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Interview with Finnr's Cane done by Patrick posted on 7-18-18

Interview with Finnr's Cane done by Patrick

1.Hello please introduce yourself to the readers?How are things going in Canada this week?

Hello! My name is The Peasant, I play drums in Finnr’s Cane. The weather is unseasonably warm as of late, but other than that things are quite well in my part of Canada.

2.When did you first meet the other members of the bands?And was it long before you all started Finnr's Cane?How did you choose Finnr's Cane as the name of the band and does it have a special meaning?

The Bard and I first met when we were in high school, probably around 15 years ago. We attended separate schools in the same city but soon become acquainted through mutual friends. We began playing music casually together at that time. The decision to form Finnr’s Cane happened several years later, in 2008.

The name of the band does not have one specific meaning. It is a somewhat abstract name and that was one of the reasons that we chose it.

3.What is the current line up of the band and for the readers who have never heard the bands music how would you best describe it?

The band currently consists of The Bard and me. We aim to create songs that are atmospheric and hopefully transport the listener to a place that is outside of their usual daily routine.

4.Elegy is the bands third full length release how long did it take the band to write the music for the new release?

We are in an unusual circumstance in that the Bard and I live several hundred kilometers away from each other. This makes the song writing process a little more challenging. We tend to work sporadically when we can arrange to be in the same location, and so for this reason the songs on Elegy probably took around 2 years to finalize.

5.Who usually handles writing the lyrics for the music and what are some subjects written about on Elegy?

The lyrical themes tend to be focused on the relationships between humans and nature, the passage of time, isolation, etc. Some of the lyrics on Elegy were written about finding quiet places within a city, or the way urban environments eventually decay and are returned to nature. The Bard composes most of the lyrics and I contribute specific passages.

6.Has Finnr's Cane played live very often or do you prefer to work in the studio?What have been some of the bands most memorable shows over the years?
Finnr’s Cane is strictly a studio project.

7.Are their any tours or shows planned in support of the new release Elegy?If yes where will the band be playing and who are some bands you will be sharing the stage with?

Unfortunately, we will not be touring in support of Elegy.

8.Besides the Elegy release coming out soon are the bands previous releases still available for the readers to buy?Besides physical releases does the band have any other merchandise available for the readers to buy?If yes what is available and where can the readers buy your merchandise?

Yes, our previous releases (Wanderlust and A Portrait Painted by the Sun) are available from our good friends at Prophecy Productions. Currently we do not have any other merchandise available.

9.Has Finnr's Cane ever made a music video for any of their songs?If you could make a video for any of the songs off of Elegy which song would you like to see made into a video?

This is an interesting question. First, we do not have a music video for any of our songs. If we were to make a video for a song from Elegy, my pick would be Empty City. It is my favourite song from the album and I think it tells a story from start to finish which would work well with visual accompaniment.

10.Besides Finnr's Cane do you or any of the members currently play in any other bands or solo projects?

The Bard currently plays in Fractal Generator, a technical death metal band.

11.When you need to take a break from working on new music or band business what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Finnr’s Cane is just a small component of our daily lives. I work, have a family, like to cook, enjoy listening to Blind Guardian with my friends, and so on. If anything, we tend to focus on Finnr’s Cane when we have free time.

12.Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thank you for the interview!

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Interview with Gulnar instruments for A.H.P done by Patrick posted on 7-17-18

Interview with Gulnar instruments for A.H.P done by Patrick

1.Hello Gulnar please introduce yourself to the readers?

Hi, I am Gulnar. I am a leader of Illness and A.H.P. I also play in Deep pression and in few other projects.

2.When did you first become interested in writing and playing music?What was the first instrument you learned to play?

I guess when I was around 14. I started with the vocals first and around a year later,I have began to learn playing guitar.

3.Who would you say are some of your influences and favorite musicians?

Considering that I don't listen only to metal music, it would be too many to name, but just to name few metal ones: Quorthon, Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance, Euronymous, ...

4.Are their any instruments you would like to learn to play one day?

I would like to be a good drumme

5. Gulnar you started A.H.P in 2011 when did you first get the idea to start this band?And how did you choose the name A.H.P for the name of the band?

The idea came around autumn 2011. I chosed Against Human Plague because this project was meant to represent my disgust towards humanity. It was meant to be simple and straight to the face.

