Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Cardiac Arrest--A Parallel Dimension Of Despair cd {Memento Mori} posted on 3-14-18

Cardiac Arrest--A Parallel Dimension Of  Despair  cd {Memento Mori}

Chicago's own Cardiac Arrest return with their brand new full length A Parallel Dimension Of Despair the music is played with a  old school brutal death metal sound and feel.The drumming is done with a lot of skill  and well written and played drumming patterns.Mainly  played with  fast drumming patterns but the drummer  does slow to a more controlled mid paced range within some of the songs. The vocals are old school death metal growls  that fit Cardiac Arrest's style perfectly. The guitar work is done with some extremely tight and well written and performed  guitar sections.The guitars range from a mid paced heavy guitar sound to  a  all out assault  of fast and frenzied guitar patterns.If you are a fan of this great bands previous releases then be sure to  pick up a  copy of A Parallel Dimension Of Despair today.

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