Wednesday, May 7, 2014

interview with naturmacht prod.done by patrick

dark greetings!!!
hope everyone is having a good week so far? here is a interview with a new label i discovered through my frien cristine {of italy's streben} i recently got his new/debut release and it is amazing band "nokturnal misanthropy" .read more to learn about this up and coming german label!! and all his upcoming releases.
best regards,and as always thanks for the eternal support!!!
patrick and winter torment e-zine.
nterview with robert brockmann owner of naturmacht productions.done by patrick.

1.hello robert how is your weekend going? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Good morning Patrick. The weekend was great, thank you. I was at a very good festival called “Waldeshall Festival” in Thuringia with two of my best friends. I saw many favourite bands of mine, for example “Todtgelichter”, a black metal band from Hamburg.
Yeah about myself: Since 20 years I am walking upon this earth, hehe. At the moment I am studying history at the university of Bamberg (North Bavaria). A nice thing, I can tell you. But I am still a complete Saxon, I was born in Dresden, the capital of Saxony. Hehe
An important thing about myself is the very deep connection to mother nature, who is something holy for me. It is the biggest reason next to the music that I am what I am.

2.when did you first get the idea to create naturmacht productions?how did you come up with the name for the label does it have a special meaning?

I think it started last year that the situation in the scene became unacceptable for me. I saw many bands which were great but complaining about shitty labels. Next to that, the whole commercial development in the metal scene was going on my nerves. I mean, profit must be but you shouldn..t forget all moral and idealistic things upon it. So I had the thought in mind, that maybe in the future, when I have some money, I could make it better, to make a difference and make something against and not juts talking at the end. But the creating itself was more a spontan idea in April this year. And after I asked lil bit around and some bands showed their interest, I just started it.

The name comes from the forum I am running which is called “Naturmacht Forum”. The meaning of the word is quite simple, “Naturmacht” means in English “power of the nature” or “mighty nature” if you want so. If you think it deeper as a metaphor it means for me, that the biggest power in this world is the power of nature and life. you run the label by yourself or do you have some friends helping you out?what do you feel is the hardest part of doing the label? what is the easiest part of doing the label?

Mainly I run it alone. But I have much supporters. First my girlfriend Ida, who helps me out with the designing and running the homepage. She created also the Myspace-design with me. She is anyway a big support for me in many ways. Then there are for sure my family and friends. Either the bands itself are helping me out when they can, as I do either with them. And you are either helping me, hehe.

Which brings me to the great things. The greatest thing is for me to meet nice people running in my way of thinking and acting. To come in touch and talk with great musicians and artists. Also that my concept of the company and my ideals are not lost, that much people like the whole thing. And of course to explore much great music and support it.

The worse thing is the paper shit for the state. Everyone wants to have something from your cake, either they make nothing for it. For sure there must be taxes, but I have to make also a report to some private company called “GEMA” to prove that I don..t spread out licensed music.

But at the end it makes much fun and it is easy going! you have any advice to anyone who might be reading this who is thinking of starting up their own label?

First be honest and interested in what you are doing, also in the music and the musicians. Nobody wants another ignorant bastard which wants to make just money. And you should have a good idea behind and you should hold those ideals you have, whatever it costs. have just released your first release italy's own "nokturnal misanthropy--eterna notte".how did you come into contact with this
band? for the readers who might not know this band how would you describe their sound? what is the price to buy the cd?

Ouh, I contacted them in the very beginning, it was with “In Dornen” and “NordanVindar”, last mentioned is my own band, the first band who wanted to work with me. I am still very grateful for that. Their sound is quite unique. It is raw black metal with more easy but intense sounds. The piano takes a very big part of it, so you can call it melodic gothic black metal. But it is for sure not that pop gothic trash and the voice is screamed and male. The price is 8 € including the VAT which is quite high in Germany (19 %).

6.i have looked over your sites and see you have alot of good bands coming out soon.please tell the readers a little about some of your upcoming releases and release dates?

