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New reviews for 2-28-11

thank you for taking the time to read our latest blog of reviews. we have a little bit of most dark genres this time around so hopefully you will find something that is your main style of metal.
also i would like welcome and introduce our newest "writer" rastako {who some might know from the serbian dark ambient band shadowdream} i am extremly thankful for his reviews and help with winter torment.i hope to have alot more reviews and possibly interviews from rastako in the near future.
thanks to all for supporting winter torment web-zine!! you all rule.
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acid witch--stoned cd {hells headbangers rec.}
{reviewed by patrick}
this band has been making quite a name for themselves the last year or so and heard nothing but good things so i was excited to get this promo.acid witch are a two-man band from the u.s playing a very strange mixture of traditional doom,mixed with old-school heavy metal and some horror-movie soundtrack type know you are probably scratching your head. well you would not think these very different genres could work together but acid witch make it happen and sounds good! the guitars are upbeat and rockin with some catchy riffs or slow crushing doom-filled chords while the vocals are gruff growls with deeper growls mixed in.the band also has some really cool intro's and outro's used which give them the horror-metal style. i like the bands mix and use of the varied dark styles with the horror-atmosphere in the background.this is a band you will probably have to hear to decide for yourself but i would say fans of traditional doom,dark metal should enjoy this.
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black witchery--infero of the sacred destruction cd {hells headbangers rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
the u.s black/death metal legion black witchery return with a new be totally honest i have never been to big or followed this bands career so it's kinda hard to review this.infero of the sacred destruction is pretty simplistic and basic black metal with some brutal/violent d.m guitars and drums.the vocals are a little deeper for a gruff/growl for a death metal feel and sound.but the bands thin guitar chords defintly have the early 90's black metal feel and sound within them.if you are a fan of black witchery's previous releases then you know what to expect if you are new to the band and enjoy simplistic yet effective b.m you might enjoy this for me i am gonna keep checking out hells headbangers other quality black metal bands on their roster.
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cavus-fester and putrefy cd {listenable rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
cavus are a new force within the mighty finnish metal underground.fester and putrefy is the bands debut release.from the start the band wastes no time in unleashing the violent and destructive sound.the drummer blasts the listener into oblivion with powerful and non-stop blasts. the guitars are fierce cold razor-sharp riffs.while the music is the band has created is chaotic and violent it is also well structured and played flawlessly. the vocals are a mix of brutal demonic growls and some screams/screechs.cavus will defintly impress fans of barbaric blackend death metal.
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dimentianon--collapse the void cd {paragon records}{reviewed by patrick}
after a few years of silence new york's dimentianon have returned.collapse the void is dimentianon's 3rd masterpiece of blackend death with touches doom.mixing in elements of old-school swedish and u.s death with some darker,black metal guitars and atmospheres.
i can even here hints of some progressive guitars melded into dimentianon's new songs. before long-time fans get the wrong idea dimentianon is still as brutal,dark and original as ever. vocalist M.vocals have always been some of the best in my book how he melds the brutal growls and black metal screams into his own creative voice. collapse the void is defintly dimentianon's most complex,dark cd to date!! this will please both long-time and new fans of the band. so order this now!!
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Ghost - Opus eponymous cd {Rise Above}
{reviewed by rastako}

Swedish enigmatic band Ghost caught my attention several months before the release of their debut album, with their irresistible retro presentation, as well as the mystical veil which surrounds the entire line up. Although the „unknown creatures“ are relatively new to the underground scene (formed in 2008, in the city of Stockholm), the thing that they certainly do not lack is experience, and certainly a subtle marketing, let’s call them, tricks. Year 2010 brought their debut release titled „Opus Eponymous“.

The first thing a man will counter is the visual presentation of the band - a counterpoint to the mass religion, with the dark, but at the same time attractive aura. Hidden faces of these „dishonorable creatures“ with haunted, rotten „Pope“, attract interest and attention. Album art is in the manner of classic horror and giallo genre, but without any influences of stereotypes, let alone any kind of pathos. Add to it the themes of theological Satanism and you will get a coffin full of intrigues, one which must be open.

Passing on to the audio component, the first noticeable thing is consonant songs, exceptional melodies which are scratching the surface of the "forbidden", as far as metal is in question, realm of pop music, with very hypnotizing vocals and the omnipresent retro sound. Such cohesion in compositions is used in order to expanded darkness and Satanism to a broader range of people, unconnected with the dogma of Satanism, and, as the „Ghouls“ themselves say, in order to recruit new followers of Satan. On the other hand, such cohesion can cause a lot of clich├ęs, but members of the cult Ghost avoided this and they putted together a body of work without any trace of kitch. Music touches the early period of metal, and since the civilization has a tendency to live in the recollection, I would „classify“ it as a mixture of Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult and Mercyful Fate, of course, as a definition of style. The music is pleasant, memorable and listenable and has an exceptional atmosphere. The vocals, as the foreground of each composition, are dream-like with surreal surroundings. Guitars have a lot of fuzz, while bass has a groove tone which adds to the whole concept of retroactivity. Electric organs and Rhodes are used to represent subtle surface in the structure of songs, which closes the vicious circle of melodic and engaging sensibility of the material. From „Con Clavi, Con Dio“, through the irresistible „The Ritual“, the hymn-like „Satanic Prayer“, to the fearful „Death Knell“, band Ghost does not lose the initial idea and manages to maintain a complete whole, and you are drawn. as a recipient, inside their musical sphere.

