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Interview with Indiana's Visceral Throne done by Patrick on 8-28-15

Here  is  a  new  Interview with  Indiana's  brutal  death  metal  masters  "Visceral Throne" who  will release  their  new  Mcd  "Those Who  Have  Fallen  Beyond The Grace Of  God"   which  will be  released  by  the  mighty  Comatose Music very  soon.  All those  who  enjoy  brutal death  metal  should  defintly  give this  band  a   listen today  and  buy  a  cd  when they  are  out.
Metal  Regards

Interview  with  Andrew  S.  drummer  for  Visceral   Throne   done  by   Patrick

1.Hello  Andrew  how   is  the  summer  going for you? When  did you  first  get  into  metal  music?

 ‎This summer has been excellent. We're excited to have a new cd for people to enjoy. I started listening to metal music when I was 15. My friend showed me Metallica and I've been hooked since. 

2.Who  were  some  of the  first  bands you   listened to?Who  are  some  of your   current favorites?

 I started out with Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, etc. Pretty standard stuff for a 15 year old. Some of my favorite groups in the Brutal Death Metal genre are Internal Suffering, Defeated Sanity, Wormed, Mortal Decay and Internal Bleeding. ‎
3.When  did you  first  meet the  other  members  of   Visceral   Throne ?How  did you  all  choose the  name  for the   band?

 I met the other guys on our most recently album through former bands. The name of the group was chosen by me, because I thought it fit the sound and style we were trying to achieve.

4.What  is the  current  line-up  for  Visceral   Throne ?For  the  readers  who  have   never  heard the  bands  music how  would  you  best  describe  it?

 The lineup for our most recent album is Andrew Sutton on drums and bass, Dylan Cox on vocals and Justin Smith on guitars. To describe our sound, I would say we're a combination of fast blasting, crushing pit-riffs, intricate sections, guttural vocals with emphasis on quality lyric writing and a natural sounding production. 

5.I  believe you  usually write  all the  music for  the  band.How  long  does  it  usually  take  to  write  a song? Do  any  of the   other  members ever  help  you  out  with  idea's?
 A song usually takes a few weeks to compose once I get into the actual composition. Once I'm motivated to write, I generally stay motivated until a song is written. Justin has helped out with soloing help, but other than that, all the ideas have came from me.

6.Who   usually  writes  the  lyrics  for  the  band?What  are some topics  you  all  write  about?

 I am the lyricist for the group. The lyrical themes from our first album were varied, but the new album is conceptual in that each song, minus the cover, is written about a person in Christian history that has done some sort of perverse act. 
7.Andrew  you  play  the  drums  for the  band  when  did you  start  playing  the drums?Are you  self-taught  or  did  you  take  lessons?
 I started playing the drums when I was 15. My friend Caleb had a drum kit and let me make as much noise as I wanted. I learned everything I could by myself and have never taken lessons. 

8.Who  are some  of your  influences /favorite  drummers?Besides  the  drums  what  are some  other  instruments  you  play? Are their  any  new  instruments you  would  like to  learn someday?
 Some of my favorite drummers are Lille Gruber, Thomas Lejon, Virgil Donati, Chad Walls and Andy C. I also play guitar, bass and keyboards. I'd like to spend a bit more time learning piano and keys though. 
9.Are  there   any  upcoming  shows  or  tours  in  support  of the  new  Mcd   "Those Who  Have Fallen Beyond The Grace Of God"?Where  are  some  places/states  the  band will  be  playing?
At this point there are no shows or tours planned for support of the new cd.

10.Who  are  some  bands  Visceral   Throne   have  shared  the  stage  with? Are their  any  memorable  shows you feel  have been  better then  the rest?

 Our favorite time has been at the Las Vegas Deathfest. It was an unreal time and the amount of bands we shared the stage with is unreal. It was a real honor to grace their stage.

11.Besides  the  new  Mcd   "Those Who  Have Fallen Beyond The Grace Of God"  does the  band  have   any other merchandise  available  for the  fans?Where  can  the  fans  buy your  merchandise?

 You can purchase Visceral Throne merch from our big cartel at

12.Visceral   Throne   comes  out  of  the  Indiana  brutal death  metal  scene.What  is  your   opinion  of the  metal  scene  in    Indiana  ?

 There's really only one other group in our style at the moment and that is Gorgasm. Gorgasm is a great group. But between the two of us, I'd hardly say there's much of a scene.

13.Who  are your  all-time  favorite  bands  coming out  of  Indiana?Are  their  any  new  bands  you  feel  the  readers  should  check  out  soon?

 Haha, well I guess Gorgasm gets the cake for Indiana. 
14.Besides   Visceral   Throne   are  any  of  the  members  currently   working  with  other  bands  or  projects? If  yes  please  tell the  readers  about  them?

 Yes, I have another group called Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy. We're a brutal death metal group with an emphasis on slam riffing and humor.

15.What  are  some  of your   hobbies/interests  outside  of  playing  music?

 I'm a big CD collector and have been collecting since I was 16. I also love movies, attending shows and collecting merch.
16.Thank  you  Andrew   for  taking  the  time  to  fill  out  this  interview  do you   have   any  final  words  for the   readers?

