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Rigor Sardonicous--Ridenti Mortuus digital release{Self-Released} posted by Patrick on 11-26-18

Rigor Sardonicous--Ridenti Mortuus digital release{Self-Released}
New York's Rigor Sardonicous has been releasing bleak,funeral doom since the early 90's.Ridenti Mortuus is the bands newest ep.featuring four tracks of apocalyptic funeral doom.The vocals are very low and deep death metal growls and even some screams are used throughout the songs.The music is extremely slow and heavy with a raw sound and production but honestly the rawness adds to the bands sound.If you are a fan of true funeral doom that is extremely slow and bleak sounding then do yourself a favor  and be sure to check this band  out today.
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Interview with Dave Kibler vocals and guitarist of Lividity done by Patrick posted on 11-14-18

Interview with Dave Kibler vocals and guitarist of Lividity done by Patrick

1. Hello Dave how are things going with you this week? Please introduce yourself to the readers?

D- Everything is fucking great this week my friend! The new album campaign is at full force and street date set for November 30th! Exciting times since this is the first album in 9 years! We haven't been involved like this with promotions for quite some time... so this is a great week. Introduce myself? I am Dave Kibler, guitarist and screamer for the brutal porn grind band LIVIDITY. I am a neurotic psychopath!

2. Dave you started Lividity in 1993 as a one man band when did you first get the idea to start a band?

D- We have had the name LIVIDITY since 1993, which actually developed July 1993 at Milwaukee Metal Fest. Went home to Central Illinois and bought a drum machine, microphone and 4 track recorder. Started writing... I would imagine that 75% of your readers may not have pooped outta the womb yet. Hell, I wanted to be in a band as early as 8-9 years old when I was listening to Black Sabbath, AC/DC, ZZ Top... I would sit there with my head phones on every day and dream. Personal situations, school, girls, parents and whatever else I wanted to head butt made me always stay on the extreme side of music. Motorhead late 70's... Iron Maiden, Slayer and Venom early 80's... Napalm Death, Metallica, Megadeth mid 80's... THEN THE FUCKING 90'S HIT!!! Obituary, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Deicide!!!!!!! USA started getting wind of the Europe scene that was already ahead of us with bands like Carcass, Entombed, Carnage, Unleashed, Cancer, Hypocrisy... I had all this music in my head and influence from 3 decades... I had to do it! I had to get a band together!! I felt like I had something to contribute to the new and fresh sounds of the death metal scene! I wanted to make a band that would embrace energy and chaos! Like the bands I want to see!! Everyone can listen to the albums, but when you come to see Lividity, we want to make sure you get “The Show”

3. When did you first decide to add more members for a full line up? And what is the current line up of the band?

D- I was trying to acquire like minded metal heads to jam and form a band when I was doing the one man project. That wasn't easy in my area as death metal really wasn't in Champaign, Illinois yet... The ones that were able to play a little faster than the rest were all in thrash bands and playing already. So, I joined a kick ass thrash band called Section 8 in 1994. That proved to be the stepping stone to meet and mingle with the metal community and go out of town to play gigs and still talk the Lividity idea. Section 8 drummer, Tommy Davis, and I started jamming on the side with the Lividity project and my 4 track recorder. Once we were able to get a rough demo together that showcased some incredible emotion and energy, it was easier to get people on board. Section 8 and another local metal band, Desecration, split ways at the same time so Aaron and Matt joined Tommy and I. Then Rejoice In Morbidity 4 song EP poked it's stink fist right up out of the bowels of Champaign in 1996! The current line up of great brothers are Von Young- vocals / guitar, Garrett Scanlan- drums, Jake Lahniers- bass / vocals, Dave Kibler- guitar / screams. Garrett has played drums for CorpseVomit, Cumchrist, Evil Incarnate, Kommandant and more.. He currently drums with Sons Of Famine and Imperial Savagery. Garrett been with us since 2006. Von and Jake both played (guitars / bass) in Deaden. Von joined 2005 and Jake joined 2008. Jake played bass for The Vile Impurity and currently plays bass / vocals for Dead Shore.

