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Ifernach--Maqtewek Nakuset cd {Nekart Productions} review done by Patrick posted on 3-31-18

Ifernach--Maqtewek Nakuset  cd {Nekart Productions}

Maqtewek Nakuset is the debut release of Canada's Ifernach  Finian Patraic is the sole member of the  band.Finian does a great job of writing and creating  furious black metal but the music is not all crazed as Finian does write  some slower,mid paced ambient sections mixed into the music.Ifernach strong point is uncompromising black metal but  is not  afraid to try different  elements to  his music.If you are looking for a band that plays extreme black metal mixed with  some well written ambient  pieces.

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Friday, March 30, 2018

Interview with Gra done by Patrick posted on 3-30-18

Interview with Gra  done  by  Patrick

1.Hails please introduce yourself to the readers? And how are things going in Sweden this week?

This is Heljarmadr and Sweden is turning from winter to spring at the moment. Not much else to report from here.

2.You all formed Gra in 2010 what gave you the idea to start this band?And how did you choose Gra for the name of the band does it have a special meaning?

Yes we started the band in 2010 after having a writers block, working on the Cursed 13 album Triumf. We basically just improvised and recorded a couple of tracks for the Hell of it. That turned out to be the first Helfärd EP.
Grá means grey and I guess you can find thousands of ways to interpret the word. Does it have a special meaning to us? Yes.

3.Vasen is the bands third full length how long did it take the band to write the music for this release?

Usually we need about two years to make an album. From the demo stages to actually have finished songs I don't like to rush things. The oldest parts were written about the time we released Ending and the newest one we actually pretty much wrote and recorded in the studio.
Worth mentioning though is that the song "Dead Old Eyes" was actually written way back in 2003 for another band I was in at the time. We thought it would fit well into Väsen so we tweaked it a bit into the Grá shape. It's a tribute to a fallen brother.

4.Who usually takes care of the lyrics and what are some topics written about on Vasen?

I write the lyrics most of the time and on this albums every song stands alone, not tied to any concept. I write about whatever comes to mind, I encourage everyone to find out for themselves as art is in the eye of the beholder. We are a black metal band, we don't write about happiness or calm forests.

5.As mentioned Vasen is the bands third release how would you say the bands music has changed and evolved over the years?

Well the first EP and the first album were more or less improvised and thrown together without too much thought and consideration. We simply recorded whatever we had and released it. When we came to Ending we wanted to make a really compact album with more structures so we started to exclude things that weren't 100% necessary. For Väsen we have peeled off so much and turned every riff around so many times that only the absolute best remains. Since I have been recording/mixing/mastering all the albums myself I can also say that I have gone from "trying to make it sound decent" to "complimenting the music" in my evolution as a studio engineer. This of course adds depth to the songs. It is a constant evolution and if you listen to the first EP and then immediately to Väsen you can obviously hear the great gap and if you listen to the whole catalogue you'll hear the constant progress in song structures and overall sound.

6.Does Gra play live very often or do you prefer working in the studio? If the band has played live what were some of the bands most memorable shows?

We play live as often as we can and do smaller tours now and then. We love both, studio creates creativity and the live atmosphere brings the songs to their fullest and the audience gives it a dynamic that a studio can't reproduce.
We've done several memorable shows but I'd say that our gig as only support for Dark Funeral here in Stockholm 2014 tops it for me. Sold out gig and we made a good video recording from it called The Apoteos Ritual (the whole concert is on our Youtube channel). That gig is also the reason for me being the vocalist in Dark Funeral.

7.Are their any tours or shows planned in support of Vasen if yes where will the band be playing? And who are some bands you will be sharing the stage with?

There will be shows and tours! We start with Eradication Festival in Wales and a club gig in Gothenburg before the summer. Many things are being planned for later this year, stay tuned for more info on our social media channels!

8.Besides the upcoming Vasen release are the previous releases still available for the readers to buy? Besides physical releases does the band have any other merchandise available if yes what is available and where can the readers buy it?

The first EP was recently re-released by Carnal Records so it's available. Our debut album has been sold out for some time and we don't know when it'll be available again due to the slowness of Unexploded Records. We've been waiting for response from them but in vain. Ending should be available through many distros around the world.
We handle the merch by ourselves and you can order straight from us. Right now we are very low on shirts and such but a new design line is in progress and will be available with the new album coming out. Like with live bookings, stay updated through our sicoal media channels.

9.What does black metal mean to you?

Since I was a teen in the mid 90's it has meant everything. I am a musician by heart and the darkness and mysticism around black metal has been filling a big gap for me throughout the years. Life hasn't been easy and music has been what has kept me somewhat sane through it all. People come and go, death takes some, others you just drift apart from but my music stays until I die myself.
Black Metal is so much more than just notes put together for listening pleasure, it's a lifestyle which promotes individualism and a struggle for constant progress. I used to be upset about the fact that the so called scene have forgotten the foundation of black metal. Strength, misanthropy and to walk your own path. To be your own leader, not a follower. But I have realised that people can call their plastic fruits real apples all they want, I really don't honestly give a shit. I guess some prefer canned soup but I prefer a real stew made from proper ingredients.

10.Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final words for the readers?

Thanks for your time and interest, we are constantly amazed by the dedication of our fans all over the world and we hope to meet you all on tour as soon as possible!
Check out Väsen, you will not be disappointed
/Heljarmadr on behalf of Grá

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Interview with Declared Dead done by Patrick posted on 3-24-18

Interview with Anders guitarist and vocalist of Declared Dead done by Patrick

1. Hello Anders how are you doing this week? Please introduce yourself to the readers?

Hello, Patrick! I'm doing okay this week. Feeling a tad tired but trying to fire myself up to push on through. I'm Anders - guitarist/vokillist/creator and leader of the Metal band Declared Dead.