Thanks for taking the time to read this! We really hope you enjoy this new record as we've put a lot of time and effort into it.
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Metal Reviews done on 8-17-15

Hello  to  the  readers  of  Winter  Torment  web-zine   here  is  a  new  batch  of  reviews  from  various   styles  of  metal.Hopefully you  will  find  something to your  liking

Blasphmachine--Salvation  cd  {Dunkelheit   Prod.}
Malaysia's  Blasphmachine  return  with  their  new  cd  titled  "Salvation" this  time  the  band  is  working  with the  great  label Dunkelheit  Prod.Combinig   mid-paced  heavy  death metal with  moments  of  fierce  and  fast  black metal  guitars  and  music.The  drumming  is  done  with  hyper speed  beats  and  a  few  more  mid-ranged   sections  in  a  few  of  the  songs.The  vocalist  does  a good  job  of  mixing  death  metal  growls  and some  blackend  screams  within the  songs.If  your  a  fan  of  crazed  blackend death  metal  then  buy  this  release  today!
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Daemoniac--Lord  Of   Immolation  Mcd  {Xtreem Music}
Daemoniac  are  the  brand  new  death  metal  band  created  by  Max  who  was  also  in  the  long-running  Italian  band  Horrid.Lord  Of   Immolation  is  the  bands  debut  Mc  featuring  six  songs  of  old-school  death metal  with  a lot  of  influences from the  Swedish  and U.S death  metal scenes.The  guitars  are  done  with  a lot  of  great riffs  and  patterns  going from  mid-paced  riffs to  a  more  heavier and  semi fast  riffs.The drumming  is  done  with  a lot  of  skill  and  expierence.The  vocals  are  old school death  metal  growls that  fit the  bands  music  extremely  well.If your  a fan  of  old-school death metal{espically the Swedish and  U.S scenes} then  do yourself  a favor  and  pick this  up today!
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Disorder--En  El  Rio Del Olvido  cd   {Morbid   Skull Rec.}
Coming  out  of  El Salvador's  metal  scene  are   Disorder  who  play  a very  old-school  style  of  fast thrashing black  metal.The  vocals  are  a  mix  of  gruff growls  mixed  with some  high pitched screams.The  guitarist  are  really  good at creating  and  playing  mid paced to  all out  assults  of faster thrashing  guitar  sections.The drums  are done  in top form  with  a  mix  of  high energy  drum  patterns  and  some  well  played  mid sections.Anyone  into  old-school  thrash with touches  of  black and  death metal  influence  should  give  this  band  a  listen.
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Fully  Consumed--Incendium   cd  and  download   {Art  Consumed  Rec.}
Ohio's  Fully  Consumed  return  with their  brand  new cd Incendium   combing  straight  forward death  metal  with  some  technical and  other  musicial  influences.The  guitars  are  done  with  a lot  of  interesting  and creativity  but  the  band  also  remembers to bring  the fast,crazed riffs  of  mid nineties death metal.The drumming  is top notch  with  a lot  of  fast,chaotic  drumming  but  doesn't  just  blast the  through each  song  as their  are very  creative  drum  patterns  entertwined within each  song.The  vocals  are a  mix  of death  metal growls  and  some  spoken  word  parts.If  you   have  heard  Fully  Cosumed earlier release or demos then  you  defintly  will not  want  to  miss this  release.
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Illness--Trvmna  cd  {Black  Plague Rec./Metallic  Media}
Starting  off the  newest release  is  a very dark  and eerie  intro.The  music  starts  off with  a  mid paced  range  with  some  heavy  slow  riffs  that  do  creep  up to  a  mid paced  speed  and even  a few  moments  of  semi fast  riffs.The drums  stay  to the  mid paced range  with  some heavier drum beats  and  semi fast  black metal  drum  patterns.The  vocalist  is  all  over the  scope  with  black  metal  screams  and  some  whispering  type  of  vocals.Illness  play a form  of  black metal  they have termed  as  "black schizophrenic metal"  and  this  is  defintly  a great  way to describe this  band  if you  are   into  black metal  with  some  hints  of  industrial metal  entertwined  then  this  is  a  band  you  must  check  out  today.
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Indesiderium--The  Wanderer  Of  The  Abyssal   Plains  cd   {Self-released}
Indesiderium   come  out  of  the  Californian  black  metal  scene .the  band  defintly   uses  a lot  of  black  metal   influences  but  also  use  some  very  unique played  music  and  are  not  afraid  to  use  some  atmosphereic  influences  through out  the songs.The  guitars  are   played  mid  to  some faster  guitar  parts  mixed  in to the  mix .Each  song  is  created  and  played  with  some  very  well thought  out  and  creative  patterns.This  is  a great debut  of  atmospheric black  metal  that  has  some  very  well thought  out  and creative  songs.
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Kurhan--Glod   cd  {Arachnophobia  Rec.}
 Kurhan  are  a  new  band that  comes  out  of  Poland's  mighty  black/death  metal  scene.Combing  violent  black  metal  with  touches  of  death  metal  for  a good  combination of the genres.The  guitars  range from  heavy death  metal  guitars to  a  more  raw and faster  black  metal sound  with even  hints  of  thrash.The drumming  is  done  with the  same  tempos  going from  fast drums to  a more  mid paced  range.The  vocals  are  done  with  death  metal  growls  and grunts  .If you  are  a fan  of  mid  nineties  death/black  metal  then  do yourself  a favor  and  pick  this  cd  up  today.
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One  Master--Reclusive   Blasphemy  cd  {Eternal  Death}
 One  Master  who  comes   out  of the  U.S  black  metal scene  returns  with their  new cd  "Reclusive   Blasphemy"The  music  is  very  chaotic  and  well  played  early  black  metal.The  guitars  are  mid paced raw  guitar riffs  with  some  faster  guitar  patterns  and  done  with  a lot  of  talent  and  expierence.The  drums  are  done  with  some  fast,crazed  drum  beats  then  change  and go to  a  more  heavier,mid  paced  drum  patterns.The  vocals  are  harsh black metal  screams.If  you  have  heard  One Master's  previous  releases  I  would  highly recommend  checking  out  the  new release today     "Reclusive   Blasphemy".
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Interview with the U.S black,thrash band Sangus done by Patrick on 8-17-15

Here  is  a  new  interview  with  the  U.S  blackend thrash  band  Sangus.The  band  has  released  a  7 inch  through the  great  U.S  label  "Eternal  Death Rec."  and  is  working  on  a  new  E.P  to  be  released  soon  check  out  the  interview  for   more  information  and  keep  checking the bands  sites for  updates.

