Tuesday, July 17, 2018

OmenFilth--Hymns Of Diabolical Treachery cassette {Eternal Darkness Rec.} posted on 7-17-18

OmenFilth--Hymns Of  Diabolical Treachery cassette {Eternal Darkness Rec.}
Coming out of the Philippines is OmenFilth who play a very well written and performed melodic black metal style.The music is written with a lot skill and experience mainly played in the mid paced range with some faster patterns entetwined within the music.The vocals are performed with old school grim black metal similar to the mid 90's black metal vocals.If you are  new to OmenFilth's music and enjoy old-school black metal with touches of melodic elements  then do yourself a favor and pick a copy of Hymns Of Diabolical Treachery today.

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