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Jan-March 2013 reviews/interviews

New Reviews 3-25-13

Here is a small batch of new reviews for everyone to check out.mixing a little of everything black,death,thrash etc..hope you all enjoy!! working on new reviews and new interviews to be posted soon.
keep the flames of metal burning bright!!
patrick and winter torment web-zine

Centurian-Contra Rationem cd {Listenable Rec.}{Reviewed by Patrick}
After nearly nine years of dormant silence Holland's Centurian have awaken once again to spread their violent vision and sound.Unapoligetic,uncomprimising blackend death metal heavy,fast chaotic riffs.Drumming that is fierce non-stop blast assaults the vocalist reminds of {early} glen benton growls/screams but fits Centurian's brutal style perfectly.Contra Rationem is one of the best blackend death releases i've heard in awhile great to see Centurian back in action. Do yourself a favor and buy this today!
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Cerekloth-In The Midst Of Life We Are In Death cd {Hells Headbangers Rec.}{Reviewed by Patrick}
This is a new band from Denmark's underground metal scene but one i'm sure we'll be hearing alot about in the coming months.Heavy slow to mid-paced guitars that have a old-school death/doomish feel and sound to them.J.P's vocals are a mix of deeper death growls,screams and some gruff spoken type of vocal patterns.Cerekloth have done a great job of mixing in old-school death gods like Autopsy,Cianiade etc and mixed in their own warped,disturbed creative ideas.if your looking for something old-school sounding but with some originality to it then check out Cerekloth.

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Cultes Des Ghoules--Des Ghoules-henbane cd {Hells Headbangers Rec.}{Reviewed by Patrick}
Occult death metallers Cultes Des Ghoules are back! Henbane is five tracks of dark mid-paced death metal with some blackend influences.The band is not afraid to unleash their violent side with violent outbursts of blast beats,raw,primitive guitar riffs.vocals are harsh death growls,screams each song is a lengthy ranging between eight and twelve minutes not a horrible release but honestly the music does get a little boring,drawn out for this style. If your a fan of Cultes Des Ghoules past release you will enjoy Henbane or if you enjoy dark,primitive/raw death/black metal you might wanna check this polish blacked death metal band out.
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Expurgate-Dementia Tremens cd {Comatose Music}{Reviewed by Patrick}
Colorado's Expurgate debut Dementia Tremens sees the light of day through the mighty Comatose Music. Nine songs of brutal,guttural insanity.I am not usually a big fan,interested in bands that use guttural vocals seems like most bands the music is not that brutal or good and all the interest is on the vocalist. But that is not the case with Expurgate the musicians know how to play brutal and intense death metal with catchy and memorable guitars and blasting
drums.As mentioned the vocalist uses the guttural style but uses them well and blends them in with the music to add another layer to the bands heaviness and brutal sound.If your a fan guttural,straight forward styled death then defintly check out the Comatose Music store and get this today!

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Impious Baptism-Wrath Of The Apex Predator cd {Hells Headbangers Rec.}Reviewed by Patrick}
Australia's Impious Baptism is a one-man band consisting of J. who is no stranger to creating and playing in quality metal bands.In the past J.has performed with the legendary Destroyer 666 and Destruktor before creating Impious Baptism.Impious Baptism is filthy,raw old school blackend metal with some death metal influences in the guitars.Uncomprimsing whirlwind fast guitar riffs with some really well played riffs and solo's that stay in the fast/mid paced range.The drumming is in the same vein as the guitars fast,pummeling with some mid-pace breaks.J's vocals are raw,deep growls and screams.Fans of early Beherit,Sarcofago,and filthy raw old-school black metal should check out Impious Baptism today you won't find another band/musician playing the style better then J.and Impious Baptism.
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Krypts-Unending Degradation cd {Dark Descent Rec.}{reviewed by Patrick}
Krypts are from the bowels of the Finnish death metal underground scene.On their debut full length "Unending Degradation" Krypts has recorded some of the most stripped down,guitar heavy death metal recorded in quite some time. The trio mixes heavy slow to mid-paced death metal Krypts does have a few moments of aggressive speed but they are few and far between instead keeping the music more to their liking of mid-paced and heavy.Vocals are deep,low death growls and go perfectly with Krypts slow,heavy sound. This is defintly one of Dark Descent's best releases to date and highly recomended to fans who enjoy their death metal stripped down,heavy and mid-paced with touches of death/doom.

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Logic Of Denial-Atonement cd {Comatose Music}{Reviewed by Patrick}
Atonement is the second release from Italy's brutal death metal mongers Logic Of Denial.Eleven tracks of fast,intense guitar riffs and solo's with some crazy and well played structures. Drumming is intense madness with some insane blast beats and nice breaks to keep the listener's attention while the band pummels their senses with quality yet insane violent death metal.Atonement is a great release filled with angry blast beats,heavy guitars and sick vocals if you are fan of Comatose music previous roster or brutal quality musick in general you should check out Logic Of Denial soon.

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Mortillery-Origin Of Extinction cd {Napalm Rec.}{Reviewed by Patrick}
Mortillery returns with their second thrash attack from Napalm Rec. ten tracks of aggressive and rage fueled thrash madness.thrashing fast intense riffs with some insane riffs and solo's entertwined in the music.Once again the music is handled by the extremly talented cara Mccutchen who has some of the best screams/vocals in metal today.Pure screams of rage and anger that fits perfects with Mortillery straight forward thrashing insanity.If you have heard Mortillery in the past you pretty much know what is in store for you,but if your new to the band and your a thrasher til death get ahold of this band today!! they won't disapoint you.

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Ruins-Place Of No Pity cd {Listenable Rec.}{Reviewed by Patrick}
I have always liked Ruins style of metal and Place Of No Pity the fourth metal masterpiece by the australian veterans is no different.Powerful yet catchy death metal. Their are some thrash and even black metal influences mixed in to the bands guitar riffs and overall structures.The drumming is precise,well executed and flawless which is pretty impressive in it's self considering how fast and heavy some of the songs get.The vocals are a mix of brutal death growls and screams i think Ruins have found a good home on Listenable Rec.'s roster this is defintly the bands strongest material to date and shouldn't be missed by anyone old fans or new.
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Visions Of Atlantis-Ethera cd {Napalm Rec.}{reviewed by Patrick}
I have to be honest and say that Visions of atlantis never really appealed to me but that changed with their 2011 Maria Magdalena Mcd had some good music/songs. So i was kinda interested to hearing what Ethera had to offer and i'm happy i did.Ethera shows the band progressing with much better song writing more memorable songs that are both symphonic and memorable but also have some heavy metal heaviness to them. So their is a little of everything to keep the listeners attention.Beautiful keyboards and melodic guitar structure entertwined with two of the best singers of this genre Mario plank and front lady Maxi Nil who work extremly well together and their vocals blend extremly well together and with the rest of the music to add another layer of beauty and atmosphere.This is defintly a must have for all fans of atmospheric,epic metal.