Interview  with  Vovk  vocalist  for  Sangus   done  by  Patrick

 1.Hails  Vovk  when  did  you  first  get  into  metal  music? Who  were  some  of the  first  bands  you   listened  to? Who  are  some  of your  current  favorite  bands?

 For me, my interest in metal was a natural progression from hardcore punk and grind.  In my teenage years (1993-1998) I began listening to Slayer, Marduk, Impaled Nazarene, Kreator, Destruction, etc.  I always gravitated towards extreme, aggressive music.  I didn’t appreciate other styles of metal such as NWOBHM until more recently.

2.When  did  you  first  meet  the  other  members  of  Sangus?How  did  you  choose the  Sangus  for the  name  of the  band?
 All the members of Sangus have been friends since that time in the 90’s when we were all teenagers.  Our writing and playing together has a great amount of chemistry due to these long-standing personal relationships.  “Sangus” became the name of the band from my fascination with ancient Roma and the Latin language.  “Sangus” is a vernacular Latin for “blood”.
3.What  is  the  current  line-up  for  the  band?For the  readers  who  have  never  heard  Sangus  music  how  would  you  best  describe  it?
 The current lineup of the band is myself, performing as the vocalist, Executioner: drums, Barbarian: guitar, Vamakara: guitar, and Czarnobòg: bass guitar.  I think the best description of our music is BLACK DTÅKT DEATH THRASH.  Musically, we are a hybrid of bands like:  Kuro, Shitlickers, Slayer, Deicide, etc.  If you enjoy both Blasphemy and Driller Killer, you may like Sangus.

4.Sangus  recently  released  their  new  7 inch  Saevitia  through Eternal Death  how  did  you  all  come  in  contact  with this  great  label?
 This label is operated by our friend Valder Lord of the band One Master, a fantastically devastating black metal band from our Northeast region of the United States.
5.How   has  the  response  been  for  the  7 inch  release?
 The response for the first EP has been great.  We have generated contact from throughout the United States and from Europe, South American, and Australia as well.  There is also a bonus track to the EP available in the digital format.  This track is a white noise piece prepared by an associated ambient project called Ossos.  It is not a metal song, but rather intended for introspective meditation.

6.Has   Sangus   begun  working  on their  next  mcd  or  will you  all  try to  release  a  full length?Have  you  all talked with   Eternal Death  or  will you  work  with  another  label?
 We will soon release a second EP titled “Pedicabo Mundi”.  It will be available as digital and a CD including the first EP with 2 bonus tracks from studio outtakes.  This will be a limited run without repress.  Pedicablo Mundi will also be released as a 7” record in early 2016.  We are currently writing a full length album to be recorded during 2016, intended for release by the end of that year.  We continue our relationship with Eternal Death records though it is undetermined what label will release the full length album.
7.When  working   on   a  new song  does the  whole  band  write the  music  or  does  one  member  usually  write  everything?
 The music that the band produces is only the product of the sum contributions of all members.  We prefer to expose the writing process simply as thus:  SANGUS È SANGUS.

8.Who   usually takes  care  of the  lyrics  for  the  band?What  are  some  subjects/topics you  all write  about?
 As the vocalist, I author all of the lyrics.  They are written discriminately in english, italian, and latin.  The lyrics are written meant to allow for some subjective interpretation by the listener.  Thus, what I right about may be something for me and something else for any listener.   Generally speaking, Sangus addresses subject matter with only extreme aggressive passionate emotion.  Both the vocal performance and music is meant to capture and create an atmosphere of emotional violence.
9.In  your  opinion  Vovk  what  are the  best  and  worst  thing  about  the   underground  scene today? And  what  does  the  term  Underground  metal  mean to  you?
 I have participated in underground music since the early nineties; playing in bands, recording, and touring.  I am of the generation that has lived the transition from mail tape trading and letter writing, glueing stamps and sending them back and forth to foreign countries, etc.  Because of this perspective I have no opinion of what is the best thing about today’s scene.  There is good music, but there is so much overwhelming garbage and bullshit that I can only see the worst things about the scene.  The mainstream pop culture in the United States has permeated everyone’s lives through mass media communication.  Underground bands make parody shirts of mainstream pop acts.  The cross cultural association in disgusting to me.  The counter-culture and separatist exclusivity of underground music is lost in America.  That is perhaps the worst part summarized.  To me, “underground” means anti-corporatist music.  Music that isn’t on the internet.  Sadly, by this definition, Sangus and most all bands that exist now are not underground. 

10.Vovk   are  you   or  any  of  the  members  of  Sangus  currently  working  with  other  bands  or  solo   projects? If  yes   please  let  the  readers  know  a  little  about  them.
 Memebrs of Sangus currently participate in the following bands:  Churchburn, Haxen, I-Destroyer, Rampant Decay.
11.Vovk  you   handle  the  vocals  for the  band  when  did  you  first  start  singing /screaming?  Do  you  do  anything  special   to  keep  your  throat  healthy 
I first started screaming, whilst playing guitar, for the thrash/crust band Paindriver in 1995.  At this point in my life, I strive to maintain a high standard of health and fitness which includes caring for my voice as an instrument.  Tea and honey are part of that regiment.