2. Anders you handle the guitars for the band when did you first become interested in playing the guitars?

Yes, yes. Well, Dimitri and I handle the guitars, of course. Dimitri pulled off some striking solos on the newest release, I must say! Well. I would think my interest in guitars started when I was seven, maybe? I had a school chum who showed me a drawing of a guitar he wanted to design and it piqued my interest. No. Wait. I would have been around ten, actually. It was a guitar shaped in the form of a lightning bolt. I told him, "There's no way you could play that, man." He insisted people could. But we have no proof since we no longer know each other. And it's been a long while since that conversation. I doubt he followed through with it. Though, who knows? Now, however - I would concur that it would, most likely, be playable. "My bad". I'm notoriously known to be contrary and contradictory in my small circle of friends - "devil's advocate" and such.
When I was seven, my mum bought us kiddos a cheap ukulele (she was a fan of Tiny Tim?). Wait...wait...even before that. At five years or so - Mums bought me a toy guitar for children. I barely remember it. But I do see in my mind - I had to strum it with my thumb since it didn't come with a plectrum. Also, I must have fancied myself as the next Jimi Hendrix or Kurt Cobain since I gave blisters to my left thumb (meaning I was naturally playing "leftie", for some reason). I'm a "rightie", in most situations. We'll keep it at that, for now. All innuendo aside.
Though, speaking of when I wished to play guitar in a more "real sense". I'd say I was around thirteen. It was a few years later when I got to actualize that desire.

3. Who would you say are some of your biggest influences and favorite guitarists?

So many. So many. Whew. The guys in/have been in TestAmenT (Eric, Alex, James), John Petrucci, Jeff Waters, George Lynch, Trey Azagthoth, Erik Rutan, the Cannibal Corpse guys, Slayer guys, Exodus guys, Criss Oliva, Vito Bratta, James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine, Chris Poland, Marty Friedman, Paul Gilbert, Jason Suecof, The Black Dalia Murder guys, Chuck Schuldiner, Andy LaRocque, Ralph Santolla, Flotsam  and Jetsam guys, Mille Petrozza, Randy Rhoads, Buckethead...
No particular order, there. Many more...can't think of at the moment.

4. Besides the guitars you take care of the vocals when did you start screaming and growling? Do you do anything special to keep your voice and throat healthy?

I'm sure as most people - I began screaming when I was born! "No, no! This fucking life!!!" Growling came a little later. Probably when I became fascinated with the so called "big cats". Maybe, bears and dinosaurs, also. I would copy them at three years old, I'm sure!
Musically - when I listened to Deicide, Morbid Angel, Death, Cannibal Corpse, etc., for the first times. I couldn't control the urge to growl with them as they summoned forth demons through my speakers!
To keep my voice in tip-top shape, I drink a special blend of freshly devirginized and deceased human female pulverized labia in my morning Tang. The liquid extract is sublime but the powdered form is cheaper. Both make me sing like a rabid mongrel! I want to be endorsed by Liquid Labia (now with clitoral hood enzymes!) as soon as I can! Sign me up for the t-shirt! I'll wear it with pride!
No, no...sorry, sorry! That's just my sick sense of humor shining through!
I've had a "lucky spell", lately - concerning my voice. When we recorded our first LP, my voice was wrecked throughout! I have no clue what's being done differently, lately. There's still strain and brief loss of ranges but not as gaping as that first one. I'll remember that experience 'til I go senile like that AC/DC guy!

5. Who would you say are some of your favorite vocalists?

Let's see. Chuck Billy, Bruce Dickinson, Erik Rutan, Corpsegrinder, Tim Owens, Sebastian Bach, Mike Tramp, Eric A.K., David Vincent, Sean Killian, John Bush, Ozzy, Steve Perry, Chuck Schuldiner, Jeff Waters, Mike Howe...
There has to be more.

6. Anders you formed Declared Dead in 2014 when did you first get the idea to start this band?

It was early 2014 when I thought of forming it. Hanging out with a few others into that kind of music and jamming on and off with them. I mean the "band idea", in general, had been percolating in my mind for a few years before that. But the term "Declared Dead" wasn't there until around the time the band, actually, came together. With a single intention of recording a demo, etc.I had most of the music worked out, already (in terms of guitar parts/structures). So, we started from there. The other guys added ideas (like the drum rhythms and basic bass lines), while I whittled away at the lyrics.
So, it was Declared Dead 2014! Vote for fucking Pedro! Metal up your crusty asses campaign of death!

7. I would say Blood Bender is the bands most thrashy and violent metal release to date. What gave you the idea to do a full on thrash/metal release?

We just love that kind of thing! Declared Dead started out as an "old school Death/Thrash" band ("Subterranean Nightmare (Demo)"). That was the intention the whole time. But once I moved to where I'm at now (after the demo), I met up with my current brothers in arms - who have very different musical tastes. We all like to experiment (some more than the others - Mikhel being the "more than the others"...haha!), but I tend to prefer the more thrashy/fast paced type of stuff - so, I kind of "won out" for the "Blood Bender" release. We really experimented quite a lot with the previous two releases ("Revel in the Macabre" and "A Date with the Coroner"). So, we kind of got that out of our systems, for now. But, if you remember the "Shiv e.p." after our first full length - that was mostly Thrash Metal, as well. Our first one ("Denounced and Defiled") wasn't as aggressive as we would've liked but we were somewhat satisfied with it, at the time - mostly as a "learning and growing experience". Most of us - also - like some "progressive" type of stuff, as well - so, that tends to creep into the mix. Plus, the producers/engineers we've worked with made suggestions that we might not have adhered to if we "knew then what we know now" type of thing. You know?
But - also - we don't want to repeat ourselves or become "formulaic". We want each release to be distinct and have a meaningful expression of what we want to portray, yet retain that over all "Declared Dead-istic" sound/style - at the same time. It's art, after all!
For "Blood Bender", since the last two albums were kind of "gothic-tinged" and almost "avant-garde", it was naturally time to explode with aggression! I felt we were getting away from the initial roots of Declared Dead. It was fun and meaningful at the time for those previous releases. But now is the time to rip your faces off and wipe our butts with them! It's time for a "Blood Bender"!!!!

