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interview with witchclan done by alex

here is a new interview done by my good friend alex {who is in the mighty old-black/war metal band abwerschlacht} the band is witchclan from the u.k and the main man behind the band has some great views regarding vinyl,cass.tapes,and the old-school metal scene in general. fans of old school blackend metal should check out witchclan for sure!!
keep the fires of metal burning eternally!
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interview with matt vocals,all instruments for witchclan. interview done by alex.

1) Hail Matt! Would you like to tell the readers how are you and what’s new with Witchclan?

Hello. I am good at the moment. The band at the moment is busy writing new material and re-writing some of the older material that was written in the early 90's.

2) Ok, so for the readers that are unfamiliar with the band can you give us some information about Witchclan? When did you form the band? What about past and present members? Have you any releases?

Witchclan was formed in 1990 under the name Crypt by founding member Peter Leathley who at the time handled both drums and vocals. The band at that point comprised of Peter and Sharad Anand on guitar. In 1991 they recruited Matt Baines on keyboards and changed the name to Curse. Later that year the band recorded a rehearsal demo and changed the name briefly to Hellgrind before changing the name to Witchclan. Matt Baines left the band and through 1992 Peter and Sharad wrote material and rehearsed.

I met Pete in 1993 and I joined the band as vocalist and we recorded and released two rehearsal demos that year, namely 'Echoes In The Dark' which had 2 tracks and an intro/outro and a one track tape called 'The 13th Enochian Key'. The tapes had very bad sound and only a few were made, these were mainly traded with bands and sent out to zines.

Come 1994 and Peter and Sharad had quit the band leaving me to find replacements. I recruited Dave Howell on bass, Jon Lee on guiter, James Pruden on lead guitar and Nick Parton on drums. Through 1994 into 1995 we rehearsed and wrote new material and recorded a 3 track demo on a 4-track but it was never released as the band folded in Spring of 1995.

I started Witchclan up again in Summer of 2009 and last year released the bands 3rd official demo 'Descend Into Darkness'. That is the history of Witchclan in a nutshell.

3) I know Witchclan were on a nearly twenty year hiatus, what brought this about and why the decision to come back in 2009? What was it that stopped the music in the first place?

Yes, there was a 17 year break between putting the band to rest and re-forming it as a solo project. Basically what happened was that in 1995 we were all still pretty young and wanted to do different things. I wanted to play straight Black Metal, James and Jon were more into Death Metal and Dave wanted to form a Punk band. We also had trouble with Nick our drummer, for the pure fact that he did not have the ability to play fast or keep time so our rehearsals were often very messy and there were times when only half the band would turn up. We just got pissed off with it and decided it wasn't worth doing it anymore. After we split, James and I tried out a couple of drummers but nothing worked out.

I was thinking about forming a new band in 2009 when my wife suggested that I resurrected Witchclan. The timing just felt right and I was ready for it but I said at the time that if it was going to work that it would be MY band and nobody elses, that's why I do Witchclan alone now.

4) I know you have a demo out at the moment, can you tell us a bit about that? Why is it limited and only on cassette? Have you ever given any thought to releasing it on CD or even vinyl to reach a wider audience? Can you also tell about some of the songs? Is there any history there with any of them?

Yes, the new demo was released on September 1st 2010 and is called 'Descend Into Darkness'. It's a 3 track affair with an intro and an outro, and was recorded in my own studio between October 2009 and August 2010. It was all new material I wrote in late 2009 apart from the track 'Holy Cunt' which is a re-recorded version of a song we originally did in 1993 and featured on the second rehearsal demo. The other two songs are 'Dawn Of The Serpent Kings' and 'Heaven Abhorred' and then the intro and outro were actually written and recorded by Peter Leathley, founder of the band who I stillkeep in touch with.

The overall sound of the demo was good and I was pleased with the end result. I had exclusive artwork done for the inlay by a great artist from Spain called Igor Merguza.

There were 200 copies available of the cassette but it's funny that you mention a CD because there is actually now a limited pressing on CD but it is limited to only 20 copies. I wanted to do it on CD because a few people asked for it and being that there are only 20 made I thought it would make a good piece for collectors in coming years.

5) How is the demo selling and what has been the feedback so far? Is there still a place today for music on cassette, do people appreciate this format?

The demo has sold pretty well so far. It had a real slow start and for weeks after the release date there were no sales at all but this seems to have picked up as the word of the band has got around. I also printed up about 100 flyers that are currently working their way around the trading and underground scene which I think has helped a lot.

As for music being on cassette format, I think there is still a good market out there for Metal on cassette. Cassettes seemed to die in the mid 90's but the format seems to have made a bit of a come back in recent years with a few good underground labels like Propaganda for example releasing on tape. I prefer the cassette format, it's compact, cheap and affordable and the sound quality is necro - like it's been recorded in some dark cave or something. Don't get me wrong, I love vinyl and I own a good few CDs too but for us old schoolers I think it holds a certain amount of nostalgia too so it's probably an age thing as well.