12.Who  are  some  of your  influnces/favor  vocalist? Besides  the  vocals  do  you  play  any  other   instruments?
 My inspiration as a vocalist has been to find my own vocal tone that I am comfortable with and work to develop that to its fullest potential.  Considering this, I don’t have vocalist I try to sound like at all.  I try to sound like myself.  Some of my favorite vocalist however, are:  Mika (Impaled Nazarene), Ishiya (Deathside), Sakevi (GISM), Legion (Marduk).
13.Thank  you  for taking  the time  to  fill this  interview  out.Do you   have  any  final  words  for the  readers?
Live for yourself and accept no compromise.  Fuck the world to dust.
Molto Grazie Winter Torment!!
Morituri te salutant,

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Interview with Ohio's Ton done by Patrick on 8-12-15

Metal  Hails
Here  is  a   new  interview  with  the  Ohio  death  metal  band  Ton  who  recently  released  their   newest  cd  "Bow Down To  Extiction"  through  the  mighty  Ossuary Prod.   If   you  are  a  fan  of  this  long-running  death  metal  band  then  defintly  give  their  new  cd  a   listen.

Interview  with  Dan G.  Guitarist   of  Ton  and  owner  of  Iron  Gates  Entertainment  done  by  Patrick

1. Hello  Dan  how  is  your  summer  going?When  did  you  first  discover  metal  music?Who  were  some  of  the  first  bands you  listened  to?

Summer has been going great. I discovered metal in the eighties. I was in high school in the mid and late eighties. That was when a lot of the great thrash bands were active. I was into all the classic thrash bands. Metallica, Slayer, Dark Angel, Death Angel, Exodus, Vio-Lence, Suicidal Tendencies, DRI, Sepultura, Nuclear Assault. Anything that was heavy none of that glam shit.

2.Ton   originally  formed  in  1993   when  did  you  first  meet  the  other  members  of  the  band? How  did  you  all come  up  with the  name  Ton  for the  band?
Kevin and I went to high school together. We weren't really friends then because he was a couple years younger than I am. I met Jeff in about 1990 I think. His cousin gave him my phone number because she knew that I played guitar and Jeff was looking for someone to jam with. Jeff and I started jamming together and played with another drummer for a while. Just by chance I ran into Kevin and he was looking for some new people to play with. Kevin had a practice spot so the 3 of us got together. Very shortly after that Paul Bennett started playing with us too. We knew Paul from another local band and Jeff and I also played with him for a short time before TON. We called ourselves TON just because it sounded heavy. We weren't really a death metal band when we started we just wanted to play heavy music.

3.Why  did  ton  break up  in the first  place?  did you  all stay  in  contact  with  each  other?

 In late 2000 and early 2001 I guess there was a little tension between us and we lost focus of what was important. Having fun is the most important thing. I have been playing with Kevin pretty much non stop since 1993. We had several different bands over the years. Jeff formed Fully Consumed in 2003, I think. He has played in FC since then. Jeff played bass in a couple of the bands that Kevin and I had and I later joined Fully Consumed. After our Blind Follower/Point Of View cd was re-released by Fresh Blood Management we decided to reform. The 3 of us were playing together already in another band anyway. We got a lot of positive feedback after the re-release so we decided to give it another go.

4.Ton  reformed  in 2014  what made  you  all decide to  give  ton  another  chance? How  has  it  been  going  so  far?

 With the positive feedback we were getting I guess we just felt the time was right. We started learning some old songs and writing some new ones. It just felt great to do it again and we were having a lot of fun. Things have ben going great. We signed with Ossuary Industries when we only had about half of the songs written for the cd. That really motivated us to keep writing. To have a great label behind us and the opportunity to do our cd release at the Las Vegas Death Fest was such an amazing experience. We have played quite a few shows already and plan to do plenty more. We have a couple of big fests booked for 2016.

5.What  is  the  current  line-up  of  Ton? How  would   you  say  Ton's  music  has  changed  over  the  years?

Jeff Shepler-Bass/Vocals, Kevin Kraft-Drums/Vocals, Dan Gates-Guitar/Vocals and Paul Bennett is working on songs to rejoin the band. All 4 original members and its awesome. I really look forward to stepping on stage with Paul being back in the band. Paul left the band in about 1998 so we did shows for a few years without him and to this point we have been a 3 piece. Paul should be ready by the end of the year or the first of next year.

6.Ton  recently  released  their   new  cd  "Bow Down To  Extinction"  through  Ossuary   Prod.  how  did  you  all  come  in  contact  with  this  great  label?
I was talking to Chris Williams on the phone and mentioned that we hoped to get a label to release it. He hung up with me called Brian from Ossuary Industries and asked him if he was interested in releasing our new cd. He said yeas and he was completely on board with doing the release in Vegas. We had a few labels express interest but Brian was the first to actually send us a contract and tell us exactly what he intended to do. We are very happy to be a part of the Ossuary Industries family.
7.Who   usually  writes  the  music  for the  band  does the whole  band take  part  or does  one member  usually  write everything?
 It is a group effort. Jeff and I write the riffs and start getting an arrangement together. Obviously Kevin writes his drum parts and he also contributes arrangement ideas. Once Paul is back in he will be contributing too. We put everyones ideas into the songs instead of each of us writing complete songs.

8.Who   usually  writes  the  lyrics  for  the   band  I  know  even  back  in the  90's  you  all wrote about  real-life  news  or  situations. Wheat  are some topics/subjects  you  all  have  covered  over  the  years?
 Jeff writes the lyrics. He has always been very good at it and always has good ideas. The lyrical topics are still pretty much real life stuff. We've written about everything from greedy politicians, suicide, execution of a child molester and lots of other stuff.
9.Does  Ton  have  any  plans  to  make  a  video  for  any  song{s}  off  of     "Bow Down To  Extinction"?
 We would like to make a video. We tried a while ago but it didn't work out. Hopefuly sometime soon we can make that happen.