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Vorum-Poisoned Void cd {Dark Descent Rec.}{reviewed by Patrick}
Dark Descent Rec. digs deep down within Finland's underground scene and finds yet another gem to unleash upon the death metal fans who just can't get enough.Vorum play a raw,heavy guitar form of death metal primitive bass and guitar riffs and lines that are played at lightning fast speed,Drumming stays pretty much in the mid-paced realm for the entire cd which works good for this band.Deep growls and screams belt the vocals not sure if it was an accident in recording or intentonal but the music is alot louder then vocals so the vocals get kinda lost within the music.But honestly it fits Vorum's dark,death metal style so if you can look past this i would defintly say check this out if you are a fan of Dark Descent's other Band's or if you enjoy uncompromising,primitive death metal

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Interview withe Impious Baptism done by patrick 3-3-12

metal hails!!
here is a new interviw with a old-school metal band Impious Baptism,man man J.{vocals,instruments} took the time to fill out this interview with us. if you are a fan of raw,old-school death/thrash that is dirty,ugly then you will love Impious Baptism.So after you check out the interview be sure to head over to the Hells Headbangers Rec. web-site and order a copy of "Wrath Of The Apex Predator".

Interview with J. Vocalst,All instruments for Impious Baptism done by patrick

1.Metal Hails J.! how is life in Australia these days? Please introduce yourself to the readers.

Things here are good, busy with music and other positive things…

2.At what age did you first become interested in playing music?What was the first instrument you learned to play?

I was interested in music from a very young age. I started to listen to heavy metal in about 1987 and when I was 10 or 11 I started with guitar. I then got into playing drums at around age 13.

3.Are you self-taught or did you take guitar,bass lessons growing up?Who are some of your influences,favorite musicians? Are their any instruments you don't play that you would like to learn to play someday?

I am self-taught on the guitar, but drums I am still actually taking lessons (and I also teach drums). I have a lot of influences and I am listening to a wide variety of music from 60’s/70’s Rock/Prog, Metal, Ambient/Industrial etc. For example I like a lot of different drummers of vastly different styles for vastly different reasons. All the “legends” of the instrument like Buddy Rich, Dave Weckyl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Virgil Donati, Dennis Chambers are inspirational, but I also like to hear good Metal drummers like Nico McBrain, Dave Lombardo etc. I’d like to be able to play piano, which is something I will do someday.

4.Impious Baptism is your new band when did you get the idea to start this band?How did you come up with the name for the project?

The idea behind the band was something that I had wanted to do for a long time (since the early 90’s). I came up with the name by joining two words together, that I felt summed up the sound and direction of the band.

5.You are sole member of the band when you started Impious Baptism when you started the band did you plan to work alone? Have you searched for other musicians to join the band?

Yes, Impious Baptism was and is always going to be a one-man band. There is no need to search for other musicians due to this fact alone.

6.If you could work with musicians {past or present} who are some musicians you would love to work with?

Anyone of like mind who share similar ideas about music, and someone who I can learn new things from.

7.For the readers who don't know you used to be in the bands Destroyer 666 and Destruktor.Since you have been in both one man bands and full-bands i was wondering which do you prefer? And what do you feel are the advantges and disadvantges to being in a one-man band?

Both have advantages and disadvantages to some degree. The advantage of being a one man band is the ability to work at my own pace and not having to rely on anyone else. The main disadvantage is having to take care of all other matters related to the band by myself as I cannot delegate responsibilities.

8.Impious Baptism recently released the debut release "wrath of the apex predator"through Hells Headbangers Rec. how did you come in contact with the label?

I have known Chase from Hells Headbangers for years, through trading with his label when I was doing Apocalyptor Records. I sent him the demo and he offered to do a 7”. The deal for the album was a result of that 7”.

9.How long did it take to write and record the songs for this release?Are you happy with how it all turned out?

About 12 months. Some songs were old ones I had written but never used, but all in all, about 12 months to get it all together and record it. I am quite satisfied with the album, but there are always things in retrospect that I would have changed or done a bit differently. The new stuff which is being slowly worked on is the perfect platform to work in some of the ideas I had in retrospect of recording the first album though.

10.How has the response been from the press and the fans?

Fine as far as I can see… but I’m not keeping my ear too closely to the ground on this. I don’t really care about the response to my work, it’s not something that drives me to create music or art. But for the labels sake, I hope the release is well received.

11.You have been a part of the underground for many years now so i was interested in your opinion of the metal scene today?What is your opinion of the internet,web-zines,etc.. do you feel technology has helped the underground or hurt it?

Honestly, I don’t care about any of it.

12.In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground scene? And what does the term "underground metal" mean to you?

Again, I don’t care at all about this stuff. But as far as my common answer goes, the underground is dead. It died when the internet replaced letters and tape trading, and when the “underground” became accessible to anyone. For me all of it changed somewhere in the late 90’s.

13.You live in the great country of Australia,i have been a "fan" of Australia's metal scene for many years now.I was interested in your opinion of Australia's metal scene?

The Australian scene is alright. There are some good bands and a lot of average ones that don’t move me in any way. The live scene is ok but for me personally, I don’t go to many gigs these days, so again, I don’t really care.

14.Who are some of your all-time favorite Australian metal bands?Are their any new metal bands from Australia that you feel the readers should check out soon?

Slaughterlord, SadEx, Corpse Molestation/Bestial Warlust, old Abominator, Mortal Sin, Entasis, Disembowelment, Hobbs, D’666 etc. All the old classics. These days Denouncement Pyre, Erebus Enthroned, Portal, Cauldron Black Ram and a few others are at the top of the food chain in my opinion.

15.Well J. we have reached the end of the interview thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out.Do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thank you. Check out the album when it’s available. Shirts, hoods and other merch will be available from me personally or Hells Headbangers in the coming weeks.

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Interview with Graham owner of Deepsend Rec.done by Patrick.

Here is a new interview with Graham of Deepsend rec. if your a fan of brutal death metal and old-school death metal then you really should check out this great label!! you should find something to your liking.
keep checking the web-zine out for more interviews and reviews to be posted soon.

Interview With Graham Owner of Deepsend Records,done by Patrick

1.Hello Graham how has the new year started out for you so far? Please tell the readers a little about yourself.

The year has started well, but not without a hitch. We just got hit with 2ft of snow in 24 hours and our city is broke. Follow that with 2 consecutive days of nearly 50 degree weather and the city is one giant swamp!!

So far we've released CORPUS MORTALE “Fleshcraft” CD in January and we have ETERNAL REST “Prophetic” CD coming in May, which can be ordered now through our shop. Next up we have HYBRID “Angst” CD and HUMILIATION “Turbulence From the Deep” CD coming later as well as a new EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT tba CD.