8. As mentioned Blood Bender is Declared Dead's fourth release how long did it take the band to write the music for this release?

It came about very quickly! We DID re-record a couple of tracks ("Ghouls Around the Blade" - which appeared on the "Shiv" e.p. and I wrote new lyrics for a song that was called "Quelling the Beleaguered" - that was on the "Denounced and Defiled" album. The new version is called "Segue to Satan"). But the other eight full tracks came together really smoothly. I was surprised at how well they came to be without much struggle! It was still hard work and energy consuming. But we didn't feel exhausted from the tensions of peripheral nuisances while bringing "Blood Bender" forth from the abyss! Well. I'm - almost - constantly working on new material. Whenever I play guitar - each session seems to spawn, at least, one new idea that I end up keeping for later. Usually, more than one, actually. Plus, I have many stored ideas from years past that I've not used sufficiently. So, I go through those - sometimes - to spark creativity in the present, etc.
Writing music, for me - is kind of a "non-linear" experience, I guess. So, it's tough to say how much time or how long it takes for any given song/album. Depending on whether a riff was written a few years ago or if it was written ten minutes ago, you know? Also, how many hours are used in just "daydreaming" about the structures and so on.
But with "Blood Bender", it just seems like we nailed it. Hit the mark with a steady calibration each time we recorded. It just flowed! Almost like "blood" from a "fresh sacrifice"? Giving the artistic elements all the more power! I hope our next sequential releases are that way!!!

9. Where did you draw inspiration for the lyrics on the new release?

Well. Each album we've done has a "theme". Each song kind of ties in with the album title, for the most part. Whether "blatantly" or "subtly". Even the music itself tends to have a "meta-coloring" to the overall shape and atmosphere. So, with "Blood Bender" - the songs tie-in with "blood", mostly. But the "bender" aspect, as well. Whether it's referring to the "hue" (red, scarlet, sanguine). Or the movement thereof ("Tributary"). Genetic tampering. Going on a "bender" meaning a brutal killing spree/out for blood. Or the metaphysics of dna. Morphogenetic, epigenetic, etc. Blood as a drink/libation...drunk on killing.
I just tried to be creative in referring to "Blood Bender" in various ways. Most just came to me - almost "magically". Like, magnetically, or something (the "iron" in the "blood"?). That's what I mean about the "flow" (again related to "blood") and ease of this new album.
I thought for sure the title track ("Blood Bender") was going to be about "ethnic cleansing". But it turned out to be about a flea infestation my cats and I endured last year. They've only just FINALLY subsided in the past month or two! It was ridiculous! So, it struck me that maybe no one has ever written a song about this experience? I like to do and say things that seem "original" in some way. I'm drawn to that type of thing, as well. So, the more I looked into "fleas" and their lifestyle, the more intrigued I became. They are - actually - fascinating! But loathsome, at the same time! In a way, they ARE "Blood Benders"! That's their "sole purpose", basically! Feed, feed, feed! On blood! So, they go ON "blood benders", yet I'm sure they are effecting the hosts' blood/circulatory system, in some way, as well. So, "bending" in a "genetic" sense. Like using "anti-coagulants" to keep the blood flowing from the wound? Diverting the blood flow, in general ("bending" it to their will).
The other surprising and "original" - to me - lyrics/song concept is/was the last song I wrote lyrics for. "Where Kali Dwells". It's actually based on menstruation! Haha! From the microcosmic aspect of the ovum's journey through the Fallopian tubes to the uterus - to the macrocosmic aspect of the humanfemales' mood swings and hormonal changes due to the whole cycle, etc. Haha! Plus, the effects it has on their male counterparts, etc. Then, the egg "dies" and ends up being flushed down the toilet. Haha!
Of course, there's the general "anti-Christian" relationship in a few songs, as well. That's - always - an easy "go to". Haha.

10. If anyone is interested in hearing your music where can they buy your releases?
We're not in this for the money, so all albums are set for "pay what you want" or whatever (if we get more than 200 downloads a month the site will automatically set prices for the albums until the next month where we get another 200 freebies - just so you know. I'm not lying, here, if you see a price sometime - it's them, not us!). There's been a few people who pay a little something - so that's always cool to see. But the majority just download it for free. We just want the music to get "out there" as far and wide as possible! To those who enjoy it!
Check our main website, as well (links to various sites you can listen to our stuff at, etc.).
We've seen some forums and blog sites that have our releases posted, as well. We appreciate the interest! Get it wherever you can! Haha! Also, post it on your own sites if you wish. If it's honest support and distribution - so much the better! The "true underground spirit"!!! If you like it, spread the word!
Not to "jinx it" ("Whoops! Too late!"), but we've received some label interest (just yesterday, as I type this). So a physical release of "Blood Bender" is ever so slightly possible at the moment. I've not looked into this further - just read the email alluding to this possibility. If it becomes "legit", you should find info about it on our main website. Also, our "Twitter" account will be updated, etc.