10.I  know  the  band  has  played  some  fests  and  shows  over  the  summer  how  have  the  shows  gone? Any  wild  or  crazy  stories  from the  road?
Vegas was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. We had a total blast and the show was amazing. While in Vegas we got stuck in a hotel stairwell briefly with Jimmy Javins, Bob Buchanan, Dylan Gordon and John Blose. After we got out we started thinking about how many Ohio bands we were all in and how a good portion of Ohio Death Metal could have died in that hot stairwell. Seriously though we weren't really near death but it was funny to think about because the guys in that stairwell were members of about 8 or 9 Ohio bands. Of course there are a few stories that are gonna have to stay in Vegas.

11.Do  you  all  have  any  tours  or  shows  coming  up  for  the rest of the  summer  or  fall/winter? If  yes  where are  some  places  you  will  be  heading  to?

 We will be Playing Full Terror Assault in September, we have one local show with Necrotic Disgorgement in   October and we are playing the South Jersey Metalfest in December. We will be playing Foothills Gutfest in Colorado and one other big fest we can't mention yet next year. I'm sure we'll be lining more stuff up too.

12.Besides  the  new  cd   "Bow Down To  Extinction"  does  Ton  have  any  other  merchandise  available  for  the  fans?

 Yes we have shirts, hoodies and our previous releases available at We will have album art shirts available very soon. They might be done by the time this is published

13.Dan  besides Ton  you  also   own  and  run  the  distro/label   "Iron  Gates  Entertainment"  when  did  you  start  this label?

I basically started it because was trading our previous releases and I knew that I would be trading the new cd too. I figured since I would be accumulating other releases i should start a distro. I did do a joint release with Fresh Blood Management. We released the new cd from Indonesian Death Metal band Obeisance. I was selling guitar strings and guitar related stuff but I'm pretty much done with that. Just going to deal with Metal.

14.What  have  you   released  so  far?Any  upcoming  releases the  fans  should  watch  out  for?

 Like I said I did the joint release with Fresh Blood Management. I am thinking about releasing an ep from another project that Kevin and I are working on. We had a band called National Collapse that we played in together for a few years. I wrote a few new songs and may re-record a couple of the old ones.

15.If   any  bands  or  labels  are  reading  this  what  styles  of  metal/music  do  you  carry  in your  distro  just death  metal  or  do  you  carry  other  styles as  well?Where  can  they reach  you  at? Do you  have  a web-site?

 Pretty much just Death Metal right now but I'm open to anything as long as it's heavy. You can see whats for sale at and look us up on Facebook at irongatesentertainment

16.Thank  you  Dan  for  taking  the   time  to  fill  this  interview  out  do you   have  any  final  words  for  the   readers?

 Thank you very much for the constant support. We appreciate you helping us get the word out about TON and our new release. Check us out and support Ossuary Industries.

Interview with Phoenix&Dragon done by Anthony H. on 8-12-15

Here  is   a   new  interview  with  with  the  symphonic   power-metal  band  Phoenix and dragon coming  out  of  the  Phoenix,AZ  scene.This  is  the  first  interview  done  by   Anthony  H.{who  is  in the  band  Vorzug} so  hopefully  he  will  have  time  to  help  with  more   interviews  and  reviews  in  the  future.

Interview  with  Phoenix&Dragon  done  by   Anthony   H.

1.Introduce our readers to your band. Give us a quick pitch on who you are and what you do.

Hello, we are Phoenix & Dragon, a Symphonic Progressive Metal band hailing from Phoenix, AZ. Although mostly generally characterized as a spectator-oriented live band focused on skilled musicianship, this project also involves a highly ambitious conceptual saga and storytelling aspect, in the vein of Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

2.How long have you been together?

Guitarists Teddy Arunski and Chris Sack formed Phoenix & Dragon in 2005. After the addition of new members to form the first live lineup in 2008, the band has been playing shows and touring relentlessly since August of 2009.

3.What genre do you consider your music to be? And are genres important to you?

Being branded as Power Metal in the beginning of our career, the band is now a Symphonic Progressive Metal band with the addition of new members who have introduced a whole new spectrum of influences and playing styles.

We never think of a genre outcome during the writing process, and though the band has catered to a wide range of playing styles from Classical to New Age music to Heavy Metal, the group has molded a distinct and unique sound in the Progressive Metal genre.

4.Tell us about your latest release. What format? How many tracks? Where can we hear it/buy it?

Our latest release is a two-track demo CD called The Ghost Town Sessions. It is readily available for everyone to hear online at Reverbnation and Youtube, as well as our merch booths at shows. Fans can also order or request copies from us, and all of this can be found through our official website at

5.Who is in charge of booking for your band? Who handles administrative tasks? Do you have a manager?

The inner workings of the band have evolved through the years by necessity and by each members’ schedules and drastic, personal lifestyle changes. Delegated tasks have become very fluid and each and every one in the group have taken initiative in handling booking shows and contacting promoters and venues, including merchandise production and finances.

Jeff Cutler, CEO of Re-Axe Products ( has always been the band’s business coach and original manager. He has helped founded the band’s Operating Agreement and LLC, has occasionally helped and organize shows, and has helped the band develop the necessary skills to be self-sufficient as a business.

Our new acting field manager is Brian Byrnes. With years of experience handling live sound in different types of live gigs and settings and having been on the road with numerous touring bands, he has shown effectiveness in helping out with the band’s stage production and lights.

6.How many releases have you done? Where can our readers find them?

Phoenix & Dragon has had two releases so far: Of Myth & Metal (4-track EP), and The Ghost Town Sessions (2-track demo). Both releases are available through our website at and also through our live merchandise booths. Of Myth & Metal can be found on iTunes and Amazon and can also be ordered as a CD through our contact information on our website as well.

7.What are your thoughts on digital releases vs physical releases?