I'm 33, married, no kids. I listen to all types of music and thoroughly enjoy watching movies, especially of the horror variety.

2.When did you first start listening to metal? Who were some of the first bands you listened to? Who are some of your "current" favorite bands?

I started later than a lot of my peer's. I was probably in my late teens. When I was younger I was mainly into punk and hardcore and still am a huge supporter of those genres. My favorite band is My Dying Bride. Some of my current favorites are all Deepsend artist past and present and I like what Dark Descent has been doing for the past few years.

3.When did you get the idea to start up Deepsend Rec.?How did you come up with name of your label?

I was managing a local band Eternal Suffering and they were recording an ep with Roger of Mortician and didn't have a label. They said, “why don't you release it.” I said, “why me?” They said “Why not?” That was all it took. It made perfect sense. Long story short, the band ended up breaking up, but the yearning to at least give the label a shot never faded, so I started scoruing the internet for bands to work with. One of the first band's I contacted was newly formed Cinerary. I instantly struck up a friendship with singer Matti Way which has spanned the 11 years of the label's existence. We ended up working out a deal and the rest was history.

4.Do you run the label on your own or do you have sosme help from friends/family?What would you say is the hardest and easiest part about running a label?

Deepsend is and always will be a one man show. I do get occassional help with inventory and selling at festivals from my wife and friends.

The hardest part about running the label is that the label just doesn't generarte enough revenue to hire an employee. I'd love to not be run ragged on daily basis. Another hard part is that I ditched my car 6 years ago, so everything is either done on foot, bus or on my bicycle. This might sound insane and it is, but I feel that there's very little need for a car when you position yourself within a 1.5 mile distance of post office, grocery store, storage, UPS/Fed Ex.

Th easiest part is turning people onto new music. Frank Rini, where you at man?

5.What advice would you have for someone reading this who might be thinking of starting up their own label?
Don't quit your day job whatever you do. Seriously, it's no joking matter. I haven't held a “real job” in about 6 years and can't even land a job at my gym with a college degree! It sucks out here. Work force is a fucking mess. Warehouse work they want you to take $9/hr. It's a joke.

If someone with money to spend wants to get their name on a cd, give us a shout. We'll make it happen. It will save you a lot of headaches in the long run than doing it yourself.

One big issue is that you need a minimum of 10 releases to even have a chance at securing store distribution. On top of that you need a minimum 6-8 releases per year to keep it going.

6.Deepsend had some great releases out in 2012, so i was curious what can the fans expect from you and the label in 2013?Any upcoming releases the readers should watch out for?

I have pump the future release of HYBRID “Angst” CD. These guys are beyond godly musicians from Spain. Think about the impact Wormed “Planisphaerium” had on the scene back in I think it was 2003. I believe this album has that potential impact. We'll have this in late March/early April.

I'm very excited about the fourth album from Malaysia's HUMILIATION “Turbulence From the Deep.” I can't say anything about this album as I haven't heard a note from it yet. It Is recorded and being mastered at the end of February. We'll hopefully have this in time for this year's Maryland Death Fest.

Also, sometime in late Spring we'll have the new album from FEROCITY “The Sovereign” CD. These guys are like a young Dawn of Demise. They're ambitious and have an absolutely punishing sound. We look forward to their impending impact.


Miserricordia “TBA” new album
Embryonic Devourment “TBA” new album
Australlus “TBA” debut album

7.If any bands are reading this are you currently looking to "sign" any new bands or is the label's roster full at the moment?

We're always available to sign a band with a finished album in hand. Makes the process so much easier now. Even better, have your artwork finished as well. Not just for signing to Deepsend, but you'll approve your chances tenfold by having everything finished. A label can just punch you in to an open slot in their release schedule or do a distribution deal, etc. Lots of options when you present the finished product to a label.

8.What are some things you look for when signing and releasing a band?

We just like bands who stay active. We're not talking extensive touring, but do your best to play out of state/country whenever possible and constantly stay in people's faces. Obviously we have a specific sound that we're into. It's not too hard to figure it out when listening to our catalog. We're not really into the whole slam-death trend or deathcore. Sure, we love brutal death, but the true brutal death doesn't need the negative aspects of slams and pig squealing to make it “brutal.” It's about tone, feel and atmosphere. Does your music make me want to hurt humans while headbanging? If so, you're on the right path.

9.I n your opinon what is the best and worst thing about the underground today? and what does the term "underground metal" mean to you?

The best part of the underground is that our fans still support their bands. We've actually increased sales since the industry shit their pants with file sharing. I've found that sharing actually impacts our scene positively because our fans still want the physical product. We're one of the only genres of music that actually gives a shit about the entire aesthetic of what an album was when I was a kid in a record store and blindly buying a record because of the artwork. For me the entire notion of listening to a song here and a song there from an album just doesn't compute. I don't even listen to shit that I only like one song from. So, that entire mainstream mentality of song over album is a complete shit show to me.

Underground metal means loyalty. We respect the underground, whatever it is now and whatever it will become moving forward.

10.Do you try to set up tables at any of the local shows or bigger fests around the u.s or do you mainly sell through your on-line shop? what would you say are some of your biggest sellers?

We do selll at as many fests as possible. This is great promotion whether you make any sales. It's great to meet the fans and hear them saying how some releases of ours have had the same impact that made us sign them, to them as a listener. It makes the whole process worth it. It's the little things such as this that keep the label going. You have to have loyal fans that will support you when misfire as well as knock it out the park so to speak.

On the festival front, we've been a vendor at every year of Maryland Death Fest and will continue doingso until our demise. It's the besy weekend of the year for us. Very hot and tiring, but great for fans and the label.

In the past we've sold at New England Metal And Hardcore Fest and their Rock & Shock horror convention. Basically poor lineups have forced us out of NEMAHF as we were a big supporter of that fest, since it's located only 40 mins from where I live. We do the horror convention when we're around as I just love horror.

I think this year we're gonna try and hit up Martyrdoom in NY. We're not a doom label by any means, but I love that genre and would love to pursue some of that in the future.

11.Well Graham thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview with me. good luck to you and the label in the coming year,do you have any final words for the readers before we end the interview?

Support the labels directly that release the bands you love. It's the only way we'll keep releasing records. Buy a cd, shirt, download, etc. Every little bit brings us closer to the end result of another release that could turn out a favorit of yours.

Thanks for the interview and good luck with the site in the years to come

to contact Graham and Deepsend check out the following "official" Sites.

