Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Interview with Phoenix&Dragon done by Anthony H. on 8-12-15

Here  is   a   new  interview  with  with  the  symphonic   power-metal  band  Phoenix and dragon coming  out  of  the  Phoenix,AZ  scene.This  is  the  first  interview  done  by   Anthony  H.{who  is  in the  band  Vorzug} so  hopefully  he  will  have  time  to  help  with  more   interviews  and  reviews  in  the  future.

Interview  with  Phoenix&Dragon  done  by   Anthony   H.

1.Introduce our readers to your band. Give us a quick pitch on who you are and what you do.

Hello, we are Phoenix & Dragon, a Symphonic Progressive Metal band hailing from Phoenix, AZ. Although mostly generally characterized as a spectator-oriented live band focused on skilled musicianship, this project also involves a highly ambitious conceptual saga and storytelling aspect, in the vein of Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

2.How long have you been together?

Guitarists Teddy Arunski and Chris Sack formed Phoenix & Dragon in 2005. After the addition of new members to form the first live lineup in 2008, the band has been playing shows and touring relentlessly since August of 2009.

3.What genre do you consider your music to be? And are genres important to you?

Being branded as Power Metal in the beginning of our career, the band is now a Symphonic Progressive Metal band with the addition of new members who have introduced a whole new spectrum of influences and playing styles.

We never think of a genre outcome during the writing process, and though the band has catered to a wide range of playing styles from Classical to New Age music to Heavy Metal, the group has molded a distinct and unique sound in the Progressive Metal genre.

4.Tell us about your latest release. What format? How many tracks? Where can we hear it/buy it?

Our latest release is a two-track demo CD called The Ghost Town Sessions. It is readily available for everyone to hear online at Reverbnation and Youtube, as well as our merch booths at shows. Fans can also order or request copies from us, and all of this can be found through our official website at

5.Who is in charge of booking for your band? Who handles administrative tasks? Do you have a manager?

The inner workings of the band have evolved through the years by necessity and by each members’ schedules and drastic, personal lifestyle changes. Delegated tasks have become very fluid and each and every one in the group have taken initiative in handling booking shows and contacting promoters and venues, including merchandise production and finances.

Jeff Cutler, CEO of Re-Axe Products ( has always been the band’s business coach and original manager. He has helped founded the band’s Operating Agreement and LLC, has occasionally helped and organize shows, and has helped the band develop the necessary skills to be self-sufficient as a business.

Our new acting field manager is Brian Byrnes. With years of experience handling live sound in different types of live gigs and settings and having been on the road with numerous touring bands, he has shown effectiveness in helping out with the band’s stage production and lights.

6.How many releases have you done? Where can our readers find them?

Phoenix & Dragon has had two releases so far: Of Myth & Metal (4-track EP), and The Ghost Town Sessions (2-track demo). Both releases are available through our website at and also through our live merchandise booths. Of Myth & Metal can be found on iTunes and Amazon and can also be ordered as a CD through our contact information on our website as well.

7.What are your thoughts on digital releases vs physical releases?

The band has never really settled on any preferences towards digital or physical releases. Seeing the pros and cons of both, we acknowledge the convenience factor of digital tracks as much as the value a lot of people place in collecting physical releases. We try to cater to both as best as for our releases within our resources.

8.What experience if any have you had with music piracy? Do you feel music should have a value? And if so what value do you place on it?

We have been lucky enough to not have been as much a victim of music piracy, mostly due to the fact that some of our released tracks have been readily available to listen to online, and song demos have been willfully given out to our fans during shows.

We believe that music should be a valued craft and that the same importance needs to be placed on it as much as other forms of work.

As New Age keyboardist, composer, and psychologist Yanni have put it, ‘music is a universal language.’ It breaks through barriers of different cultures around the world and have done so through countless periods of time. This makes music a priceless, precious gift to every human being.

9.What are your short, and long term plans for the band?

Realistic short-term goals at the moment include finishing our first full-length album to market to labels and press, while simultaneously getting local and non-local exposure through scheduled national shows and out-of-town shows.

Long term goals for the band include the generic getting as much promotion and presence out in the world as possible, cutting through different demographics, getting endorsements, getting a shot at worldwide distribution, playing known big festivals, and touring the world.

10.What have been some of the highlights thus far for Phoenix & Dragon?

Phoenix & Dragon are proud to have shared the stage with and met a few of our favorite greats including Symphony X, Queensryche, Fates Warning, to name a few.

Through the years, band has also formed solid Comraderies and connections with different local bands from different cities and states, especially noted after completing a 10-day Northwest U.S. Summer Tour in 2012.

Since playing shows in 2009, Phoenix & Dragon has made radio appearances and interviews at stations like KWSS, and with rock singer/vegas DJ Ron Keel, among others. The band has also circulated within online magazine articles and the Phoenix New Times.

11.What advice would you offer to new bands trying to break into the business?

Everyone has heard this before; Rock and roll aint easy. Glamour comes after all of the hardwork is done, and not before. Most importantly, do NOT get intimidated by what it takes to get where you want to be. Celebrate and value little victories, one little step at a time. Count every little chunk of productivity as a success.

It takes a lot of discipline and experience to have rock-solid patience that allows you to keep it together during hard times. Do this and you always win no matter what. But regardless, have fun and enjoy what you do. Lastly, live healthy. Get a lot of exercise and sleep, sleep, sleep.

12.What is your idea of success?

Success should be measurable, qualitative or quantitatively. Otherwise, it would be hard to recognize it when it happens. It requires setting very realistic goals, and an uncanny flexibility to stick to a plan as well as making adjustments in real time when necessary.

The end always justifies the means, and during desperate times, it is always human will that will prevail over unlimited resources.

13.Give us all of your links and add any final thoughts you would like to express to our readers.

Always put in that one extra inch of effort on whatever you do in life. And always find inspiration to move forward. The technology we have nowadays for musicians is easy to be taken for granted, so use it as a tool to find help and resources, and learn something new every day.