Wednesday, May 7, 2014

interview with pest web-zine done by patrick

metal hails!!!
here is a new interview with a great romanian web-zine. adrian and his zine covers many styles of
extreme metal and sub-genres. so if you have not had the chance to do so after checking out the
interview i highly recomend it. their is something for ALL FANS Of metal!!!
also on a side-note he started this after the interview was conducted but adrian has started up
a "forum" on the pest webzine site to help promote obscure,underground bands,labels and zines
as well for bands i beliieve he is working on a section to help support and promote metal bands from all over the world so be sure to check out the pest web-zine and his myspace blogs for all
the latest updates/info.
best regards.
patrick and winter torment e-zine

interview with adrian editor of pest web-zine and owner of pest records.done by patrick

1.metal hails adrian!! how is your weekend been going? please tell the readers a little about yourself.
Greetings Patrick. Well, the weekend was ok so far, I was a lazy ass, just met with friends and had some wine, which will the the same activity this evening as well. Once in a while I like having such a weekend when I do nothing constructive, just chill.
What can I tell you about me, I'm just a metalhead from Romania, a fanatic of the underground movement, and I pretty much ignore the mainstream even if it's the ugliest form of extreme metal, if I consider it mainstream (because that's such a relative crossline) I loose inetrest. I'm the owner of PEST WEBZINE/RECORDS and vocalist in the Groovy Death Metal act LOUDRAGE. what age did you start listening to metal? who were some of the first metal bands you listened to?
I had my fist contact with metal (Metallica to be precise) when I was 11 and since then it all developed naturally, I started searching for any metal tape. First bands I had in my collection were Metallica, Megadeth, Sepultura, Morgoth, Asphyx, Exodus, Metal Church and Pantera.

3.was it long until you discovered the underground? who are some of your "current"favorite bands.
I don't remember. At 11 you don't do the difference and you really don't care. For us Romanians it was hard those times to get ahold of a dubbed or even re-dubbed metal tape, not to mention the original ones but I had some older friends that introduced me their tapes lists and found out sooo many names I had no clue about so curiosity won, I started to get into more and more obscure bands that had no polished sound but were kicking ass with their music alone. I have no current fave bands. Having a zine gives you the oportunity to meet new killer acts every week/month so my top is always changing. I can find something I like in abount 80% of the bands I listen.

4.when did you get the idea to create pest web-zine? how did you come up with name of the zine?
Pest Webzine was started in 2006, but since then it was on hold for about 2 years as I used to relay a lot on local collaborators that eventually left or stabbed me. The name comes from an old fanzine of mine called Tempest that had an extreme metal section called Pest, there's no special meaning behind the name, I just liked it and thought it was powerful enough for an extreme metal zine. Now I run it completely and I'm happy I found honest and serious collaborators as yourself that help me. This is the best "line-up" Pest Webzine had so far.

5.who have been some of your favorite bands to interview? if you had the chance to interview any band or label,zine{past or present} who are some you would love to interview?
To be honest I'm not a big fan of doing interviews so once again I have no faves, but I like people that delop a bit the question and don't answer with a simple 3 or 4 words statement, I like bands/labels/zines that are taking the interview oportunity to really promote their work and tell a bit more about them, without being boring, of course. I would love to interview Marc Grewe from Morgoth, also Illdisposed, whom I'll interview in the near future, Mortiis, Burzum, Asphyx, and many more.

6.if any band or label is reading this what styles of metal do you review/support? where can they send their material to?
Pest Webzine is supporting any form of extreme metal, except metalcore (which is a genre I don't understand, but don't blame it at all either). I'm opened for traditional (heavy) metal, doom, sludge, stoner, gothic, ambient, and other forms of music that have either balls or dark emotions/feelings in it. If anyone's interested in submitting promo stuff, I suggest you contact me on Myspace or email (, I do accept electronic submissions as well, but since I get about 100 materials / month I give priority to the physical materials because that's fair to the ones that are spending time/money/effort to send by snail mail. also have some great "writers"helpin you with pest. when did you decide to add more "writers"? please tell us a little about your "writers?
That's true, as pest Webzine is 100% English written it's easier for me to get honest/serious writers, and here are my great collaborators: you :), I guess you don't need any introduction to your writers, haha, Robert from Naturmacht Prod. (Germany), Laura, a good friend of mine, manager of a local Thrash/Death band called MG42, Maria, another good friend from Mexico, a girl that kicks your ass anytime when it comes to extreme metal, Ed Barnard, one of the most dedicated Doom Metal movevent followers I've ever had the chance to meet, M. from Germany's Dispersed Ashes, the big bad wolf when it comes to reviewing stuff, haha, Alrinack from France, a devoted UGBM follower and Blix from Norway, who's an ace in Brutal Death metal, just check out his Death Metal Vocals tutorial on Pest Webzine and you'll agree with me. More persons showed interest, and hopefully more will become a Pest ;)