The band has never really settled on any preferences towards digital or physical releases. Seeing the pros and cons of both, we acknowledge the convenience factor of digital tracks as much as the value a lot of people place in collecting physical releases. We try to cater to both as best as for our releases within our resources.

8.What experience if any have you had with music piracy? Do you feel music should have a value? And if so what value do you place on it?

We have been lucky enough to not have been as much a victim of music piracy, mostly due to the fact that some of our released tracks have been readily available to listen to online, and song demos have been willfully given out to our fans during shows.

We believe that music should be a valued craft and that the same importance needs to be placed on it as much as other forms of work.

As New Age keyboardist, composer, and psychologist Yanni have put it, ‘music is a universal language.’ It breaks through barriers of different cultures around the world and have done so through countless periods of time. This makes music a priceless, precious gift to every human being.

9.What are your short, and long term plans for the band?

Realistic short-term goals at the moment include finishing our first full-length album to market to labels and press, while simultaneously getting local and non-local exposure through scheduled national shows and out-of-town shows.

Long term goals for the band include the generic getting as much promotion and presence out in the world as possible, cutting through different demographics, getting endorsements, getting a shot at worldwide distribution, playing known big festivals, and touring the world.

10.What have been some of the highlights thus far for Phoenix & Dragon?

Phoenix & Dragon are proud to have shared the stage with and met a few of our favorite greats including Symphony X, Queensryche, Fates Warning, to name a few.

Through the years, band has also formed solid Comraderies and connections with different local bands from different cities and states, especially noted after completing a 10-day Northwest U.S. Summer Tour in 2012.

Since playing shows in 2009, Phoenix & Dragon has made radio appearances and interviews at stations like KWSS, and with rock singer/vegas DJ Ron Keel, among others. The band has also circulated within online magazine articles and the Phoenix New Times.

11.What advice would you offer to new bands trying to break into the business?

Everyone has heard this before; Rock and roll aint easy. Glamour comes after all of the hardwork is done, and not before. Most importantly, do NOT get intimidated by what it takes to get where you want to be. Celebrate and value little victories, one little step at a time. Count every little chunk of productivity as a success.

It takes a lot of discipline and experience to have rock-solid patience that allows you to keep it together during hard times. Do this and you always win no matter what. But regardless, have fun and enjoy what you do. Lastly, live healthy. Get a lot of exercise and sleep, sleep, sleep.

12.What is your idea of success?

Success should be measurable, qualitative or quantitatively. Otherwise, it would be hard to recognize it when it happens. It requires setting very realistic goals, and an uncanny flexibility to stick to a plan as well as making adjustments in real time when necessary.

The end always justifies the means, and during desperate times, it is always human will that will prevail over unlimited resources.

13.Give us all of your links and add any final thoughts you would like to express to our readers.

Always put in that one extra inch of effort on whatever you do in life. And always find inspiration to move forward. The technology we have nowadays for musicians is easy to be taken for granted, so use it as a tool to find help and resources, and learn something new every day.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Interview with Kafirun done by Patrick on 8-5-15

Here  is  a  new interview  with  the   up and coming  Canadian  black  metal  band  Kafirun  who  recently  released  their  new demo  "Glorification Of Holy Death"   I  believe  it  is  available  in  both  cd  and  digital  copies.
Enjoy  the   interview  and  expect  more  reviews  and  interviews  very  soon

Interview   with Kafirun   done  by  Patrick  

1.Hails Hanephi  when  did  you  first  meet  the  other  members  of  Kafirun?  How  did you  all come  up  with the  name  of the  band? Does it  have  a special  meaning?

We all knew each other for many years from our local metal scene here in Vancouver BC. When I came up with the name Kafirun, my intention was to create something dark and violent. I wanted this band to have a potent and cult like presence in order to build a unified and strong foundation, where we can express the true darkness that dwells in our souls without the interference of the mundane outside world. The name itself is a statement, as it means infidel, disbeliever which is derived from the Quran. 

2.What  is  the  current   line-up  for  the  band?For  the readers  who  have  never  heard  Kafirun's  music  how  would  you  best  describe  it?

Our current line up is Hanephi (myself) - Guitar, Luzifaust - Vocals, Hypnocrotizer - Bass. Corpus Vile - Drums is no longer with us. Unfortunately he had to move to another part of Canada. But we have a new drummer who has recently joined the band and our flame is even stronger now. I think our music can be described as dark, violent and morbid. Readers will have to listen and decide on their own.
3.Kafirun  is  getting  ready  to  release  their  new  demo   "Glorification Of Holy Death" how  long  did it  take  the  band  to  write  and record the  new songs  for the  demo? Does the  whole  band  participate  in the  writing  of the  music  or does  one  member  usually  write  everything?

Actually we have already released the EP a few months ago. It was only digital release through our bandcamp page. A few days ago we also released a limited amount of discs. This is also available through our bandcamp page. Packaging of CDs are all hand sealed with sealing wax and stamped with Omega symbol, the end of all light ! Hails to the ever devouring darkness and god of emptiness! I would say we had spent about a year to write and record the tracks. Lyrics written by Luzifaust and myself. I write the music and we arrange things all together. Hypnocrotizer and Luzifaust write their own parts and we execute everything as a unit.

4.Who  usually  takes  care  of the  lyrics  what  are some  subjects/topics you  all write   about?
Our lyrical themes are quite personal. In a way, they are esoteric and clandestine. Exploring what’s beyond of human experience. Worship to the god of emptiness and ever devouring darkness. Destroying the delusions of the mind and murdering the enslaved soul to purify the self and unleash the true potential of chaos through the rebirth of the self.

5.How  has  the  response  been  from the  fans? What  about  the  press?

We have been receiving really strong and positive feedback from fans and underground press world wide. Both releases have gotten excellent reviews and praised by black hearts world wide.