6.I believe you started A.H.P in Poland but you re-located to Norway when did you decide to move to Norway?

I think that You are confusing Illness with A.H.P. I started with Illness few years before I moved to Norway. In 2001, to be precise. A.H.P. came to life long after I have moved here, I live here since january 2007.

7.Forakt,Hat Og Dod is the bands newest EP.which features a new song and a cover of Burzum's Tomhet when did you first get the idea to cover Tomhet?

I think around the time when debut was released. I began trial recordings in november 2015, I think.

8.Have you done any other covers on your past releases?Are their any bands and songs you would like to cover on future releases?

We did three covers with A.H.P in total so far. On debut album I did Beherit's "Emotional Ecstasy"and War's "Satan's Millenium". Whole album was dedicated to Blackmoon. I have some plans for covers but not with A.H.P.

9.What is the current line up of the band and for the readers who have never heard the bands musicial style how would you best describe it?

Gulnar - Guitars, backing vocals, ambient, programming
Armagog - Vocal, bass
Aro - Guitar, Effects

A.H.P. represents Black Scar Ambient which is a mixture of Black Metal and Dark Ambient

10.Besides the Forakt,Hat Og Dod are their any copies of the debut release still available if yes where can the readers buy it?

There are few copies left on the debut album as well as few copies of demo. You can find all merch on our bandcamp

11.Has A.H.P played very many live shows or is this strictly a studio band?Are their any shows coming up in support of the newest EP.?If yes where will the band be playing?

A.H.P. havent play live yet but we are willing to play and if we will get any offers we will surely consider them.

12.Have you ever thought of making a video for any of your songs?If yes which song would you like to see made into a video?

We have made few video trailers and I began to make a video to "Drowned", a song from debut album, but because of lack of time I never finished it. I was thinking also about making something for the ep that we have recently released but since its is only one song and its 18 min long, I gave up. We will make a proper video for the upcomming album.

13.When taking a break from writing music and band business what do you like to do in your free time?

I never have break from music. It fulfills my whole life. If I am not producing, recording or playing, I listen to other bands. I also like to read and watch movies but because of numbers of project that I work with it is really hard to find any free time.

14.Have you and the band started working on new music for the next release? Will it be a full length or EP.?

Yes we did. It will be a full lenght. We already have almost two songs completed.

15.Thank you Gulnar for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final words for the readers?

Thx for support. Buy "Forakt, Hat og Død". Visit our bandcamp and facebook

OmenFilth--Hymns Of Diabolical Treachery cassette {Eternal Darkness Rec.} posted on 7-17-18

OmenFilth--Hymns Of  Diabolical Treachery cassette {Eternal Darkness Rec.}
Coming out of the Philippines is OmenFilth who play a very well written and performed melodic black metal style.The music is written with a lot skill and experience mainly played in the mid paced range with some faster patterns entetwined within the music.The vocals are performed with old school grim black metal similar to the mid 90's black metal vocals.If you are  new to OmenFilth's music and enjoy old-school black metal with touches of melodic elements  then do yourself a favor and pick a copy of Hymns Of Diabolical Treachery today.

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Yo what up y'all, so I'm back today with another live episode of The Wastelands featuring mosh and comedy. I'm airing a new movie review/reaction for Skyscraper, which is The Rock's new film. Mosh, comedy, silly humor, and more. The Wastlelands on Cranium Radio today from 4pm-8pm EST (US)/9pm-1am UK.
Featured today: Death Metal, Thrash, Death Thrash, Crossover, Old School DM, Doom, Traditional Heavy Metal, Metal, Brutal DM, Death Doom, Underground Hip Hop, HC, HC Punk, Metallic HC, NYHC, Punk, Heavy HC, Grindcore, Crust, DBeat, Crust Grind, Fastcore/PV, Skyscraper movie review/thoughts, skits, comedy, silly humor, mosh, and more!


Every Saturday on Cranium Radio from 4pm-8pm EST (US)/9pm-1am UK.


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Yoooo! Join for the sounds of The Wastelands on Cranium Radio! Lets do this! Mosh, raaa, silly times, frrr, grrr, ughhhh, roarrrr!

Live from 4pm-8pm EST (US) and 9pm-1am UK.

