Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Interview with immortal angelica done by patrick

well this time we have a interview with immortal angelica.the band is not as intense or violent sounding as some of our previous interviewed bands.but the band does show alot of metal heart,talent and above all original fans of female fronted atmospheric metal bands defintly will want to check out immortal angelica.
best regards,enjoy the zine!!
patrick and winter torment e-zine

Interview with Hanna guitarist, keyboardist for Immortal Angelica. Done by Patrick.

1. Hello Hanna how is your weekend going? Please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Hello there! Weekend is just about to begin and instead of relaxing I think I'm going to work and do some studies. At the moment my life is very hectic because I work, study at the university and try to compose some new material for the band. There is not too much time to calm down but I'm planning to start ashtanga yoga again to keep myself sane in the middle of this chaos.

2. When did you get the idea to form Immortal Angelica? What is the "current" line-up? For the readers who have never heard the band how would you describe the bands music?

Immortal Angelica was formed during the summer 2007 when the band had it's first gig coming up at an event called Casinorock. Me and Satu had composed some songs and it was time to find a full lineup to be able to perform. Jenni was found through an ad at a website where musicians can contact each other. After a couple of line-up changes the band found drummer Tuomas and guitarist Aki from the same website.

At the moment Tuomas is unfortunately moving to another town so he cannot continue with us. Our new drummer is called Niko and we will tell more about him in the near future.
As of writing Immortal Angelica consists of:

Jenni: vocals and bass, Satu: vocals and keyboard, Niko: drums, Aki: guitar...and me: keyboards and guitar (if another guitar is needed in some songs).

Music on our first demo is very melancholic, ethereal and melodic. Our new material has all these qualities but it will also contain some darker and stronger elements.

3. The debut demo "reminiscence" was just released. Are you and the other members happy with how the songs on the demo came out? Do you have a "personal" favorite song?

We are happy about the demo which is after all the first one for all of us. There are some things that could have been done better and differently but isn’t that how most of us musicians feel about our first releases?

In different occasions I find different songs on the demo the most appealing. But if I have to choose I think I’d say my favorite song is Ghoulish Siren because it’s the one I listen the most. It has so insanely appealing structure or actually it doesn’t have a structure at all since it was the first song I composed. I didn’t know anything about arrangement back then. Besides I like songs which are progressive and out of control.

4. How has the response been from the fans and the underground press?

The feedback we receive is very important for us because we haven’t been doing this for too long. People have given us tons of energy with their encouraging words and a feeling that our music has a place in this world. We’ve had very much attention from the UG webzines as well and all the reviews of our first demo have been surprisingly good.

5. When the band begins to rehearse/write new songs does the whole band take part in writing or do 1-2 members handle everything? How long does it usually take to complete a song?

Me and Satu compose by ourselves and write the lyrics. When we arrange the songs we usually talk about what kind of an atmosphere we are trying to create and what kind of a structure would make the song work best. This is also a phase where we are influenced by music, stories, films and all kinds of creations that we find attracting. We discuss with the band about which instruments could be used in which parts and what would be the best way to express a certain feeling.

Every element of the song evolves gradually so making this kind of a symphonic metal is a long and complex process and demands a lot from all the members of the band. I cannot say precisely how much time it takes to complete a song because so many factors affect that.

6. Who usually handles writing the lyrics? What are some topics/subjects the band writes about?

Me and Satu write the lyrics individually or together, it depends of the song. We also try to make words blend in well with the melodies. Varying emotions and ideas help us to produce lyrics. Making music is a very therapeutic way to process all kinds of things in life.

7. Does the band play live very often? If yes who are some bands you all have played with? Have you ever gotten to play/tour outside of Finland?

We’ve had so much changes and difficulties in this band that we haven’t been able to perform a lot yet. During the next summer we’ll try to have more gigs because at the moment it seems that we are getting our line-up together, finally.

8. If you could set-up a dream show/tour who are some bands you would love to tour/play with?

It would be awesome to tour with Nightwish. After reading several interviews of Tuomas Holopainen I feel we could come along pretty well and have a lot in common, for example a lot of listeners and thoughts.

9. You play guitar and also keys for the band. How long have you played these 2 instruments? Which one was the hardest instrument to learn? Which one did you find easiest?

I’ve been playing keyboards about five years if I remember correct. About guitar I don’t know because I’ve quit so many times and I never practice enough. At the moment I don’t play guitar at all because I have to concentrate on composing and learning new stuff with keyboards. I dream about piano lessons too.

I definitely learned to play keyboards better and faster but fingerstyle picking with acoustic guitar came also very naturally to me. Unfortunately I’ve never been able to use that skill with this band. Electric guitar has always been a very confusing instrument and I wish I would have taken some lessons from the beginning and believed more in myself. Now it’s too late and I have found my true love in piano.

10. Do you play any other instruments besides keys or guitars? If yes which ones?

Although I would really like to I don’t have time to mess around with other instruments right now. But I have to admit that I dream I could buy a cello one day and I’d like to play drums too. Fortunately I’ve learned to concentrate on something because you must do that if you start to play your instrument this late and want to make some real progress.

11. Do you or any of the other members of Immortal Angelica play in side-bands?

I don’t play in any other bands but our new drummer Niko has a band called Nemecic. You can check it out here:

12. The band comes from the Finnish scene. So I was interested what is your opinion of the metal/music scene in Finland?

Many famous metal bands come from our country which is full of talented and gutsy people. Even the smaller bands get a lot of attention here. Almost every night there is a metal gig somewhere in Finland so you get a lot of inspiration.

13. Who are some of your all-time Finnish bands? Are their any new bands you feel the readers should watch out for?

There are tons of stunning Finnish bands so this is a very tricky question. I’ll try to make my hot list very short and metallic because otherwise I’ll be writing this answer for hours. So let’s say...Children of Bodom, Nightwish, Mors Principium Est, Before The Dawn, Amorphis, CMX and Turmion Kätilöt.

14. Well Hanna thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview. Do you have any final words for our readers?

I wish you have some time to check out our band and keep an eye on us. I believe we are heading towards something precious so if you find this kind of music appealing you could come and join the good forces along our path.


to contact hanna and to check out some of the bands music go to their "official" myspace page.