Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New reviews done by Patrick on 7-1-14

Metal  Hails!!
Here  is a brand  new  review  blog   hope  you  all will  find  something  to  your  liking  and  help  the  labels,bands out  and  buy  some  merchandise  from  them  don't  just  download  it  off the  Internet. some  really good  bands  reviewed this  time  around
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Athanatos--Unholy  Union  Demotape   {Iron Bonehead Rec.}Another  killer  band  from  Chile  this  time  it  is   Athanatos   who  play a  very  good  style  of  early death/thrash  metal.The  guitars  are  done  with  some  vicious  guitar  riffs  and few  solo's  mixed  in  the  songs. The  drumming  is  top  notch  with  some  really  good  beats that  go  from  mid-to  fast  beats .The  vocalist  does  a great  job  keeping up  with  the  chaotic  music.with  some  gruff  screams and  death growls.This  is  a  must  have  for  all those  who  still  worship and  collect  tapes.
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 Children Of  Technology--Future  Decay  cd,Lp  {Hells  headbangers Rec.}
Italy's  Children Of Technology   return  after  four  years  with  their  second  full-length.With  their  cross-over  thrashy punk  they  are  one of  the  best  in  the  scene.The  guitars  are  fast  punkish  type  guitar  riffs  with  some  heavier and faster  thrash  parts  entertwined  in  the  music.The  drummer  is really  good  with keeping  the  pace between   faster drumming beats and  more of a  mid-pace range.The  vocalist does a good job  with  the  screams and  even  some  deeper vocals.This  is a  band  who  knows  how to  play  thrash and punk and do  botoh  scene's  justice.
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Deus  Otiosus--Rise   cd   {Deepsend  Rec.}
Denmark's  Deus  Otiosus  return  with  their  third  cd  "Rise"  .Rise  is  the  bands  most  mature music to date  everything  flows  together.Anice  mix  of  early  death metal and  thrashy influences.The  guitarist  plays  with  a lot  of  great  riffs and  solo's  mixed in  the  music.The drummer is  really catchy as well with  a lot  of great  and  memorable  drum  pattern's.The  vocals  are  some  of the  best  I've  heard  in  some time  with death growls and  some  gruff  vocal's entertwined.This  is  defintly  Deus  Otiosus  best  release  to  date.
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Heimat--Heem   cd   {Regimental Records}
Heimat  come  from  the  Belgium  scene  and  play a  excellent black Metal combing  mid to  fast  guitars  that  vary  in  each  song to give the song a  life of it's own.The  drummer  is  excellent  with  his  style  of  outbursts  of  blast beats to a  more  mid-paced controlled  drummer.The vocalist  does a good job with  the  demonic screams and screeches that  fit  the  music  great.Another  great  release  from  the mighty  Regimental Records.
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Incantation--Dirges  oF  Elysium   cd  {Listenable Rec.}
Incantation  is  back  better than  ever  with  their brand new  cd  Dirges  oF  Elysium.The  guitars  are  extremely fast  with a few  slower  parts  mixed in a  few  of  the  songs.The drumming is  done with a lot  of  power  and  intensity blast beats  with some  slower  mid-paced beats  mixed into.The vocals are deep death growls this  is Incantation  at  their  best  highly  recommended  to Incantation  fans  or  anyone  into great death metal/
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Moloch--Verwustung  cd  
This  is  the  new  release  from the  one man  band  Moloch.Sergi  does a great  job with  the  vocals  with some  very  good  screams and  blackend  shrieks.Musically  I  would say  it  is  heavily  influenced by  ambient  with  a  strong  dose  of  black metal.If  you  enjoy   early to  mid  90's  black metal  with a lot  of  ambient and atmosphere blackend metal  you  should   give  this  band  a  listen. 
Morbidity--Revealed  From  Ashes   cd   {Memento Mori}
This  is  some  very  good  sounding  classic  death metal from  Bangladesh.combing  U.S and  some  European  influences  together to  make  it  a  great debut.The guitarist  plays  a lot   good riffs and  solo's  mixed in .The drumming  is well done  and  executed  with a lot  of  great  drum patterns and  talent.the vocalist  does a great job  of  mixing  in gruff type of vocals and  pure death  growls.This  is  a  release  all  old-school  fanatics  should  pick  up.

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Open  Grave--Fear   cd   {Regimental Rec.}
New Jersey's  Open Grave  have  unleashed  their  debut  full-length Fear. Black Metal  at  it  finest the  biggest  change I can  hear to  the band is they  have some  keyboards  in a few songs .compared to  the  split cd and demo  which was  pure black metal.But  the  keyboards are done very well  and  works  within  the  new songs.For  the  long time fans  their  is  still plenty of raging and vicious black metal  but  also  some really well played  mid-paced parts with the  keyboards.This is  a  highly  recommended release  from  one of the  U.S best black Metal bands
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Provocator--Antikristus  cd  {Moribund Rec.}
Provocator  is  the  new  band/project  of Hellscream {from Bleedig Fist fame}  this  is  Provocator's  debut  cd  and it is  some  intense blackend metal  done  like  the  early  90's  black metal  scene.Uncompromising  black metal  with some  thrash influences in  the  guitar.The  guitars  are  all over   the  place  with crazed riffs and   few  solo's.The vocals  are gruff death growls and  some harsher black metal vocals.If  your  a  fan  of  old-school black metal with some  thrash  influences  you  should  pick  this  up  today! 
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Skinlepsy--Condemning The   Empty  Souls   cd  {Self-Released}
Brazil's  Skinlepsy  have  released a good and  solid  Death Metal release  Condemning The   Empty  Souls.Fast  to a  slower more  mid-paced range  with  the  guitars.The  guitarist  knows  how  to  play  writing  some  killer riffs and  solo's.The  drummer  is  relentless  with a  nice  mix  of extremely fast  drum beats  but  does  slow to a  more  mid-paced range.This  whole  band  is  very  talented  and  knows  how to  write  some  good memorable   music.If  your  a  fan  of  brutal death  then  definitely  pick  this  release  up.
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Taatsi--Amidst  The  Trees  cd   {Forever  Plagued}
This  is  the  first  full-length  from  Finland's two man band  Taatsi .The  band  plays  mid to  some faster  black metal  with  a lot  of  atmospheric  elements.The  guitars  are done  with razor sharp chords.The  drumming  is  done  with  a lot  of  precision  and  mid paced beats  and  even  some slower  beats .The vocalist  does a great  job  with  the  vocals  with blackend  shrieks and  screams.Taatsi even  add some  great  keyboard  and  acoustic  guitars  in  a few  of  the  songs.This  is  a  great  release  by a  good  band  who  knows how  to  make memorable  blackend atmospheric metal.
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