Featuring: Punk, HC Punk, Underground Hip Hop, Boom Bap, Conscious Hip Hop, Death Grind, Grindcore, Crust Punk, DBeat, Thrash, Crossover, Death Metal, Old School DM, Doom, Desert Rock, Metal Punk, Death Doom, Metallic HC, Stenchcore, Metal, Skits, Edward Handlebars, Mosh Jackets, Silly Humor, Movie Nerding, and more!

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Archemoron--Year Of The Harvester double Cd {Southern Prayer} posted on 7-6-18

Archemoron--Year Of  The Harvester double Cd {Southern Prayer}
Coming out of the Greek black metal scene is Archemoron with their third  full length Year Of The Harvester.The band plays a very outstanding  and epic style of black metal that is mainly played in the slower,mid paced  realm.The musicians  do speed the music to a faster pace throughout throughout the songs.The vocals are varied  with some gruff screams and growls but their are also some black metal screams used throughout the songs.The songs are long and epic but the bands masterful writing ability keeps the music interesting and doesnt get repetive at all.If you are a fan of the 90's and early 2000's Greek Epic black metal scene  then do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Year Of The Harvester double  cd  today.

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Interview with Drawn And Quartered done by Patrick posted on 7-5-18

Interview with Drawn And Quartered done by Patrick

1.Hails please introduce yourself to the readers

KSK-Hails! This is Kelly Shane Kuciemba, guitars for Drawn and Quartered.

2.What age did you first discover metal music and who were some of the first bands you listened to?

KSK-I grew up with classic rock, that led to heavier music BLACK SABBATH is the foundation my guitar playing. Heavy Metal in the 1980's pre-SLAYER. All the usual bands like JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN. I was probably 13 or so when I started listening to what we could classify as Metal.

3. Drawn And Quartered was started back in 1993 when did you first get the idea to start this band? And how did you all choose Drawn And Quartered as the name of the band?

KSK-In the early 1990's I was putting together songs and demo recordings and trying to find like minded musicians. After a few of these demos and a band we called SEPTICEMIA fell apart, I started a project I called PLAGUE BEARER, this lead to me writing some new songs for a demo I wanted to record. I convinced some friends into recording a 4 song demo called 'Bubonic Death' in 1993, Herb Burke did the vocals and we worked together with various metal musicians doing shows as PLAGUE BEARER. In 1994 we met drummer Matt Cason and started from scratch with the song writing process, and eventually named this new project DRAWN AND QUARTERED. We recorded an 8 song demo with bass player Danny Hodge who had been in PLAGUE BEARER, and Herbs band before called BUTCHERY. The band members all came up with suggestions, Herb had DRAWN AND QUARTERED so we all agreed to that.

4.Who would you say are the bands biggest influences and how do you feel the bands music has changed over the years?

KSK-BLACK SABBATH, IRON MAIDEN and SLAYER are big influences, all the old Metal and Heavy Metal Bands. VENOM, SODOM, KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, BATHORY, EXODUS, DEATH and POSSESSED played a big part in my interest in METAL in the mid and late 80's. MORBID ANGEL, NAPALM DEATH, INCANTATION, DEICIDE, ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER, DARK THRONE, IMMORTAL, EMPEROR, IMMOLATION, MONSTROSITY, CANNIBAL CORPSE and MALEVOLENT CREATION were the biggest influences later on. We have mixed a lot of these influences in over the years, as well as things like TROUBLE and CATHEDRAL influenced my doomier ideas. Early on it was a bit Grindcore influenced, and I did some slightly more technical riffs occasionally. Later I incorporated more dissonance, some times over the top guitar solos and sometimes some grim BLACK METAL atmosphere. The last few records have had some rawness, maybe the next few will have more composed solos, and some more complex structures and ideas, to keep it interesting.

5.The One Who Lurks is the bands newest release how long did it take the band to write the music for the new release?Does the whole band work on the music or does one member usually write everything?

KSK-I can write a record in a couple week ends, but in the past we'd spend months, sometimes years writing music. We are a lot faster now, with better tools at hand. This record was intended to be an EP and a split. 2 of the songs (Horned Shadows Rise and Deliverance to the worms) we had already written but didn't make it on the 'Proliferation of Disease' demo sessions due to lack of time. Another song I had written for another project, but it was to good not to use for D&Q (Ravage the Cadaver). A 4th song (Nefarious Rites) was a re-working of some riffs from an unfinished songs from about 5 years ago. That makes up the first half. It didn't take much time, as most of it was written, some we already knew. We actually learned them and recorded them immediately. The songs aren't as rehearsed. I released the previous record in Demo form because I was so tired of rehearsing them, and couldn't bear to record them again, some for the 3rd time due to line-up shifts. The second half of the record I wrote alone and music and lyrics. Herb wrote lyrics for the first half. Since we didn't learn the songs as a band, I played Bass on this one. It was a different approach. Considering this wasn't intended to be the record, it came out really cool!