He, yes quite full timetable. Hehe
The very next ones will be “In Dornen” with its “Isolation”-album. Some very nice acoustic electro project. And then Tantalos “Fiat Lux”, philosophic melodic black metal. Both guys behind the projects are great persons, we have much contact to each other. Both albums are unique pieces of music. Both will come out soon on 25. October, the birthday of my brother, who helped me either very much, so that is my little thank to him.

7.if any bands are reading this are you currently looking for new bands to sign and work with? what styles will you support and release?

At least now, after my uni has started, I will have less time and either my money is not endless. Because of that, if they want to work with me, which is always appreciated, they would have to wait until May, then I can watch for new projects. But myself I don..t look for bands anymore. I have much good ones. And I don..t want to take too much so that the thing wouldn't go shitty then.

The main thing is that I like the music and the persons behind. In the end, there is no border in musical way.

8.besides naturmacht prod.are you currently involved with any bands or musical projects of your own?

Jop, as I said already above in the two man project NordanVindar in which I am working with my best friend Henrik, who was either at the “Waldeshall”. Hehe
Any interested people just have to go to the NP myspace page and then go to the top friends. There the project is placed at the first place. Of course, hehe! live in the great country of i was interested in your opinion of germany's metal scene? who are some of your all-time favorite german bands?are their any new up and coming bands you think the readers should watch out for?

Good question! I really like the scene mostly. Germany has a great black metal scene. There is either a good heavy metal scene and very popular pagan metal and medieval scenes. One of the greatest German bands is “Helrunar”. They make fucking cold and very intelligent pagan/black metal. But the whole metal scene is full of those bands and labels, which are commercial and don..t have any deeper relationship to the ideals of the metal itself, what is very sad.

Hehe, they should watch the NP-releases. Fun. But hm, I cannot really give a tip at the moment. I am not that updated with the next releases. hehe

10.when not working on label business what do you enjoy doing in your spare-time?

Much things: reading, watching movies, sword fighting, playing nice pc-games, sport, and of course making music. I also love to write, I am writing in a RPG. Also poems. Walking outside in the nature is either something very great to me, but I should do it more often, hehe.
And being a good boyfriend, of course. ;)

11.besides the label you also are a writer for pest web-zine in romania and a new writer for winter torment e-zine. when did you become interested in writing for zines?

It was like with the label. I always had it in mind, that I could do it sometimes. But just after I created the label and got a tip for the pest webzine and then, when Adrian searched for helpers, I decided to help him out. And with you it just came from your site. hehe

12.what are some of your favorite zines?in your eyes what makes a good/great web-zine? have you ever thought of doing your own someday?

Winter Torment of course! And the pest webzine. But at the end I am not that over big reader of magazines anyway, I must admit. But for me a good webzine must be honest and not to have only those praying for the big bands that somebody reads or buys it. Something special at the end.

Hm not really thinking of it. There are enough good ones!

13.everyone has their own ideas/opinion on what black metal means. So i was curious of your opinion on the subject. What does the term "black metal"mean to you?

For me black metal is a way to live or metal commonly. But I am not an arrogant butthead, who thinks that listening metal makes me something like an elitist. All those misanthropical anti-human wanna be true guys are at the end just poor humans, which are the fullest human beings: arrogant, ignorant and narrow minded. And when I see how much people forgot what metal really means, to be better and not just different, then I feel lil bit sad about that.
Because that is what black metal is for me: being better while living in a good way with the good humans and fighting against the shitty ones.

In musical way it is for me the best way to combine different contrasts and create with that deep and unique feelings.

14.well robert thank you for taking the time to fill out this you have any final comments for the readers?

I thank you very much for that great interview, it was a big pleasure. I wish you all the best.
My last words: Thanks for reading! I hope there are not too much mistakes! Hehe

to contact the naturmacht prod. just "click"the link below and check out the great releases and distro robert has started!!