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Interview with Italy's VIII done by Patrick

Dark  Greetings
Here  is  a  new  Interview  with   Italy's  black metal  band  "VIII"   Who  recently   released  their  debut  cd  "Drakon"  through  the  mighty  U.S  label  Black  Plague  Records  so  definitely  pick  this  release  up  soon  and  be  sure  to  check  out   Black  Plague  Records  other  release's some  good  one's  out  now.

Interview  with  Drakone M   vocals,guitars and  bass   for  VIII done  by  Patrick

 1.Dark greetings  DrakoneM.  When  did  you  first  become  interested   in  playing  music? What  were  the first  instruments  you  learned to  play?

  Hi Patrick. I don’t remember exactly when I started  to play music, maybe when I was 13 or 14 years old I think…My first instruments has been my voice, ‘cause I started as vocalist in a black metal band. Anyway, the first instruments I played was an old Ibanez Gio guitar…it’s not bad to begin to play.

2.When  did  you  get  the  idea  to  form  VIII ? How  did  you  come  up  with  the  Name  for  the  band?

 The project, and the idea of the project too, was born in the last months of e.v. 2009. The name of the project change after the first demo…at the beginning the name was Division VIII, as “Division HATE” and not eight as number. But, when Mark joined the band in the summer 2012, the name changed in VIII, ‘cause more things was changed in the project. Primarily, the music became black metal whereas before it was more death metal oriented… but generally, it changed all the concept of the project so we decided to delete the word “Division”. VIII still means Hate, but it means much more things…as the number of the Death and much more. I don’t like to explain all the meanings…

3. DrakoneM.   you  recently  released  your  debut  cd  through Black  Plague Records  how  did  you  come  in  contact  with  Mike  and the  label?

 Before to spread the promo all around the world we had a pre-agreement with an Italian label, but their attitude with us was too “flabby” so I sent the promo to many different labels and Mike reply for first…his attitude was  strong and his terms were very clear and advantageous for us, so we decided to collaborate with Mike and Black Plague Records.

4.How  long  did  it  take  you  to  write  the  songs  for  the  new  cd?  Where  do  you  draw inspiration  for  the  lyrics?

  We wrote the songs for this new cd approximately between October 2012 and February 2013.
It’s too hard to say where I draw inspiration for the lyrics ‘cause I don’t have a single “book” to read or a single “window” when I look…broadly, the lyrics are focused to my personal point of view about my Individuality as Man, Soul and Nothing. The lyrics concern the religion, how humanity lives their belief, their fears and how I live these prospective…
I haven’t inserted the lyrics in the booklet ‘cause it’s too personal to be shared.

5.How  has  the  response   been  from the  fans?How  about  the  press?

  It’s too early to give an answer to this question…we are a new project with few years of activity so we haven’t  fans or people that followed us before. I hope the work will be appreciated and our name will be known in many places.  

6.i  know  you  have  a session  drummer Mark  who  plays  the drums for  the  band.But  have  you  ever thought of  adding more  musicians  for  live  shows  or  do you  prefer to  keep  this    a  studio  only  project?

  No no, I want to clarify that Mark is a member of the project. Mark is the official drummer and he wrote much riffs for the album. Mark is an VIII member as me. About the live shows, I don’t see VIII as a live project…VIII was born as a studio project and I thinks it will be forever a studio project ‘cause I don’t think we can repeat our musical proposal in live shows, primarily for the atmospheres and then ‘cause we would need much musicians and gears. I like to experiment when I compose music, to use more solution with guitars, vocals and especially with the effects so I don’t want chains that stop my creativity and a live show is a big chain.

7.If  you  could  work  with  any  musicians {past  or  present}  are  their  any that  you  would  like to  work with?

 Mh…I don’t know. 
I’d like to work with the Opera’s composers like Wagner, Chopin (who said Marcia Funebre?), Bach, Musorgskij, Beethoven and much more…yes undoubtedly!

8.DrakoneM. you  come  out  of  the  great country  of  Italy.What is  your  opinion  of  the  scene  in  Italy?

   I don’t think that Italy is a great country… Italy is the land of the sheep, a big flock of dumbass.
No, Italy is beautiful only for the tourists eheheh…anyway, we don’t have scene or something like this. There are much band yes, some of them are very good, others are shit…like in all the countries of this world.

9.Who  are  your  all-time  favorite  Italian bands? Are  their  any  new  bands you   feel  the  readers  should  check  out?

 I don’t have a single favorite Italian band but some favorite bands. I could say Aborym surely…also Spite Extreme Wings was a great band, that created a little scene in the past called B.M.I.A. with more nice bands (Janvs, Black Flame, Hiems and more)…just listen “Signvm Martiis” compilation. Another good band is Thee Maldoror Kollective, experimental black metal, with ebm elements…to conclude I say you to listen Urna, Sine Luce, Infamous, Progenie Terrestre Pura, Opera IX (the first album) and Inchiuvatu!!!!

10.What  does  black metal  mean  to  you?

   For me Black Metal is Music. But for me, Music is not a simple hobby to spend my time, rather it’s a column of my personality; with music, I carved my individuality and what I am today. So black metal is what push me to rebel when I was a little boy, black metal is the soundtrack of my evolution from man to “Differentiated Man” and black metal is an Opera that I still write every day, ‘cause black metal is a big part of mine.

11.Are you  currently  working  with  any  other  bands  or projects? If  yes  please  tell  the  readers  about  them.

 No, I haven’t any other band or project. 
In the past I was the guitarist of the black metal band Crowned in Thorns but know I want to focalize only to the VIII. 

12.You   handle  the  vocals for  the  band.When  did you  first  become  interested  in  Singing/screaming? Do  you  do  anything  special to  keep  your   throat/voice  healthy?

  I started my “career as a musician” as singer in a black metal band. I think it was in the 1998 and the voice was the only “instrument” that I had in those times, so this is way I become to sing. I haven’t a beautiful voice but now, for me, it’s ESSENTIAL to sing my lyrics ‘cause these are a basic component of why I make music… so I don’t want anyone to sing my words.  About keeping my voice healthy, I don’t do anything to preserve the throat. Usually I drink much Jack Daniels or Grappa before and during the recording sessions ‘cause these drinks keep my throat wet but gruff…some cigarettes help to do this work.