6.Who usually handles writing the lyrics for the music and what are some topics you wrote about on The One Who Lurks?

KSK-Herb writes most of the lyrics for DRAWN AND QUARTERED. and I write most of the lyrics for our side band PLAGUE BEARER. I wrote some lyrics on the last record, and the second half of lurks. Its a conceptual piece based on some antique books and films I had stumbled upon. The songs are TEMPLES OF ARCANE DEVOTION, CARNAL TRANSMIGRATION, THE ONE WHO LURKS, and PORTALS OF COMMUNION. The lyrics, artwork and music create an immersive experience. The whole record has some pretty different unusual songs for the DRAWN AND QUARTERED catalog, it will be fun playing some of these songs for years to come, live. Some of our earlier records are a testimony to mankind's lust for killing, and horrific death by virulent disease many based on history and real stories. There are also many statements regarding our opinion of religion through out our lyrics.

7.Besides the upcoming release are the bands previous releases still available for the readers to buy?Besides physical releases does the band have any other merchandise available for the readers if yes what is available and where can the readers buy it?

KSK-There are many distributors and labels that carry DRAWN AND QUARTERED records. KRUCYATOR, MORIBUND, MARTYRDOOM/NUCLEAR WINTER, VOMIT and END OF MUSIC. More to announced soon. I'm active in the Facebook page where all the updated performance and merchandise information can be found. We are underground so there is not mass produced, easy to find products, but we have some great LP, Tape, and CD products available at this time, with a small selection of shirts and Hooded sweatshirts in limited amounts also still available.

8.As mentioned Drawn And Quartered has been active in the underground scene since the early 90's were you a big reader of fanzines back in the day?What were some of your favorite fanzines to read?

KSK-Absolutely we read, collected and were in a lot of mags fanzines over the years., going back to the 80's. I can't remember all the names. One from Oregon called LOUD, FAST, RUDE, AMONG THE LIVING, GRIMOIRE OF EXALTED DEEDS. I'd have to dig out some magazine boxes to name them all.

9.Tape-trading was also big in the 80's and 90's were you into tape-trading much? What were some of the early demo's and releases that you thought were the best at that time?

KSK-I did some trading in high school, mostly semi obscure records from bands like VENOM and DESTRUCTION. Later on it was mostly live bootlegs from the early 90's from BOLT THROWER, MORBID ANGEL, CARCASS, INCANATION, IMMOLATION, DEICIDE and CANNIBAL CORPSE. I heard a few demos from DECREPIT, DISBELIEF, INFESTER.

10.What is your opinion of the underground metal scene over the last 20-25 years?

KSK-There are an abundance of quality, interesting, inspiring and diverse styles of metal. Its grown significantly and the competition makes for even better records.

11.What were some of Drawn And Quartered most memorable shows and tours back in the early years?And who were some of your favorite bands to share the stage with?

KSK-Some amazing early performance with NAPALM DEATH and AT THE GATES ( Adrian Erlandson gave me a T shirt!) Touring with CEPHALIC CARNAGE and VILE was a marijuana fueled good time. Opening for MORBID ANGEL, SUFFOCATION, IMMOLATION, OBITUARY and INCANTATION many times has been amazing.

12.Are their any shows or tours planned in support of the new release if yes where will the band be playing?

KSK-DRAWN AND QUARTERED has several local shows and a few tours line up and more to come. We tour JAPAN in OCTOBER 2018 and MEXICO 2019. We play the BRUTAL ABLERTA METAL FEST in about two weeks from today, July 14th 2018.

13.When not working on new music or band business what do you like to do in your free time?

KSK-I spend hours studying dark tomes looking to consolidate power and summon malevolent energies to use to further my goals. I have no time for mundane games or pedestrian forms of time wasting 'entertainment'!

14.Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final words for the readers?