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Reviews of some of recent Abyss rec. releases 2-11-13

this has been a busy but good day here at Winter torment web-zine. The Last blog is a blog of reviews of Abyss records. for those who don't know Abyss rec. is a label that started out as a fanzine and distro back in the mid 90's. and started releasing cd's a few years ago. and in the short time has released some GREAT Bands so if you are not familar with Abyss rec. and Are looking forquality black,death,doom,black/death,traditional metal,etc.. check out the main web-site for you all your metal needs

Label web-site

enjoy and keep looking past the trends and support the quality underground labels,bands that deserve it.
patrick and winter torment web-zine

Bane-the accusal fire cd {abyss rec.}{done by patrick}
bane is a band i have known about and followed for a few so it's great to see they are on such a respected label like abyss rec.for those of you unfamilar with bane the band comes out of serbia's underground scene and the accusal fire is the bands second cd {the debut "chaos,darkness and emptiness was released in 2009} the accusal fire is ten tracks of melodic,yet semi brutal and aggressive blackend death metal.the guitars and drums are extremly fast and done to have the thin black metal sound but also use some nicely done solo's not usually heard in this style of metal.the drums are non-stop but played with alot of precision and well-written patterns that fit perfectly with the rest of the music. the band does some keyboards but before you condemn the band to harshly the band knows how to meld the meld the keyboards with the rest of instruments for a fuller sound and adds an extra layer to bane's already full and dark sound.the vocals are a nice mix of deeper death growls and some blackend metal of melodic,atmospheric should defintly give bane a chance i don't think you will be disapointed with the accusal fire.

label contact

corrosive carcass--compositions of the flesh cd {abyss records}
nothing like listening to some good ole old-school brutal swedish death metal to get the adreniline going is there?apparantly the musicians in corrosive carcass feel the same way and have created some of the Best and heaviest swedish death metal to be hard in some soon as you hit the play button to listen to this monster of a release of you are instantly hit with heavy,thundering drums fast whirlind guitars that are equally as heavy as they are fast.the vocalist fits the music perfectly with his deep vicious that enjoy early dismember,entombed and the more rawer swedish style bands will love corrosive carcass i know i can't wait to hear what these guys put out next.

label contact

demonicus-deadwork cd {abyss rec.}{reviewed by patrick

dan{owner of abyss rec.} defintly has great taste when it comes to signing top quality swedish blackend death metal. this time he has unleashed demonicus upon the undground maniacs "deadwork" is the bands second cd. and easily one of 2012's best death metal releases so far uncomprimising death metal fast,chaotic guitars,pummeling drums that go from mid- to blasting beats.the vocals are a nice mix of brutal death growls and more raw screams. demonicus will defintly impress the die-hard fanatics traditional swedish death metal.

label contact

erupted-in the grip of chaos cd {abyss rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
erupted are a new band that hail from the mighty swedish underground but before you write them off as just another clone band or wanna-be etc give them a chance.the band obviously as mentioned is influenced by the early 90's gods of the swedish gods but i also hear some u.s influences from the legendary autopsy and cianide and similar style bands. you should get the metal picture by now. erupted don't waste time time they like their metal raw,dirty and straight to the point mid-paced guitars and drums, the band are not all clones as they have alot of good ideas within the music and keep it interesting.after listening to in the grip of chaos it's hard to believe this is the bands debut so i for one am really interested to hear and see where this band goes in the future but for now everyone who is into old-school swedish and u.s style death metal go to the abyss rec. web-store and buy this metal gem now!!!

label contact

fetus stench--stillbirth cd {abyss rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
with a name like fetus stench you would expect brutal,solid death metal right? well you would be correct stillbirth is fetus stench debut cd 9 songs of intense,psychotic death metal. heavy guitars with some complex riffs and solo's entertwined,the drumming ranges from mid-paced all the way up to blasting rage blasting beats.vicious,angry growls and screams this is a nice mix of old/and newer death metal so anyone into brutal death should check it out.

label contact

humanangled--odd ethics Mcd {abyss rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
hmm not really sure what direction italy's humanangled are taking {or wanting to take for that matter}on the new e.p the band seems to be mixing in technical death metal,thrash and some varied guitar patterns.i give the band credit their trying something different and combing the different metal elements but it just doesnt seem to be working. because by the end of the four tracks their really isnt anything that sticks out that is that memorable on odd ethics.

labels contact

radiation sickness-reflections of a psychotic past cd {abyss}{reviewed by patrick}

radiation originally split up in 92 but performed a reunion show in oct.2010 after a great response and the band had a blast they decided to reform.after twenty plus years radiation sickness release reflections of a psychotic past 19 songs of metal/punk crossover style. personally i'm not a huge fan of this style {it's not bad just never really got into it} but i do respect bands that do their genre justice and radiation sickness defintly know how to write and perform catchy,memorable,aggressive songs keeping their songs short and to the point ranging from a minute and a half to three minutes in range. so if your a fan of cross-over style music defintly check out radiation sickness.

label contact

Reviews for 2-11-13

Metal hails
here is a new batch of reviews for everyone to sink their teeth into, a little of everything from the black and death scenes. so hopefully you will find something to your liking! enjoy and expect some new reviews and interviews coming soon.
patrick and winter torment web-zine

Audrey Horne-youngblood cd {napalm rec.}reviewed by Patrick}
Norway's Audrey Horne have released their fourth cd {their first for napalm rec.} youngblood is my first listening encounter with the band but i will say it is an enjoyable one.Not usually what i listen to the band plays hard rock,rockNroll with some metal guitars thrown in here and there.The musicians are very precise and know their instruments playing top notch,rockin and even catchin songs that have it all.Choruses,memorable riffs.If your a fan of hard rock with a nice of melody and heavy guitars then Audrey Horne is a band you may wann check out soon.

label contact

Clairvoyant--Curse Of The Golden Skull Mcd {Self-Released}reviewed by Patrick}
Poland's Clairvoyant keep their metal roots alive and well on their new four song Mcd.The guitars are the galloping heavy metal style with alot of memorable riffs and solo's entertwined.The drumming is right on the mark with fast,yet catchy drum beats the drummer does keep the pace with the guitarist.vocals are old-school gruff vocals with some screams.Clairvoyant has created a solid heavy metal release for fans of {old} iron maiden,wasp,and other classic metal legends.
band contact