6.Does  Kafirun  ever  play  "live  shows  or do you  prefer to  work  in  the  studio? Who  are  some  bands you  have  shared the  stage  with?

Little bit of both. We have played only three shows so far. We do not want to play too many shows in our local scene but we are open for playing in other parts of the world. We do intent to spread the dark plague through live manifestations and recordings! We have played gigs with Gorguts, Abigail Williams, Hostium etc. so far.

7.Are their  any tours/shows  planned  for  this  year? If  yes  where   will the  band be  playing?

We are going to be playing with Knelt Rode(USA) in a couple of weeks. There are some ideas at the moment for us to set up a tour. Planing is in very early stages at the moment but we do want to play over Europe in the future.
8.Kafirun  comes  out  of  Canada's  black  metal  scene   what  is  your  opinion  of  Canada's  black metal  scene?

I think due to size of Canada as a country, it is a bit hard to have a strong Canadian BM scene. Seems like bands from east to west cost they don't even know anything about each other. Also touring is harder, due to long distances and time spend on the roads. Sure there are more established bands yet they are more in the war metal, goat metal side of Black Metal. That's being said, there are very good and impressive bands here. I think things will grow stronger in time!
9.Who  are  your  all-time  favorite  Canadian  bands?  Are their  any  new  bands you  feel  the  readers  should  check  out  soon?

From the old days Infernal Majesty, Blasphemy, Cryptopsy, Annihilator. There a few bands from our local scene that I support. Hostium, Nordwind, Firecult.

10.Hanephi  you  handle the  guitars for  the  band  when  did you  first  start  playing  the  guitars? Are  you  self taught  or  did you  take  lessons  when  first beginning?

I started playing classical guitar as a hobby in my early teens then started to play bass in my very first band called The Sarcophagus(TR), then got a electric guitar and kept playing. I took a few lessons here and there for different techniques. But I find it more exciting when I just learn things on my own. Methodical education is not my favorite way of learning things.
11.Who  are  some  of  your  influences/favorite  guitarists ?Do  you  currently  play  any  other   instruments?

My influences are darkness and death and death is for me returning to the state of non being. A concept can't be comprehended by our senses and our way of thought process. Musically I have one too many influences to state here. I play keyboards here and there. Trying to invest more time into it though.
12.What  does  the  term  Black  Metal  mean to you?

To me Black Metal is the sound of darkness and a reflection of the ugly truth that mankind is afraid to face. His own inner ugliness and his poisonous ill-fated existence. Unfortunately like everything else, even the purest ideas and art forms are watered down and mocked, so they all become a product of comfort and entertainment, a joke perhaps. But there is the soul of this music, which is impenetrable and does not care about the feeble fucks world wide. The genre is evolving and becoming even more obscure and I do like that.       

13.Hanephi   are  you  or  any  of the  members  of  kafirun  currently  working  with  other  bands  or  solo projects?  If  yes   please  tell the  readers  about  them?

We do have other musical projects and artistic endeavors including painting, tattooing, graphic arts etc. but we want to keep Kafirun strictly separate though. 

14.Thank  you  Hanephi  for  taking the  time  to  fill  out  this   interview  do  you  have  any  final  words for  the  readers?

I appreciate the interview and support for Kafirun. Here is a couple of links for fans to find out more about the band, purchase releases and have a listen to our music. The new CD is available at our Bandcamp pageGlorification of Holy Death, by KAFIRUN

                                                       Band   Contact 

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New Reviews done on 8-1-15 done by Patrick

Metal  Hails
Here  is  a   new  batch  of  reviews  for  you the  readers  to  check  out  and  hopefully  find  some  metal to your   liking  we  black,thrash,death  and  more   metal to  sink your  teeth  into.

Artificum  Nex--Epitaph   For Life   cd  {Black  Plague Rec,Satanath Rec.}
Artificum  Nex  comes  out  of  the  Russian  black  metal  scene and  has released  a great  debut  cd  Epitaph   For Life.Mixing  early to  mid  90's  black  metal  with  some  death  metal  vocals  and  heavier and faster  guitars  in a  few  of the  songs.The  drumming  is  in  top form  with  mid-paced drum  patterns  that  do  speed  up  in a few  of the songs to  a  more violent  sound and execution.  The  vocals  are  a   mix  of blackend  screams  and  some death  metal  growls  entertwined  in  a few  songs.Artificum  Nex   have  written  and r eleased  a very  promising  release  of  black  metal with  some  influences  from the  early  days  of  death  metal  well  worth  a  listen.
                                                          Label  Contact