KSK-If you have read this far, then there must be a reason. A purpose. What is that? Why would someone care about an underground metal band? Are you a fan of our style of music, do you wish to learn more about the band or how we approach our art? I used to read interviews, searching for a nugget of information about how a band wrote or what kind of tunings, scales and guitar playing and recording techniques were used. I tune to B standard and also the last two records have songs using dropped A tuning from B standard. I have had great results with SEYMOUR DUNCAN BLACKOUT PICK-UP's, MESA BOOGIE TRIPLE RECTIFIER, and BLACKHART guitars. I use a lot of diminished , Locrian, harmonic/melodic and minor scales, octaves and 4,5, and 6 string chords. Inspiration comes from the top of my head or from obscure soundtracks of antique horror movies. There are many brilliant musicians out there, it would be folly for me to compete with that level of skill and dedication. I just do what I do the best and I can and sometimes work on techniques to add more color to a musical expression. There are a million ways to approach it, ultimately perseverance and vision are essential! HORNS AND HAILS!!!



Interview with Infernal Execrator done by Patrick posted on 7-5-18

Interview with Infernal Execrator done by Patrick

1.Hails how are things in Singapore these days? Please introduce yourself to the readers?

Greetings W.T.W!! Here is the legion bio!
Dawn of Irreligious Execration Unleashing the blasphemous might of execration in 2005 anno satanas, Lord Ashir (guitars & vox) summoned two blasphemic infernal warriors Afreet (guitars & bass) and Belial Hatehammer (drums) to form a Black/Death legion and unleash the true strength of endless satanic odium: INFERNAL EXECRATOR was born! In 2006, after the release of the band’s debut Demo, “Thy Demonization Conquers” which was self-released (ltd. to 100 copies), “Blood and Soil” (Spain) unleashed “Thy Demonization Conquers” on pro-tape limited to 500 copies. “De Umbris Production” (Greece) re-released it in 2009 (150 copies on pro-tape), with bestial raw blood rehearsal tracks included from the EP “Antichrist Execration” (2008). INFERNAL EXECRATOR hellcomes a new warrior, Drakon (bass) into the Infernal Legion. Due to unforeseen circumstances, both Drakon and Belial Hatehammer left the legion soon after, leaving only Lord Ashir and Afreet for the Total Plague Of Total Destruction. Some session musicians helped out on the unholy path. With the help of Christslaughter (drums) the EP “Antichrist Execration” was recorded and released by “Pulverised Records” (Singapore) in 2008 as an MCD in a Digipack, limited only 1000 copies. The tape version including a button and a patch was unleashed under the cursed banner of “Croquemort Productions” (Canada). The 12’’ MLP was released in 2011 under the glorious satanic banner of “Apocalyptic Empire Records” (Norway), limited to 666 copies (first 100 on red and black vinyl, including an embroidered golden patch). After the blasphemous victory, Afreet was axed out due to his loss of interest. Christslaughter (BLASPHERION) and Kommando Antichristo Xul (IMPERIAL TYRANTS) were summoned into the hell formation soon as the MCD was released. A new split with IMPERIAL TYRANTS was recorded and released in 2010 under the morbid banner of “Old Cemetery Records” (USA). Upon morbid silence due to some reason in 2011, INFERNAL EXECRATOR has once again arisen and begun their work of death. In 2012 anno execratus “6 Execrating Years of Irreligiousatanic Elites”, a compilation from raw live ritual tracks and two new goat worshipping tracks was released under the unholy banner of “Evildead Productions” (Malaysia) (100 copies). The pro-tape version was later released by “Infernal Waves” (France). INFERNAL EXECRATOR has invoked Necroshairan (guitar) for the legion for future ritual blasphemy. The productivity level rose again: A three-way-split with IMPETUO DESDÉM and TERROR SATAN (2012, Nyarlathotep Records, Brazil) and the single “Conglomeration Goatcult Profanextermination” (2013, Apocalyptic Empire Records, Norway) are proof that the cult is still alive and raging! In 2014, the satanic hate regiment has unleashed their first album title “Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent”. This album comes with few pressing with different artwork, photos,format & bonus track exclusively. Eastern Voice Production from Sarawak, Malaysia released the album consists of 9 destructive blistering tracks inclusive IMPIETY’s cover track from “Iblis Excelsi” Era strictly limited to 500 copies with 6 panel Digipack. First 123 copies come with an A3 poster & badge (Asian pressing). Dunkelheit Productions hailing from Germany released it with another artwork & bonus track exclusively & limited to 500 copies and first 100 comes with A2 heavy poster (European pressing). Apocalyptic Empire records from Norway unleashed the album on 12”LP format limited to 500 copies with different artwork as well a hidden track and first 100 are Gold vinyl. Rest are black vinyl. No rest and no mercy for the weak, the legion will strike again with their upcoming split releases soon and the legion has signed with PULVERISED RECORDS, Singapore for the upcoming album in 2017. INFERNAL EXECRATOR has desecrated few rituals together with IMPIETY, SURRENDER OF DIVINITY, PROCLAMATION, ARCHGOAT & SADISTIC INTENT and the band have annihilated their execration ritual in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and a 12 date! European Tour together with NECROWRETCH in BELGIUM, GERMANY, POLAND, CZECH REPUBLIC, THE NETHERLANDS & FRANCE.
NecroShairan has left the band due to some reason. Preparation of the 2nd Opus has began with new Warbeast from the north, Halphas D. Nihilist has joined the M.C.B.L. regiment! Be prepared for a irreligious crusade!
Thy Demonization Conquers, Demo, 2005 Antichrist Execration, EP, 2008 Amalgamation of Imperial Demonization, Split, 2008 MCBL Heathen Blood Cult, Split, 2010 Mastema Hedonistic Terroritual 666, Compilation, 2012 Impetuous Infernal Terror, Split, 2012 Conglomeration Goatcult Profanextermination, EP, 2013 Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent, Album, 2014 Dusthall Desecrators Split with IMPIETY, Live Penang 2015 Europe Desecration Tour MMXVI, Live LP 2017 Obsolete Ordinance , Album, 2018 INFERNAL EXECRATOR Blasphemers 2018:
Ashir - Invoker of battle summonings & Supreme 6 Axexecration ChristSlaughter - Conjurer of Eternal Doom Kommando Antichristo - Ancient Chain Bearer of Quarternity Halphas D. Nihilist - Sacrilegious Shredder 6

