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July-August 2013 reviews/interviews

Interview with Ensnared done by Patrick 8-18-13

Metal Hails!!
here is a great band from Swedish underground playing old-school eighties styled blackend metal with some death metal influences.A real gem within the underground scene and a band's musicial talent talent and love to the metal music it plays is evident on the band's self-titled MLp/MCD which was released by the great label Nuclear Winter Rec. fans of Old-school thrashing blackend death metal should defintly look for this band soon!!!
Metal Regards,

Interview with H.K guitarist for Ensnared done by Patrick

1.Metal hails H.K! Please introduce yourself to the readers.When did you
first start listening to metal?Who were some of the first bands you
listened to?Who are some of your "current" favorite bands?

Hello and thank you for this interview. I am the guitarist and
soon-to-be singer of Ensnared. I started to listen to metal when i was
about fourteen if i remember correctly. I mostly listened to bands like
Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Alice Cooper, ZZ Top, AC/DC etc at that Point,
as well as listening to punk.

I'd say that my favorite bands are Rainbow, Fields of the Nephilim and
The Rolling Stones.

2.When did you first become interested in playing the guitars?Are you
self taught or did you take lessons when you were younger?
Probably around the same time when i started to listen to Heavy
metal/rock 'n' roll, so about fourteens year of age. I took some lessons
here and there, but it didn't give me that much. I've taught myself
for the most part and learned from others in the band.

3.Who are some of your influences/favorite guitarists?Do you play any
other instruments?

All my influences cannot be named, since there are so many , and since i
cannot put any names on some of them, but if we speak in musical terms
i'd say Morbid Angel, Mayhem, Grotesque, Bathory, Necrovore and so
forth. This is what influenced me when i was younger, and the band was
younger as well. Today, i don't get influenced in the same way. I get
influenced by myself, by the rythms and ideas inside of me, and those
which come from the other members of the band. Our former guitarist DÖ
influenced me a lot, and so does the current members as well.

Another thing that influences me is the competition from really
good bands that are Active now as well.

I can manage to play drums and bass as well, but i'm not any good at it.

4.When did you and the other members of Ensnared first meet?What is the
current line up of the band?For the readers who have never heard the
band how would you describe Ensnared's music?

I met JK for the first time in 1991, when he was born, since he's my
brother. I can't remember when i first met AJ, because i was drunk when
i met him. The same goes for AE.

The line up of Ensnared is as follows: JK - drums, HK - guitars and
vocals, AJ - guitars, AE - bass.

I'd describe it as Death Metal, but i would rather tell them to listen
to Ensnared instead, since i Think our Music describes itself. Thus can
people make their own opinion on how we sound.

5.Ensnared has just released their debut MLp/Mcd through Nuclear Winter
Now Rec.How did the band come in contact with this great label?

It will be released the 6th of September, yes. I Think our former member
e-mailed Nuclear Winter, asking if he would release our first demo-tape
(this was in 2010) and he agreed to this proposition.

The cooperation bore fruit, and it continues to do so.

6.Did it take thee band long to write the songs for the MLp?Did the
whole band take part in the writing process or did one or two members
handle all the writing process?

Yes, it took a long time. Some of the songs has been worked on since
2010, but with other members. I wouldn't say that the whole band took
part in Writing the songs, but there's been a lot of

bandmembers involved in the Writing. The songs has passed Three line ups
of Ensnared, but most of the songs on the Mlp are written and
arranged by me, DÖ and JK. AE joined after the Mlp was recorded, so he
didn't have the possibility of having any input.

7.Which usually comes first for the new song the music or the lyrics?Who
usually writes the lyrics?What are some subjects the band write about?

Normally the Music comes first. Everyone contributes to the
lyrics in one way or Another i Think, but on the Mlp, the lyrics are
witten by me, JK and a person outside of the band.

The lyrics on the Mlp involves occultism, alchemy, Death, darkness and
doom. Personally, i like to write lyrics in a poetic and metaphorical

8.Ensnared come out of the legendary Swedish underground so I was
wondering what is your opinion of Sweden's metal scene?

I like some of the Swedish metal bands, but not a lot of them. I don't really
care that much either to be honest, so i don't really have any opinions
on the scene per se.