11. When you need to take a break from writing new music or band business what do you like to do in your free time?

Yeah, I see. Hmm. Really, the last two - three years it's been "nonstop", it seems! I'm not sure I - actually - take breaks from the music/band? Relatively, I suppose. It's just that even when I'm trying to "relax", my mind tends to "space out" about Declared Dead! I'll watch a t.v. show or movie and I find myself drifting off on tangents related to Declared Dead concepts and things like that. So, I'll have to "rewind" the show multiple times to see/hear what I keep missing! Haha! About 90% of my focus tends to be about the band and related items.
Still. Things I gravitate towards besides working on Declared Dead would be hanging out with my cats, watching t.v. shows/movies (mostly t.v. shows, though). Uhhh...what else? Oh! I've really gotten into playing "first person shooters" on Playstation the last couple/few years! It started with a game called "Black" (for Playstation 2). That was the coolest game I played back then (before that I really enjoyed the more "cartoonish" type of stuff. "Spyro the Dragon". "Ape Escape". Stuff like that. "Pitfall" and "Destroy All Humans" were a blast, as well! I stopped playing video games for a little while, then got back into it. Lately, I'm a massive "fan" of the "FarCry" series! I even have "FarCry 5" pre-ordered! It's suppose to arrive next Tuesday! Hell yeah! I, recently, bought a Playstation 4 pretty much just for that game! Haha! I did order a couple other games, though, so I could test out the station unit to make sure it was fine, etc. I bought the recent "Wolfenstein" games. Those are turning out to be pretty fun, too! I - also - got "FarCry Primal" the other day (so, I have the entire collection, minus the very first computer based version). Other notable games have been "Body Count" and "Dead Island"!
Other general stuff would be: looking at hot chicks and shooting my load (speaking of "first person shooters" Haha). Actually, that's about it. There's not too many more extracurricular activities, I guess. Boring or what?
Oh! I'm trying to listen to more music, too! Kind of studying the craft in a more in-depth way, you know? I want to "expand my horizons" further, so I can keep bringing Declared Dead to new levels, if possible!

12. Thank you Anders for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final comments for the readers?

THANK YOU, Patrick, for taking the time to interview me! I appreciate it! There's not much more to say, really. Thanks to the readers, as well! Check out our stuff! If you like it - great! If you don't...okay, I guess. Haha. I think "Blood Bender" is our best thus far! Hopefully, we'll make that our new trend! I, personally, have the next three to four possible Declared Dead album titles/concepts in mind. So, no shortage of ideas, yet! We'll keep forging ahead! Thanks, again, and see ya soon!

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Interview with Skinned done by Patrick posted on 3-23-18

Interview with Travis vocalist and guitarist of Skinned done by Patrick

1.Hello Travis please introduce yourself to the readers?

Hello, I am Travis Weickum, Guitarist and founder of the band Skinned.

2.When did you first start listening to metal music and who were some of the first bands you listened to? Who are some of your current favorite bands?

I first started listening to metal when i was very young, with bands like Judas Priest, Slayer, Metallica, and so on.. then as music became heavier it was bands like Sepultura, Napalm Death, Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Obituary and beyond.. and now today i listen to all kinds of bands from Gojira to Misery Index to Russian Circles, All Shall Perish, and many more.. but still just the the old stuff all the time too!

3.Travis I know Skinned was formed back in the 90's when you first started the band where you a big reader of fanzines?If yes what do you feel made a good zine?

Oh yes i absolutely was! the best part about fanzines for me was finding new bands! Those were different times back then without the social media we have today were it’s extremely easy to find new acts out there, back then you really had to network and search for new music.

4.What were some of your favorite fanzines that you enjoyed reading?

wow, I really have to think back here, that was ages ago.. lets see, Pit Mag was one of my favorites, Satan’s Handbasket i think one was called, man i would have to dig through all my old saved stuff to give you a list.. that would take forever haha

5.Travis you formed Skinned back in 1995 what gave you the idea to start this band?And who would you say are Skinned biggest influences?

Skinned was formed because there were a handful of us death metal fans in my town that wanted to play extreme stuff like the bands we were listening to. Our biggest influences i would have to say are most death metal bands of the mid/late 90’s. they all had a major roll in our driving this band.

6. Back in the mid to late 90's what were some of the bands most memorable shows and tours?And who were some bands you had the opportunity to share the stage with?

The first death metal show i went to was in 1992, Malevolent Creation, Agnostic Front, Cannibal Corpse and Obituary.. that one I will always remember! Another one i will always is Milwaukee Metal Fest 1999! in the 90’s we had the great pleasure to share the stage with many bands like Deicide, Napalm Death, Death, Macabre, Exhumed, Cephalic name a few.

7.Shadow Syndicate is the bands fifth release which will be released through Xenokorp Rec. how did you and the band come in contact with this label?

We connected with each other through our management. Glad we did because they have been nothing short of great people to work with!

8.Does the whole band take part in the writing process or does one member write everything?

Members will write skeleton songs and then the songs will be brought to life with the entire band weighing in ideas, that usually the basic process we work from.

9.Travis you handle the vocals for the band so I assume you write the lyrics.What are some topics you wrote about on Shadow Syndicate?

I am not the Guitarist and back up Vocals, But yes i did write some of the lyrics to some of the songs. This album we focused on conspiracy theories and secret societies. some of the topics range from Alien Abductions to weather controlling, 911, government concentration camps and so on…

10.The band recently made a video for the song We Are The End is this the first video the band has made?Why did you all choose this song for the video and how long did it take to the band to make this video?

That is the second video we have made, but first video off the new album. We shot that video in one day, the editing took longer than the actually shoot. We chose that song because we felt it would be a different sound from our older music and also the rest of the music on the new album.

11.Besides the upcoming release are the bands previous releases still available for the readers to buy?Besides physical releases does the band have any other merchandise available for the readers if yes what is what is available and where can the readers buy it?

Yes, all our releases are available on iTunes and other digital outlets. We do have other Merchandise you can find from time to time available on our band camp store which you can find a link to on our website

12.Are their any shows or tours planned in support of Shadow Syndicate if yes where will the band be playing? And who are some bands you will be sharing the stage with?

Yes, we are playing a few shows in and near Colorado for now, then in May we will be playing the Eradication Festival in Cardiff, Wales and Reykjavik Death Fest in Iceland. Then in July we will be on tour in Europe with one of my favorite bands but i can not tell you any more yet due to it not being announced yet.

13.Skinned comes out of Colorado's death metal scene I know back in the late 90's Colorado had a strong scene what is your opinion of Colorado's scene over the years?