4. Perverseverance is the bands seventh full length release how long did it take the band to write the music for the new release?How long does it usually take the band to complete one song?

D- We took all of 2017 to write the album. We didn't do any shows, only focus on writing this album. We entered Iron Hand Audio in Chicago October 2017 to start tracking. So it took a solid 8-10 months to put all the ideas together. Keep in mind though, all of us in the band live approximately 3 hours from each other every direction. We don't get the chance to jam with each other every day or even once a week. We write notes with riff patterns and beats on paper so we remember our shit. Everybody writes down the same ghetto notes and goes home with it to rehearse. If we lived in the same city or house we would probably write a song a week.

5. I know over the years that Lividity has played many shows around the world what have been some of your most memorable shows over the years?And who have been some of your most favorite bands to tour and share the stage with?

D- Give ya a few key shows / opportunities that are monuMETAL to me.

-First show ever as Lividity, in Champaign, Illinois August 5, 1995. with Dying Fetus & Deaden! We only had learned 4 short songs and was on and off the stage in 10 minutes. They were Graveyard Delicacy, The Urge To Splurge, Process Of Disembowelment and Feasting On Mankind. It was amazing! Crowd with broken finger, bloody lip, etc... battle wounds!

-First out of state gig was 10-11 hour trip to Moosic, Pennsylvania October 1996. Drogheda (US) was in relations with a club there, they had to cancel out of that and told the club they had a replacement, as Buddy and Dan had asked us... we booked it, made a road party out of it and opened for Grave (Swe), Insatanity and Ossuary! Brutal fucking show and being in the right spots at the right time... Opening these doors of opportunity.

-All of our appearances at Milwaukee Metal Fest every July!! By the 3rd one we did in ('98 or '99) we had evening slot and played the same time DRI (US) was playing across the hall. We had a packed room of 800 as all 3 other bands playing same time, different stages, had only hand fulls.. Powerful moment.

-All the Ohio Death Fest appearances with the greatest underground brutal death bands like Exhumed, Mortician, Vomit Remnants (Jap), Aborted (Bel), Regurgitation, Deaden, Internal Bleeding, Goat Whore, Repudilation, Disfigured, Dying Fetus and tons more!!

-The fucking killer show with Deicide, Peoria, Illinois December 5, 1998 with Deaden. Von was in Deaden at that time, he got us hooked up with that show! I have always been a huge Deicide fan from their beginning. That was an honor and a good spot to be in.
-First Europe mini tour June 1999 with Fleshless (Cz) and Sanatorium (Slk). Was brilliant. “Fetish For The Sick” had been out on Ablated Records (US) for a couple years. We purchased all arrangements for being in Europe! No label, no organizer... Just like setting up local shows haha. 8 shows total (Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia). We stayed in Decin, Cz. As home on off days and hiked the mountains, got to know the community. Very spiritual moment for me!

-2002, we were on Morbid Records (Ger) label with their 1st release by us, “Til Only The Sick Remains”. March 2003 we did a 4 week Europe tour with Master (US/Cz), Damnable (Pol) and Mastic Scum (A). That tour put us in a much larger realm of things to come. That was our first headlining coach liner tour. It was really special.

-May 2005, co-headlining Fuck The Commerce Fest (Ger) with Entombed on that Friday! Fucking honored and in front of 5000 metal heads!

-August 2008, Party.San Open Air (Ger) in front of 10,000 metal heads and we played right after the awesome Hail Of Bullets! A lot of people didn't know who we were. Fan base really took off from that point... and here we are... still talking about the great Lividity moments, but the list goes on with Bogota, Colombia (South America) @ Bogota Death Grind Fest 2009 with Bloodsoaked and 2016 with Gorgasm! Las Vegas Death Fest 2015 and 2018! More Europe tours with Lower Than Zero (Ger) 2015 and Dictated (NL) 2016! Festivals, tours, and the people!

6. As mentioned Lividity has had the chance to play around the world what have been some of your most favorite countries and places to play?Are their any countries that the band has not had the chance to play that you would like to play one day?