9.Who are your all-time favorite Swedish metal bands?Are their any new
metal bands you feel the readers should check out soon?

That's a difficult question to ponder upon, but I'd say that Bathory and
Grotesque are my favorite metal bands from Sweden.

Anyone who hasn't, should check out Irkallian Oracle.

10.What about fan or webzines are their any good Swedish zines you could
recommend?What are some of your favorite worldwide zines?

The best zine from Sweden is Tombs Zine. I don't have any favorite
zines other than Tombs Zine. I mostly read books.

11.In your opinion what is the best and the worst thing about the
underground today?And what does the term "Underground metal" mean to

The best thing about the underground is that the good bands leave it and
becomes recognised for what they truly are. The worst thing about it is
that it still exists, since underground for me personally means a bunch
of half-assed bands that stays in "The Underground" because their lack
of quality, Hence feeling a certain Connection towards eachother, and as
a selfdefence mechanism, accuse bands who leave it and become "big" of
being sellouts and posers. Underground metal to me means metal of poor

12.well H.k we have reached the end of the interview,thank you for
taking the time to fill this out.Do you have finaal comments for the

Thank you for the interview Patrick.

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Interview with Temple Of Void done by Patrick on 8-5-13

Metal Hails!
Here is a interview with a new death/doom band from the Detroit Michigian area if you enjoy heavy guitar doom with early nineties death metal influence then this is a band you MUST hear probably one of the best demo's I've heard in quite some time.
enjoy the interview and defintly take the time to check out and order some Merch you won't be disappointed!!!

Interview with Alex Awn guitarist for Temple Of Void done by Patrick

1.Hello Alex how is life treating you this week man?For the readers unfamiliar with Temple Of Void please give a brief history of the band.

This week is going pretty well. Bought some great new comics, bought a big machete, and rode my motorcycle. Can't complain!
Temple of Void started less than a year ago by me and Eric (the other guitarist). We met each other through Krav Maga and discussed playing music together for quite a while. It just never seemed to work out b/c of our workloads/schedules. Eventually things freed up for me and we started writing. We had a shared obsession for old school doom metal and knew that's what we had to do.
We hand-picked friends we thought could each contribute their own positive attributes to a band. Personality, skill, dedication, equipment; it all played a factor. We wanted five professional metal maniacs and that's what we got. So we honed our sound, crafted some songs, recorded a demo, and unleashed it on May 13th 2013. We've been funeral marching forward ever since...

2.What is the current line up for the band? How did you all come up with the name of the band?Does it have a special meaning to you all? For the readers who have not had the chance to hear Temple Of The Void's music how would you best describe it?

I play guitar. Eric plays guitar. Brent plays bass. Mike growls. And Jason beats his drums like a fucking caveman.
Eric planted the seed for the name. He was inspired by a line in Alan Moore's Watchmen comic. We kicked it around and after many a discussion we hadn't decided on anything. Eventually our friend Jay took Eric's seed and brought it to fruition. Temple of Void was born. We wanted something that could evolve. Something somewhat ambiguous. We're all into iconography and symbolism so the idea of a temple worked for us. There's a lot we can do with that. I think each of us can breathe our own life in the Void, and it's not something I really want to discuss. We all have a personal interpretation. Some truths are best left unsaid.

We play slow to mid-paced death/doom. It's a hybrid of old British doom and old school American death metal. Although Temple of Void is clearly a death/doom band, I don't think there's anything formulaic about us at all. We have an eclectic set of influences, we're all in our 30's and 40's and that comes through in the music. It's not a clone of anyone, but you can hear our heritage...

3.Temple Of Void just released their debut demo cassette "MMXIII"through Til You Fuckin Bleed rec.{Pol.} how did you guys come in contact with Bartuus and the label?How many copies were made up?Have you heard how well it's been selling?

We started by self-releasing the demo on CD format and download. Then Bartuus got a copy and offered to do a limited run of cassettes. So far I believe there are only 70 copies on cassette. We have 200 on cd. Then shortly after Bartuus's offer, we struck a deal with Yuriy from Archaic Sound. He's releasing the demo on digipac format with a bonus track previously unavailable. We're appreciative to have underground support from both these guys.

4.Does the band have any plans to release the demo on cd or possibly vinyl formats in the future or is the cassette the only way to hear your godly music at this time?Where can people buy your merchandise?