Yes i did! Its always been a great scene for all styles, and such a great place with many venues to allow for all the bands to build a good scene! I think the scene here is just as good ,if not better, than it was in the 90’s.

14.Who are some of your all-time favorite bands coming out of Colorado?Are their any new bands coming out of Colorado you feel the readers should check out soon?

Of course Cephalic Carnage is at the top of the list for me. Allegaeon, Havoc, Khemmis, Vale of Pnath, Primitive Man and so many more i could list for hours..

15.Do you or any of the members of the band currently play with other bands?

I do not, I don’t have any time for other bands. I’ve tried it before but its not for me. All is spent on Skinned and personal life. A couple of the new members have other projects but the rest of us put all the time in just this one.

16.When not working on new music or band business what do you like to do in your free time?

I like to do all kinds of things with the little amount of free time i have, like travel, golf, riding bikes, playing video games, go to concerts, movies… all normal life stuff i guess  haha.

17.Thank you Travis for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final words for the readers?

Thank you Patrick for your time and interest! my final words would be, on May 4th get your hands on a copy of our new cd “Shadow Syndicate” or get the digital download and come out to the shows and say hi! We love meeting fans and making new friends! Also, keep an eye out for more videos and be sure to catch us on tours near you! Cheers!

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Interview with Flesh Hoarder done by Patrick posted on 3-22-18

Interview  with  Flesh Hoarder done  by  Patrick

1. Hello how are you doing this week? Please introduce yourself to the readers?

What’s up? I’m doing good, my name is Nicholas Moreno and I’m the vocalist for Texas based death metal band Flesh Hoarder.

2. What age were you when you first discovered metal music and who were some of the first bands you listened to? Who are some of your current favourite bands?

I was about 10 or 11 years old, messing around with the radio and came across a local college radio station playing death metal music when I should have been asleep cause it was a school night and at first I thought I was hearing things because the signal was static-y and I stayed listening to it and ended up liking the music they were playing and would listen every Thursday night and would call in to find out what bands they were playing which became an obsession for me to find out who, what where and shit like that. The show at the time would start about 1AM – 3AM. The music consisted of a lot of death and black metal which I eventually grew to love and still love. Now around the time I had already been jamming Slayer, Metallica, Pantera, just music I came across on MTV which at one point played those kind of bands and videos n shit like that. And at that time I thought that was some of the heaviest music around. But like I said when I came across death and black metal it changed my life forever. I was hooked and am still hooked. Some of the first bands I came across listening to the show was Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Grave, Pungent Stench, King Diamond/Mercyful Fate, Bathory, Emperor, Mayhem, Dark Throne and just grew from there. Like I said, I would call in to find out what was what and eventually go out to the local record store close to where I lived at the time called Flip Side Records which is still around today or even Hogwild Records and would go and pick up whatever cassette I could afford at the time of whatever band I was seeking out. If I remember correctly Morbid Angel’s 'Altars of Madness' album was my first death metal purchase. I remember the dude at the counter second guessing selling me the cassette just because of my age and the content, but was cool enough to hook me up. My mother and father had somewhat of a clue about me liking metal, but still I was reluctant to show them exactly what the fuck I was listening to. Especially with an album like Cannibal Corpse’s 'Tomb of the Mutilated'. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but currently I’ve been jamming Inquisition’s 'Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith' album. Dark Funeral’s newest album 'Where Shadows Forever Reign'. I just picked up the new Watain album the other day which is pretty fuckin' killer. So a lot of black metal and bands like that lately.

3. When did you first meet the other members of the band? And how did you choose Flesh Hoarder as the name of the band?

I first met the guys in Flesh Hoarder back in late 2004, early 2005 when my first band Eviscerated started to play shows and venture out into the club scene meeting people and other bands. Such as Disfigured, Scattered Remains, Exulcerate. Our guitar player Angel I believe is the one that came up with the name and showed us all one night and we all agreed it was a sick band name and it went perfectly with the music.

4. What is the current line up of the band? And who would you say are Flesh Hoarder biggest influences?

Myself Nick Moreno as the vocalist, Mike Deleon on guitar, Angel Tarin on guitar, Adam Deleon on bass, and Rene Martinez on drums. Old school Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Immolation, Broken Hope.

5. Homicidal Necrophile is the band’s debut release which is being released through Comatose Music. How did you and the band come in contact with this great label?

Mike and Adam’s other band Disfigured had released a few albums with Comatose Music over the years and so did Angel Tarin’s old band Exulcerate which released an album as well through Comatose. So we were familiar with the label and Steve Green, as well as his own bands, which we are all fans of. So when we decided to look for a label, Comatose Music was the first to come to mind. Thanks to Comatose for giving us the opportunity to release this fuckin' thing. Total professionals when it comes to taking care of the bands and helping get the music out. Glad to be a part of it.

6. Does the whole band take part in the writing process or does one member usually write everything?

I would say our boy Angel has been the mastermind behind the music we have helped put together as a whole and with some input from us here and there to help shape shift some killer tunes. Lyrically I handled all that myself.

7. Besides the upcoming release does the band have any releases or merchandise available for the readers? If yes, what is available and where can the readers buy the merchandise?

We do have a demo out which was recorded back in 2012 titled 'Infatuation with Menstruation'. We do not have any physical copies of that one anymore so if you got one, you got one! You can still download it from our Bandcamp page for a buck. If interested in Flesh Hoarder merchandise you can message us on our Facebook page and we will get you hooked up. As of now we are currently working with Comatose Music and TXDM printing to create some more sick merch to have ready once the album is released.

8. Has Flesh Hoarder played very many shows so far? What have been some of the bands most memorable shows over the years?