13.Who  are  some  of  your  influences/favorite  vocalist?

  Attila Csihar without any doubt! 
His voice is the most powerful and atmospheric of all the extreme music. I also like the voice of Mortuus of Marduk and Funeral Mist. 
I haven’t a vocalist that influence my style…I sing spontaneously, so I don’t spend the time to study the riffs and how I could sing these parts..

14.You   also  play   the  guitars  when  did you  become  interested  in  playing  the  guitar? Are  you  self taugh or  did you  take  lessons  when  first  learning?

Yes I’m self-taught. I started to play the guitar approximately in the 2001. I’ve always been interested to play guitar, since I was twelve years old, ‘cause I grew up listen Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Dissection, so, the guitar was the “star” of these bands…and I wanted to play like these guitarist.

15.Who  are  some  of  your  influences/favorite  gutiarists? Do  you   play  any  other   instruments?

  Yes, I play also the bass and the piano, but my instrument is the guitar. My favorite guitarist is Jimmy Hendrix…I love how he plays the guitar, so emotional and technical at the same time.  In metal music I love the style and the music of Jon Nodtveidt. He was a great musician and a genius with the guitar, his style was unmistakable…about influences, I take many ideas from various genres of music and musicians; I grew up playing metal music, but now I like to mix various styles to create something that I can define mine. Obviously, I haven’t conceived nothing, just I like to experience rather than focalize my style on a single influence.

16.Thank  you  Drakone M.  for  taking  the  time  to  do  this  interview  do  you   have  any  final  words  for  the  readers?

 Thank to you Patrick. Nothing to say, follow us through our official page: www.viiieight.wordpress.com  or facebook page: www.facebook.com/VIII.drakon ... or contact us for info, orders or for any other reason at this email: div_viii@tiscali.it
Greetings, thanks again

If  you  wish  to  contact  the   band  his  contact  Info  is  the  final  answer.But  if  you   live  in the  U.S.A  or  your  a  label  interested  in  some  trade's  or  wholesale  then  contact  Mike  and  Black  Plague Rec.  here  


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Interview with Hard Tension done by Patrick on 7-22--14

Metal  Hails
Here  is  a  new   interview  with  Hard  Tension  from    Portugal  playing  a  good  mix  of   death,metal  and folkish  influences. Their  second  E.P  Is  out  so  definitely  check  this band  out  if you  enjoy metal/folk  hybrid.
More  interviews,reviews   coming  soon

interview with Paulo Santos Guitarist for Hard Tension done by Patrick

1.Hello Paulo please introduce yourself to the readers. When did you first get into metal?

Hello. My name is Paulo Santos, I'm the guitar player from Hard Tension. I live in the south of Portugal, in a seaside city called Portimão.
I started to play acoustic guitar when I was 8 years old. Later, when I was about 13 years old I heard Randy Rhodes playing Mr. Crawley solo on a dvd and I became fascinated with that kind of sound. So I knew right then and there that was the sound I wanted my guitar to produce. That was my first experience with metal.

2.Who were the first bands you listened to? Who are some of your current favorite bands?

The first bands I listened to were Ozzy Osbourne, Stratovarius, Quiet Riot and Rising Force. In the present I still love these bands, but I now listen to mostly progressive metal bands like Symphony X and I very much enjoy listening to Gamma Ray.

3.Paulo when did you first meet the other members of Hard Tension? How did you all come up with the name for the band?

I met Migas at a bar four years ago and he invited me to play in one of his bands, and a few months later I invited him to play in one of mine. Tião, the drummer, and Carlos, the bass player, met at a concert. We later found out we had the same influences and started playing together.
The term "Hard Tension" was first used to describe a type of strings that are very resistant and have a very good sound projection. I always like that name and I decided to use it.

4.Hard Tension is getting ready to release it's second EP. "Fear And Guilt" how long did it take to write the  music for the E.P?

It took about four months to write the songs and two weeks to record the tracks.

5.Who usually writes the lyrics for the band? Where do you all draw inspiration for the lyrics?

Migas is the lyrics magician. He is very smart and can think about things that really matter and that we want to express with our songs.
He thinks about what background the stories in the song might have and makes up really interesting lyrics.

6.How has the response been from the fans? What about the press?

The response to this EP was better than the last, people seem to enjoy this EP much more than the last. We have had mostly positive reviews, so we are quite pleased with it.

7.Has the band begun writing the next E.P or full-length? Does the whole band take part in the writing process or does one member usually write everything?

We are currently working on the last track of our first full length album! We will record in the next few months. Usually someone has an idea and then we work on it until it turns into a song and everyone gives their input.

8.Paulo you and the band live in the Portugal metal scene. What is your opinion of Portugal's metal/rock scene?

Well, there aren't a lot of bars to play in because in our country metal is an underground style of music. The good news is that our fans give us positive feedback and support us.

9.Who are some of your all-time favorite bands from Portugal's scene? Are there any new bands you feel the readers should check out?

There are some really good portuguese metal bands like Prayers of Sanity and Tarantula.

10.Paulo you handle the guitars for Hard Tension. When did you first become interested in playing the guitars?

Well, I started to play acoustic guitar at 8 years old, but when I heard Randy Rhodes playing guitar on the Blizzard of Ozz album, it changed my life right then and there.

11.Who are your influences/favorite guitarist? Are you self taught or did you take lessons when starting out?

My favorite guitar players are Yngwie Malmsteen, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. I am mostly self taught, I spent many, many afternoons watching my favorite bands play and trying to keep up with them.

12.Paulo are you or any of the members of Hard Tension currently playing in other bands or solo-projects?

Yes, we all have other bands and we have other jobs aside from Hard Tension.

13.What are some things you enjoy doing in your spare time?

We love going to the beach in the summer. We have great weather and some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever find!

14.Well Paulo, thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out. Do you have any final comments for the readers?

We want to thank you for taking an interest in us. If you want to hear out tunes you can find us on youtube or soundcloud.
You can also follow us on facebook at www.facebook.com/hardtension.

