Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Interview with Italy's VIII done by Patrick

Dark  Greetings
Here  is  a  new  Interview  with   Italy's  black metal  band  "VIII"   Who  recently   released  their  debut  cd  "Drakon"  through  the  mighty  U.S  label  Black  Plague  Records  so  definitely  pick  this  release  up  soon  and  be  sure  to  check  out   Black  Plague  Records  other  release's some  good  one's  out  now.

Interview  with  Drakone M   vocals,guitars and  bass   for  VIII done  by  Patrick

 1.Dark greetings  DrakoneM.  When  did  you  first  become  interested   in  playing  music? What  were  the first  instruments  you  learned to  play?

  Hi Patrick. I don’t remember exactly when I started  to play music, maybe when I was 13 or 14 years old I think…My first instruments has been my voice, ‘cause I started as vocalist in a black metal band. Anyway, the first instruments I played was an old Ibanez Gio guitar…it’s not bad to begin to play.

2.When  did  you  get  the  idea  to  form  VIII ? How  did  you  come  up  with  the  Name  for  the  band?

 The project, and the idea of the project too, was born in the last months of e.v. 2009. The name of the project change after the first demo…at the beginning the name was Division VIII, as “Division HATE” and not eight as number. But, when Mark joined the band in the summer 2012, the name changed in VIII, ‘cause more things was changed in the project. Primarily, the music became black metal whereas before it was more death metal oriented… but generally, it changed all the concept of the project so we decided to delete the word “Division”. VIII still means Hate, but it means much more things…as the number of the Death and much more. I don’t like to explain all the meanings…

3. DrakoneM.   you  recently  released  your  debut  cd  through Black  Plague Records  how  did  you  come  in  contact  with  Mike  and the  label?

 Before to spread the promo all around the world we had a pre-agreement with an Italian label, but their attitude with us was too “flabby” so I sent the promo to many different labels and Mike reply for first…his attitude was  strong and his terms were very clear and advantageous for us, so we decided to collaborate with Mike and Black Plague Records.

4.How  long  did  it  take  you  to  write  the  songs  for  the  new  cd?  Where  do  you  draw inspiration  for  the  lyrics?

  We wrote the songs for this new cd approximately between October 2012 and February 2013.
It’s too hard to say where I draw inspiration for the lyrics ‘cause I don’t have a single “book” to read or a single “window” when I look…broadly, the lyrics are focused to my personal point of view about my Individuality as Man, Soul and Nothing. The lyrics concern the religion, how humanity lives their belief, their fears and how I live these prospective…
I haven’t inserted the lyrics in the booklet ‘cause it’s too personal to be shared.

5.How  has  the  response   been  from the  fans?How  about  the  press?

  It’s too early to give an answer to this question…we are a new project with few years of activity so we haven’t  fans or people that followed us before. I hope the work will be appreciated and our name will be known in many places.  

6.i  know  you  have  a session  drummer Mark  who  plays  the drums for  the  band.But  have  you  ever thought of  adding more  musicians  for  live  shows  or  do you  prefer to  keep  this    a  studio  only  project?

  No no, I want to clarify that Mark is a member of the project. Mark is the official drummer and he wrote much riffs for the album. Mark is an VIII member as me. About the live shows, I don’t see VIII as a live project…VIII was born as a studio project and I thinks it will be forever a studio project ‘cause I don’t think we can repeat our musical proposal in live shows, primarily for the atmospheres and then ‘cause we would need much musicians and gears. I like to experiment when I compose music, to use more solution with guitars, vocals and especially with the effects so I don’t want chains that stop my creativity and a live show is a big chain.

7.If  you  could  work  with  any  musicians {past  or  present}  are  their  any that  you  would  like to  work with?

 Mh…I don’t know. 
I’d like to work with the Opera’s composers like Wagner, Chopin (who said Marcia Funebre?), Bach, Musorgskij, Beethoven and much more…yes undoubtedly!

8.DrakoneM. you  come  out  of  the  great country  of  Italy.What is  your  opinion  of  the  scene  in  Italy?