We have played a ton of shows since our first show of August 27, 2011 and I’ve lost count over the years. I would say getting to open for Deicide in 2012 was a definite highlight for me as it was our first big show since the bands inception. It was killer to have the opportunity to open for a historical band like that and one of our all time favorite death metal bands. Another couple good ones would be opening for Obituary doing the 'Cause of Death' album in its entirety and Morbid Angel’s tour doing the entire 'Covenant' album. Since then we have had the opportunity to open for pretty much all the bands we grew up with and have loved listening to since we were all kids. A lot of good times have been had and even more better times are still to come.

9. Are there any tours or shows coming up in support of Homicidal Necrophile? If yes, where will the band be playing and who are some bands you will be sharing the stage with?

As of now we have a lot of local shows coming up just around Texas and the only out of state show so far will be out at the Las Vegas Death Fest on May 12th which is pretty fuckin' cool being as that will be the weekend 'Homicidal Necrophile' is unleashed. Since signing with Comatose Music it has definitely opened up more doors for us and look forward to what the future has in store for Flesh Hoarder. Well, the day we play the LVDF, we are getting the opportunity to share the stage with one of our favorites Dying Fetus as well as Putrid Pile, Defeated Sanity, Guttural Secrete and our Texas death metal brothers Devourment. Coming up in June we will be co-headlining with yet another old school favorite of ours Mortician here in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas. Gonna be a killer Summer for sure.

10. Besides playing and working with flesh Hoarder do you or any of the members currently play in any other bands or solo projects?

I have been with my other band Eviscerated, not to be confused with Eviscerated (CA) and Eviscerated (SWD), since 2004 and released a demo in 2005 titled 'Suicide by Self Disembowelment', followed by an album titled 'Gorging on Rotting Entrails' which was released in 2007 on Sevared Records. Since then, I have also jammed with Grieved, which was a melodic black metal style band for a few years. A couple years ago I started helping Mike’s other band Disfigured out and playing some shows here n there which also features Adam on bass as well. They’ve had that band going since about 2000 if I remember correctly and have released a couple albums on comatose titled “blistering of the mouth” and “amputated gore whore”. I’ve been helping out some other good friends of mine in Vaginal Bear Trap on vocals doing some shows here n there as well. Recently our guitar player Mike Deleon had an opportunity of a lifetime to jam with legendary frontman Phil Anselmo in his self-titled band Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals which just released an album so he’s got his hands full for sure. Our drummer Rene started out in a band called Scattered Remains which my band Eviscerated played countless shows with over the years, he’s featured on two of their albums as well as Whore of Bethlehem’s first album and both of Disfigured’s albums. Currently he’s working on another project called Embodiment of Suffering. Our other guitar player Angel Tarin, jammed in a band called Exulcerate and they too also released an album through Comatose Music about 12 years ago. We all have our history together in the scene and have all been friends for a very long time, so it only made sense to come together and create what Flesh Hoarder is today.

11. Flesh Hoarder comes out of the Texas brutal death metal scene, what is your opinion of the brutal death metal scene in Texas?

Well like everything else in this world I would say it has had its definite ups and downs for sure. You have some good shows, you have some bad shows. Shout out to those few promoters who will go out of their way to make these types of shows still happen and keep the underground alive. Still I would say it’s pretty strong, especially when it comes to the talent and musicianship you see in some of these types of bands today.

12. Who are your all time favorite bands from Texas? And are there any new upcoming bands you could recommend to the readers?

Well of course growing up in Texas I think all of us in the band can agree on Pantera being an old Texas favorite for sure. Then you have bands like Devourment out of Dallas, Texas who we all love. Fuckin' Absu who’s based in outta Dallas as well. Also another killer band, one of my personal favorite thrash bands D.R. fuckin' I. Texas based death metal bands people should be on the look out for I would say are Whore of Bethlehem from Austin, who are out here killing it in the Texas scene right now as well as our friends in ID who are not only a killer band but a well rounded group of musicians and are tight as fuck. Another band called Cheesegrater Masturbation based out of my hometown of San Antonio, Texas need to be heard. It’s some sick grind shit and those guys will be out on the road later this year so be on the lookout. Another sick grind band from San Antonio would be Vaginal Bear Trap who have been out here for quite some time tearing it up in the Texas scene. Flesh Hoarder just jammed with another band here in San Antonio the other day called Slaughterwitch who put on a fucking killer old school death metal set. So be on the lookout for them. Have some other San Antonio homies in Horrific Visions and Defiled Crypt keeping it fucking sick down here as well as my buds in Chaotic End. If you’re in the mood for some psychedelic stoned to the fucking bone doom then you should definitely check out a band called Cursus who are a killer fuckin' two piece And last but not least my good friends in HOD who’ve been keeping the blackened death metal alive and well here in good ole San Antonio. So go find their Facebook pages and give them a listen and if you like what you hear click that like button.

13. Besides bands are there any honest, reliable labels and distros you could recommend to the readers?

Our label Comatose Music, also be sure to check out Sevared Records, Ossuary Industries, and Hell’s Headbanger Records.

14. When not working on new music or band business what do you like to do in your free time?

Buying and listening to more death/black metal from bands I love to listen to with the occasional doom and gloom here and there. Finding new and more obscure bands to rot my mind with and collecting old vintage death metal shirts. Going to shows and supporting. I'm a freak when it comes to those kinds of things. Been a big gamer and have been into playing all the Call of Duty series for quite some time. Oh and Grand Theft fuckin' Auto! Perfect for when you’ve had a shit day for sure.

15. Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final words for the readers?

Thanks for the taking the time to give this a read and obviously you are a supporter of the underground if your read up to this point and for that I salute you. Cheers!

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Interview with Cardiac Arrest done by Patrick posted on 3-16-18

Interview with Adam Scott guitarist and vocalist for Cardiac Arrest done by Patrick

1. Hello Adam, how are you doing this week? Please introduce yourself to the readers.

Doing alright, Patrick. Just relaxing after a long day and rocking to Thin Lizzy. I perform guitar and lead vocal duties in the band and aspiring mass murder during the day depending on who I come across

2. When did you first get the idea to start the band and how did you choose Cardiac Arrest for the name of the band?

When we thought about a name just some odd twenty years ago. It was a matter of what seems cool and not taken, haha. Went starting out too it was also a case of finding friends with the common interest in Metal. As well as ones that actually wanted to actually PLAY the music.