New Reviews done by Patrick on 7-22-14

Metal  Hails!! 
thank  you   for  taking  the  time to  read  the  newest  blog  of  Reviews  we have  black,death,thrash  and even  a  death/doom  band.So  hopefully  you  all  will find  some  bands to  your  liking.

Atavisma--Where  Wolves  Once  Dwelled Cassette  tape  {Nihilistic  Holocaust}

Atavisma  come  out  of  the  death metal  scene  in  France  and  play  a  very  old-school  death  metal  with  some  death/doom influences  mixed  in the  music.The  guitars  are  played  with  some  great  riffs  and  range  from  mid-paced to a  slower  style  with  sme  great  solo's  and  patterns.The  drums  are   done  amazing  with some  fast  beats  but  does  slow to  a  mid-paced  drum  patterns  in a few  songs.The vocalist  does a great  job  with  death growls  and some  deeper growls  in a few songs.Atavisma  are a  band  with  a lot  of  talent  and  great  idea's  this  is  a  band to  watch for.
                                                                           Label   Contact
Cemetery  Fog--Towards  the  Gates  MLP  {Iron  Bonehead  Rec.}
Cemetery  Fog  return  with a  brand  new  MLP  on  Iron Bonehead Rec.   With  a  release  like  Towards  the  Gates   this is  a  band  with  a  bright  future.Cemetery  Fog  play  a  death/doomish  style  similar  to  the  mid nineties.The  guitarist  does a great  job  with  keeping  the  guitars  between  mid-paced  but  does  speed  up  on  a  few  parts  which  really fits this  bands  style.The vocalist does a great  job  with  some  really  well done  death  growls. The  band  even   has a  atmosphere  to  the songs  and this  is  recommended to  anyone  into  {early} My  Dying  Bride  or  Anathema  or  early death/doom.
                                                            Label   Contact
Chiral--Abisso  {Self-released   digital-download} 
Chiral  is  a  melodic black metal  band  with touches  of progressive  metal in  a few  tracks  from the  great country  of  Italy.Chiral  is  a  one man  band  but  truthfully the  music  sounds like it is a full band.With  a  great  mix  of  violent  black  metal  going from  fast  razorsharp  guitars to  a  more  controlled  mid-paced   speed. even  adding  in  some acoustic guitars.The vocals  are  black  metal  shrieks  but   fit  the  music  very  well.this  is  the  digital-download  but  Chiral are  planning  on  releasing  this  on  cd  through  Black Plague  Records  soon.
                                                                                             Band  Contact  
The Rut--Self-titled   {self-released} 
The  Rut  is  the  new  band  from  Andrew  Parrish  on  vocals  {Besides  being a good friend  he  is the  one  who  got  me  interested  in  doing  my  own  zine but enough of the  history  lesson.The Rut  is  a very  hard  band  to  put  into   a  certain  genre {or  even  genre's}  the  musical  styles  very  from  cross-over punk/thrash  to  a  more  rocknroll vibe  with  some death metal  creeping  in  the  songs.The  guitars  are  all over the   place  one  minute doing  a  rock style  riffs  the  next  playing  cross  over thrashy/punk  styles.The  drumming  is  good  mix  of  mid-paced rock  with  some  faster  beats  and   Andrew's vocals  are  done  really  well  with  clean vocal  patterns  {This  is  my  first  encounter  hearing  him  sing  like this} and  some  screams,This  is  a  good  release  for   anyone  who  wants to  listen to  something  different. 
                                                  Band   Contact
 Shards  Of  Humanity--Fractured  Frequencies   cd   {Unspeakable  Axe  Records}
This  is   Shards  Of  Humanity  debut  cd  "Fractured  Frequencies"  thrash  is  what   Shards  Of  Humanity   play  and  do  a  damn  good  job.The  guitars  are  played with  a lot  of  speed, and catchiness  with  some  good  solo's  mixed  in.Shards  Of  Humanity  are  a  great  thrash  band  so  if  your  a  thrasher  then  definitely  pick  this  cd  up  soon.
                                                                       Label   Contact
Sheol/For--Split  7inch   {Iron  Bonehead  Records}
Sheol  from  the  U.K  start  off this  seven  inch  with  their  song  "Phosphagous  Amorpheon" .Sheol  play  death  metal  the  way  it  is  supposed to  be  played   heavy  and  vicious  the drumming  is  done with  semi-fast  blast beats  The  guitars  are done  with  a lot  of  powerful  riffs  and chords.The  second  band   is  Sweden's  own   "For"  with  their track  "To  Envisage A Fuliginous Sun" extremely  well written  song  with  some  great ,heavy riffs    the drumming  is top notch  with  some extremely  fast  beats  but  does slow to  mid paced range  before going  full force  again.Both  bands  play  death  metal  the  way  it  should be  played  if your  a fan  of these  bands then get  this  now and if you've  never heard the  bands  do  yourself  a favor  and buy this  now.
                                                                                             Label   Contact
                                                     Unaussprechlichen  Kulten--- Baphomet  Pan Shub-Niggurath  LP,CD   {Iron Bonehead,Dark  Descent rec.}
Unaussprechlichen  Kulten  have  released  their  third  full length   Baphomet  Pan Shub-Niggurath  on  LP AND  CD.  the  music  is  crushing,heavy  death  metal  with some  excellent  guitar  riffs  and very well played  patterns.The drumming  is very chaotic  with  some  fast  beats and  some  mid paced  drums  entertwined.Vocals  are done  with  sheer force  and   some  great  death  growls. The  LP.  is  being  released  by  Iron Bonehead Rec.  and  the  cd  version  will be  released  soon  by Dark  Descent.                                                  

Black Plague Reviews done by Patrick on 7--22-14

Here  is  a  batch  of  new  reviews  from  the  U.S  black metal,Metal   label   "Black Plague Rec."  If your  looking  for  some  excellent  black meta,death  or doom  metal.then  check  out  this  great  label.