   I don’t think that Italy is a great country… Italy is the land of the sheep, a big flock of dumbass.
No, Italy is beautiful only for the tourists eheheh…anyway, we don’t have scene or something like this. There are much band yes, some of them are very good, others are shit…like in all the countries of this world.

9.Who  are  your  all-time  favorite  Italian bands? Are  their  any  new  bands you   feel  the  readers  should  check  out?

 I don’t have a single favorite Italian band but some favorite bands. I could say Aborym surely…also Spite Extreme Wings was a great band, that created a little scene in the past called B.M.I.A. with more nice bands (Janvs, Black Flame, Hiems and more)…just listen “Signvm Martiis” compilation. Another good band is Thee Maldoror Kollective, experimental black metal, with ebm elements…to conclude I say you to listen Urna, Sine Luce, Infamous, Progenie Terrestre Pura, Opera IX (the first album) and Inchiuvatu!!!!

10.What  does  black metal  mean  to  you?

   For me Black Metal is Music. But for me, Music is not a simple hobby to spend my time, rather it’s a column of my personality; with music, I carved my individuality and what I am today. So black metal is what push me to rebel when I was a little boy, black metal is the soundtrack of my evolution from man to “Differentiated Man” and black metal is an Opera that I still write every day, ‘cause black metal is a big part of mine.

11.Are you  currently  working  with  any  other  bands  or projects? If  yes  please  tell  the  readers  about  them.

 No, I haven’t any other band or project. 
In the past I was the guitarist of the black metal band Crowned in Thorns but know I want to focalize only to the VIII. 

12.You   handle  the  vocals for  the  band.When  did you  first  become  interested  in  Singing/screaming? Do  you  do  anything  special to  keep  your   throat/voice  healthy?

  I started my “career as a musician” as singer in a black metal band. I think it was in the 1998 and the voice was the only “instrument” that I had in those times, so this is way I become to sing. I haven’t a beautiful voice but now, for me, it’s ESSENTIAL to sing my lyrics ‘cause these are a basic component of why I make music… so I don’t want anyone to sing my words.  About keeping my voice healthy, I don’t do anything to preserve the throat. Usually I drink much Jack Daniels or Grappa before and during the recording sessions ‘cause these drinks keep my throat wet but gruff…some cigarettes help to do this work.

13.Who  are  some  of  your  influences/favorite  vocalist?

  Attila Csihar without any doubt! 
His voice is the most powerful and atmospheric of all the extreme music. I also like the voice of Mortuus of Marduk and Funeral Mist. 
I haven’t a vocalist that influence my style…I sing spontaneously, so I don’t spend the time to study the riffs and how I could sing these parts..

14.You   also  play   the  guitars  when  did you  become  interested  in  playing  the  guitar? Are  you  self taugh or  did you  take  lessons  when  first  learning?

Yes I’m self-taught. I started to play the guitar approximately in the 2001. I’ve always been interested to play guitar, since I was twelve years old, ‘cause I grew up listen Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Dissection, so, the guitar was the “star” of these bands…and I wanted to play like these guitarist.

15.Who  are  some  of  your  influences/favorite  gutiarists? Do  you   play  any  other   instruments?

  Yes, I play also the bass and the piano, but my instrument is the guitar. My favorite guitarist is Jimmy Hendrix…I love how he plays the guitar, so emotional and technical at the same time.  In metal music I love the style and the music of Jon Nodtveidt. He was a great musician and a genius with the guitar, his style was unmistakable…about influences, I take many ideas from various genres of music and musicians; I grew up playing metal music, but now I like to mix various styles to create something that I can define mine. Obviously, I haven’t conceived nothing, just I like to experience rather than focalize my style on a single influence.

16.Thank  you  Drakone M.  for  taking  the  time  to  do  this  interview  do  you   have  any  final  words  for  the  readers?

 Thank to you Patrick. Nothing to say, follow us through our official page: www.viiieight.wordpress.com  or facebook page: www.facebook.com/VIII.drakon ... or contact us for info, orders or for any other reason at this email: div_viii@tiscali.it
Greetings, thanks again

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