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Interview with Finland's Amberian Dawn done by Patrick on 10-25-15

Hello  to  the  readers  of  Winter  Torment  web-zine.Here  is  a new   interview with  Finland's  atmospheric,female  fronted  band  Amberian  Dawn  the  band  plays  a  mix  of  atmospheric  metal  with  touches   of  other  styles  mixed  in.If  you  are  a  fan  of  this  band  or  of  atmospheric  metal  then  defintly  take  a  few   minutes to  read this  interview  with the  main  music  writer  and  band founder. And  pick  up  a  copy  of  the  new  cd  "Innuendo" 
enjoy  the  interview  and  take   some  time  to  check  out  the  other  reviews  and  interviews  up  on  the  site.

Interview with Tuomas Keyboardist,guitarist of Amberian Dawn done by Patrick

1.Hello Tuomas  how are things with you these days? please introduce yourself to the readers?

Tuomas: Hello, I'm Tuomas Seppälä, the founding member of AD. I compose all AD's music and also play keyboards & guitar in band. Living here in Finland. Besides making music I love to travel in visit differnet countries.  

2.When did you get the idea to form Amberian Dawn? What is the current line up of the band?

Tuomas: AD's story started at time I was playing keyboards in Finnish powermetal band called Virtuocity. Singer Peter James Goodman told me that I should start an own band after hearing some of my guitar instrumental demos. Also our bassist Tommi Kuri engouraged me to start a new band. So with Tommi we founded a band which originally had Goodman as vocalist. Later we decided to recruit a female singer and that's how it all started. Our current lineup is: Capri – vocals, Tuomas Seppälä keyboards & guitar, Emil Pohjalainen – guitar, Joonas Pykälä-aho -drums and Jukka Hoffren – bass.

3.How would you say Amberian Dawns music has changed over the years? Who are some of the bands biggest influences?

Tuomas: AD's music has changed a lot during all of these years. At beginning the music was more guitar driven and we had a different kind of singer. Nowadays I think AD is more keyboard & vocal driven. As composer I don't want to do same kind of music all over again. I want to try different kinds of styles and mix some new elements with those ”traditional AD-elements”. My biggest influences are probably from classical music. Besides that I like those old classics like Rainbow, Deep Purple and Dio for example.

4.The band is getting ready to releas the new cd "Innuendo" how long did it take you to write the music for the new release?I believe yo write the music for the band.How long does it usually take you to write one song?

Tuomas: The whole recording process took almost for a year. We started the pre-production last fall and we went to studio in early spring 2015. In summer the album was ready for mixing. The time I spend with one song varies a lot. I might use a lot of  time with arrangements and it's possible that I've spend several hundreds hours of time with one song only.  With some other songs on the other hand I may have needed time for just 5-10 hours with full arrangements.

5.Who usually writes the lyrics for Amberian Dawn?What are some subjects you all write about?

Tuomas: AD's lyrics are always written by vocalist since I want to concentrate just on music and I don't have anything to give relating to lyrics. So it's Capri at the moment handling that job...and as far as I'm concerned she's doing a great job with it too. I think her themes are quite common subjects like ”Love”, ”Hate”, ”Fantasies” etc..

6.Are there any plans to make a video for any of the songs off of "Innuendo"? Do you have a favorite song off the new cd you would like to make a video for?

Tuomas: So far there's already online a lyric video of ”Court of Mirror Hall”. Also just a couple of days ago we put online a music video of ”Fame & Gloria”. It's a great video and it's directed by the same producer who's behind our previous music video ”Magic Forest”

7.Are their any tour plans in support of the new cd? If yes where are some cocuntries you all will be playing?Who are some bands you will be sharing the stage with?

Tuomas: We're starting an European tour next week with our label mates Delain and The Gentle Storm. We're going to do 12 shows together all around Europe. We're going to visit Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland.

8.Amberian Dawn comes out of Finland's atmospheric metal scene what is your opinion of Finland's metal scene?

Tuomas: Metal music has been popular here in Finland for long time. We have a lot of traditions on that scene and a lot of good bands have made a worldwide breakthru. I think modern metal music here is heavier than before...But I don't listen to music so much anymore and also don't follow the scene so much so I'm not able to describe this matter more closely.

9.Who are your all time favorite finnish bands and artists? Are their any new bands or artists you feel the readers should check out soon?

Tuomas: From Finnish bands I've always liked Stratovarius the most. It's a great band and full of virtuoso musicians. I'm happy that I've got Timo Kotipelto singing on one AD song (Cold Kiss 2012) and also Jens Johansson to play keyboards on many AD's songs (2010, 2012, 2014).

10.Thank you Tuomas for taking the time to fill this interview do you have any final words for the readers?