D- You heard a lot of it from last answer, as most of our Europe tours are consistent in the central area. Germany seems to always be home base because you can jump in and out of that country to get to the surrounding countries like Austria, Netherlands, Czeh Republic, Poland, Denmark... and always have a show in Germany. This is home 90% of the time, Places we want to play real bad are Australia, Japan, Spain, Indonesia, Brazil... just to name a few. Hell, I would like to play Los Angeles, California and Tampa,Florida here in the states.

7. Are their any tours or shows coming up in support of the new release Perverseverance? If yes where is the band playing and who will you be sharing the stage with?

D- We just played Full Terror Assault Open Air here in Illinois September 8 and Ontario Death Fest in Toronto,, Canada October 6. Our next adventure will be the “European Perversion Tour” May 10-26, 2019 with Sacrificial Slaughter (US), Devine Defilement (Iceland) and Bastard Asylum (US). Only confirmations we have received are two killer fests... Nice To Eat You Death Fest (Cz) and Rock The Hell Fest (Swiss). It will be a fucking sick ass tour! We just confirmed headlining Monterrey Death Fest in Monterrey, Mexico July 19-20, 2019!! Just confirmed Chicago Domination Fest August 8-10, 2019... The fests are a mega party... you can see the posters of all the sick and great acts that will be there.

8. Are the bands previous releases still available for the readers to buy Besides physical releases does the band have any other merchandise available if yes what is available and where can the readers buy it?

D- ALL previous studio releases are reissued now through Metal Age Productions (Slovakia). New sick covers, all with matching limited edition vinyl. Check them out at … contact us at and there is a photo album of all merch we have and the info to get it with descriptions. Let's get sick people!!

9. Dave i know you have been active in the Illinois brutal death metal scene since the early 90's. What are your thoughts on the scene in Illinois over the years?
D- Man, it was strong as fuck in the early and mid 90's. Even if you were a local band of any metal Iin the Champaign, Illinois area) people would travel to be at a show. I am pretty sure youtube fucked it all up for everybody these days... You don't have to leave your house to see a killer concert when you can see anybody you want perform on the computer!! I still enjoy it here now. Chicago has the killer scene and great bands run through there all the time and a lot of great metal bands to open and promote. Back in the day when we were all young it was heavy as fuck!! Bands like Waco Jesus, Slough, Fleshgrind, Oppressor, Canabyss, CorpseVomit, Deaden, Broken Hope, Asmodeus, Evil Incarnate, Macabre, Num Skull, Gorgasm, Avernus, Demented Ted, Syndrome and many more... The scene is strong, depending on who you are, and there are great bands today here like Imperial Savagery, Sons Of Famine, Dead Shore, Macabre (still), Broken Hope (again), Gorgasm (split in 2 – 3 states), Waco Jesus and a ton of the “new crew” of death metal. A lot of talent....

10. Who are your all-time favorite metal bands coming out of Illinois?And are theere any new bands you feel the readers should check out soon?

D- All the early 90's bands were my favorites... I really played the fuck out of my Fleshgrind demos! Deaden and Waco Jesus are favorites! Oppressor! Slough was the sickest!!

11. When you need to take a break from working on new music or band business what do you like to do in your free time?

D- Who's got free time!?? I like cooking food on the grill, drinking Icehouse Beer from Plank Road Brewery, favorite football team Pittsburgh Steelers, favorite baseball team St. Louis Cardinals, and I do all this while watching pornography!!

12. As mentioned Dave you have been active in the underground since the early 90's were you a big reader of fanzines back in the 90's? If yes what were your favorite fanzines to read?Are their any current fanzines that you read?
D- With today's computer age everything is more web zine now, which is cool for convenience and nice graphics, but I am partial to receiving a cut and tape xerox rag any day from a fan

giving their whole heart and soul into each word. I used to work on a zine called Dreaded zine issues 4-8 (RIP) 1995-1997 and had a blast! I did all reviews of music and some interviews with Evil Incarnate, Numskull, Fleshgind to name a few. Was with our past bassist, Mike “Papa” Smith. I really enjoyed Simbiotic Magazine (Sp), Flesh Salad Fanzine (Sp), Metal-Core zine (US), Sickness zine (US), War Torn zine (US) and so many more, but I will have to pull out the boxes! So Many magazines.. I still thumb through some of the old ones every once in while and still a great read!

