Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Winter Torment webzine is now on Minds..

Are you looking for a new site to promote your Band,Label,Zine or PR.Company? Then check out Minds it is similar to twitter and you can post as much as you want to,It is still pretty new but defintly has potential for underground genre's

Concilivm--The Veiled Engima cd {Dawning Septic Prod.} posted on 5-29-19

Concilivm--The Veiled Engima cd {Dawning Septic Prod.}
The Veiled Engima is the debut release from Chilean old school death metal band Concilivm.The debut release features six songs of raw and pure old school death metal greatness.The vocals are low death metal growls that really fit the bands musical style.The guitars are played with a lot of skill and intense power mainly played in the fast realm,The guitarist does slow to a more slower,mid paced range throughout a few of the songs even adding some well played and written solo's.The drums are played in the same vein with a lot of skill and experience going from an all out assault of fast drums to a more controlled mid paced pace. Concilivm play a great style of old school death metal with hints of old school black metal used in the guitars.

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Monday, May 13, 2019

Interview with Krypts done by Patrick posted on 5-13-19

Interview  with Krypts  done by Patrick

1.Hello how are things going in Finland this week with you and the band? Please introduce yourself to the readers?

I'manswering to these questions from the road through Germany, as we've been the past few weeks on tour with Jupiterian. It's been great a great trip with many good events and memories. We are a Finnish Death Doom Duumvirate from the South Finland.

2.Krypts was  started in 2008 what gave you all the idea to start this band?What is the current line up of the band?

Afterthe death of our previous project we wanted to follow the urge to play Death metal the way we felt right. Current line-up consists of 4 guys playing guitars, bass, vocals and drums.

3.Who would you say are the bands biggest influences?For the readers who have never heard Krypts  music how would you best describe the band's musicial style?

The main influence came from the early Finnish Death metal and we were drawn to the obscure and heavy sounds of that scene. It wasn't long after that the Doom metal became as influential, and from these elements we started to craft our own sound. We play dark,
atmospheric mixture of Death and Doom.

4.Cadaver Circulation is the band's newest release how long did it take the band to write the music for the new release? How long does it usually take the band to complete one song?

Especially the first and last song of the album dates back to 2014-2016. Everything else was written spontaneously until 2018 when we started the recording process. Sometimes a single song can take years to find its form, and sometimes it takes only few days.

5.Who usually handles writing the lyrics for the music and what are some topics written about on  Cadaver Circulation? Which usually  comes first the lyrics or the music?

Our vocalist writes the lyrics and concepts for each release. In Cadaver Circulation the album title binds the release together and in short I would say that it is about the frustration of being trapped to the cycles of nature. Usually it's the music and concepts that comes first, and in Cadavers we were first inspired visually by the forms that you find in nature and anatomy. Lyrics are then written according to each songs theme.

6.Has Krypts ever made a music video for any of their songs? If you had the opportunity to make a video for any of the songs off of Cadaver Circulation what song would you like to see made into a music video?

No.We are not fans of music videos and I doubt we are going to make one. We have no vision to make any of the albums songs into a music video.

7.Does Krypts play live very often or do you prefer working in the studio? What have been some of the bands most memorable shows over the years?

We play a handful of concerts a year. Currently we are on our second tour ever, but we prefer to play more selectively so that when we do it has more value for ourselves. Then again these tours have been the most memorable experiences, so every now and then we will do longer sets of concerts.

8.Are their any tours or shows planned  in support of the new release if yes where will the band be playing? Who are some bands you will be sharing the stage with?

As I've stated we are currently on a tour with Jupiterian (killer Doom orchestra from Brazil). First five shows we were also accompanied by Father Befouled and Encoffination from the U.S. (crushing live and cool guys!). Now we are heading to our last shows in Poland and The Netherlands after 10 days on the road. I have to say we don't play concerts to promote anything, as the concerts are separated from the releases.

9.Besides Krypts do you or any of the members  currently play in any other bands or solo projects?

Our guitarist plays in Devouring Star.

10.Besides the upcoming  Cadaver Circulation release are the bands previous releases still available for the readers to purchase? Besides physical releases does the band have any other merchandise currently available if yes what is available and where can the readers buy it?

Our records should be available from different distros, and you can always grab them from Dark Descent records webshop, Bandcamp and from our bigcartel (

11.What does Underground Metal mean to you?

Hard underground minerals.

12.Thank you  for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thanks for the interview. The music speaks more than words anyways, so check us out and let the music speak for itself. Cheers!