Tuomas: I would like AD to tour in US someday. I've been once in New York and spent some holiday there. It was a great city and I have some friends living there. I would like to visit that beautiful city again, maybe even next year already. I'm hoping that metal scene would stay strong in US, I know there's different kind of music in trend now. But I hope you all Stay Metal !!

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Brand new reviews done on 10-4-15

Metal  Hails
Here  is  a  new  batch  of   metal  reviews for you  to  sink  your  teeth  into.If you  are  a band,label  or  P.R  company   interested  in  a  review  and  possible  interview  feel  free to  contact  me  Thanks
More  reviews and  interviews  coming  soon

Aetherious   Obscuritas  ---MMXV   cd   {Paragon  Rec.}
Hungary's  Aetherious   Obscuritas  return  with  their  seventh  masterpiece  to date.With  very  well  written  guitar  patterns that  range from  extreme  and fast  black metal  to  a  more  mid paced  guitar  tone.The  drums  are  played  with  a lot  of  skills and  talent  with  a  variety   of  fast  drum  patterns  to  more of a  mid range drum patterns.The  vocals  are  a  mixture  of  blackend  shrieks  and  screams  and  even  some very  well  done  clean   vocal  patterns  in  a few  of  the  songs.If  you   have  heard  Aetherious   Obscuritas  previous  releases  and  enjoyed  them  then  do yourself  a  favor  and  pick  this  cd  up  today.
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Festering--From  The  Grave   cd  {Caverna  Abismal  Rec.}
Festering  are  from  the  ever  growing  Portugal  metal  scene combing  old-school  death  metal  with  some  thrash  influences.This  is  the  bands  debut From  The  Grave which  reeks  of  early to  mid  90's  death,thrash  masters  combing  both  some  U.S  and  European  metal  but  also  the  band  knows  how to  create  some  excellent  music  so  Festering  don't  get lost  in  the  endless sea  of  retro  bands  coming  out  these  last  few  years.Fast  thrashing  guitars race through  each  song  combing  both  aggression  and  some  well played  mid  paced  sections.The  vocals  are  a  nice  mix  of  gruff death  metal  growls  and  some  thrashy  screams.If  you  are  a  fan  of the  mid  90's  death,thrash metal  scene  then  Festering  are  a band  you  will  want  to  check  out  soon.
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Fornace--My  Journey  Is  Ending  But The  Torment  Will Be  Eternal   cd    {Paragon  Rec.}
Italy's  furnace  return  with  their  second  attack My  Journey  Is  Ending  But The  Torment  Will Be  Eternal.The  main  difference  from  this  release to  their  debut cd  is  the band  has stopped  using  as  much  death  metal  influence  and gone for  a  more straight  forward  black metal  approach.The  guitars  are  done  with  razor  sharp  blackend  riffs that both  fast but  also  uses  some  creative  ideas  in  the  music  to  keep  it  from  sounding  the  same.The  vocals  are  a  mix  of  harsh  tormented shrieks  and  some  screams  entertwined together.If you  heard this  bands  debut  and  enjoyed  their  black metal  then  defintly  give  this  second  release  a  chance  and  if your   new to  this  Italian  blackend death  metal  band  do yourself  a  favor  buy  this  today.
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Kaeck---Stormkult   cd   {Folter   Rec.
Kaeck  are  from  the  Netherlands  and  play  a  violent  and  vicous  black and war metal  style.The  guitars  are played  with  a lot  of  speed  and  aggressive  riffs.The  drumming  is  top  notch  with  a lot  of  chaotic  blast beats  and  crazed  drum  patterns.The  vocals  are  raw  blackend  screams and  a few  lines  of  clean  singing.kaeck  are  great  band  to  check  into  if you  are  a fanatic  of  blackend  war  metal  with  no  comprimises.
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Narbeleth---Through  Blackness And  Remote  Places   cd     {Folter    Rec.}
 I  believe  this  is  my  first  time  ever  hearing  a  extreme  black metal  band  from  Cuba.Narbeleth  do  not  disappoint  either  if you  are  a fan  of  fast  to  a  more  mid  paced  range  of  blackness then  this  is  a band you  will  want  to  check  out  soon.Besides  being  a total  black  metal  band  their  are  also  elements  of  war  metal  with  outbursts  of   extreme fast guitars  and drum  blasts.But  Narbeleth  are  more  of  a  grim,raw   band.If  you  are  a  fan  of  mid  nineties  scandavian   raw  black  metal  then  defintly   pick  this  cd   up  today.
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Nocturnal   Blood---Abnormalities  Prevail   cd/D.LP {Hells  Headbangers}
Nocturnal   Blood  and  Hells  Headbangers  have  teamed up  to  bring  a  very  special  release  from  one  of  the  Undergrounds  best  kept  secrets.This  releases  showcases   Nocturnal   Blood's  debut  demo  and  various  E.P'S and  split releases  all on  one cd  or  a Dbl  lp. For  the  fans  that  are  new  to  this  band  their  sound  and  style  are  rooted  in  the  early  black and  death  scenes.The  songs  featured   on  this  release  are  very  well  written  and  performed  but  also  keep  the   primitive  sound  alive  within  their  music.If  you  are  a  long time  fan  then this  is a collection  you  will defintly  want  to  add  to your  collection today.
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Speedwhore---The  Future  Is  Now   cd  {Witches  Brew  Rec.}
Germany's   Speedwhore  unlease  their  debut  cd  through  the   mighty   Witches  Brew Rec.Speedwhore  play  a   mix  of  early  80's  speed/thrash   metal  with  some early  black  metal  entertwined  within  the  songs.Fast guitars  that  race  through the  songs but  are  not  all speed  oriented  their  are some  really  well written  guitar  parts  and  even  some  solo's  thrown  in  a few  of the tracks.The  vocals  are  a  mix  of  thrashy  screams  and  some  blackend thrashy  screams.If  you  are  a  fan  of  early  black/thrash  then  Speedwhore  is  a  band  you  will defintly  want  to   check  out  soon.
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Thyrgrim---Dekaden   cd   {Talheim   Rec.}
Germany's  Thyrgrim  return  with  their  newest  cd  Dekaden  the  band  plays  a  very  well  written  black  metal  with  some  very  creative  patterns and  styles .Going  from mid paced  black  metal  to  a   more  atmospheric  style.The  guitars  are  done with  a lot  of  experience  and  well  written  guitar  patterns.The  drumming  is  done  with  a lot  of  skills  going  from   mid-tempo  range to  an  all out  assult   on  the eardrums.The  vocals  are  black  metal  shrieks  and  screams  that  fit  Thyrgrim's  music   perfectly.If  you  are  a  fan of  well written  and  performed  black  metal  then do   not    let  Dekaden   pass you  by. 
                                                             Label   Contact
Tsar  Bomb--Exterminanans   IX:XI   {Cimmerian   Shade  Rec.}
Tsar  Bomb  return  with  their  debut full length  cd  Spain's  Tsar  Bomb play  a  violent  mix  of  black  and death  metal with touches  of  war metal.The  guitarist  does  a great  job  of  slower mid  paced  riffs  but  then  the  next  minute  is  playing  some  crazed vicious  riffs  for  a  nice  balance.The  drums  are  programmed  but  are  done  with  a  little  variety  going from  non  stop  blasting blackend  war type  of  drums to  a   more  well done  mid paced range.The  vocals  range  from  a  brutal death  metal  growl to  a  more  whispering type  of  vocals.If  you  are  a fanatic  of  barbaric  blackend death  then 