3. Cardiac Arrest will be releasing their sixth full-length, “A Parallel Dimension Of Despair”, through the mighty Memento Mori. How did you and the band come in contact with this label?
I knew Raul at Memento Mori and had a handful of his other releases, so I was aware of them. When we were searching for a label for “A Parallel Dimension of Despair”, I let Raul hear some songs as an idea of what he would get. There was definitely interest. A lot of talking went on and then... Well, as the saying goes, the rest is history, haha.

4. How long did it take you and the band to write the music for the new release?

It takes some time usually, between playing shows on occasion and having to deal with work schedules that play a factor. Definitely doesn't get easier as you get older for sure. Plus, we took a little time to record some of these songs for a promo CD with shopping to labels being the purpose in mind. So I would say about a year and a half or so.

5. Adam, you handle the vocal duties for the band so I assume you write the lyrics for the music. What are some subjects you wrote about on “A Parallel Dimension Of Despair”?

Most of them, yes. “Rotting Creator” being the exception, which were lyrics that Tom (guitar) had from one of his old bands, Dogod. Here's a play by play with some of the songs. “When the Teeth Sink in” is inspired by the Italian gutmuncher Cannibal Apocalypse. “Immoral and Absurd” is a salute to fans of Metal and horror alike. Both go together like milk and cookies, and both seem to get the 'stink eye’ from most society. “It Takes Form” was inspired by John Carpenter's The Thing. “Professional Victim” is simply poking fun at today's PC culture. It has no place in metal and NEVER has!

6. Besides the upcoming release, does the band have any other merchandise available for the readers?

If yes, what is available and where can the readers buy it? Yes. I could go on about what we have all together, but people can order CD’s, vinyl, t-shirts, etc at

7. In your opinión, what is the best and worst thing about the underground scene today? And what does underground Metal mean to you?

Hard to say what is best. The hunger out of those sort of bands maybe. Worst, like most walks  of life, it has its phonies. That talk the talk and don't walk the walk. Wait a minute... I think I also just answered the second part of the question as well, haha.

8. I know Cardiac Arrest has played many shows over the years. What were some of your most memorable shows that the band has played? And who were some of the bands you shared the stage with?
Definitely a handful. Getting the chance to open up for Autopsy in Chicago in 2012 was beyond phenomenal. Montreal on tour with Enthroned and Destroyer 666 was was otherworldly. Most of the dates when we toured Europe with Nominon were a blast, and the ender was Neurotic Deathfest in the Netherlands, easily the most people we ever played to. Recently, we played out in San Antonio, Texas, for an event called Winter Hell, with bands like Weaponizer, Nucleus and a plethora of others and it was just a flat out violent crowd. Texas knows how to do it up!!!

9. Are there any upcoming shows or tours planned in support of “A Parallel Dimension of Despair”? If yes, where will the band be playing and are there any plans to do an European tour?

Yes, a trek in Europe is in the Works, including being on the NRW Deathfest. Also playing with Nunslaughter in Chicago in May. Also a few other things we have in the works that aren't completely set up, but we have some plans on some good things!

10. Besides the upcoming release, I have read that Transcending Records will be releasing the debut, “Morgue Mutilations”, on vinyl? When did you first get the idea to re-release the debut on vinyl?

It is indeed out now. Well, “Morgue Mutilations” has been out of print for a number of years and long overdue for the vinyl treatment. So what better time to put it out? CD version will come out in due time as well.

11. Are there any plans to re-release the past Cardiac Arrest releases on vinyl soon?
No immediate plans at this time. But that is something we definitely want to do.

12. When you need to take a break from writing new music or band business, what do you like to do in your free time?

I like watching movies from time to time. Hit the gym. Of course collecting music. Or just flat out taking a fucking nap!

13. Thank you Adam for taking the time to fill this interview out. Do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thanks a bunch for the interview. For those reading, get “A Parallel Dimension of Despair”! Thanks for the continued support and hope to see if we come to a city near you!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Interview with Foul Body Autopsy done by Patrick posted on3-14-18

Interview with Tom R. vocalist and all instruments of Foul Body Autopsy done by Patrick

1.Hello Tom how is life going in the U.K this week? Please introduce yourself to the readers?

Hi, life in the U.K is ok at the moment, well other than the flu that’s going around and we had a lot of snow recently. (How English complaining about the weather already) anyway hello, readers I am Tom and I am the sole member of Foul Body Autopsy!

2. Tom you started Foul Body Autopsy in 2010 when did you first get the idea to start this band? And who would you say are Foul Body Autopsy's biggest influences?

Well, I was 17 at the time and still playing in local bands but I had been thinking about starting a solo project for a while. I think I ended up stumbling across a video of Putrid Pile playing obscene extreme and it made me think “that’s what I need to do” and the rest is history.

The influences are always changing at the moment I am on a massive Doom/Black Metal kick especially bands like Earth, Bell Witch, Grief, Sunn O))), Xasthur, & Wolves In The Throne Room. Also Cardiacs load of Cardiacs.

3.Tom I believe you are the sole member of the band did you plan to work as a one man band or would you like to find new musicians to make a full line-up?

Yes, I did plan to do Foul Body Autopsy as a one-man band, and as far as getting other musicians to play in the band? the answer is FUCK NO!

4.What do you feel is the easiest and hardest thing about being a one man band?

It’s all relative, being a one-man band is piss easy and extremely hard work all at the same time.

5.Foul Body Autopsy's second release This Machine Kills Zombies will be released soon. How long did it take you to write the music for the new release?

I think I started writing the album in July of 2016 and then finished it in December of 2017. So in total, it took about 17 months to write and record the album.