Enshadowed-Magic Chaos,Psychedelia cd {pulverised rec.}{reviewed by Patrick}
Greece has always had a very impressive scene for producing quality black metal bands and Enshadowed can be added to that list.After a nine year silence the band returns to take their place among Greece's most extreme,yet complex musicians you will ever hear in the black metal scene.Intense,fast black metal guitar riffs with some solo's.Pummeling drums that have a few slower parts before picking up the pace and pummeling the listener again.The vocals are black metal shrieks with some deeper vocals used in some of the songs. Fans of fast, intense black metal should defintly check out enshadowed soon.
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Gruesome Stuff Relish-Sempiternal Deathgrind cd {FDA Rekotz}{reviewed by Patrick}
Spain's Gruesome Stuff Relish return with their third release of sick,gore death grinding metal for the underground maniacs.The band mixes in old-school sounding entombed {left hand path} and dismember{like an ever flowing stream} raw,fast guitars and chaotic drums with some carcass influence.The band members are not all stuck in the past just rehashing out the same old music of the gods of the past as their are some really good,heavy guitars and drum patterns as well as vocals which use some vocal effects in parts for a cool and original effect. if you enjoy brutal,sick death metal with some grind influences Gruesome Stuff Relish is a band worth checking out for yourself.
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Hallig-13 Keys To Lunacy cd {Folter Rec.}{reviewed by Patrick}
After listening to Hallig's debut 13 Keys To Lunacy a few times one word comes to mind to describe this bands musicial writing brilliant.Musicially Hallig is rooted in fast yet atmospheric black metaal.Guitar riffs are fast and full of fury with alot of melodies.the guitars are also know how to blend the melodies with some slower epic and acoustic guitar patterns.the vocals are a nice blend of raging demonic blackend shrieks,and deep clean male vocal patterns that the acoustic parts perfectly.If you enjoy atmospheric black metal that isnt afraid to mix in both raging,violent black metal with the more melodic side of epic,atmospheric side of black metal then defintly check out out Hallig today as they have a great job on their debut release.

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Hate-Solarflesh cd {Napalm Rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
The polish black/death warriors Hate return with their new release Solarflesh.I have heard this band bands previous release and was impressed.But Solarflesh has blown me away mixing in the raw intensity of early nineties black metal and the sheer heaviness of death metal guitars.the music is while mainiting the band does have some creative ideas and interesting guitars riffs,solo's while still maintaing the brute force of the uncompromising sound of blackend death metal that hate seems to have mastered over the last few years. if your a fan of uncompromising blackend death then defintly check out hate today you won't be disapointed at all!!!
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NervoChaos-To The Death cd {GreyHaze Rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
I remember hearing this brazilan's bands 2006 release "quarrel in hell" through ibex moon rec. but lost track with the bands activities afterwards.It's great to see the band has been carrying on and keeping active in the underground scene with releases and looking at their bio has played quite a few shows with some great underground death and black metal acts.To The Death is NervoChaos fifth release thirteen tracks of pure of well played,aggressive death metal.unrelenting fast drums with some mid-paced passages before the pace is picked back up. Guitar riffs are intense and heavy with some solo's thrown in the mix to keep the listeners attention while the muisicans pound your eardrums and senses with the heaviness of the music.the vocals are done pretty original sounding with brutal,angry death growls and some gruff/screams. fans of past of Nervochaos releases should enjoy this or if you enjoy heavy,fast uncomprising death metal you will defintly want to check this south american band out for some quality death metal.

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OverTorture-At The End Of The Dead Await cd {Apostasy rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
The debut release from sweden's OverTorture is anything but memorable or worthwhile.I guess i was expecting more from the band but honestly the band is not doing anything new just bland,heavy straight forward death metal that lacks both power or feeling.I hope the band takes the time to work on their song writing for their second release.
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Saturnine-Saturnine demo/Mcd {Self-released}{reviewed by Patrick}
Saturnine are a new black/death metal from florida and if the songs on this on release are any indication saturnine will have a bright future in the blackend death underground scene.Jim Greco handles the majority of the instruments {guitars both electric and acoustic,bass and vocals} and Bobby Marcum handles the drums.The songs range from ten to thirteen minutes the shortest of the four songs is seven minutes but honestly their is so much going on musically it doesnt seem like that much time has passed.Musically Saturnine is influenced by early/mid nineties black metal like Emperor and other similar style bands.But the band also has a dark atmosphere entertwined in their music which reminds of older opeth at times never completly ripping off a certain sound or band but instead mixing their own unique style with some of their influences of the past for a very dark,epic yet enjoyable listen.mid-to fast paced guitars which have some harshness in their deliever but done very well and also the use of acoustic guitars throughout really help set the tone for the bands more melodic side.Vocals are mostly harsh black metal shrieks and melodic vocals.saturnine also uses a violinist on some of the songs which really helps add to the bands sound and another layer to this bands already full sound. if you enjoy atmosperic dark black metal then defintly give Saturnine a listen you won't be disapointed. {special note: main musican Jim Greco has set up a paypal acct. thru this email $5 u.s dollars postage paid!!

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Skineater-Dermal Harvest cd {Pulverised Rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
Dermal Harvest is the debut from sweden's Skin eater.Skin eater play straight forward death metal but instead of rehashing out the old-school swedish sound {which is probably my favorite style of death metal-patrick} the band plays a more modern death metal approach.Skineater mix brutal death metal but also have alot of melody within their brutality.Skillfull guitar riffs and solo's mixed with precise yet powerful heavy drumming.Vocals are sick raw screams and growls combined with the music for a complex,yet brutal and vicious ride of pure of death metal.

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Sonic Reign-Monument In Black cd {Apostasy Rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
Germany's two man band Sonic Reign have released a solid black metal release with monument in black.The two members play aggressive,uncompromising black metal razor sharp guitar riffs,mid paced drumming that speeds up in sections but defintly the band seems more at home in the colder more mid-pace black metal range.Sonic Reign is defintly inspired musically by the black metal movement and gods {espically norse,swedish} but the band does use some thicker,heavier guitar riffs that give Sonic reign a dark death metal vibe within their blackness.Fans of brutal black metal with some touches of death will not want to miss out on this great release of 2013.

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Spektr-Cypher cd {Agonia rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
Spektr have created a very interesting but also kind of disturbing and morbid sounding releaseat the same time.The french band mixes elements of expirmental black,industrial and even ambient music.Their are some fast,chaotic guitar riffs blended with industrial noises and sounds that creates a very harsh sound but at the same time the band blends all these elements together for a really good outcome.The band mixes in some aggressive metal heavier industrialized soundscapes throughout the entire's hard to pick one favorite song as all the songs are really well done and blend together and it's better if you listen to cypher from start to finish.Spektr is defintly not a band for everyone to enjoy but if your a fan of industrialized,expirmental black metal with some melodic ambient interludes then you might enjoy listening to Spektr's vision on cd know as Cypher.

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Ulcer-Grant Us Death cd {pulverised rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
I have to be completly honest i was not really expecting to like this at all.With the band and cd title i guess i was expecting some over the top gore-grind band or second rate autopsy clone.But thats not the case with these uncompromising old-school maniacs from poland.Ulcer draws influence from swedish gods such as entombed {left hand path era} dismember{like an ever flowing stream and the demo days} and other classick gods of the swedish scene.heavy.blasting drums fast intense guitars with some really crazy riffs and solo's throughout.angry screams mixed with deep death growls fit perfectly with ulcer's insane old-school brutal death metal sound.Ulcer has released one of 2013's best old-school death metal cd's of the year {i know the year just started but it's gonna be hard to top this masterpiece of sickness}

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Interview with Chapel Of Disease done by Patrick 2-11-13

here is a interview with a great new old-school death metal band from germany Chapel Of Disease fans of early,mid 90's death metal will defintly want to check this band asap!! you can get the cd from the great label FDA Rekotz.