If you check you can snag it on cd. We have shirts, stickers, pins, cds, all kinds of ways for you to spend your money. We're only releasing items we'd be excited to own ourselves.

5.How has the response been from the press and the media regarding the debut demo?
Everyone seems to 'get it,' which is cool. We've gotten an exceptional response from the European underground, but I think the North American metalheads are picking up on it now, too. It's early days. The doom will spread.

6.How often does the band get to practice and work on new music?Have you guys started working on a follow-up release to the demo?Do you know if it will be a full-length or a e.p or have you guys decided on this?

We practice once a week. We have careers and shit. We're not 18 anymore. But everyone is really focusing hard on the Temple. It's an inspiring environment. Lots of forward momentum.

We signed a couple deals for our debut full-length. We'll be writing throughout most of 2013. Probably hit the studio in the winter. Drop something early 2014. We're doing the CD with Rain Without End Records and the vinyl with Saw Her Ghost Records. James (RWE) is a real cool dude from Canada. Very high expectations of his bands. I appreciate his attention to detail and his appreciation for art. He's not out to sign some shitty crab-core band and make a packet. He's got integrity. Mark (SHG) has been a supporter of the band since day one. He's from Detroit so it'll be great to have a local label helping us out. He's released some awesome Detroit bands like Supercontinent, Incisor and Beast in the Field. Again, he does cool vinyl layouts so it's a good fit for us.

7.When you do start working on a new song does the whole band take part in the writing process or does one or two members usually handle it all? Who usually handles the lyrics for the band what are some topics you all write about?

Typically Eric and I will start working on riffs together. We'll piggyback off each other's ideas. By the time we've hashed it out and the whole band has worked together it's truly a five-person collaboration. The band exists as a five-piece. No one person controls the output. It's all checks and balances. And it works because we all respect each other's opinions. If Brent disagrees with something or Mike thinks we should try this or that, we all listen and do what's best for the song. Jason might lay down a different beat that what I envisioned and his beat will be way cooler. We jam a lot, too. Eric writes his best riffs on the spot. I write my best riffs alone at home.

Mike writes all the lyrics. I told him I wanted a song about Conan so our first song was about Conan. Any song about Crom and the Hyborean Age rules right out the gate. The rest are culled from film and literature. Dark and ominous tales. Mike's a good story-teller. He can paint a vivid picture. He adds an element of fantasy and depth that none of us could have brought otherwise.

8.Does Temple Of Void get to play out live very much or do you guys prefer to work more in the studio?Who are some bands you guys have shared the stage with?

We just played our first two shows this month. We hand-picked our first show and put together a great line-up of Detroit metal. Konkeror, Writhing and Beast in the Field. It fucking ruled. Our second show was with Shitfucker and Mutant Supremacy from NYC.
I love being in the studio. We had a good vibe in the studio for the demo and it'll be ever better for the full-length this winter. Internal expectations are high. We don't do anything by half-measures.

9.If you had the opportunity to do a "dream" show/tour who are some bands{past or present} you would love to play with?

Fuck. I'd really want to play with some non-metal bands like Floyd and the Who...but I gotta keep it contextual. Master of Puppets era Metallica, with Don't Break the Oath era Mercyful Fate, and A Sun that Never Sets era Neurosis on one stage. We'd have Necros Christos, Bolt Thrower and AOQ era Cro-Mags on another stage. It'd be a big fucking event. Bad Brains might be playing in a tent with Streetcleaner era Godflesh. Who knows!

10.In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground today?And what does the term "underground metal" mean to you?

The best and worst aspects are two sides of the same coin. On the one hand you've got unbiased global support for metal that fucking rules no matter what. And on the other hand, you've got cliques whose taste is determined by scenesters and flavors of the month. Real recognizes real.

11.Temple Of Void comes out of the Detroit,MI area what is your opinion of your cities and states metal scene? who are some of your all-time favorite bands from Michicigan?Are their any news bands you feel the readers should check out soon?