Dark  Flight--Closure   cd   {Black Plague  Records}
Bulgaria's  Dark Flight  play  a  very good  style  of  blackend doom  metal.The  music  starts  off  with  mid paced razor  sharp  guitar  chords  but the  guitars  do  slow to  a  more slower  doom  pace.The drummer  is really good  with the  kit  playing slow,heavy  drums but  does  speed  up to  a  more  mid-paced style on a few  tracks.Dark Flight  surprised  me  by  having  synths  used in the  band but  their  not bad  at  all adding  another  layer  of  atmosphere to  the songs.This  is  a  very good blackend doom  band  that  hopefully  will release  some  new  music  soon.
                                                                      Label  Contact

Fatal Castration--Perishan Grinder  cd  {Black  Plague Rec.}

Fatal Castration  comes  out  of  the  Phillipines playing  a  good  style  of  brutal death  metal  the  trio  knows  how  to  play the  brutality  without  getting  lost  in  the  shuffle of the  scene.Fast as  lightning  guitars  that  are  played  with  a lot of talent  and experience.The drumming  is really done  very  well with  some blast beats  and  some  mid-paced  drums to  slow the pace down.The  only  complaint  I  have  is  the  pig-squealed type  of  vocal's  {I have always hated this  style of  vocals}  I mean  deep growls or even guttural vocals would  have fit  the  music better.But  the band can  write some   good  music  so  if  your  into  brutal  death metal defintly  check  this  cd out soon.
                                                                 Label  Contact

Lycanthropy--Totenkranze  cd  {Black  Plague Rec.}

 Lycanthropy  come  out  of  the  Russian/Ukraine  black metal  scene the band  plays violent,fast  black metal .the guitars  are  extremely  fast  with some mid-paced  tempo's to  keep the  music  interesting.The vocalist  does a great  job  with  some vicious black metal  screams and even  some  death growls in a few  sections.This  is a  really good  band  and  release so  if  you  can  find  this  cd  I  would  highly  recommend  picking this  up today.
                                                                Label  Contact
Nazghor--Through Darkness And  Hell  cd  {Black  Plague Rec.}
This  is  how  Swedish  black metal  should  sound  combing  the  mid-nineties  Swedish sound  with Nazghor  own  style.The guitars  are  extremely  well played with a lot  of  power  and  talent going from fast  to  a more  mid-paced sound in the  same  song.The  drummer  is equally  as  good  with  some very well played  drumming patterns.The vocalist  does a great  job  with shrieks  and  some  whispery vocals  in a few  songs.This  is  one  of  the  best  black metal  bands  I've  heard  in quite  awhile.

                                                                    Label  Contact

Slow--Unsleep  cd   {Black  Plague Rec.}
Sow  is a crushing funeral  doom  band  as you  proably guessed  the  music  is  extremely  slow.The guitars  are  done  very well with  some  crushing doom riffs and even  some  great  acoustic  guitars entertwined.Personally  I like  some funeral doom  but  not a lot  so  if  you  are  a  fan  of slow,funeral doom  or  know  someone who  is  you might  enjoy this  band
                                                                     Label  Contact
VIII--Dracon  cd  {Black  Plague Rec.}
This  is  the  debut  cd  from Italy's  VIII  and  what  a  great  debut cd  this  is  playing  mid-paced  black metal  with some slower  atmospheric  sections  In a few  of the  songs.The vocals  are growls  with  some  gruff type of  vocals  and  of course some great  screams The drums  are  mid-paced  for  the  most  part  with a few  a songs that speed up with some faster drumming and guitars.If your  a  fan  of  mid-paced  black  metal  then  this  is a good  release for everyone to check  out.
                                                                           Label  Contact

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Interview with Vintersorg done by Patrick on 7-15-14

Here  is  another  new  interview  with  the  great  Vintersorg's  MR.V   if you  haven't  had  time to  check  out  and  buy  the  new  cd  "Naturalb"  through  the   great   label  "Napalm Records.
Enjoy  the  interview  and  stay  tuned  for  new  reviews,interviews   soon.

Interview   with  Mr  V.  Vocals  and  guitars,Bass  and  Keyboards  for  Vintersorg   done   by  Patrick

 1.Hello Mr V.  how  are  things  going  with  you  these  days?  please  introduce  yourself  to   the  readers

Mr V: I’m fine. I’m actually having a vaction from my day time job as a teacher and now I’m writing new music, building some stuff to my house and spend a lot of time with my family. I’m one of the two guys behind Vintersorg and I’m also involved with Borknagar, Cronian, Waterclime……a music addictJ

2.What  gave  you  the  idea  to  create  Vintersorg?You  started  the  band  in  1994  did  you  think  it  would  still  be going  after  all  these  years?  Also  how  do  you feel  the  sound/music  has  changed  over  the  years?

Mr V: What I wanted to do was to mix the harsh elements for Black metal with acoustic guitars, with clear vocals and some good portion of Scandinavian folk music. That’s the foundation of Vintersorg, but as musicians and humans we like to evolve and therefor every album has a bit of a new “take” on the mixture. I didn’t really think about how long we would proceed as I started this band as a one-man-band type of thing. But as I said above…I’m addicted to music, especially to write and record..so I think it’ll be a very long trip. The music has gone through some changes as we like to explore new musical grounds, some albums are a bit more progressive than others but I think we’ve found a nice balance between all the elements now.

3.Vintersorg  is  getting  ready  to   release  the  new  cd  "Naturbal"How   long  did it  take  to  write  the  songs  for  this  release?

Mr V: It took my maybe a month or so to do the framework but as we record, mix and master at my own studio we add and take stuff off during that whole process. So, the finished album is a result of that process and we like to keep it like that, to keep it open until the very end. We’re open minded guys and live by our passion and on an emotional basis when it comes to the music we create, therefore it’s so nice to have it all in our hands until the finish line.

4.Where  do  you   draw  inspiration   for  the  lyrics ?Do  you  usually  write  the  lyrics  first  or  the  music?

Mr V: I always write about the relation between Man and Nature in one way or another in Vintersorg. Just finding a new angle to it every time and “new” topics in that area to ponder about and write down for the lyrical content. This time I wrote the lyrics first as  it’s a concept album. This is part III in our “four-element-cycle” and this album is concerning “FIRE”.

5.Are  you   thinking  about  making  any  video's  for this  release or  do  you  like  making  video's?  Is  their a  certain  song{s}   you  would  like to  make  a  video  for?

Mr V: We’ve already don a video for a track called “Lågornas rov” (The Flames Prey) and you’ll find that on here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34D_Tq46z2o

6.How  has  the   response  been  from  the  fans?What  about  the  press?

