Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Interview with Doom:VS done by Patrick

Here  is  a  new  interview   with   Johan  Ericson   of Doom  :VS  {He  is  also  part of  the  great  death/doom,gothic  band Draconian}   if  you  enjoy  deathdoom  metal  with  some  atmosphere  then  definitely  check  out  Doom  :VS  new  cd   "Earthless"  through  Solitude  Productions.

Interview  with  Johan  Ericson   vocals  and  all instruments  for  Doom:VS   done  by   Patrick

1.Hello Johan   how  is  life  in Sweden  these  days? Please  introduce  yourself  to  the  readers? 

The life here in Sweden is fine thanks, keeping busy. I'm Johan of DOOM:VS, DRACONIAN and various different projects.

2.What  gave  you the  idea  to  form  "Doom:vs? How did you  come up  with  the  band name?

I just wanted something I had total control of myself, everything from song writing, playing the instrument and production. The doom genre have always been close to my heart so it felt natural to continue with another doom laden project. The band name question is easiest the most common question and let me explain. The word Domus in Latin means big house. Adding another "o", big house of doom. Also you can interpret it as DOOM=US meaning humanity, ourselves. So the the U is written as a V like in the old days, and like Blue Öyster Cult.

 3.Have  you  ever  looked  for  more  members  to  join the  band or  do  you  prefer  working  alone?

 No, I thought about it cause there's been a lot of  live requests but at the moment I can't find the time so I'm just concentrating on creating music. So to answer the question, I will always be the only creative force of DOOM:VS.

 4. If  you  could  work  with  any musician's{past  or  present}  who  would  you  like to  work  with?

 I had Thomas AG Jensen from Saturnus as guest vocalist on the latest album so that's a bit of a dream come true. Always loved the music from Saturnus since I first heard them back in the mid 90's. I always wanted to do something with Mathias Lodmalm of Cemetery fame but that would be a whole other project I think.

5.How  did  you come  in  contact  with  the  great  label   Solitude  Productions?

After my previous label Firebox had to close down I was searching for an equal label with the same unique interest for doom music. And I think I found it. A label that doesn't  say what to do and just trust in your vision. 

6.Doom:VS  is  getting  ready  to  release    the  new  cd  "Earthless"  how  long  did it  take   to  write  the  music for  the  songs  on  this  release?

  It didn't take that long to write the actual music. The time consumer on this one was the recording. To find time for each session. 

 7.Where  do  you   draw  inspiration  for  the  lyrics? What  are some  subjects you  write  about? 

Inspiration comes from life in general, the ups and downs, relations and death. The general  theme have always been loss and regrets, and the feeling of not belonging.

8. Doom:VS   comes  out of  the   Swedish underground,  what  is  your  opinion  of  Sweden's  metal  scene?

The metal scene in Sweden have always been great, good quality music and it  seems like the younger generation are keeping it alive by playing more old traditional  styles of metal. Everything from retro 70's rock/metal to old school death metal.

9.Who  are  your  all-time  favorite  Swedish  bands? Are  their  any  new  bands  you  feel  the  readers  should  watch  out  for?

 Tough question as I am a big music fan. Butt what inspired the most while growing up and formed me as a musician would be bands like, Candlemass, Cemetery, Edge of Sanity, Entombed, Katatonia, Bathory and Tiamat. The list could go on and on really. Can't think of any newer bands right away but my friend in Mammoth Storm are really making a fuzz with their doom,sludge, stoner style.

10.Johan  you  handle  the  clean  vocals  for  the  band  when  did you  first  become  interested  in  singing?

 When we grow up and just played around in the rehearsal we all took turns on singing so it have always felt kind of  natural. I don't sing much anymore, just on recordings and I wish I had time to learn to sing better. 

 11.Who  are  some  of  your   influences/favorite  vocalist? Do  you  do  anything  special  to  keep  your  throat/voice  healthy?

When it comes to growling I always liked singers Mikael Åkerfeldt, Dan Swanö and Paul Kuhr.. No health here, I don't smoke so that's it. 

 12.You  also  play  all  the  instruments  for Doom:vs   what  is  your   favorite  instrument  to  play?  Are  their  any  instruments  you  would  like  to  learn  someday?

 The guitar cause it feels the most natural these days. I started as a drummer and took piano lessons as a kid so I can fiddle around a bit and fool the average joe I guess, haha. I would like to master the violin, that would be cool.

13.Johan  you  also  do vocals  for  the  band  Draconian  is  Draconian  still active  or  is  Doom:VS  your  main  project  now?

 I only do back up vocals for DRACONIAN, and yes, we are very much active. We are finishing up pre-production for our 6th album right about now. DRACONIAN will always be the main band for me.

14.How  would  you   say  Doom:VS music  is   different  then   Draconian's? 

For me it's more personal cause I behind every note and breath. Also the music a bit slower and monotone driven. 

15.Thank  you  for  taking  the  time  to   fill  this  interview   out. Do  you   have  any  final  words for  the  readers?

Yes, I just would like to say that if you haven't picked up the new CD yet for various reasons the vinyl will be released July 20th via Wretched Records. So get over there and order it! Thanks for the interview Patrick!

To  order  a  copy  of  Doom:VS  new   cd  go  to  this  web-site 

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