Detroit's metal scene is blowing the fuck up. You've got Writhing, Konkeror and Saprogenic for starters. If you're into bands like Immolation and Deicide then check those three bands out. Then there's Isenblast, whose new material is more like old school Morbid Angel. Then there's Perversion, who do a great old school Sepultura/Sacrofago sound. Beast in the Field are a super heavy two-man stoner/satanic doom outfit. Drums and guitar. Pummeling. There's Acid Witch, who do a tripped-out stoner doom thing really well. There's Nuke, a new thrash band with elements of NWOBHM. Shitfucker and Reaper doing the more Venom meets Bathory style. There's a lot of quality metal coming out of the Detroit area. I'm sure I'm leaving out some other good bands from Detroit but there's a lot going on...

12.Are you ot any of the members of the band currently working with any side-bands or projects?If yes please tell the readers a little about them.

Jason does the MotorCity Troubadours. They're a great band that does Latin American music. Shit like Antonio Carlos Jobim and Ibrahim Ferrer. Super talented.

Eric does Knife. He just put out their debut EP. Totally sounds like Rollins Band meets Crobar. It's more on the rock tip, but it rules hard.

Mike does a lot. He just started a thrash band called Nuke. He's been doing Failed for years and they sound like an AmRep band. Or at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. They're harder to pin down. He plays in Acid Witch. He also does a couple cover bands called Steely Dan and Dark Avenger. The dude is busy as fuck.

I do Hellmouth. We've been around for five years and we're like Slayer meets Discharge meets Entombed. That's a lazy comparison, but basically we're a thrash band that blurs the line between thrash metal and thrash punk. The complete inverse of ToV.

13.Alex you play the guitars in the band,when did you start playing guitar?Are you self-taught or did you take lessons when you were younger?

I've been playing since I was about twelve of thirteen. A friend took me under her wing and taught me. I compensate for lack of virtuosity by copious headbanging and down-picking.

14..Who are some of your Influences/favorite guitarists?Do you play any other instruments other then the guitars?

I don't play any other instruments. My guitar influences probably aren't what you'd expect. But I think the groundwork was laid for me in the early 90's. You can't escape your past. Andy Cairns from Therapy? was probably a subconscious influence. I think Vic from Inside Out, too. Walter Schriefels from Gorilla Biscuits / Quicksand. John Porcelly from Judge. Unbroken. Gregor Mackintosh from Paradise Lost. Joey Z from Life of Agony. Old Sepultura. I think all that shit shaped how I play and how I think about rhythms, melodies and accents.
Chris Haskett from Rollins Band has got to be one of my all time favorite guitarists. If I could play like anyone, it'd be him. Brian Baker from Dag Nasty / Minor Threat / Bad Religion is another dude I've got mad respect for. They've both got signature sounds. Instantly recognizable.

15.Well Alex thanks a lot for taking the time to fill out this interview! do you have any final comments for the readers before we end the interview?

You're all doomed!

To contact or Listen Temple Of Void check out these "Official" sites.

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Interview with Uvikra done by Patrick 8-4-13

Metal Hails,
this is a new interview with Uvikra,Loikav handles all the music,instrument and voices. excellent muciancianship and voice. this is really well done for fans who enjoy blackend death metal.Loikaive is currently working on new music for the new Uvikra release coming soon! so keep an eye out.
regards and defintly check out this amazing band,and release.

1.Hello Loikav how is your week going?At what age did you first become interested in playing music?What was the first instrument you learned to play?What is your favorite and least favorite to play?

Hello Winter Torment, I'm doing fine.
I became interested in playing music at age 9, and my first instrument was the guitar shortly thereafter. My favorite instrument these days is drums, and the least favorite is vocals, but not that I dislike doing vocals.

2.Are their any instruments you have not learned how to play yet that you would like to learn to someday?

No, I think I got everything that I need covered.

3.You started Uvikra in 2009 when you started the band did you plan to keep the band a one man band or have you looked for other musicians to join?

I planned to be a one man band in the beginning. Later, I had ideas about getting others involved about two years ago, but then realized that it wouldn't work out. Now I'm certain that Uvikra will always remain a one man band, because that's just the nature of this project.

4.If you had the opportunity to work with any musicians{past or present} who are some musicians you would like to work with?

I don't know, I never imagine such situations.

5.Badgod Music recently re-released your second release "BI".How did you come in contact with the label?For the readers who have never heard Uvikra's music how would you best describe it?