2.When did you first discover black, death metal music and who were some of the first bands you listened to?
Started listening to Black/Death metal in 1999 which I bought a compilation tape from a music store that has a mixture of Asian and European black metal bands included and they are Surrender of Divinity and Impiety, Demizer, Sil khannaz and many more. I started to meet Shyaithan, Firaun and Fauzt in 2000’s. They used to blaspheme their rehearsal at one of the Studio somewhere near my school. I remembered Impiety has completed their Kaos Kommand 696 album and planned to have them recorded in Sweden. Most of my after school time are with them at the studio with few other komrades as well. Gained many knowledge and history about bands and etc and I started to dig out underground bands, buy and listen to tapes, CD and also zine. Contacted many bands and listened to Blasphemy, Emperor, Marduk, Sarcofago, etc and the passion still burns!

3.Infernal Execrator was started in 2005 what gave you the idea to start this band? What is the current line up of the band?
Infernal Execrator was formed by Lord Ashir under the anti-religious banner in 2005 with past members, Belial hatehammer and Afreet. I have composed 3 tracks at that point of time and things went well that we decided to release a demo and the band, legion, still execrate extremely since 2005 with current line up!
INFERNAL EXECRATOR Blasphemers 2018:
Ashir - Invoker of battle summonings & Supreme 6 Axexecration ChristSlaughter - Conjurer of Eternal Doom Kommando Antichristo - Ancient Chain Bearer of Quarternity Halphas D. Nihilist - Sacrilegious Shredder 6

4.Who would you say are the bands biggest influences and how would you best describe Infernal Execrator's musicial style?
Impiety, Infernal War, Angelcorpse, Marduk, Archgoat

5.Obsolete Ordinance is the newest release how long did it take the band to write the music for the new release? Does the whole band take part in the writing process or does one member write everthing?

It took us about 7 months to complete all the 8 tracks including rehearsal and took us about 4 months to complete the ritual of recordings and 2 weeks on Mixing / Mastering at Necromorbus Studio. Mostly all were decimated by Ashir and Kommando Antichristo focused on few lyrics & etc! Intro decimated by Ludo Evil! Outro by Infernal Vlad of Cult of Fire including Tim of Sacreligious Rite.

6.Besides the upcoming Obsolete Ordinance release are the bands previous releases still availible to buy? Besides physical releases does the band have any other merchandise availible if yes what is availible and where can the readers buy it?