6) You’ve been involved in the BM scene for many years, how do you think things have changed since, say, the early nineties? It is much easier to access music nowadays, what with Myspace and Reverbnation and what do you think about these outlets, are they helping or hindering music?

In the early 90's it was strictly word of mouth. If you wanted to know about a band you had to hunt information down, not like today where everything is available at the click of a button. Back then you would be writing to people all over the world, trading tapes and ordering demos from the bands and then waiting weeks for the parcel to drop through your letterbox, stuffed with handfulls of paper flyers advertising their new demo or 7'' and a tape of badly produced but mind blowing music from bands most other people had never heard of. It was much more underground back then and I think that a lot of the magic has gone from the scene these days with all the internet and social netwok sites. Today you can type some album into a search engine and within minutes you can have it downloaded and be listening to it. This is not a good thing for the Underground becuase the music has become too disposable. Kids download bands releases and don't think that this is not supporting the actual bands, all they care about it getting something qucikly so they can put it on their fucking ipod. It is far better to BUY the music because apart from supporting the bands, you get the full package - the art, the lyrics, something to hold in your hands. For true Metallers and collectors this is the only way. On the other hand it's good today for recording with all the digital gadgets and it's also good to stay in contact with other bands easier.

7) Following from the previous question, is Black Metal still only for the ‘True’ or has it become too accessible to be considered underground anymore what with anybody able to download albums in seconds that it would have a lot longer to track down back in the day? Does the underground still exist as it did? If not, then what do you think about this situation?

The Underground exists but not in the way it used to. Black Metal has become commercialised and something you can go and buy in your local HMV store or on Amazon of all places! As I said before, I do not believe in downloading albums unless you actually plan on buying it in the near future as well. Downloading rare demos is another story though because if they are no longer evailable then I see no harm in this.

Black Metal stopped being truly underground in 1993 with all the things that happened in Norway because the amount of publicity it got. It was no longer a secret and it became more and more popular. These days you have bands like Cradle Of Filth, Satyricon and Dimmu Borgir who have brough Black Metal into the mainstream. Everything progresses and things rarely stay the same, it's the same with anything and I hold fond memories of Black Metal in the early 90's but it will never be the same and we could never go back to that time - too much has happened.

8) Back to you, what are your beliefs and how much of these beliefs are expressed by Witchclan’s music?

I express most of my beliefs in my lyrics. I am a misathropist and I detest most people, I have very little time for anybody at all unless they have expressed a specific interest in me or what I do. I hate Christians, I hate Jews, I hate Muslims, I hate anyone who thinks they are better than me because of their religion or circumstance. I hate the fact that my country has become overrun by ethnic minorities and that our identity as a race has been blurred. My lyrics reflect my beliefs but I also write lyrics with a fantasy theme, Holy Cunt is a prime example of this as it's about digging up a freshly deceased nun from her grave, defiling her corpse and then having sex with it before dismembering it.

9) Tell us about some of your influences, what bands are you listening to at the moment and can you give any recommendations of underground bands that you hold in high regard? What about other bands besides BM bands and what other kinds of music do you listen to?

Some of the BM bands I am listening to most at the moment are Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Waffen SS, Goatmoon, Thus Defiled and Aryan Terrorism.

As for influences, in the early early days it was bands like Bathory, Venom, Slayer and Possessed but today I would say it depends on what I am listening to at the time of writing new songs. I would say if you like early 90s BM that you will like Witchclan but I guess influences would be early Sodom, early Bathory, Beherit and so on.

Underground bands that I respect and would recommend are Abwerhschlacht, Demonic Cremator, Dolpamine, Revenge, Der, Necrowretch, Undead and so on.

As for other types of music, I mainly listen to Black Metal and Death Metal with a handful of Thrash and Doom bands thrown in there too but I do listen to other genres from time to time like RAC, Punk, and even some electronic music and 80's pop but I will not tolerate things like Rap and Hip Hop, Rn'B or any other type of that kind of music, it is pointless and meaningless therefore it has no appeal to me.

10) Is Witchclan your only musical output or have you any other bands you play with or have ever played with? Have you ever played live with Witchclan, if not, do you intend to do so?

I played in a Punk band called MEG once as vocalist and guitarist but other than that Witchclan has been the only band I have been in and I cannot see that changing any time soon. Witchclan will never play live, ever. It is soley a studio production band and that certainly will never change, especially as it is a solo project so unless I had a computer on stage to play the bass and drums it could never be possible as I will not allow anyone else in the band on a permanant basis. James the old lead guitarist is playing guitar on a couple of songs for the next demo but that's as far as it goes.

11) OK, simple question; CD or Vinyl and why?

Vinyl every time. I prefer the sound quality and I prefer having a large format in my hand. It is also far more collectable and goes up in value more than CDs.

12) What are the future plans for Witchclan? What is to be your next musical release? Will you ever make t-shirts/stickers/badges etc?

This year will see a split 7'' with Abwerhschlact which both parties are excited to be doing and there will also be a new demo by the end of the Summer if all goes to plan. As for t shirts, there will definitely be some made this year but currently there are not enough funds so this may have to wait until the Winter time. I would also like to say that there will be badges and patches available but I have not looked into the possibility of either of these yet. The best thing to do is to check the bands official website at for any updates regarding future plans and releases.