Mr V: It’s been very positive so far and we try to interact with the audience as much as apossibel through our FB-site. The over all impression is that people really like the album as much as we do and that’s just great fuel for us for the next album. Media seems also to enjoy it as the reviews have been very good and that’s of course also niceJ

7.Has  Vintersorg   ever  played  live   or  is  this  strictly  a  studio  only band ?

Mr V: We did a lot of touring back in the beginning of this Millenium but recent years we’ve not been a live act. We’re only two guys, I have huge problems to get time off from my day time job, as well as Mattias. ( the other guy). I’ve also a family with kids, dog and you name it…so the whole thing with touring is just too hard to make it happened as least for the moment. 

8.When  did u  first  become  interested  in   singing?  Who  are  some  of  your  favorite  singers? Do  you   do  anything  special  to  keep  your  voice/throat healthy  when  recording?

Mr V: From the beginning I did some singing at my own while writing songs etc. Then when I started to play the more harsh metal I just did growls and that was something that I was satisfied with. But at the side I did some “clear voice” singing with other bands and after some time I just thought it was time to really do that type of singing in  the music I wrote myself. I don’t have any great tip to get your voice in good shape but the ordinary tip of drinking a lot of water is of course basics. Keep it moist and not dry.

9.Mr  V  you  also  handle  the  guitars  for  the   band  when  did  you  first become  interested  in playing  the  guitars?Are  you  self-taught  or  did  you  take  lessons  when  first  learning?

Mr V: I learned it by myself..those endless hour of practicing and playing around with chords and how to really get the tone that I wanted. But it was all just plain fun and when you have that type of experience it’s not a “drag” it’s just something that your mind want to do out of joy. I see that as teacher all the time, when the student is interested in a subject it’s a self-going process. I guess I was like 7-8 years when I first started to strum on my grandfather’s guitar.

10.Who  are  some  of  your  favorite/influences  for  the  guitars?

Mr V: I don’t have any actually, I have in my youth listen to some guitar music and back then I always loved Steve Vai due to his extraordinary style and there’s if course guitarists in band I like. Mick Box for example in Uriah Heep, very simple playing style but with a lot of emotion.

11.Are  their  any  instruments  you  haven't  learned  yet  that  you  would  like  to  soon?

Mr V: Probabaly…but I’m so occupied with all the bands I’m involved with and all other things in life that calls for my attention, so at the moment I just try to inject as much as possible time and effort in what I have at the table.

12.You  live  in  the  great  country  of Sweden  what  is  your  opinion  of  Sweden's   metal  scene?

Mr V: It’s vast I guess you could say. I mean we’re a small country when it comes to habitants and there are so many bands around.

13.Who  are  your  all- time   favorite  bands  from  Sweden?Are  their  any  new  bands  you   feel  the  readers  should  watch  out  for?

Mr V: I don’t have any specific but I think some of the Swedish bands have been pioneers in their genre like Bathory, Entombed, Unleashed and so on.

14.Thank  you  for  taking   the  time  to   fill  this   interview   out. Do  you   have  any final  words  for   the  readers?

Mr V: Nah..just check out the new album, it’s a great adventure I think but it may take you some spinns until you really get hold of the whole thing as it’s many details.

Interview with Doom:VS done by Patrick

Here  is  a  new  interview   with   Johan  Ericson   of Doom  :VS  {He  is  also  part of  the  great  death/doom,gothic  band Draconian}   if  you  enjoy  deathdoom  metal  with  some  atmosphere  then  definitely  check  out  Doom  :VS  new  cd   "Earthless"  through  Solitude  Productions.

Interview  with  Johan  Ericson   vocals  and  all instruments  for  Doom:VS   done  by   Patrick

1.Hello Johan   how  is  life  in Sweden  these  days? Please  introduce  yourself  to  the  readers? 

The life here in Sweden is fine thanks, keeping busy. I'm Johan of DOOM:VS, DRACONIAN and various different projects.

2.What  gave  you the  idea  to  form  "Doom:vs? How did you  come up  with  the  band name?

I just wanted something I had total control of myself, everything from song writing, playing the instrument and production. The doom genre have always been close to my heart so it felt natural to continue with another doom laden project. The band name question is easiest the most common question and let me explain. The word Domus in Latin means big house. Adding another "o", big house of doom. Also you can interpret it as DOOM=US meaning humanity, ourselves. So the the U is written as a V like in the old days, and like Blue Öyster Cult.

 3.Have  you  ever  looked  for  more  members  to  join the  band or  do  you  prefer  working  alone?

 No, I thought about it cause there's been a lot of  live requests but at the moment I can't find the time so I'm just concentrating on creating music. So to answer the question, I will always be the only creative force of DOOM:VS.

 4. If  you  could  work  with  any musician's{past  or  present}  who  would  you  like to  work  with?

 I had Thomas AG Jensen from Saturnus as guest vocalist on the latest album so that's a bit of a dream come true. Always loved the music from Saturnus since I first heard them back in the mid 90's. I always wanted to do something with Mathias Lodmalm of Cemetery fame but that would be a whole other project I think.

5.How  did  you come  in  contact  with  the  great  label   Solitude  Productions?

After my previous label Firebox had to close down I was searching for an equal label with the same unique interest for doom music. And I think I found it. A label that doesn't  say what to do and just trust in your vision. 

6.Doom:VS  is  getting  ready  to  release    the  new  cd  "Earthless"  how  long  did it  take   to  write  the  music for  the  songs  on  this  release?

  It didn't take that long to write the actual music. The time consumer on this one was the recording. To find time for each session. 

 7.Where  do  you   draw  inspiration  for  the  lyrics? What  are some  subjects you  write  about? 

Inspiration comes from life in general, the ups and downs, relations and death. The general  theme have always been loss and regrets, and the feeling of not belonging.

8. Doom:VS   comes  out of  the   Swedish underground,  what  is  your  opinion  of  Sweden's  metal  scene?

The metal scene in Sweden have always been great, good quality music and it  seems like the younger generation are keeping it alive by playing more old traditional  styles of metal. Everything from retro 70's rock/metal to old school death metal.