I have to say that most of our stuff are already sold out and our demonic readers still can get our 12” LP split with Imperial Tyrants from Brazilian Ritual Records, (Brazil) and for the upcoming release, Obsolete Ordinance CD will be available via the label soon and LP will be available in September, Pulverised records. Shirt and Hoodie will be probably be out in August.

7.Has Infernal Execrator played very many shows over the years or do you prefer working in the studio? What have been some of the bands most memorable shows over the years?
We have few upcoming shows in 2019 and the most memorable shows will be our 13 dates European tour with Necrowretch in 2016. We destroyed few dates in BELGIUM, GERMANY, POLAND, CZECH REPUBLIC, THE NETHERLANDS & FRANCE and we are planning for more tours in future.

8.Are their any shows or tours planned in support of Obsolete Ordinance? If yes where will the band be playing and who are some bands you will be sharing the stage with?

2019! We have plans to execrate Sweden, Italy and Spain.

9.What does black metal mean to you?
Hatred, War, Death, Anti-religious and black metal is not a joke!!

10. Infernal Execrator comes out of Singapore's black,death metal scene what is your opinion of the scene in Singapore?
Scene in Singapore??????????????? Only few bands are real!

11.Who are your all time favorite bands coming out of Singapore and are their any new bands you feel the readers should check out soon?
Bands that are worth to check out!! Nothing new here and we don’t support joke band!
Impiety Battlestorm Imperial Tyrants Nocturnized Istidraj

12.Besides working in Infernal Execrator do you or any of the members currently play with any other bands or solo projects?
Four Execrating blasphemers are sworn for INFERNAL EXECRATOR and forever it shall be!

13.Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final words for the readers?
Infernal hail to Winter Torment! Death to the false!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

A.H.P--Farakt Hat Og Dod 12 Mlp{Avantgarde Music} posted on 7-4-18

A.H.P--Forakt Hat Og Dod 12 Mlp{Avantgarde Music}
A.H.P are a band that originally  started in Poland but relocated to Norway.Farakt Hat Og Dod is the newest EP.featuring one new song and a cover of the Burzum song Tomhet.Among The Dead is the new song which is  very unique combining ambient music with passages of fast black metal with some atmospheric elements entertwined within the music.The vocals are a mix of grim and gruff  vocals that do add some deeper growls and screams used throughtout the song.Side two is Tomhet the Burzum cover track to be completly honest i have never been a huge fan of Burzum's music.But the Tomhet cover does have some very good ambient passages that are played with alot of skill.
 I have heard a few A.H.P's  songs  but this is the first time hearing a full recording  and it is done with some very unique writing techniques and passages.So if you are familar with previous A.H.P recordings  then defintly do yourself a favor and pick a copy of Forakt Hat Og Dod today.And if you are a new listener to the band but enjoy  well written and performed ambient black metal  then do yourself a favor  and check this band out today.

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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Interview with Walter Gregg co-owner of Cranium radio and DJ for Walter's Wall of Woe radio show done by Patrick posted on 7-1-18

Interview with Walter Gregg’s co-owner of Cranium radio and DJ for Walter's Wall of Woe radio show done by Patrick

1. Hello Walter how are you doing this week? Please introduce yourself to the readers?
I’m doing well Patrick, thank you for asking and inviting me to do this interview. My Name is Walter Greggs; I am Co-owner of Cranium Radio along with my business Partner and great friend, Jeff Alan.

2. When did you first start listening to metal and music in general? Who were some of the first bands and artists you listened to?
I grew up around music, Mom loves Bob Seager and Jim Croce, Dad loves Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. My Babysitter gave me two albums when I was 7 years old; Dio, and Metallica’s Garage Days. That grew into Slayer, White Zombie, and Pantera; after that I found Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, and the Mighty Gwar. It was all over after that, the more brutal the better.

3. When did you first get the idea to start up an internet radio station? Do you have anyone who helps run things or do you do everything yourself?
Jeff Alan and I were DJ’s at another station, we loved what we did there but we wanted to expand our horizons as far as genres go. We both love playing Metal, but we wanted a media where we could play whatever we wanted. So we started Cranium Radio and invited a handful of the most talented DJ’s we know. There is such diversity in the music we play here, anything from Rock and Metal, to Industrial and Hip-Hop.
We have a great team that help us in what we do, Our DJ’s are amazing and I will post there shows at the bottom. Behind the scenes we have Sarah Gautier and Sarah GS doing Media and PR work. Lael Clark Is a DJ, but he also does all of our graphic design as well. Jeff and I can’t do this all ourselves by any means.