I found the label by reading a couple of reviews on Dead Void Dreams zine in June 2012. Then I contacted Dave, and about two months later he was on board. But I actually discovered the label long before that, but then forgot about it and didn't recognize it. I read an interview with Trillion Red in late 2011 on this same zine because I had done an interview right before him, but when I listened to it, I figured that badGod would be more of a rock label, because Trillion Red's first EP was the only release back then, so I didn't bother with it.
I'd describe Uvikra's music as black metal on the first album, black/death on the follow-up EP "Patterns of Life", and progressive black/death on the last album "Bi". But the album I'm working on now is very different from any of that, so there's no consistent one genre to describe Uvikra's overall discography.

6.Have you had time to begin working on new songs for Uvikra's next release?Do you know if it will be a Mcd or full-length yet?Will BadGod Rec. release it or have you and the label discussed it?

Yes, I'm recording during this summer. It will be a full length. We'll see if badGod will release it or not. It depends on whether it's appropriate for the label, and whether there's demand for it.

7.Which usually comes first for you the music or the lyrics?What are some topics you write about.

Always the music. I write mainly about things that happen to me, about some relationships with other people, just personal stuff.

8.In your opinion what does the term "underground metal" mean to you?

Pretty much any extreme metal, or just bands who don't make a living off of it. Most metal is underground in general, few bands are actually mainstream.

9.Loikav you live in the great country of Lithuania what is the metal scene like in your area and country?

There are quite a few bands in Vilnius, but somehow I'm not very familiar with the scene.

10.Who are some of your all-time favorite Lithuanian bands?Are their any new bands you think the readers should check out soon?What about zines are their any good web/fanzines the readers should watch out for?

My all time favorites are Anubi and Regredior. Of the modern bands I like Life's Edge.
I'm not familiar with many zines. I guess the main site is

11.Are you currently working with any other bands or projects?If yes please tell the readers a little about them.

I do, but now during the summer vacation none of that is happening though. Those projects aren't very developed yet, so I don't really like talking about stuff which is still loose.

12.Well Loikav thanks a lot for taking the time to fill out this interview,do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thanks for the interview, and keep an eye out for the new album "Fulfill Thee" coming this fall.

To order a copy of the new Uvikra cd "BI" check out Bad God music's web-site here.

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Interview with D.J Hellpreacher Johnny of Merciless Onslaught&Pestilential Rites done by Patrick 7-28-13

Metal Hails!!
Here is a interview I have conducted with a guy from Texas d.j HellPreacher Johnny! who does the radio shows "Merciless Onslaught"{which is a mix of black,death,thrash and random styles} and a second show called "Pestilential Rites" {which is mainly supports old-school black metal!!!} both are excellent shows and can be heard on Brutal Existence Radio you can get the show times for the shows as well many other of BER'S shows at the BER web-site. {Link at bottom of interview!}
hope you all enjoy the interview,keep supporting the true warriors of the underground scene

1.Metal hails Johnny! thanks for taking the time to do this interview with me.How is life treating you in Texas? Please tell the readers little about yourself.

Hey Patrick, no problem glad to do an interview. Life in Texas is hot as fuck! but still fucking great. Well I'm HellPreacher from San Antonio. TX and I host 2 shows on Brutal Existence Radio and always looking for killer bands to play on them.

2.When did you first discover the music we all know and love known as metal? Was it long until you discovered the underground?

Damn discover wouldn't be the word cause my family kind of played lots of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate etc. etc. my whole life including lots of other non metal stuff as well but the metal was always there so I guess we can go with 8 years old when I first got an Unleashed in the East cassette from my uncle for my birthday. It took me awhile to dig deeper for other killer shit probably about 5 years or so. Think listening to a college radio show called Thursday Night Metal Show helped me with some bands.

3.Who were some of the first metal bands that you discovered? Who are some of your current favorite bands?

Hmm was already listening to the usual growing up like Deep Purple, Celtic Frost, Mercyful Fate, Venom, Metal Church, Motorhead so on and so on but out on my own venture searching for bands at local record shops I found bands like At War, Nuclear Assault, Satan, Hallows Eve and of course Sodom, Destruction & Kreator. As for current favorite bands just too many to list but here are a few: Witchaven, Ketzer, Power From Hell, Mongrel's Cross, Weaponizer, Whipstriker, Bestial Holocaust, Moon, Children of Technology man I could just keep listing bands but I'll stop there. People will have to just tune into my shows for more of my favorites.

