Wednesday, July 4, 2018

A.H.P--Farakt Hat Og Dod 12 Mlp{Avantgarde Music} posted on 7-4-18

A.H.P--Forakt Hat Og Dod 12 Mlp{Avantgarde Music}
A.H.P are a band that originally  started in Poland but relocated to Norway.Farakt Hat Og Dod is the newest EP.featuring one new song and a cover of the Burzum song Tomhet.Among The Dead is the new song which is  very unique combining ambient music with passages of fast black metal with some atmospheric elements entertwined within the music.The vocals are a mix of grim and gruff  vocals that do add some deeper growls and screams used throughtout the song.Side two is Tomhet the Burzum cover track to be completly honest i have never been a huge fan of Burzum's music.But the Tomhet cover does have some very good ambient passages that are played with alot of skill.
 I have heard a few A.H.P's  songs  but this is the first time hearing a full recording  and it is done with some very unique writing techniques and passages.So if you are familar with previous A.H.P recordings  then defintly do yourself a favor and pick a copy of Forakt Hat Og Dod today.And if you are a new listener to the band but enjoy  well written and performed ambient black metal  then do yourself a favor  and check this band out today.

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