Aversion--Aversion  cd/digital {Self-Released}
Aversion  comes  out  of the Canadian  black  metal  scene.Combing  early raw  aggressive  black metal  and  even  a  little  bit  of  atmosphere  in a  few  of the songs.Semi  fast  guitar  played  with  a lot  of  experience  and  structures.Drumming  is  in top  form  with  mainly  mid tempo  drums  but  the drummer  is  not  afraid  to  play  fast  and even  blasts  in a few  tracks  before  going  back to  a  mid-paced beat.The  vocals  are  old-school  raw black metal screams  and  some  whispering style  vocals  are  also  in a few  songs.Aversion are  a  band  to  watch  out  for  if your  into  the  early  days  of the  black metal  scene.
                                                            Band    Contact
Chaos Alter--And  Then You  Die  pro-cdr  {Cold  Raw Rec.}
And  Then You  Die  is  the  debut  E.P  from  France's  Chaos Alter.Chaos Alter's  debut release  is  masterpiece  of  fast, raw,chaotic  form  of  blackend death  metal.The  music  is  extremely  tight  and  played  with  a lot  of  skill  and  talent.A few  of  the  songs  reach the  6-7  minute  mark  but  the  music  is  extremely  well  played  and  written  so  it  doesn't  seem  the  songs  are  really  that  long.The  guitars  are  played  fast  with some  crazed  and  frenzy  riffs  but  the  guitars  do  slow to  a  more  mid-tempo  range  in  a few  of the  songs.The  drums  are  excellent  played  with  fast  drum  patterns  but  do  slow to  a   more  mid-paced  range  in a few  of the  songs.The  vocals  are black  metal  screams  with  some  higher  shrieks  added.Chaos Alter  released  a  masterpiece   of  raw  blackend death  metal  so  if you  are  a fan  of this style  defintly   pick this  up  today.
                                                                          Label   Contact
Deiphago--Into  The  Eye  Of  Satan   cd,lp,cassette   {Hells  Headbangers Rec.}
Starting  out  with  a  really  well  written  and  played   intro  that  leads the  listener  on  a  roller  coaster  of  vicious black/death  metal  with  touches  of  war  metal  within the songs.Insanely  fast  guitars  that  are  played  at  warped  speed  but the  guitarist   knows  how to  play  and  creates  both  violent  but  also  memorable  songs.The d rumming  are  non-stop  blast beats  throughout  most  of the  songs  but  does  slow to  a  mid-paced and  fast drum  pattern  in  a few  of the songs.The  vocals  are  violent  blackend  shrieks  and  screams  and  even  some  death growls  entertwined  in a  few songs.If  you  are  a fan  of  Deiphago's   past  releases  then  you  should defintly  like  this  one  or  if your  new to  the  band  and  enjoy  violent  blackend death/war  metal  then  defintly  pick  this   up  today.
                                                     Label    Contact

Neoheresy--Talionis   digi-pack  cd   {Ritual  Execution  Prod/U.S distribution  Black   Plague  Rec.}
Neoheresy  is  the  newest  band/project  from  the   mastermind  who  brought the underground  Hellveto.Neoheresy  has  created and  released  a  very  well  written  and  performed  cd  of  pagan  black  metal  with a lot  of  folk  influences  and  instruments.The  guitars  are  done  with  a lot  of  skill  and  talent  whether  playing  mid-paced  black  metal  riffs  or  a  more slower acoustic guitars.The  drumming  is  done  with great  arrangements  and  drum  beats/patterns.The  vocals  are  a  mix  of  screams  and  more controlled  clean-vocal  hollering and  even  some  chanting  in  a  few  of the songs.If  you  are  a fan  of  Pagan folk/black  metal  do yourself  a  favor  and  buy this  today!!
                                               Label   Contact
                                                           Band  web-sites
Servi  Diaboli---Morkets  Herre  pro cdr  {Cold Raw  Rec.}
  Servi  Diaboli is  a  one  man  band  that  is  Armondo Luiz  who  plays all the  vocals  and  instruments.The  music  is   mostly  played  in the  raw,mid paced  guitars  and drumming  with  some  faster  bursts  of  black  metal fury  unleashed.The  guitars  are done  very  well  with  mid-paced and  semi raw  guitar  riffs  that  do  speed  up  in  a few sections.The  drums  are   played  at  a  mid-paced  range  with  some faster  drums  in a few songs.The  vocals  are  grim  screams.Servi  Diaboli  play  a  good  style  of  grim  and raw early  black  metal if your  a fan  of  raw early  black metal  then  defintly  pick  this  up  today.
                                                                  Label   Contact
                                                             Band   Contact
Shrapnel    Storm--Mother  War  cd  {Witches  Brew Rec.}
Finland's  Shrapnel    Storm  release their  debut  cd  "Mother  War"  through  the  mighty  german  label  Witches  brew Rec.combing  the  power  of  early  U.S and  German   thrash  with  some  early  90's  death  metal  influences  mixed  into  the  sound.The  guitars  are  done  with  a lot  of  crazed  and  fast  riffs that  besides being fast  as  any thrash  band  are  played  with  a lot  of  skill and  experience.The  drums  are  heavy  and  range  between  fast  and  a  more  controlled  mid-paced  range.The  vocals  are  death  growls  with  some  screams  and  gruff  style  vocals   in  a few  sections.If your  a  fan  of the early to  mid  90's  death/thrash  scene then  defintly  give  Shrapnel    Storm  some  support.
                                                                            Label   Contact
                                                                      Band   Contact
Vorzug--Call  Of  The  Vultures   cd/digital release  {Apollyon   Entertainment}
Arizona's  Vorzug have  released their  debut  cd  titled  "Call  Of  The  Vultures"   is  a  great  mix  of  death  and  black  metal  with  touches  of  thrashy  guitars.The  guitars  start  off  in the  mid-paced range  that  are  played  with  a lot  of  creativity  and skill. each  song  is   played  with  a lot  of  variety  without  loosing  any  of  the  metal  influences and  each  song  sounds  completely  different  then  the  one  before  it.The  vocalist  knows  how  to  keep  his  voice  in shape  going  from  traditional  death  growls  to  a  more  black thrashy  screams.This  is  a  good  debut  and  anyone  into  early  blackend  death  metal  should  defintly  give  this  band  a  listen  today.
                                                                       Band   Contact
                                                                          Band   Contact

Witches   Sabbath--E.P  Of The  Dead  {Cold Raw  Rec.}
Witches   Sabbath  comes   out  of  Spain's  black/death  scene  with  their  newest  E.P. combing  heavy,semi  fast  guitars  with  some  rawer blackend  guitars. the  drums  are  played at  a  hyperspeed  drum  patterns  but  do  slow to  a  more  mid paced range  in a  few  tracks.The  vocalist  does  a  variet  of  brutal  death  growls  with  some  gruff screams  entertwined  within the   music
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                                                          Band   Contact