/subjects you all write about?
There is no absolute rule but most of the time I write the music first. Writing the lyrics is always a painful process. I have even written some songs the day before the recording of the vocals…
The whole lyrical concept of Aldaaron is based on the transcription of a universe of mountainous, solitary, cold and grandiose landscapes; the universe of the sovereign man who is not yet born. Each song of the album participates in this transcription.

6. do you all have any upcoming shows/tours in support of the new cd? who are some bands you will be playing/touring with? if you could set up a "dream" show/tour who are some bands you would love to tour with?
We don’t have any tour planned, only 2-3 gigs.
A “dream” show could be Immortal / Deathspell Omega / Nehemah / Seth [FRA] (very few chances hehe).

7.everyone has their own ideas/opinions on what black metal means/stands for. so i was interested in yours. in your eyes what does "black metal"mean/stand for?
Resistance and freedom. handle the guitars for the band.when did you first become interested in playing the guitar? are you self-taught or have you taken lesons?
I have been playing for about 7 years and am a total self-taught.

9.who are some of your influences/favorite guitarist? do you play any other instruments?
I don’t like any particular guitarist as I don’t focus on the instrumental and technical side but more on the atmosphere created by the whole band. I also play a little bit of drums and keyboards. also handle the vocals for the band when did you become interested in singing? who are some of your favorite vocalists/singers?
I always wanted to be a singer as well as a guitarist.
As for my favourite singers, maybe Abbath, Shagrath (at the time of Enthrone Darkness Triumphant – I hate the compression effects he uses on the next albums), Corven from Nehemah, Andralath Svartsinn from Olc Sinnsir (a split-up unknown French band). you find it hard to play both guitar and sing when the band plays a live show? is their anything special you do to keep your voice/throat healthy?
I do for new songs which I do not yet handle perfectly.
I eat honey between each song to keep my throat healthy.

12.the band comes out of france's underground scene. france seems to have a pretty strong black/death metal scene would you agree? what is your opinion of the french metal scene?
I think it is generally unrecognized and at the same time some bands are totally overrated such as the black legions for example.

13.who are your all-time favorite french bands? are their any new bands you think the readers should watch out for?
Seth on “les blessures de l’âme”, Nehemah and Deathspell Omega are my favourite French bands.
As for new bands maybe Aorlhac and Angmar. you or any of the other members of aldaaron have side-projects or bands? if yes please tell the readers a little about them.
Our guitarist Voldr plays in Supplicium, black metal in the vein of the “orthodox” scene. Our drummer Mörkk plays in Sanctuaire a heavy metal project which is about to release their 1st album.

15.well loldar thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview. Do you have any final comments for the readers?
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