8.are you currently looking for more new "writers" for pest or are you happy with how it is now? if you are looking for new "writers" what should a interested person do to be considered to be a part of pest web-zine?
Sure, i'm always looking for more collaborators as the material is plenty so if anyone thinks would like to be a Pest contact me. I'm looking for serious people, I don't have timelines and I don't expect anyone to have a background as long as they know about what they are writing, this is a zine made by fans for fans and I intend to keep it that way. Extreme metal magazines that say they have only professionals they should show us a University specialised in this. The "professional" level is only given by experience, and a fan could have much more experience than a kid writing at a major magazine, that's all. many hours a day/week would you say you work on the web-zine? what do you think is the hardest part about doing a web-zine? what is the easiest?
I'm spending a lot of time on Pest Webzine, I'm always looking to improve it, to make it more how I would like it. There is no easiest or hardest part in it when it's your passion. I know it sound cheesy, but that's how it is in my case. And the reward comes everyday when I open my mailbox or the website statistics. To see more and more people are accessing everyday it's a great feeling. pest web-zine your first web-zine? if no please tell us about your past web/fanzines?
As I mentioned in one of my previous answers, before Pest, I had a fanzine (that after 4 issues went webzine) called Tempest that was dealing with all sorts of rock genres, but that was just not my thing, so I decided to do the Pest. Before that I had a fanzine in 1999 called Underground Chronicles (2 issues out) and another one in 2001 called Ardeal (2 or 3 issues).

11.are you currently working/playing with any bands or solo projects? if yes please tell the readers about them.
Yes, I'm the vocalist in LOUDRAGE. We're around since 2005, have released a Split-DVD (with US based Old-School Thrash death act Rictus Grin), "Groovy Dracula Tour" in 2007, and an EP called "Rage Unleashed" in 2008. The EP sold out its 300 copies, but it's still available for free download from or It's a Groovy Death Metal band that reviewers have labeled a mix of Six Feet Under and Grave. Also I'm starting a new project called GoreBoar that will follow the Old-School Death Metal path. come out of the great country of i was curious what is your opinion of the metal scene in romania? who are some of your all-time favorite romanian bands? are their any new up and coming bands you think the readers should watch out for?
I like a lot the Romanian metal scene, but that's most probably because I'm a patriot. I think it has a huge potential, it only needs a bit more balls because the bands inhere were just used to compete with each other and think they were not worthy of the "West". Now some of them are kickin' it hard (just to mention a few: Negura Bunget, Magica, Necrovile, Satanochio) and signed to established labels, so things are moving in a good direction. Old Romanian bands I liked: Grimegod, Disinter, Gothic, Altar. also run/own pest records. when did you decide to expand pest to be a record label? are you happy with how things are moving so far?
I've decided to do Pest Records for the release of the Rictus Grin / Loudrage split DVD in 2007, but had a rough 2008 year financially so I had to put a hold on it. It was a tough decision as I was getting close to release two awesome bands, but that was something I had to do.
This year I've decided to refresh it so I have signed 4 bands for 2 Split CDs I'll release in 2010. I'm happy that I can do this again and that I can afford it, so I'm confident this new beginning will be for good and I'll do it better.

14.please give us some information your current releases? do you have new releases coming out soon the readers should watch out for?
I have no old releases still available, but here are the two I'm working on at this moment:
- January 2010 - Split CD between Spanish Death Grind veterans UNDERNOISE and Italian Old-School Death Metal SLOWLY SUFFERING. This one will be released in CDr with DVD cover & case, and it will be a killer one for all underground death/grind followers that are looking for brutality and dark, cavernous feelings;
- May 2010 - Split CD between Australian Drunkken Black Metal band ALTARS OF SIN and Serbian Old-School Thrash Black Metal one-man-band ANCIENT SORROW. It will be released again in CDr with DVD cover & case, which is a format I like a lot, and will be a great offering for fans of dirty, old-school Black Metal.
Check the bands on Pest Records' Myspace profile ( or on the website (

15.well my friend thank you for taking the time to fill out this you have any final comments for the readers?
Thanks a lot for giving me the oportunity to present my work to Winter Torment's readers, Patrick, it was a pleasure answering your questions, and if any of your readers reached this last question without being bored to tears, I would suggest them to check out:
Thanks again Patrick, keep up this great work you do supporting underground, there are so many cool people in it and you're definitely one of them. Now I'll have a glass of wine in your honour. Cheers.
Best regards,