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Tyrant  GoatgalDrakona---Horns  In  The  Dark  12'LP  {Caverna  Abismal  Rec.}
Tyrant  GoatgalDrakona  come  out  of  the  Hungarian  death  metal  scene  combing  heavy  and  fast death  metal.Fast  guitar  riffs rage  through  the  songs  with moments   of  slower and  heavier  riffs  in  a few  sections.But the  band  seems to  be   more   at  home  when they  are  playing  at  crazed  and  explosive  speeds  and styles.If  you  are  a  fan  of  crazed and  frenzied   death metal  with  touches  of  war  metal  then  defintly  give    Tyrant  GoatgalDrakona  a  listen today.
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Interview with Florida's Never To Arise done by Patrick on 10-4-15

Here   is  a  new   interview  with  Florida's  own   "Never To  Arise"  the  band  plays  a  mix  of  old-school  brutal  death  metal  and  some  elements  of  modern  brutality  that  makes for  a very good  release.If you  are  a fan  of  brutal  death  metal  then  be  sure to  pick  a copy  of the  bands  brand  new  cd  "Gore  Whores  On The  Killing  Floor".

Interview  with   Gordon D.  vocalist,guitarist  and  drum  programmer   for   Never  To   Arise  done  by    Patrick

1.Hello  Gordon  when  did  you  first  discover brutal  death  metal? Who  were  some  of your  your  first  bands  you   heard?  Who  are some  of your   current  favorite  bands?

Hello, Patrick. Thanks for having me! I am old enough to remember when death metal became well known. My early favorites were Carcass and Obituary. With so many great bands over the years it's hard to pick a favorite. Actually my favorite current band is Melechesh, who are not a death metal band. As far as DM bands, Dying Fetus manages to keep putting out great releases, and the first 3 or 4 Decapitated CDs never get old to me. And I would say Nile is an old reliable too. Both them and Melechesh do the old Middle Eastern style riffs. I love that stuff.