9.Who  are  your  all-time  favorite  Swedish  bands? Are  their  any  new  bands  you  feel  the  readers  should  watch  out  for?

 Tough question as I am a big music fan. Butt what inspired the most while growing up and formed me as a musician would be bands like, Candlemass, Cemetery, Edge of Sanity, Entombed, Katatonia, Bathory and Tiamat. The list could go on and on really. Can't think of any newer bands right away but my friend in Mammoth Storm are really making a fuzz with their doom,sludge, stoner style.

10.Johan  you  handle  the  clean  vocals  for  the  band  when  did you  first  become  interested  in  singing?

 When we grow up and just played around in the rehearsal we all took turns on singing so it have always felt kind of  natural. I don't sing much anymore, just on recordings and I wish I had time to learn to sing better. 

 11.Who  are  some  of  your   influences/favorite  vocalist? Do  you  do  anything  special  to  keep  your  throat/voice  healthy?

When it comes to growling I always liked singers Mikael Åkerfeldt, Dan Swanö and Paul Kuhr.. No health here, I don't smoke so that's it. 

 12.You  also  play  all  the  instruments  for Doom:vs   what  is  your   favorite  instrument  to  play?  Are  their  any  instruments  you  would  like  to  learn  someday?

 The guitar cause it feels the most natural these days. I started as a drummer and took piano lessons as a kid so I can fiddle around a bit and fool the average joe I guess, haha. I would like to master the violin, that would be cool.

13.Johan  you  also  do vocals  for  the  band  Draconian  is  Draconian  still active  or  is  Doom:VS  your  main  project  now?

 I only do back up vocals for DRACONIAN, and yes, we are very much active. We are finishing up pre-production for our 6th album right about now. DRACONIAN will always be the main band for me.

14.How  would  you   say  Doom:VS music  is   different  then   Draconian's? 

For me it's more personal cause I behind every note and breath. Also the music a bit slower and monotone driven. 

15.Thank  you  for  taking  the  time  to   fill  this  interview   out. Do  you   have  any  final  words for  the  readers?

Yes, I just would like to say that if you haven't picked up the new CD yet for various reasons the vinyl will be released July 20th via Wretched Records. So get over there and order it! Thanks for the interview Patrick!

To  order  a  copy  of  Doom:VS  new   cd  go  to  this  web-site 

and  if  you  want  to  learn  more  about   Doom:VS   check  out   the  Official Facebook  page  here


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Interview with Nazghore done by Patrick on 7-7-14


I have a  second  interview  with  Nazghore  from Sweden  who  recently  released  their  third cd  "THROUGH DARKNESS AND HELL"  is  now  available  through  Black  Plague  Records.A great release  of  black metal done  like  only  the  Swedish  can.




Interview   with  Nekhrid  vocalist  of  Nazghor  done  by  Patrick

1.Metal Hails! Nekhrid! When did you first discover metal?Who were some of the first bands you listened to?

Who are some of your current favorites?

Hails! I do not know exactly when I discover. I remember that I listened to Metallica in my days of youth.

2.When did you meet the other members of Nazghor meet? Does the band name have a special meaning?

I met up with Armageddor one night to exchange ideas of musical terms and directions. It turned out we had similar visions on what we wanted to create and thus Nazghor was born. The other members were recruited short the after through various connections. Nazghor is an order. Nazghor is a legion. Nazghor is our message. Throughout our lyrics, you can find it's meaning.

3.What is the current line-up for the band?For the reader's who have never heard your music how would you describe it?

Nazghor consists of five members at the moment. Guitarits; Armageddor and Angst Base; Amon Batterist: Rimfrost and Nekhrid as the lyrical deliverer. The sound of Nazghor is a dark and raw yet melodic with a classic scandinavian backbone.

4.Nazghor recently released their third cd "Through Darkness And Hell" through Black Plague Rec. How did you come in contact with Mike and the label?

Mike contacted us when we were already in the making of the production. Somehow our dark tunes had made its way all across the Atlantic and we agreed on a partnership.

5.How long did it take to write the songs for "Through Darkness And Hell"? Does the whole band work on the music or does one member usually write everything?

This record was the fastest for us to finish. We started working on it as soon as "Upon the darkest season" was released

and just 3 months later the new message was recorded. The maestro Armageddor and I created most of the record, with input from a nazghorian who wishes to remain anonymous.

6.Who usually writes the lyrics for the band?What are some topics/subjects you all write about?

I, deliverer Nekhrid of the Nazghorian legion write all the lyrics. The lyrical themes are mostly anti-cosmic satanism and devil worship.

7.How has the response been from the fans? What about the press?

The response has been positive from both fans and press.

8.Does Nazghor have any tours or shows coming up that the readers should watch out for? Where are some place's you all will be playing?

We have been very focused on producing music for a long time and are still so. Therefore the touring has been put aside.

But we have plans for the future, so keep an eye out on our facebook page to get the news as soon as they are revealed.

9.Has Nazghor ever gotten to play outside of Sweden? If you could set up a dream show/tour who are some bands{past or present} you would love to share the stage with?

We haven't had a performance abroad yet but we are open to share the stage with any likeminded. However, to tour with the progenitors Bathory and Dissection would have been an honor.

10.What does Black Metal mean to you?

Black Metal is not just music. It is a lifestyle.

11.Nazghor come out of the mighty Swedish black metal scene.What is your opinion of Sweden's metal scene?

The swedish black metal scene is in our opinion the primary one and we are very proud to be a part of it.

12.Who are your favorite bands from Sweden? Are their any new Swedish bands you feel the reader's should watch out for?

Our favorite Swedish bands are the ones that sound Swedish. Some of those bands are Dissection, Bathory, Naglfar, Setherial, Mörk grynig and Watain.

13.Are you or any of the member's currently working with side bands or solo projects? If yes please tell the readers about them.

Yes we are. Some of those are still unnamed and unreleased and some of us play live with other bands.

14.Nekhrid you handle the vocals for the band when did you first become interested in singing/screaming? Do you do anything special to keep your throat/voice healthy?

I became interested in doing vocals while I was experimenting with some old projects for many years ago. At that point we were many musicians in every position except for the song. I decided to give it a try.