13. What is your opinion of web-zines and are their any web-zines that you try to keep up with?

D- Web zines are cool. There is less leg work involved but has great graphics and bright colors. It is always convenient to check anything out on the computer. I haven't really kept up with them all... only the a few mostly the ones that find me more through interviews or reviews and find out they have a kick ass zine.

14. Thank you Dave for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final comments for the readers?

D- Hail b for taking the time to ask questions! Hope to cross your path in the near future!! Everyone get a hold of Metal Age Productions and get get your swag sickened!! Cheers!

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Godless-Swarm cd,digital {Self-Released} posted on 11-14-18

Godless-Swarm cd,digital {Self-Released}
Coming out of the ever growing scene in India is Godless with their brand new EP Swarm.Playing a form of aggressive and violent thrashing death metal insanity.The vocals are a mix of deeper death growls and some gruff screams that fit Godless's  style perfectly.The guitar work is done with extremly fast guitar patterns and some very well played solo's mixed into with the music.The guitarist is not all about speed and aggression as he does slow to a calmer mid paced range throughout the songs.If you are looking for a band that creates and plays relentless and aggressive form of thrashing death metal then do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Swarm today.
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Bane--Esoteric Formulae cd {Black Market Label} posted on 11-12-18

Bane--Esoteric Formulae  cd {Black Market Label}
Originally from Serbia Bane have now relocated to Canada.Esoteric Formule Is the bands third full length release featuring a intro and outro with eight well composed and performed songs.The music showcased on the new release is done with a lot of skill and experience within the writing.The guitars are played with both faster tempoed guitar but do slow to a more calmer,melodic guitar style.The vocals are a mix of raspy black metal screams and some deeper death metal growls.Each of the vocal styles fit perfectly with Bane's amazing writing ability.If you are a Bane's previous releases then defintly be sure to check out Esoteric Formulae when it is released.

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Interview with Dave Matrise vocalist and guitarist of Jungle Rot done by Patrick posted on 11-4-18

Interview with Dave Matrise vocalist,guitarist of Jungle Rot done by Patrick

1.Hello Dave how are things going with you this week? Please introduce yourself to the readers?

Hi, I’m doing well, I love the fall weather and this time of the year. Hello, my name is Dave Matrise and I play guitar and vocals for over 24 years for the band Jungle Rot.

2.When did you first start listening to rock and metal music? Who were some of the first bands and artists that you listened to?

When I was around 12 or 13 years old I saw Ted Nugent at a local county fair. I remember hearing the power of a concert for the first time. Also seeing a true master on the guitar and Ted’s work just hooked me right there. Soon after I started to find all the greats like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and so on.

3.Was it long before you discovered underground death metal and who were some of the early bands you listened to? Who are some current bands you enjoy listening to?

I found the underground in 1985. The first death metal show I went to was The Ultimate Revenge Tour with Venom, Slayer, and Exodus. From there on I dug deeper and deeper into the underground scene, until I found Kreator, the band that made me want to start playing guitar and to start up a band. I’ve been listening to Skeletal Remains as well as Necrot, two up and coming bands that carry the old school flag.

4.Dave i know you have been listening to death metal and metal in general since the early 90's.So i was curious did you do much tape trading back in the day? If yes what were some of your most prized releases?

I did, I miss those days a lot. I remember I couldn't wait to get home from school to check the mail box every day. It was like X-mas every day. I used to trade with all kinds of bands like Sacrifice, Suffocation, Hatebreed, and lots more when we were all starting out.

5.Were you a reader of fanzines back in the day as well? What do you felt made a good fanzine?

I was, I used to really like The Pit as well as S.O. D. mag. We did a lot of stuff with them back in the day. They both always kept up on all the current bands and were both hard working at what they do to get there name out there like us and I respected that for their hard work.