2.When  did  you  first   meet  Mike   K.?  Was  it  long  before you  two  formed   Never  To   Arise ? How  did you  two  come  up  with  the  name  of  the  band?

Mike and I met about 15 years ago. It took a few years before we decided to do a musical project together. This was in 2006. Our band name came about because we couldn't agree on anything else! And calling ourselves "Nameless Death Metal Band" was not an option.

3.For  the   readers  who  have  never  heard   Never  To   Arise's   music  how  would you  best  describe  it?

I describe it as true death metal. We don't place a ton of limitations on ourselves. The rhythms are hard hitting and fairly straightforward. The guitar work is diverse and sometimes complex. The lyrics are violent but we are not afraid to be musical. In fact we pride ourselves on being able to go from brutal blastbeats to mid tempo catchiness to somewhat melodic passages.

4.Never  To   Arise   is  getting  ready  to  release  their  second  cd  "Gore  Whores  On  The  Floor"   how  long  did  it  take  to  write the  music  for  this  release? Do you  and  Mike  work  on  the  music  or  do  one  of you   usually  write  everything?

It took about 7-8 months, which was divided between 2010 and 2011. The music was actually written before our first CD was even released. So far it has been me writing just about everything, but if we are fortunate enough to do a third record we are going to make it a more collaborative effort.

5.Have  you  ever  looked  for  a  drummer to  join  the  band  or   do you   prefer to  work  as  a  two  piece?

We like it being the two of us, but if the right situation came along working with a drummer would be fine.

6.Besides  the  new  cd   "Gore  Whores  On  The  Killing  Floor"  does  the   band  have   any  other  merchandise   available   for  the  fans?  If  yes  where can  the  fans  buy  it?

Yes, our debut CD is called "Hacked To Perfection". It can be ordered here

7.Has   the  band   ever  played  live  or  do you  prefer  to   work  in  the  studio?

We are strictly a studio band.

8.Never  To   Arise   comes  out  of   the  Florida  brutal  death  metal scene  what  is  your   opinion  of  Florida's  brutal  metal  scene?

At one time it was really special. These days not so much.

9.Who  are  some  of your   all-time  favorite  bands coming  out  of   Florida ? Are  their  any  new  bands  you feel  the  readers  should  watch  out  for?

Monstrosity, Malevolent Creation, Morbid Angel....basically any band who's name starts with the letter "M" ...hahaha. On the more serious side of things, I am not aware of any new bands that seem poised for greatness or anything.

10.Gordon you   handle  the  vocals  for  the  band  when  did you  become  interested in singing /growling? Do  you  do  anything  special  to   keep  your  voice and  throat  healthy?

The original idea when we formed the band and had some songs written was that I would attempt to do the vocals, and if it didn't sound very good we would get somebody else to do them. It turned out that both Michael and myself were satisfied with the performances. Its easier for me to take care of my throat because other DM vocalists are on the road playing gigs while I only have to use my voice for writing and recording.

11.Who  are  some  of  your  influences/favorite  vocalist?

Well, Chris Barnes is certainly an undeniable influence. Also the original vocalist for Sinister, Mike van Mastrigt. Mainly those two and some of the early '90s British vocalists. There are plenty of vocalists who are technically great but sound too samey. I like the ones who vary their cadences and put more emotion into what they are doing.

12.Besides  the  vocals  you  also  handle  the  guitars  when   did you  become  interested  in  playing  the  guitars?Are  you   self  taught  or  did you  take  lessons   when  first  beginning?

Yeah I do all the rhythm guitar parts and an occasional solo. I didn't start playing until I was about 17. I am self taught.

13.Who   are  some  of your   influences/favorite  guitarists?Besides  the  vocals  and  guitars  do  you  currently  play  any  other  instruments?

Too many great guitarists to name. Some players would be Ed Van Halen, Tony Iommi, James Murphy, Piggy from Voivod, Tommy Vetterli and Bill Steer to name a few.
Guitar is the only instrument I can play, although I would love to be able to play drums.

14.Besides  brutal  death  do  you  or  Mike   listen  to  other  forms  of  music?

Oh, we listen to a wide variety of music. I have the heavier and rawer tastes, and Mike loves his prog, but we both have our non-metal "guilty pleasures".

15.What  do  you  enjoy  doing  in your    free  time?

I read a lot. Mainly history, true crime and social-political books. I also watch a lot of football and hockey. And drinking beer. Can't forget beer.

16.Thank  you   for taking  the   time  to  fill  this    interview   out.Do  you   have  any  final  words  for  the  readers?

Thanks for the opportunity, I enjoyed it. My words for anyone reading this would be to educate yourself so you can formulate solid opinions based on fact. Don't believe the hype. Try before you buy. And if you ever feel like killing someone, listen to Never To Arise instead! That's what we're here for.

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