Interview with Laurent Teubel  vocalist,guitarist  for  chapel of disease  done  by  patrick 
1.Hello  thank you  for taking  the time for doing this interview,please  introduce yourself  to the readers.

Hello out there in internetland! Laurent here, guitarist and vocalist from Chapel Of Disease. Thanks for having me.
2.When did you first get into metal?Who were some of  the first bands you listened  to?Who are some of your "current"  favorites?


I got into metal through my bigger brother Ced, who is playing the second guitar in CoD. I guess I was about 10 or 11 when he showed me Metallica, which was pretty much the band I started with, like many others one could say (even tho‘ many might deny that by now). Later, at the age of 15 or so, I got into more heavier stuff like Death, Atheist, Morbid Angel or Sadus. I remember that those bands got me addicted straight away. So it was at that age when I started checking out heavier thrash and death metal, later on I got into black metal as well. Nowadays it is just a bunch of stuff, no matter what specific genre, as long as my ears get off to it. Some of my current favorites… Right now I am once again for this week listening to the Consolamentum of Ascension, furthermore Grave Miasma has been spinning a lot in my room (once again) these last weeks, as Tribulation (waiting for the new album!), Sadistic Intent, Ketzer, Solstafir and Chelsea Wolfe are spinning as well… It always differs…

3.When  did you and the other members of Chapel Of Disease meet?What is the current line-up?For the readers who have never heard the bands music how would you best describe it?

I met David in 2007 or so as a friend and bandmate (in Infernäl Death) of my brother. By that time I wasn’t living in Cologne yet. Later, in 2008, after having known David a bit better and after moving to Cologne, we started CoD as a three- piece. So it was me, Ced and David. We got to know Christian in the same year and decided that he, as an actual bass player, could take over the bass, so Ced could focus on the second guitar. It’s been the same lineup since then, I doubt it will ever change…
CoD is a band that produces plain, rotten, rough death metal, in the vein of the late 80s, early 90s, without being a terrible rip off. If you are pissed off cause of all those clean, always blastbeating, always sounding the same, boring death metal bands nowaydays, you’ll be just fine coming over to our side!

4.Chapel Of Disease just released their debut " Summoning Black Gods"  through FDA Rekotz. how did you all come in contact with the label?

We wanted FDA to release our first demo, entitled „Death Evoked", on tape. It was planned that we would release it at the same time as a CD-R version. We send Rico from FDA Rekotz a song and he was into it straight away, Not only did he want to release the demo on tape, he offered us a deal for our upcoming work as well.  

5.How long  did it take you  guys to write and record the songs for "summoning black gods" ?How has the response been from the press and the fans?

That’s a tough question. We’ve been a band for almost 5 years now (holy fuck!), but the problem back then was, that we just didn’t work on a solid base, meaning, we rehearsed every 2 or 3 months or so (maybe even less sometimes). So I guess one could say it took us 4 years to write our tracks for our debut. But then again, if we would have got our asses up earlier, it would have probably be done in about 2 to 3 years or so. I doubt we’ll take another 4 ½ years for our next record. 

6.When the band starts working on a new song how  long does it usually take to complete?Does  the whole band work on music  or does one or two members handle it all?

That always differs. We wrote songs and thought they were all set, but after a year or so, or maybe during the recording process, we added or changed something about it. Then again, other songs are pretty much done after a month or two… It always depends. We try to work on the songs all together, since that has been working out best for us so far. Me or Ced bring the riffs inside the rehearsalroom and from there on it’s up to all four of us. 

7.Which usually comes first the music or the lyrics? Where does the band draw inspiration for the lyrics?

I’d say most of the time it’s the music that comes first. I know that Ced actually got the idea for the lyrics of „Descend To The Tomb" through the melody of the song. All of our lyrics are based on ancient horror or phantastic literature. We do try to combine lyrics with the individual songs, try to create an atmosphere on both sides that harmonize together.

8.Does the band have any upcoming shows/tours in support  of the new  cd?If yes where are some places the band will be playing?

Next week we’ll be leaving for the UK for 5 Dates together with our mates from Occvlta. We’re looking forward to it, since it will be our first tour and we’ve never been in the UK so far. It will be a blast! Then we’ll do a mini-weekend-tour with our labelmates Deserted Fear and Lifeless here in Germany. Single gigs will follow, some in Germany, some in Belgium, some in the Netherlands. We try not to „overplay" ourselves. Meaning we want to keep the band interesting to the listeners and not play 20 gigs in one year inside of Germany. But I think the year still has some cool places to offer, let’s see!
9.Who are  some bands that Chapel Of Disease have shared the stage with?If you could  set-up a "dream" show/tour  who are some bands{past or present} you would love to play with?
One of our highlights so far has been the NRW Deathfest, since we had the chance to play the same stage on the same day with the mighty Sadistic Intent. Cruciamentum was also tearing shit apart that day. In Oberhausen we had a gig together with Deathronation, which was also a pretty neat thing. A dream tour… Well, I would combine old legens with newer stuff I admire as well. Let’s say it would be us, Grave Miasma, Necros Christos, Tribulation, Sadistic Inent and Morbid Angel headlining the place with a special "Blessed are the altars of madness" show… Killer…  

10.Are you or any of the members  the band  currently  playing  in side-bands or solo projects?

Ced is helping out some friends on taking over the basspart in a band called "Blackwhole". The first demo will be out this year, it looks like I’ll be off recording and mixing it. Otherwise we got nothing else going on so far.
11.What does the term underground metal mean to you?

That’s quite a hard one. I think on the one hand it’s a term that deals with the actual sound of the music. People who listen to underground metal don’t expect something to sound new, or well produced. They most likely expect to hear something sounding old (in the vein of the 80s) or just completely fucked up, so in a way that most people wouldn’t want to listen to it.
But then again it is more than just a sound. In the underground scene, there seems to be more heart behind the thoughts on the music. People don’t listen to metal, cause they want to fuck their parents up or some shit like that. People actually listen to the music, cause they simply love it, they get some sort of direct feeling out of it. Furthermore they seem to study it in a different, maybe in a deeper way than other people might do (although this is something, you have in every underground scene, could be hiphop or electronic as well).
Then again, the term „underground" can be a fuck up quite often as well, since there are quite a lot of people trying to profile themselves through being more true or more undergound than another, which is just hilarious… Some dudes seem to misunderstand this whole stuff. To me it’s not about knowing undergroundband ‚x‘ from who knows where, it’s just about truly standing behind the stuff you listen to and not just trying to follow a subculture that doesn’t really reflect what you feel.

12.The band comes out of Germany's underground scene,so i was interested in your opinion of Germany's underground scene?