6.What are your all-time favorite fanzines that you read? Are there any current fanzines or web-zines that you try to keep up with?

I’d probably say metal maniacs because it was one of the biggest at the time around me and everyone wanted to be in it at the time. I haven't been reading too many fanzines anymore because they just aren't around much. I don’t do too much web stuff, so I’m missing out on somethings, I guess.

7.Dave you started Jungle Rot back in 1992 when did you first get the idea to start the band? And how did you choose Jungle Rot for the name of the band?

The name came from the original drummer. He was in school at the time and was taking a test in history class one day. On one of his test there was a multiple-choice question asking what the soldiers in war used to get on their feet while being in their boots too long in the swamps of the jungle. And the answer was jungle rot. He called a band practice that night and couldn't wait to tell everyone the name he had for the band. It stuck, and here we are today.

8.Who would you say are Jungle Rot's biggest influences? And how do you feel the band’s music has changed over the decades?

My influences would be bands like Sodom, Destruction, Celtic Frost, Obituary, Bolt Thrower and so on. These where the some of the first bands I discovered and made me who I am today as a musician. Without these bands in my earlier days, there would never have been a Jungle Rot if I did not find these bands, they gave me a direction to go in music.

9.The Self-Titled release is the bands ninth full length release how long did it take the band to write the music for the new release? How long does it take the band to complete one song?

We spent around 8 or 9 months writing the newest release. We really know what we are doing these days while writing new songs. It helps having so many releases out, for sure. I’ve been with Geoff and James now for almost 15 years. With all the history and time, we spent together over these years, we really know our style of music. It comes very natural for us to do it over all the time spent together. It usually takes a couple of times getting together to finish a few song. We just let the songs flow and try not to make them too hard to play and keep the basic structures to the songs.

10.I know on the new release their a cover of Kreator's classic song Terrible Certainty why did you guys decide to do a cover of this song? Do you play any other cover songs? Is there a song that you have not covered yet that you would like to on a future release?

It’s a song I’ve always wanted to do some day and the timing was right. I feel it helps give the album a throwback feels of the late 80's that I grew up on, but with a more of a modern twist to it. That’s what I was going for while we were recording the song. We have done many covers in the past like Slayer, Destruction, Hallows Eve, Carnivore, Sodom, DRI, and some others. I love playing cover songs of the bands I first found in the underground. I have so many songs I would love to cover some day if the timing is right. In a perfect world i would like to do an all cover release someday down the road before I hang it up.

11.I know over the years Jungle Rot has played many shows and tours around the world. What have been some of the bands most memorable shows over the years?

For me playing Brutal Assault Festival in Czech Republic. Playing in front of 10,000 metal heads and seeing all the people waving flags high in the air supporting us and their country was a beautiful thing and I will always remember. We have been invited back to perform once again in 2019.
And who have been some of your favorite bands to tour and share the stage with?

Some that first come to mind would be Obituary, Immolation, Havok, Deicide, and so many more. All these bands are some of the most down to earth guys I had the pleasure to tour with in my career. They all make it that much easier to be out there on the road for so many days at a time. And I thank them all for that because if you don’t know, the road can be painful at times.

12.Are there any tours planned for the rest of 2018 or early 2019? If yes where will the band be playing and who are some bands, you will be touring with?

We will start up touring again in the Spring of 2019. First up is Europe in April for a headline run alongside a young thrash band called Ultra Violence. Then we will return to Europe in the summer for a festival run including stops at Stonehenge Festival, Brutal Assault Festival, and more. Somewhere in between that we will sneak some North American shows here and there as well.

13.Are there any countries that Jungle Rot has not had the opportunity to play yet that you hope to play someday?

Russia has always been a dream of mine to play one day. I’d love to see their country.

14.How do you feel the underground scene has changed over the years? And what does underground metal mean to you?

I feel it’s always been the same with scene. It’s always up and down when it comes to touring. It really helps being on a good package, it goes a long way today. We also have the next generation of bands stepping up and doing a good job and keeping the flag flying high. Underground music to me is my life, my therapy, and my identity as a musician today.