15.Who are some of your influences/favorite singers? Do you play any other instruments?
There are many great singers, however there is one local vocalist who is a very big influence for me, and of course the mighty Nödtveidt. I Played bass guitar in several projects for like 10 years ago.
16.Thank you Nekhrid for taking the time to fill this interview out.Do you have any final words for the readers?

To spread the dark message of Nazghor.


Interview with Devangelic done by Patrick on 7-7-14

Here  is  a  new  interview  with  Devangelic  from Italy.Devagelic  come  out  of  the  brutal death metal  scene in  Italy  and  their  first  cd  Resurrection Denied  is  being  released  by  Comatose Music  so  if  you enjoy  brutal  death  metal  then  pick  this  up  today.



Interview   with  Mario   Guitars   for   Devangelic   done  by  Patrick

1.Hello Mario how is life in Italy these days? Please introduce yourself to the readers?

Hi to everyone and thanks for having us for the interview!! I'm Mario guitar player of Devangelic and Vulvectomy from Italy.

2.When did you and the other members of Devangelic first meet? What is the current line up? For the readers who have never heard your band how would you describe the music?

We actually knew each other already before to start the band, especially me and Paolo we’re playing and touring from long time. The first real meeting to talk about the project happened back in 2012 summer and there was Alex (drummer), David (former bass player) and me; then we spoke with Paolo (vocals) about it and he was immediately in! The current line-up is the same who started except for the bass player David, who left the band for personal reasons, replaced by Demian.
Our music is basically a brutal death metal mix between bands like Disgorge, Gorgasm and Condemned, with our own personal influences in it.

3.Devangelic is getting ready to release it's debut cd "Resurrection Denied" through Comatose Music. How did you all come in contact with the Comatose Music?

We came in contact with Steve from Comatose Music at the end of 2012, when we were sending our promo CD around. He came up with a very good offer and we gladly accepted to start working with him, even because we already knew how much he works hard for the bands on his roster.

4.How has the response been from the fans? What about the press?

Definitely huge and unexpected! We received so many great reviews, great feedback by the fans and we sold out all of our tees and cds while we were on tour in the US!

5.Does Devangelic have any tours coming up? If yes where are some places you all will be playing?

We just got back home from the US tour with our bros from Lust Of Decay and Coathanger Abortion; we’ll have our first European run in Septermber with our friends Antropofagus, Bloodtruth and To Feed Of Flesh and then we’ll play some festival around Europe like Carnage Feast and Lowlands Death Fest

6.Who are some bands you have shared the stage with? If you could set up a dream tour/show who are some bands{Past or present} you would love to share the stage

It’s pretty difficult to say. We would love to share to stage with bands that we grow up with like Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse and a lot more. We already shared the stage with some of the sickest bands in the planet like Gorgasm, Condemned, Guttural Secrete, Unmerciful and Mortal Decay and we’re going to play with Incantation, Bolt Thrower, Grave, Wormed so we’re pretty honored and happy about that!! Anyway let’s say dream tour for me would be: Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Hour Of Penance and Devangelic!

7.Devangelic comes out of the Italian metal scene what is your opinion of Italy's metal scene?

Well, in these years there are so many great and hard working bands making the scene growing up in Italy and personally I’m really happy about it! We have a lot of bands like Hour Of Penance, Septycal Gorge, Putridity, Vulvectomy, Antropofagus, Bloodtruth, Unbirth, Logic Of Denial and the good thing is also that the major part of the bands are not competing, but just help and support the others, that’s what the music scene need!

8.Who are some of your all-time favorite Italian bands? Are their any new bands you feel the readers should watch out for?

I’d say the bands I mentioned before so: Hour Of Penance, Septycal Gorge, Putridity, Vulvectomy, Antropofagus, Bloodtruth, Unbirth, Logic Of Denial and for a great new outcome people should check Xenomorphic Contamination!

9.In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground metal scene? And what does underground metal mean to you?

The best thing in the metal underground scene is the support from the fans first, they ARE the scene, and then the neverding support between each band. The worst thing is the exactly opposite, so bands that act like rockstars and talk shit about everyone else just because other bands do more then them, but luckly it doesn’t happen very often!

10.Mario do you or any members of Devangelic play in side bands? If yes please tell the reader's about them.

Sure! I play in Vulvectomy, Paolo plays in Putridity and Alex plays as a session drummer with Indecent Excision, Vomitous and he also plays with different bands in many genres

11.Mario you play the guitars for the band when did you start playing the guitars? Are you self taught or did you take lessons when you were younger?

Started to play guitar when I was 12 years old. I had some private lessons with a teacher but then I've started to play self taught because I wanted to play death metal and extreme music and noboby can teach you to play for example Cannibal Corpse haha

12.Who are some of your influences/favorite guitarist? Do you play any other instruments?

My favorite guitar players are Dimebag Darrel from Pantera (one of my favorite bands) and Pat O'Brian (Cannibal Corpse). Yes I play also piano.

13.What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Reading books, playing with PSIII, watching movies, drinking beers.

14.Mario thank you for taking the time to fill this out.Do you have any final comments for the readers?

I would like to remind everyone that our first CD “Resurrection Denied” is available yet on Comatose Music and soon on our official online store and in the main stores like Amazon, iTunes and Best Buy, and to keep posted on next Devangelic shows, follow us on our official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/devangelic.official

Thank you and to all the staff for having me, hope to see you guys soon!