6.The lyrics are based on George A.Romerero's Day Of The Dead when did you get the idea to do a concept release?

I am a big fan of old school horror films and I have always been enamoured with George A. Romero’s work. Especially his original dead trilogy, the films always had a good amount of social commentary weaved within the overarching story. For example, Night Of The Living Dead explores civil unrest, cold war paranoia as well as class and race conflict. I remember the specific moment that I decided to make a Romero style concept album. I was sat in a studio with a friend while he was mixing one of his songs. I just happened to be checking my Email when I found an article with the title, "North Korean Ghost Ships Full Of Corpses Are Washing Up On Japanese Shores" and from that moment the concept was born!

7.I believe This Machine Kills Zombies is a digital release are there any plans to do a physical release soon?

From now on all my releases will be predominantly digital, I have a few reasons for this but the main reason is that people are not buying physical like they did years ago. So it’s a waste of money making physical in my mind.

8.Besides the new release are the bands previous EP.'S and debut full length still available to the readers to buy?

The debut full length is out of print but you can still get the Eps in physical format for now.

9.Other than George A.Romero do you enjoy watching any other horror movies? If yes what are some of your favourite horror movies?

Yes I do like a lot of horror movies I like to stick with old school horror though as I find new horror to just be jump scare crap. Or just got awful shit like Paranormal Craptivity

Some good movies are The Silence of the Lambs, Psycho, The Serpent And the Rainbow, The Evil Dead, Alien & Night Of The Creeps.

10.Who are some of your all-time favourite actresses and actors you enjoy watching? And other then George A.Romero who are some directors you enjoy watching?

I don't know what if I have favourite actors some of my favourite directors are. George Romero, John Carpenter, Wes Craven, Dario Argento, David Cronenberg & Tobe Hooper.

11.Besides working in Foul Body Autopsy do you currently work with any other bands or solo projects?If yes please tell the readers a little about them?

The only other band I play in is a Grindcore trio called Nagasaki birth defect and we have a few records out and a second album on the way.

12.What does underground metal mean to you?

Freedom to experiment musically without boundary’s.

13.Besides metal do you listen to any other forms of underground music if yes what genres do you listen to and who are some of your favorite bands and artists?

Well at the moment I am listening to a lot of minimalist and ambient music.

14.When not working on new music or band business what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Watching films, Watching boxsets,Finding new music,Reading Books,Cooking,Cycling,Yoga,Getting tattooed, Sleeping,

15.Thank you Tom for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final words for the readers?

Please checkout my music! Thanks for reading!

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Cardiac Arrest--A Parallel Dimension Of Despair cd {Memento Mori} posted on 3-14-18

Cardiac Arrest--A Parallel Dimension Of  Despair  cd {Memento Mori}

Chicago's own Cardiac Arrest return with their brand new full length A Parallel Dimension Of Despair the music is played with a  old school brutal death metal sound and feel.The drumming is done with a lot of skill  and well written and played drumming patterns.Mainly  played with  fast drumming patterns but the drummer  does slow to a more controlled mid paced range within some of the songs. The vocals are old school death metal growls  that fit Cardiac Arrest's style perfectly. The guitar work is done with some extremely tight and well written and performed  guitar sections.The guitars range from a mid paced heavy guitar sound to  a  all out assault  of fast and frenzied guitar patterns.If you are a fan of this great bands previous releases then be sure to  pick up a  copy of A Parallel Dimension Of Despair today.

                                                                Band   Contacts
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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Kingdom--Putrescent Remains Of The Dead Ground cd {Godz Ov War Prod.} posted on 3-11-18

Kingdom--Putrescent Remains Of The Dead Ground  cd {Godz Ov War Prod.}

Coming out of  Poland's mighty death metal scene is Kingdom who will be releasing their fourth full length.Putrescent Remains Of The Dead Ground is eight tracks of massive heavy death metal.The music is mainly played in the faster realm of death metal with some mid paced  sections mixed into the music.The guitars are played with speed and aggressive patterns and structures.The guitarist can write and perform some well written structures and even add some guitar solo's mixed into the music.The vocalist does a good mix of old school gruff death growls and some deeper death growls.
 This is Kingdom's best release to date so if you are a fan of Kingdom's previous releases then be sure to check out the newest release today.

                                                                              Label  Contacts

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Review done by Patrick of Hell's Coronation--Unholy Blades Of The Devil cd {Godz Ov War Prod.} posted on 3-3-18

Hell's  Coronation--Unholy  Blades Of The Devil  cd  {Godz Ov War Prod.}

Starting  the  release off with a short intro  the music does a good job of  blending black metal and doom together.The drums  are done  with alot of experience  and heavy mid paced  drumming patterns that are mainly played in the slow to a mid paced drum style.The vocals  are grim shrieks of despair  that  really  work  with Hell's Coronation's blend of doom and black metal.If you  are looking for a band that  blends a unique style of black and doom metal elements together then be sure to pick up a  copy of  Unholy Blades Of The Devil  today.

                                                                                 Label  Contacts

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Demonical--Chaos Manifesto cd {Agonia Records} review done by Patrick posted on 3-1-18

Demonical--Chaos  Manifesto  cd {Agonia Records}

Sweden's Demonical  return with their fifth  full length release to date.Chaos Manifesto features nine songs of  old school Swedish death metal while also adding some melodic elements with the music.The vocals are a mix of deep death growls  and some old school gruff  growls are used in a  few of the  songs.The guitarist can write and perform some well written and played  structures whether the guitars are chaotic and fast patterns or a more calm and mid paced.The guitarist  even adds some  well written and performed guitar solo's.The drums are played with hyperspeed drumming patterns and some slower mid tempo drums entertwined within the music.If you  are looking for a  great release of  solid well executed Swedish death metal with the bands own writing ability then do yourself a favor and pick up  a copy of  Chaos Manifesto  today.

                                                                        Label  Contacts