15.When you need to take a break from working on new music or band business what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I’ m really into hunting, That’s my get away from it all.

16.Thank you Dave for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final words for the readers?

Thank you. Remember get out to a show and show some support. Try to buy some merch from the touring bands if you can. It goes along way.



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Interview with Voidhaven done by Patrick posted up on 11-3-18

Interview with Voidhaven done by Patrick

1.Hello how are things going in Germany this week? Please introduce yourself to the readers? Simon: Hi, things are quite well, thanks for asking and doing this interview with us. We are Voidhaven from Hamburg in northern Germany. We play Doom Metal and just released our first EP.

2.When did you first meet the other members of the band? And was it long before you all started Voidhaven?
Martin: I met the other guys first in 2007, when we were all playing in other bands and shared the stage for a few times. In 2012 I joined Crimson Swan. After the head of the band called it quits, the rest decided to continue with the material we had left. All we needed was a new guitarist, and so we contacted Phil, whom I know since 2004.
 Simon: I can't exactly say when I met all the other guys, but as Martin said we all used to play together in other bands and constellations before Voidhaven. And partly we were friends even before that. I think I know Marcos the longest. Hell, I'm just realizing I've been playing in various bands with him for almost 14 years now!

3.What is the current line up of the band? Who would you say are Voidhaven's biggest influences and for the readers who have never heard the band how would you best describe the music?
 Simon: Our line-up consists of Martin on drums, Jakob on Bass, Marcos on keys, Phil on guitar and myself on vocals and guitar. Our style can be described as Doom Metal with some Death Metal elements, complemented by calmer parts. Our own influences reach beyond that but I think if you care for bands like Saturnus, Swallow The Sun, Hamferd, Officium Triste, Evadne or our former band Crimson Swan, there's a good chance that you will like us too.

4.The debut self-titled EP is being released through Solitude Productions when did you and the band first come in contact with the label?
Martin: Solitude is a name in the international Doom scene, so of course we knew about their work. Ophis released their Withered Shades album on Solitude and we also had talks about a Crimson Swan release, so it was a natural decision to ask them.
Simon: Yep, if you listen to Doom you should come across Solitude at some point. Moreover some of us had good experiences working with them in the past, so we were glad when they were interested in teaming up again.

5.How long did it take the band to write to write the music  for the debut EP? Does the whole band take part in the writing process or does one member write everything?
 Martin: That’s actually not easy to say. The EP has two tracks of a larger repertoire which we started writing in 2015. After Phil joined, the material got changed a lot, for the better, and we actually spent some time to refine and polish the older ideas. The songwriting process is quite simple, usually we find some nice riffs in the rehearsal room, then Simon or Phil continue finding a simple song structure at home, the rest is added and expanded upon by the band together.
Simon: Martin summed it up pretty good, although the process does not always feel that easy. It often takes a good amount of time, discussing and rewriting until everyone is happy with the final result. But in the end it's mostly worth it.

6.Who usually handles writing the lyrics for the music and what are some subjects written about on the debut?
Phil: Usually Simon writes the majority of the lyrics. I only wrote lyrics for two songs so far, but by pure coincidence these two songs are the ones we picked for the EP. Simon added some lines, though. The topics differ widely. “Beyond the Bounds of Sleep” is about suicidal thoughts, while “The Floating Grave” is about a strange incident that happened here in Germany. A young woman disappeared. Later, it was found out, that she was seemingly abducted by a man. They were seen walking through the town and even though they met many people on the way, not once she tried to flee or cried for help. The last time she was seen, she stood beside him in a river. Presumably he drowned her, but it remains uncertain.

7.Has Voidhaven played very many live shows yet or do you prefer to  work in the studio? Who are some bands you have shared the stage  with?
Phil: Voidhaven did not play much live yet, we are just starting to make a stand in the livecircuit. But that does not mean we’re newbies, as most band-members have played quite a few shows with other bands before. Me for example, I played about 200 shows before I even joined this band and fortunately I had the honor to share the stage with most of the bands I always loved, from Skepticism to My Dying Bride to Samael etc. But since Voidhaven is just starting live-work, all that was with different bands of course. I prefer live work over studio work.
 Martin: I love playing live and we had some great experiences together on tour. Studio work is important too, because that is what stays with the audience.
Simon: I like playing live and working in the studio equally, but for different reasons. Live is about the fun of playing your songs for and interacting with the audience. In the studio you can polish the results of your creativity and fix them permanently, which (at least for me) is very satisfying.