13) Thanks for the interview. The thirteen question is given over to you, my brother, so have your say!

Thanks for the interview. Make sure that if you haven't bought the demo yet to go onto the website and get it and remember to specify if you want cassette or CD. If there are no more CDs left you will be automatically sent a cassette. Support the true underground, don't download - buy directly from the bands, the more money the bands get the more they will have to fund future releases and keep the Metal Underground scene alive. Cheers.

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interview with spellcraft/ouija done by lady dany {new writer for W.torment}

here is a new interview with one of the most dedicated black-metallers around today and this is none other midgard who is vocalist for the occult/black metal band spellcraft and the black/thrash metalers ouija.
this is also the first of what i hope will be many new interviews from my good friend and total-black metal supporter daniela {aka lady dany!!!} thanks alot to you dany for the great help and joining the winter torment team!!
if you have not done so already please check out the interview with lady dany here on winter torment and be sure to check out her black metal-support sites address below.

best regards,
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Interview with Midgard, Vocalist on Spain´s legendary Black-Metal Heroes “OUIJA”and “SPELLCRAFT”! By Dany

Midgard, first thanks so much for the interview and for your time!!

1. The Release of OUIJA´s EP “Adversary” finally is done! How did you feel now? Are you relieved?

Really I'm very satisfied with the final result of this work, OUIJA was my former band, and I had a debt with myself, now this debt at the end is resolved.

2. How was the first response? By your personal environment, zine´s and fans?

The response of the public in general has been positive, we are also satisfied with it after a decade of silence; a lot of people still believe in our music, this the most important for us.

3. Dan Swano mastered the EP. How did the collaboration with him come about?

Javi Bastard our engineer of sound knew Dan so he got in touch with him, he accepted to work with us. They are two great professionals so the quality is guaranteed, the prestige of Dan is unquestionable

4. About the Lyrics: Do you write the lyrics all alone? And from where did you get the inspiration?

Yes, I write the lyrics and with them I want to transmit darkness, hate, war against Christianity and everything established, but I don't try sending any specific message, everyone must get their own meaning about my thoughts…

5. Do you write a song “spontaneously” or do you take a note of several words or phrases (or ideas) and “connect” all notes to a completely song later?

It depends sometimes I take words or one phrase and write about this...but other times I let my mind work; but with my lyrics I want to transmit darkness, hate, war against Christianity and everything established, but I don't try sending any specific message, everyone must get their own meaning about my thoughts..

6. On the new EP “Adversary” there is a song called “Yrasrevda” which is my favourite one. In my opinion a perfect Outro for the EP! Do you want to tell us the meaning of the word “Yrasrevda”?

Read this title from back to front and you'll find the meaning, ‘Yrasrevda’ is a instrumental song perhaps in the future is very possible we'll come back to use this formula, we have always liked this type of songs to create a special atmosphere.

7. You are the vocalist on OUIJA and SPELLCRAFT. Do you also play a instrument?

At the moment, I’m just the vocalist of both bands; I already have enough work with that hahaha...

8. You´ve got a very “dark touch” in your voice and it sounds really great! Did you have/had singing lessons? Do you make any special exercises for your voice?

Firstly my great secret to keep my voice healthy is to drink a lot Spanish red wine, just kidding; friend... there are no secrets only hard work . I like to mix several voices in our songs a lot, the final result is more atmospheric and dark.

9. Do you listen to other music in your free time very often? Do you collect cd´s/dvd´s? Which bands are your favourite ones?

I only listen to metal music; from old heavy, thrash, death to current black metal…we were influenced by bands like Dissection, Morbid Angel, Sacramentum, Slayer, Kreator, King Diamond and so on, it would be a neverending list…their sound and attitude always will be in my heart,but nowadays there are also great bands...generally speaking Metal music is still in a continuous evolution that makes this style great and different from all the rest. And of course like all true metal maniac, I have collected CDs, DVDs, fanzines since my childhood.

10. Do you and your band-mates have any special rituals before a gig?

There is no ritual, the adrenaline possesses my mind and body; you know something strong than this?

11. What did the fans await of a OUIJA- or SPELLCRAFT Gig? Do you have a special show? Maybe Pyros, fire or something?

First of all, you'll find only true metal of death in our gigs, we enjoy our new material a lot and we also want people to join us in our live concerts to get together a totally dark and at the same time aggressive atmosphere ; we will fuse our old songs with the new stuff so that our fans also enjoy our classic hymns. All of us together, will open the gate of hell hehehe...

12. What are your plans for 2011? Where the fans can see your bands live?

Currently we are working on new material for the next album, I hope that at the end of this year; we could record the new stuff. OUIJA is going to play a few times just in carefully chosen festivals. We are an underground band and this is the reality now, apart from that the future will speak, all successes will always be welcome; we aren't cynic about this…

13. Well, that’s the end of our interview! Thank you once again! I hope you like it and any last words to all the readers?

Thanks to you Dany for your great support always…Hails from the heart of Pyrenees.