The german scene seems to be doing good. The cool thing is, that you can go to any sort of concert that may be a couple of hundred miles away from your hometown and you most likely will meet quite a lot of old familiar faces. The single ‚underground‘ bands know each other quite often. We are always happy to see the dudes of Erazor, Nocturnal, Witching Hour or Ketzer. Of course you got some idiots running around as well, but then again, there is no part in life where you haven’t got those…
13.Who are some of  your all-time favorite german bands? Are their any new bands you feel the  fans should check out soon?

Of course we are all into the old legends. Old Kreator, Sodom and Destruction, without those first pressings of them, we most likely wouldn’t have such a healthy metal scene over here, doesn’t matter what kind of metal they make nowadays. When it comes to death metal, Morgoth is a must, no doubt. But Germany has quite a lot to offer. Think of the healthy black/ thrash scene with bands like Ketzer, Erazor, Nocturnal, Witching Hour, Hellish Crossfire. Then all the death metal stuff that has been coming out, like Venenum, Alchemyst, Necros Christos… I can’t really tell you my all-time fave, since there is a lot of good stuff going around, some of it from the past, some of it is just beginning.
14.Coming  back  to  the band  you handle  the guitars for the band,when did you first start playing guitar? Are you self-taught or have you had lessons out?

I started playing in 2001. I had a really cool teacher, Mr. Healy, a very open minded, old school blues guy who was open for every sort of music I brought with me to try to learn it on guitar. Who knows, if I would’ve gotten an asshole as my first teacher, maybe I wouldn’t be playing nowadays. Later, I got some more lessons from a good friend of mine in Turkey (I was living there at that time of my life) who plays in the turkish Death Metal Band "Suicide". He is also a keyfactor to my whole style of playing, since he introduced me to some basic extreme metal riffing and especially soloing. It was him that actually got me to really start practicing a lot and try to constantly improve my skills, although I try to keep Chapel Of Disease away from the whole technical stuff, since it’s just something none of us feel like doing
15.Who are  some of your  influences/favorite guitarist? Besides the guitar do you play any other instruments?
Chuck knew how to write really cool riffs, I’ll always admire the Scream Bloody Gore and Leprosy, since it seems nearly impossible to me, how one could come up with that sort of stuff in those times. Same goes for Trey Azagthoth, he is an own mind when it comes to the guitar and impossible to copy.
Then again, I am a huge Cynic fan, even though one might not be hearing that in our music. But Paul Masvidal definitely knows his instrument on a different sort of level than most dudes in metal. I really like the old Atheist stuff as well, but Cynic is always one step ahead of them to me.
Then again, I mix up genres to get inspired. I love the guitar stuff on Pink Floyd’s "Animals", it is just perfect. Marillion has a lot to offer as well. Then again, every time I listen to Black Sabbath’s early stuff, I just realize where it all comes from.

16.You also handle the vocals for the band,when did you start singing?Who are some of your favorite singers?
I started "singing" when starting with CoD. I just stepped in front of the mic and started screaming my lungs out. Seems to be working out fine. I never thought much about all those internet tutorials on metalscreaming and I don’t practice or anything either. I just try my best and smoke a lot as well, maybe that helps!
I’ll always admire Chucks vocals on the first two DEATH albums. Same goes for the vocals on the "Altars Of Madness". I wish David Vincent would have never stopped singing like that.
17.Well Laurent we have  reached  the end of the interview,do you have anything you would  like  to add before  we end the interview?
Once again, thanks for having me! And thanks to all those crazy ghouls and girls who have supported us so far … let the rotten times roll! 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New reviews for 1-6-13

Metal Hails!
Welcome to the first of many review blogs of 2013!! enclosed a little of everything. Hopefully you will find something to your liking. we are always looking for new bands,labels to work with don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in a GUARANTEED Honest review and possible interview within winter torment web-zine
keeping the flames of metal burning
patrick and winter torment web-zine

Arbogast-1 cd {Nefarious Industries}{reviewed by Patrick}
When i read the description of this chicago-based band i wasn't sure if they would be able to pull it off or if it would just come out sounding like total crap.The band mixes thrash,punk/hardcore and even some sludge influences.All of the styles come through in each song but the three musicians of Arbogast know how to play and mix the music perfectly together.Heavy sludge/doomish guitar riffs slowly build up the pace until the rest of the band explode into a thrashy frenzied,noisey tornado of musical madness.The music as mentioned goes between faster thrashy,punk parts and more slower doom/sludge parts.Fans of creative yet intense whirlwind metal,hardcore,sludge mix will defintly love arbogast's maniacial sound of noise..

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Beer bear-Beyond The Invisible Line cd {Sound Age Prod.}{reviewed by patrick}
I have never heard this russian folk/metal band before.But i am defintly happy our paths crossed Beer Bear's music is honest folk music and Beer bear know how to play it! the band mixes in high energy traditional folk music with some amazing well played instruments like flutes,acoustic guitars among others.Their is also some amazing well sung female vocals,clean male chanting and operatic style singing in some of the song structures.Each of the musicans of the band know how to play their instrument and blend them nicely within each other to make a flawless and enjoyable liiisten so i highly recomend "beyond the invisible line" to anyone reading this who enjoys folk/metal beer bear have created a masterpiece!! not to be missed.

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Black Blood Stigmata-Self titled demo {self-released}reviewed by Patrick}
I always knew ohio had a strong death,thrash metal scene but i have been noticing some good black/dark metal metal coming from this great state as well.But it looks like their black/dark metal scene is growing as well Black Blood Stigmata's four song demo {i believe the band is currently working on songs for their full-length-patrick} the four tracks featured on the Mcd/demo are in the raw/mid-paced black metal vein.The guitars are raw,razor sharp but the guitarists are not afraid to let their playing skills show through with some well played riffs and solo's.But never loosing the coldness of their songs atmosphere the vocals are icy demonic shrieks that fit perfectly with Black Blood Stigmata's mid-paced black metal raw style.If you enjoy the early to mid ninety's style of european black metal then defintly Black Blood Stigmata is a band you will want to keep an eye out for an and add them to your collection.

Chapel of disease--summoning black disease cd {FDA Rekotz}{reviewed by Patrick}
FDA Rekotz sure knows how to pick out the better quality sounding old-school bands out there in the never ending sea of bands that has been flooding the underground in the past few years.Chapel of disease is the labels latest offering these germans do a great job of mixing in early 90's style tech brutal death {early} gorguts and death cd's.mixed with some more straight-forward european and u.s brutal d.m.The band also has some darker melodies for an extra layer of heaviness,darkness within the bands already near perfect sound.Chapel of disease is a great example of of how you can keep the old-school traditional
death metal sound but also add your own ideas to keep it fresh and original highly recomended to all death metal fanatics out there!!