4.I believe you told me this August will be the third year anniversary for your show "Merciless Onslaught" on Brutal Existence Radio. What gave you the idea to try your hand at being a radio dj?Is Merciless Onslaught your first show? How did you come across Brutal Existence Radio?

Yes you're correct, August 13 marks my 3rd year with Brutal Existence Radio and is my first ever show. Earlier I mentioned that Thursday Night Metal Show on KSYM (college radio) well at that time Tone Control was DJing and he played so much great bands, made me want to do the same and now I am but Jeff Wirth from the band Iniquitous is the one that helped with pushing me to do a show. He introduced me to Brutal Existence Radio in 2010 and said I should DJ for them, I was always promoting bands on my "Band of the Day" no one even heard of so doing the DJ thing would help spread the bands I liked to others that enjoy blasting killer metal at maximum volume. Didn't even listen to any online radio ever but BER just had me hooked with its awesomeness I had to do a show.

5.For the readers who have never had the chance to hear Merciless Onslaught yet what styles of metal do you mainly play on your show?

Anyone that hasn't heard my show yet I play almost every style of music either it be Black, Death, Thrash, Grind, Doom, Hardcore etc. etc. but mainly I play a lot of Black/Thrash Death & Thrash you know to give that true punch to the face a Merciless Onslaught haha!

6.Also on Merciless Onslaught you have a really cool segment where you pick a "classic" demo and play it in it's entirety when did you start doing this? How has the response been so far? Who are some bands you have featured so far?

Yeah just recently decided to do that segment on the Onslut, started on June 21st but did play some last year (Sextrash & Incubus). So far its been old demos but I will also be featuring new bands, already did Womanthrower but that was before the segment. It has been good response so far since some demos you can't find online anymore and listeners rare shit. As this demo feature continues the rarer the demos and EPs get. So far I've only featured Fleshgrind, Corpse Molestation, Vader, Hobbs' Angel of Death & Preacher

7.In your opinion what makes a good radio show? And what would you say are the easiest and the hardest things about running your radio shows?

Good radio show huh? um I wouldn't know since I have a shitty radio show but I guess it depends on what type of show you do, DJ probably has to be funny and interesting and talk about the band with info on tours new albums and whatnot be the news for the listeners that are too lazy to search haha! Easiest thing doing my show is waiting for it to start and hardest would be preparing and talking on air cause I really don't like to talk (yes I don't like talking but became a radio DJ){ha,ha Johnny I agree I Hate Talking as well so that's why I do zines-patrick this is why you get more music and less of me talking. oh also uploading the show is a bitch sometimes hahah!!

8.Would you have any advice for anyone who might be thinking of trying to start up their own radio show sometime soon?

Not really but only start a show if you want to really do a show cause I've seen so many shows come and go and I've only done this for 3 years, most couldn't do it every week and they just end up quitting oh yeah also have a big collection of music not just a couple albums everyone already has.

9.Besides Merciless Onslaught you have a second show dedicated to old-school,pure black metal "Pestilential Rites".When did you start up this show?How has the response been so far?

Yeah the second show lol Pestilential Rites is the Black Metal show I decided to do cause I wanted to play the long ass 15 minute songs I didn't want to play on the Onslaught and perfect time cause it was last year right before my 2nd year anniversary when it started it as a gift to myself (being a dumbass). Turns out people really love the show and I'm surprised they did cause I wasn't playing anything too special just some killer BM songs new and old. It has given the bands Moon & Torture Chain new fans as those two are the most requested besides USBM songs from Rubin (Blitzkrieg in the chat) who has been there for all the shows.

I like to point out that Pestilential Rites will have an end cause I write down my playlists in a 70 sheet notebook and decided once the notebook is full I would end it. Right now as I do this interview 30 pages remain. Oh yeah last episode will be a 12 hour Ritual so don't want to miss that.

10.If any bands or labels are reading this and are interested in possibly submitting promo's for air-play where can they send it?

bands and labels can send an email to me at

this also goes to anyone that wants links and playlists to my shows or info on bands I played

11.You live in the great state of Texas which has always had a great metal scene for both black and death metal scenes.But I was wondering what is your opinion of your states current metal scene?