4. .What would you say is the easiest and hardest part of running an internet-radio station? There seems to be a lot of internet radio stations these days what do you feel makes Cranium Radio unique?
Our Motto is, “Let the DJ’s do their show”. That’s what makes us unique; our DJ’s have full control to do their shows how they wish. (As long as it complies with our license of course)
I would say the easy part is jumping in the broadcast seat and putting together a show that you want your listeners to hear.The hard part is keeping the Equipment functioning properly, Internet issues; Technical difficulties are the worst. Anxiety flares up when you can’t broadcast.

5.What styles of metal do you play and support on the station, besides metal do you currently play and promote any other genres of music?
Everything, (with some exceptions of course,) see to question 4 hahaha

6.If any labels, PR companies or bands are reading this where can they send music to be played ?
You can always contact us on social media by searching Cranium Radio. If you want to submit your press kit you can hit us up at

7.Are you all currently looking for new DJ's to join the station or is the roster full at this time? What are some things you look for when working with a new DJ?
We are growing quicker than expected, but we always welcome new talent. Something we look for is off the wall programming, something different and unique. Experience is huge, but not always a requirement.

8. Besides running the station you also do the show Walters Wall of Woe when did you first start this show?
Walter’s Wall of Woe actually started as a press column; before I became a DJ I wrote album reviews for my first station. Shout out to Eric Walls who came up with the name, he was my Editor in Chief. To answer your question though it was 2015 when I started working in the press industry.

9. What styles of music do you play on the show? What day does the show play and what time does it come on?
The show is everything Brutal under the sun, from Cannibal Corpse to Epicardiectomy. I also feature a ton of bands from my local music industry here in Phoenix, Arizona. I take requests in our chat room on the website for anything from the death metal genres; I also do interviews with a ton of great bands, local and national bands alike.
You can tune in to my show every Tuesday 7pm Eastern standard time on or on your mobile device with the Tunein App, just search Cranium Radio.

10. In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground music scene? And what does underground music mean to you?
The absolute best thing about the underground is the camaraderie, festivals are fun once in a while, but there is nothing like going out to your favorite local venue and watching your homies band open up for a touring act that rarely comes through town. Buying merch at reasonable prices and supporting the engine that drives the underground. The worst part of the Underground right now is getting more people out to support the shows. Get off the Youtube and go enjoy a live performance without pulling your phone out for one night. Where do you think these bands get money for these videos everybody is watching? LIVE PERFORMANCES! (Ok Rant over)
What the underground means to me is a loaded question however; in today’s day and age it’s difficult to put a finger on that answer. I’ve heard unsigned bands that DIY their music in the garage sound better than albums recorded in major studios. The underground is what’s in your heart, only you can feel the underground when you’re in the thick of it.

11. When you need to take a break from the station and show what do you like to do in your spare time?

I try to spend as much time with my beautiful Woman; she is very understanding and supportive of my metal way of life. But really it’s work and music most of the time.

12.Thank you Walter for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final comments for the readers?
Thank you very much for the opportunity; it was nice being on the other side of the table for a change. If you’re reading this and love music, come check us out at we have a chat room that makes it easy to talk to the DJ’s and hangout with like-minded people. You can also listen to us on your mobile device with the Tunein app, just search Cranium Radio and stream us to your favorite Bluetooth device. Here is a schedule of our DJ’s.
**All showtimes are Eastern Standard Time**
The Brothers Grimm 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
DJ Sado’s Midday Massacre 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Walter’s Wall of Woe 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
DJ Spyder’s Industrial Espionage 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
DJ Jeff’s Whiplash Wednesday 9:00 pm – 12:00 am
DJ Tyrant Lael’s Heathen Haven 8:00 pm – 12:00 am
Old School with DJ Sado 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
The Motherfu**in Friday Show with DJ Ginger Al 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Wadzilla’s World 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
The Wastelands with The Wanderer DJ Gaz 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
The Spectrum with DJ Sado 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Thank you again Patrick for what you do in the industry, I look forward to working with you more in the future.

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