8.Are their any upcoming shows or tours in support of the debut? If yes where will the band be playing?
Phil: No full tour, that’s for sure at the moment. For single shows, we will see what comes our way. Simon: Our personal environments do not leave room for real touring at the moment, but we hope to play some gigs in the not too distant future.

9.Has Voidhaven ever thought of making a video for any of the songs? If you had the opportunity to make a  video which song would you like to seen made into a video?
 Martin: I’d like to make videos in the future, we’ll see if that’s possible.
Simon: I agree, it would be nice, but it's not that high on our priority list so we did not put much thought into it yet. We have some songs though whose lyrics would make a pretty cool storyboard for something visual.

10.Has Voidhaven started working on new music for the next release or are you just working on promoting the debut? Have you all decided if the next release will be a full length or EP?
Phil: “Decided” is a too strong word, but it would not make that much sense to us to release a second EP right away. A full-length is very likely to come next.
Martin: The EP was a “Hello, here we are.” Now we want to show the world what we’re really up to. Simon: We already have some promising song-fragments and even two finished songs in the bank and will continue to write material for a full-length album. But there's no set date in our minds, when we want to finalize it. It's done when it's done, depending on how content we are with the material.

11.Voidhaven comes out of the German death,doom metal scene  what is your opinion of Germany's death doom scene?
 Phil: There is not much of a Death Doom scene here. Ahab, Ophis, Decembrance, Doomed… that’s about it. Sure, there are some more, and some of them are even pretty good, such as Gorleben, Opium Divan or Calliophis, but those bands are very underground and only rarely play live, especially when it comes to different countries. So even though there are some great Death Doom bands in Germany, you can not really talk of a scene going on. There is a bit more when it comes to traditional Doom.

12.Who are your all-time favorite German bands and are their any new bands you feel the readers should check out soon?
Simon: For all-time faves, I'm going with two total German-Metal classics and say Blind Guardian and Running Wild (only their respective mid-era releases though). As for newer bands, you should totally check out Cryptic Brood (rotten Death Metal with some doomy parts) and B.S.T. (a mix of Traditional Doom and Crowbar)
. Phil: Totenmond. One of the most brutal bands on earth! Like a tank storming your anus. Other german faves of mine: Sodom, Bethlehem, Forced To Decay, Dawn of Obliteration, Morbus, and the almost completely unknown but ultra-awesome L.Mynigwal
Martin: New bands? Check out 777.

13.Besides working in Voidhaven do you or any of the members currently play in any other bands or solo projects? If yes could you please tell the readers a little about them?
Martin: I play drums in a gothic rock band called Inmost Silence.
 Phil: I am still working full-time in Ophis. There is also a rumor that I am involved in a devious rotten little band called Fvneral Fvkk, but I am not further commenting on this, haha… I try to treat all bands I play in equally, but of course it is hard sometimes
Simon: As far as I'm concerned: “Yeah, what Phil said.”

14.When you need to take a break from working on new music or band business what do you like to do in your free time?
 Simon: I'm trying to spend as much of my free time as I can with my family and friends. While doing that, we often indulge in various sorts of gaming (online, board and card games, role-playing etc.). Moreover, I like to read, watch movies and series.
 Phil: My free time still goes into music, listening to records or going to concerts. I also love to spend time shooting friends in Nerf blaster battles. And my girlfriend needs a banging now and then, too. Martin: I like demonstrating Phil why drummers have the bigger guns. And I love dwelling in the more mystical realms of philosophy and spirituality.

15.Thank you for taking the time to fill  this interview out do you have any final comments for the readers?
 Simon: An obvious tip: Check out or EP, haha! And we are looking forward to hopefully meeting some of you readers on the road soon. Take care!

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