Yep we have some of the most killer bands but usually always overlooked just like the old school Texas bands. Current metal scene in Texas is getting stronger with Houston putting out some of the most killer bands today, local shows seem to have a little less people than before cause of all their drama bullshit but hey less fun for you and more fun for me, also people should not get scared when a circle pit breaks out you fucking pussies. As I'm always told "Texas scene in the 80s was the best and will never be like that again".

12.Who are some of your all time favorite Texas bands?Any new texas bands you feel the readers should keep an eye out for?

All time favorite TX bands for me would be Hellpreacher, Morbid Scream, Absu, S.A. Slayer, Fearless Iranians From Hell, Blood Spill, D.R.I., Apocalyptic Horror, Imprecation, Death Tripper, Militia and of course Necrovore!

For newer TX bands you sluts are going to like if you haven't yet heard checkout Plutonian Shore, Hod, Sturmgewehr, Emperial Massacre, H.R.A., Birth A.D., Morgengrau, Burial Shroud, Flesh Hoarder, Vaginal Bear Trap, Steel Bearing Hand, Hexlust & Satanik Goat Ritual. I know I could keep naming lots of bands cause we have TONS of them and if anyone wants more Texas bands just hit me up and I can continue this list.

13.In your opinion what is the best and the worst thing about the underground today? And what does the term underground metal mean to you?

Best and Worst thing today is the INTERNET, yes we can find and hear bands faster than before but just like that they won't be "underground" you also get people trying to follow a trend and fit in with the crowd and thats not Metal at all. Underground is lost to the hipsters lol I don't know just seems like underground means shit and will be for awhile as nunthing is truly "underground". To me its a person underground metalhead the ones that are at every fucking show either it be a local show, house show, mini fest in a shitty venue not complaining about anything and just living and blasting music, Fuck Everything and Fuck Everyone

14.When you need to take a break from your radio-shows and th net. what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Always listening to music on spare time, going to shows every time and playing Battlefield cause I like being antisocial most of the time. Friend of mine takes me hiking, those were cool times but fucking get tired going uphill. Getting back on drums to kick some ass soon I hope as that will be something to talk about next time.

15.Well Johnny thank you again for filling this out hope it wasn't too long for you? do you have any final comments for the readers?

No problem bro I probably could have kept going on some questions but I would go off topic haha! I had final comments but I forgoat what I was going to say so checkout Brutal Existence Radio and my show and hear some killers bands you might have not heard before and also the Merciless Onslaught facebook page for a new site TBA where everything from Merciless Onslaught, Pestilential Rites & Merciless Models will be at together in one place. Thanks again and everyone keep on desecrating.

to contact Hellpreacher Johnny via email

to get the Show-times for Both of Johnny's great shows {as well as many others} check out the "official" Brutal Existence Radio web-site.

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New Reviews for 7-23-13

Metal Hails!!
Here is a breand new batch of metal reviews for you all to check out. There is some real metal gems and great releases this time around {I think anyways} so if you see anything you think or that looks like something is your type of music. Defintly check out the label site and buy the release and help support the scene and band and labels.
enjoy the reviews and the recent interviews and as always thanks to all who support,and check out the zine!!

Crocell-Come Forth cd {Metal Hell Records}
This is Crocell's third cd {and my first encounter with them} and what a impressive death metal release crocell has unleashed to the fans.Nine tracks of brutal,straight forward death metal fast thunderous drums that are played with a lot precision and skill while being played inhuman speeds and some crazy drum patterns.The guitarists are extremely tight keeping up with the drums playing at whirlwind fast riffs and some solo's their are some mid-tempo breaks to keep the listeners attention but the mid-pace guitars and drums only last for a short time before the band attacks with another brutal barrage of brutal fast guitars and pounding drums.The vocals are death growls with some raspy shrieks and screams mixed in with the deeper growls.This is some really good death metal and well worth checking out if you enjoy fast,straight forward death metal!
Label contact

Dying Messiah-Heinous Spectacle Of Mutilation cd{Demon Possessed Rec.}
California's Dying Messiah return with a new full-length release fifteen tracks of short {2-3 minute} songs of thrashing and raw death/thrashing mayhem.Intense raw thrashing guitars with some really well played solo's and guitar patterns.Richard's vocals are a mix of deep angry growls and and some psyschotic sounding screams that Richard pulls off both vocal patterns extremely nicely. Production wise it reminds of the demo's of the late eighties,early ninties when production in metal was still raw,ugly but at the same listenable.If you enjoy raw,energetic thrashing death metal with a hint of brutality within the guitars then defintily give Dying Messiah a chance this will be worth the money you spend.