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Dehumanized-controlled elite cd {Comatose Music}{reviewed by Patrick}
new york legends Dehumanized return with only one previous full-length under their belts 1998's "prophecies foretold" the band made quite an impact with this release.Becoming one of New York's most recognizable slam/brutal death metal bands playing shows all over the u.s.The band re-united and was picke up by the mighty comatose music {a perfect label for dehumanized style of music} and here were have the newest offering controlled elite was it worth the wait? does dehumanized still have the fire and brutality they had so many years ago? the answer to both questions is yes! Dehumanized pick up right where they left off playing heavy mid-to fast paced guitars and bass with some slwer heavier sections or the more pit inducing faster death guitars with some really well done guitar riffs and solo's.the drummer is simply is amazing playing slower,heavier/slam beats or blasting away with aggression either way this band does it to perfect great to see them back in action. if your a fan from the past defintly check this out! or if you missed them in the early 90's but enjoy brutal,slam death metal check this out you won't be disapointed.

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Denouncement pyre-Almighty Arcanum cd {Hells Headbangers Rec.}reviewed by Patrick}
Australia's masters of death metal Denouncement Pyre return with their second full length for hells headbangers.Denouncement Pyre like to mix up their old-school metal going from furious thrashing guitars to more controlled heavy,raw mid-paced death metal guitars without ever loosing their intensity.The production of Almighty Arcanum is perfect for this style as it is not demo/rehearsel raw but it is not the modern day over produced where alot of bands seem to loose their metal aura and sound.If your looking for pure aggressive,authentic death/thrash done in honor of the masters nobody does it better then australia's Denouncement Pyre.

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Desolate shrine--The Sanctum of Human Darkness cd {Dark Descent rec.}{reviewed by Patrick}
One of Finland's most underrated {in my opinion anyways} brutal,dark death metal bands returns with their second masterpiece of destruction.Desolate Shrine released their amazing debut "tenbrous towers" in 2011 through hammer of hate rec. well it didn't take these dark finnish masters to find a new home with great dark descent rec. to release their follow cd the sanctum of human darkness.If you heard tenebrous towers you are awre of this bands brilliance but if you missed that gem Desolate shrine mix heavy fast,aggressive death metal with touches of slower,darker death/doomish style that really works for this band.Desolate shrine is a hard band to compare to any one certain band so i will just end the review by saying if you enjoy evil,dark,original sounding death metal then Desolate shrine is a band you will defintly want to hear as soon as you can.Another great release for Dark Descent Rec.looking forward to see what they release in 2013!!

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Deus otious-Godless cd {deepsend Rec.}{reviewed by Patrick}
I knew after hearing Deus otious debut "murderer" it would not take long for this band to find a honest/good label to work with for release number two.And the u.s label deepsend rec. {which seems to be a small but growing label if you havent checked them out before and enjoy the more old-school d,.m ,brutal side of d.m,grind i suggest you check out their site-patrick} stepped up and here we have godless eight tracks of well-played death metal with touches of thrash and a hint of black metal but only in some of the guitar tones.Whirlwind,raging guitars riffs and solo's drumming is top-notch beats with both faster beats and more controlled beats.Deus otious has released a perfect follow up to murderer carrying on the raw,aggressive old school death/thrash style heard on their debut.recomended to all metal fanatics.
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Haiduk-Spellbook cd {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
Luka Milojica {vocalist,guitars,drum progamming} has created some really impressive music on his latest musicial offering Spellbook.Nine tracks of fiery,intense death/thrash with alot of really well played and thought out guitar riffs and solo's.I am not familar with Luka's past projects/bands but it is obvious listening to spellbook that he has been playing guitar for quite a few years.As his guitar playing is what shines through the most on each of these songs whether he is shredding away with thrashing away with heavy metal/speed metal madness or giving his fingers a rest and going for a more mid-pace riffs.The drums which are compliments of a drum machine almost sound like a real drummer not sure how luka set it up but the drumming sounds excellent and fits the guitars perfectly.Haiduk is defintly recomended to fans who enjoy thrashing/death metal with alot of complex yet fast and chaotic guitar work.
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Legions Of Hoar Frost-Bringers Of The Black Flame cd {Black Dragon Of Chaos}Reviewed by Patrick}
louisiana is not the first place you would think of when looking for new,good black metal bands to check out.But thats exactly where Legions Of Hoar Frost hail from.On the bands debut "bringers of the black flame" the band mixes in the both the more hateful,extreme style of black metal with the raw screeching guitars,screaming vocals but the band also has some really well played and mixed in melodic almost beautifully played instrumentals entertwined some of the songs.Guitars as mentioned are crazy,frenzied with raw,thin guitar riffs drumming is just as intense and impressive with some non-stop blasting beats and occasional mid-tempo drum patterns.the vocals are shared and mixed a bit with the traditional violent blackend shrieks but also some deeper growls are used in a few songs and even some melodic,clean male chants.I defintly wouldn't label Legions a melodic black metal band as their sound is far to violent for that label.But i like how the band is not afraid to mix in different elements into their violent black metal sound.I am looking forward to hearing what this band does musically on future releases until then i will just enjoy bringers of the black flame and highly suggest any fans of black metal do the same!!

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Sulphur Aeon-swallowed by the oceans tide cd {FDA Rekotz}{reviewed by Patrick}
Germany's Sulphur Aeon mix a nice blend of straight forward death metal and some melodic parts within the brutality.The guitars are non-stop riffs and mix in some decent riffs and few solo's throughout the songs.the drumming is decent but nothing really outstanding just non-stop beats no real structure.Not a horrible band as this is the bands debut but their are defintly alot better bands on the FDA roster of bands worth checking out.
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Tovarish-Red hearts in a dead world cd {Nefarious Industries}{reviewed by patrick}
Tovarish are a trio from rhode island and have released their debut full-length cd through Nefarious Industries.The bands bio {which can be found on the label site,along with other band info} describes the as a mix of blackend doom,drone.I don't hear much black metal personally but the band does a great job of creating heavy drone with some doomish influences and some apocalyptic soundscapes that are at times just plain creepy as they are heavy.the band also uses some keyboards within their music and i had my doubts but it really helps add an extra layer to the bands already dreary and crushing sound.Tovarish does not create music for the masses but if your a fan of dreary,drone,doomish metal with some soundscapes and varied industrialized noises,vocals then this is a band you will want to defintly hear soon.

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Vomitor-The Escalation cd {hells headbangers rec.}{reviewed by patrick}

Australia's Vomitor return with their newest masterpiece of metal for the underground fanatics.Semi-raw guitars that are both fast and intense but also have some very catchy and memorable riffs within the mix of the songs.The drums are extremly fast but just like the guitars the drummer knows his kit so he is able to keep up the breakneck speed but also is able to throw in some really good drumming patterns without loosing any of the metal intensity that made the eighties and early nineties metal so great.The Escalation is defintly Vomitor's best work to date and the band just proves once again why they are one of australia's best metal bands hands down.

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