Finally, I note the excellent production that sets it apart from loads of other bands, and that everyone can accept it, regardless of musical commitment and sensibility. Highly recommended.

inquisition-omnious doctrines of the perpetual mystical macrocosm cd {hells headbangers rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
i remember hearing a previous release from inquisition through hells headbangers and not being that impressed. well this is a new day and a new release! the new cd is 10 songs of dark,complex black metal.their are moments of fast,intense black metal with some very unique musical ideas. the vocals defintly stand out for me as they are mid-era immortal with some deeper vocal patterns in some parts.the music the band creates is extremly fast and intense but also slows down from time to time as to keep the listeners attention and doesnt get boring in the least.if the band keeps on this musicial path they are on i see big things for inquisition in 2011 and beyond!!! a must hear/have for fans of dark unique black metal!!
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Melechesh – The Epigenesis cd {Nuclear Blast}
{reviewed by rastako}

From the landscapes where cradle of civilization flourished, Mesopotamia, which was decorated with the magnificent Ziggurats, comes a new "sandstorm" in the form of new works of Sumerian thrashing black metalers Melechesh. Despite the fact that this band went through many difficulties offered by a modern "civilized" world, they have already survived nearly 20 years (formed in Jerusalem, way back in 1993) and they manage to produce, with each opus, a specific Metal sound, recognizable, intriguing and unique.

After five years of work and composing, Melechesh finally released opus titled „The Epigenesis“- one of the highest anticipated albums in 2010. The first thing that I hear is the progress of the band in every sense, as well as still an inherent unique conceptual approach and a great embodiment of their ideals into the music. Many tend to compare the new albums with the old (face the fact that modern civilization lies on the doctrine of reminiscence), therefore I avoid any comparison, because each album by Melechesh is an indigenous work. The amplitude of each composition is not decreasing, they all hold our attention, the pace is extremely colorful, with many influences of, of course, Middle Eastern melodies, which are used tastefully, as well as the influence of progressive rock, which just shows the progress of the band. Heavy riffs and eastern rhythms are ubiquitous, thus giving the "razorness" of the sand storms to the image, and they are accompanied by great vocal expression. Ashmedi’s virtuosity is apparent in the guitar parts, which bear an uncanny resemblance to jazz improvisations, while eclecticism is visible in acoustic compositions. The album is full of contrasts, from the devastating guitars, to guitars with dream-like overtones. My personal experience is that this album has no weaknesses - both in the compositional and in the executive part. Above all, the theme of ancient Sumeria and other areas of Mesopotamia complete this mystical journey.

Melechesh is a true oasis of Metal, refreshment of the everlasting copying syndrome. Album „The Epigenesis“visualizes distant landscapes, tart from the sand storms and the graceful civilization achievements in every detail. Balance of the Metal music crudeness and Middle Eastern inscrutability is in well adjusted balance .Because of its eclecticism, I highly recommend this album for all music admirers, not just fans of Metal.

sargeist-let the devil in cd {moribund rec.}
{reviewed by patrick}
i have been a "fan" of this finnish black metal horde since hearing their 2003 release "satanic black devotion".now with let the devil in the band continues on their dark quest to unleash sinister,cold,grim black metal that we have all come to know and love {or hate?} cold violent screams spew out blasphemies while the rest of the band creates raw,mid-paced black metal that fits perfectly with the demonic vocals.their is a dark-atmosphere within the music on let the devil.but i defintly would not consider sargeist a atmospheric band at all.this is by far sargeist's strongest and most impressive release to date.and should not be over-looked by any fans of quality black metal.
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svart crown--witnessing the fall cd {listenable rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
svart crown from france have released a powerful new release mixing in brutal death and some modern day black metal for a journey into a dark place of punishing drums,razor-sharp guitars and a combination of death growls and blackend screams.this band should please most fans of brutal blackend death.
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the eyes of a traitor--breathless cd {listenable rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
this is the bands second release and reading the bio it looks like most of the members of the band are fairly young{in their early 20's}which doesnt mean to much until you hear the complex music,riffs,solo's being played on "breathless".the band has a good mix of newer generation death metal,some technical guitar patterns and heavy,fast drums played with some precision and perfection.the vocals are ok brutal growls,screams and even some "clean" vocal lines. the eyes of a traitor have some good guitar playing but overall is not really my kind of death metal. fans of newer death metal might enjoy this though.
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the gardnerz--the system of nature cd {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
this is a fairly new band out of the legendary swedish metal scene. but the band has decided to try a differnt approach instead of the ultra-fast blasphemous black metal or raw brutal death metal style. the gardnerz has more of a slower/mid-paced almost death/doomish feel to their structures. the band does have some some somber atmospheres throughout some of the songs.the guitars have a heavy death metalish sound and feel with some well-written riffs and solo's.this is a band that is hard to catagorize on one hand i'd say they will appeal to most fast of early 90's death/doom bands but the band also has some expirmental ideas within their music. this is a band i think has potential and this is a good debut. but i would say listen to em on their myspace,web-site or some internet-radio show before you purchase.i am interested in hearing more from this band to see if they stick with the road they are on. or if they go full death/doom in future releases.
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the order of apollyon-the flesh cd {listenable records}{reviewed by patrick}
the order of apollyon feature ex-members of c.o.f and aborted so my interests were defintly peaked. well i guess my expectations were too high or something cause this is basic fast blackend death metal.a few of the songs are catchy but not really memorable at all. i would say pass this up and look for other brutal black/death bands from listenable that deserve your hard earned money and respect.
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