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New reviews done by Patrick on 7-1-14

Metal  Hails!!
Here  is a brand  new  review  blog   hope  you  all will  find  something  to  your  liking  and  help  the  labels,bands out  and  buy  some  merchandise  from  them  don't  just  download  it  off the  Internet. some  really good  bands  reviewed this  time  around
take  it  easy 

Athanatos--Unholy  Union  Demotape   {Iron Bonehead Rec.}Another  killer  band  from  Chile  this  time  it  is   Athanatos   who  play a  very  good  style  of  early death/thrash  metal.The  guitars  are  done  with  some  vicious  guitar  riffs  and few  solo's  mixed  in  the  songs. The  drumming  is  top  notch  with  some  really  good  beats that  go  from  mid-to  fast  beats .The  vocalist  does  a great  job  keeping up  with  the  chaotic  music.with  some  gruff  screams and  death growls.This  is  a  must  have  for  all those  who  still  worship and  collect  tapes.
                                                      Label   Contact
 Children Of  Technology--Future  Decay  cd,Lp  {Hells  headbangers Rec.}
Italy's  Children Of Technology   return  after  four  years  with  their  second  full-length.With  their  cross-over  thrashy punk  they  are  one of  the  best  in  the  scene.The  guitars  are  fast  punkish  type  guitar  riffs  with  some  heavier and faster  thrash  parts  entertwined  in  the  music.The  drummer  is really  good  with keeping  the  pace between   faster drumming beats and  more of a  mid-pace range.The  vocalist does a good job  with  the  screams and  even  some  deeper vocals.This  is a  band  who  knows  how to  play  thrash and punk and do  botoh  scene's  justice.
                                                                Label   Contact

Deus  Otiosus--Rise   cd   {Deepsend  Rec.}
Denmark's  Deus  Otiosus  return  with  their  third  cd  "Rise"  .Rise  is  the  bands  most  mature music to date  everything  flows  together.Anice  mix  of  early  death metal and  thrashy influences.The  guitarist  plays  with  a lot  of  great  riffs and  solo's  mixed in  the  music.The drummer is  really catchy as well with  a lot  of great  and  memorable  drum  pattern's.The  vocals  are  some  of the  best  I've  heard  in  some time  with death growls and  some  gruff  vocal's entertwined.This  is  defintly  Deus  Otiosus  best  release  to  date.
                                                                       Label   Contact
Heimat--Heem   cd   {Regimental Records}
Heimat  come  from  the  Belgium  scene  and  play a  excellent black Metal combing  mid to  fast  guitars  that  vary  in  each  song to give the song a  life of it's own.The  drummer  is  excellent  with  his  style  of  outbursts  of  blast beats to a  more  mid-paced controlled  drummer.The vocalist  does a good job with  the  demonic screams and screeches that  fit  the  music  great.Another  great  release  from  the mighty  Regimental Records.
                                                            Label   Contact 

Incantation--Dirges  oF  Elysium   cd  {Listenable Rec.}
Incantation  is  back  better than  ever  with  their brand new  cd  Dirges  oF  Elysium.The  guitars  are  extremely fast  with a few  slower  parts  mixed in a  few  of  the  songs.The drumming is  done with a lot  of  power  and  intensity blast beats  with some  slower  mid-paced beats  mixed into.The vocals are deep death growls this  is Incantation  at  their  best  highly  recommended  to Incantation  fans  or  anyone  into great death metal/
                                                      Label  Contact
Moloch--Verwustung  cd  
This  is  the  new  release  from the  one man  band  Moloch.Sergi  does a great  job with  the  vocals  with some  very  good  screams and  blackend  shrieks.Musically  I  would say  it  is  heavily  influenced by  ambient  with  a  strong  dose  of  black metal.If  you  enjoy   early to  mid  90's  black metal  with a lot  of  ambient and atmosphere blackend metal  you  should   give  this  band  a  listen. 
Morbidity--Revealed  From  Ashes   cd   {Memento Mori}
This  is  some  very  good  sounding  classic  death metal from  Bangladesh.combing  U.S and  some  European  influences  together to  make  it  a  great debut.The guitarist  plays  a lot   good riffs and  solo's  mixed in .The drumming  is well done  and  executed  with a lot  of  great  drum patterns and  talent.the vocalist  does a great job  of  mixing  in gruff type of vocals and  pure death  growls.This  is  a  release  all  old-school  fanatics  should  pick  up.

                                                               Label  Contact


Open  Grave--Fear   cd   {Regimental Rec.}
New Jersey's  Open Grave  have  unleashed  their  debut  full-length Fear. Black Metal  at  it  finest the  biggest  change I can  hear to  the band is they  have some  keyboards  in a few songs .compared to  the  split cd and demo  which was  pure black metal.But  the  keyboards are done very well  and  works  within  the  new songs.For  the  long time fans  their  is  still plenty of raging and vicious black metal  but  also  some really well played  mid-paced parts with the  keyboards.This is  a  highly  recommended release  from  one of the  U.S best black Metal bands
                                                                 Label   Contact

Provocator--Antikristus  cd  {Moribund Rec.}
Provocator  is  the  new  band/project  of Hellscream {from Bleedig Fist fame}  this  is  Provocator's  debut  cd  and it is  some  intense blackend metal  done  like  the  early  90's  black metal  scene.Uncompromising  black metal  with some  thrash influences in  the  guitar.The  guitars  are  all over   the  place  with crazed riffs and   few  solo's.The vocals  are gruff death growls and  some harsher black metal vocals.If  your  a  fan  of  old-school black metal with some  thrash  influences  you  should  pick  this  up  today! 
                                                          Label   Contact 
Skinlepsy--Condemning The   Empty  Souls   cd  {Self-Released}
Brazil's  Skinlepsy  have  released a good and  solid  Death Metal release  Condemning The   Empty  Souls.Fast  to a  slower more  mid-paced range  with  the  guitars.The  guitarist  knows  how  to  play  writing  some  killer riffs and  solo's.The  drummer  is  relentless  with a  nice  mix  of extremely fast  drum beats  but  does  slow to a  more  mid-paced range.This  whole  band  is  very  talented  and  knows  how to  write  some  good memorable   music.If  your  a  fan  of  brutal death  then  definitely  pick  this  release  up.
                                                            Band   Contact

Taatsi--Amidst  The  Trees  cd   {Forever  Plagued}
This  is  the  first  full-length  from  Finland's two man band  Taatsi .The  band  plays  mid to  some faster  black metal  with  a lot  of  atmospheric  elements.The  guitars  are done  with razor sharp chords.The  drumming  is  done  with  a lot  of  precision  and  mid paced beats  and  even  some slower  beats .The vocalist  does a great  job  with  the  vocals  with blackend  shrieks and  screams.Taatsi even  add some  great  keyboard  and  acoustic  guitars  in  a few  of  the  songs.This  is  a  great  release  by a  good  band  who  knows how  to  make memorable  blackend atmospheric metal.
                                                                           Label  Contact