Band contact

Huntress-Starbound Beast cd {Napalm Rec.}

Huntress are back for the attack with their follow up to 2012's spelleater.Starting off with some amazing guitar riffs and solo's that really embrace the traditional heavy metal feeling and sound but also have some aggressive fury of thrash mixed in.The drumming is dead on with mid-paced beats that are aggressive with some faster parts but never stray to far from the mid-paced realm and extremely well played. Jill's vocal range is a split aggressive screaming,high pitch shriek and a more melodic lower scream and both vocal patterns sound very well and fit Huntress's music nicely.If you enjoyed Spelleater you will love Starbound Beast but if you missed and enjoy aggrsessive heavy metal with some thrash influenc defintly check Huntress soon.

Label contact

King Carnage-Ounce Of Mercy cd {Bad God Music}

California's King Carnage release their debut through the underground label Bad God Music.King Carnage is a one man band featuring The Left Hand Path {vocals,all instruments} musicially it's straight forward death metal that raw and vicious sounding.Thunderous guitar riffs with some faster,noisey riffs and heavy mid-paced drums.vocals are deep death growls.Ounce Of Mercy is not the worst I've ever heard but truthfully it's not that memorable either maybe if Left Hand Path brought in some sessions members or something for next King Carnage release it might help.It is only the debut of King Carnage so will be interesting to see where he goes from here.

Label Contact

Manegarm-Legions Of The North cd {Napalm Rec.}

Sweden's Manegarm have released their seventh masterpiece of Viking,Pagan black metal.The band has plenty of crazed Swedish black metal influence as well their is plenty of melodic,epic moments within the insane blackend moments to make Legions Of The North great release.Starting off with a melodic intro the band then kicks off with some violent blackend guitars and furious drums and violent screams.Manegarm does like to keep to changing as their are some melodic clean vocal patterns and even has some acoustic guitars and violins in some of the songs which really adds a nice atmosphere and diversity to the viciousness of the blackness and melodic atmosphere.Manegarm never stays in one musical sound for too long as the beautiful atmosphere usually lasts a minute or two before the guitars and drum begin to blast and screech with grim chords and blast beats.The vocals are shared between blackend demon shrieks and clean male singing and both fit nicely together and with the music. If your a fan of Pagan,viking,black metal then defintly check out the newest release from Manegarm you won't be disappointed you did.

Label Contact

Paria-Surreal Satanist cd {World Terror Committee prod.}

Germany's Paria are a new band to my ears but have been around the underground scene for quite a few years releasing a few demo's and cd's.Surreal Satanist is the bands third full length the band is vicious barbaric black metal with no comprimises just the way black metal should be played.Extremly fast whirlwind guitars that have some heaviness to them and also some solo's while not loosing any of the blackend feel or rawness The band is not all about vicious speed as their are some breaks and mid-paced guitars and drums.Drummer has a lot of skill and knows how to play whether it's violenty crazed speeds or more calmed and controlled speeds the drumming is right in tune with the guitarist. The vocals are harsh screams,sick blackend screams and fit Paria's black metal style perfectly.If your new to this band and wanna hear some vicious uncompromising black metal you will not hear any better then Paria.

Label contact

Sargeist--The Rebirth Of A Cursed Existence cd {World Terror Committee prod.}

One of my favorite black metal bands from the finnish black metal underground.The Rebirth Of A Cursed Existence is seventy two minutes of raw,vicious satanic black metal that only the masters can provide.Fourteen rare tracks from Sargeist's vault originally released on vinyl's,cassettes, or compiliation songs used over the years.I have been a fan of this great bands music over the years which has never changed or let me down traditional,raw vicious black metal.Thin screechy fast guitars that are played with a lot of extreme cold and hateful riffs but also has a lot of talent mixed in with the hateful blasphemy.Drumming is precise and chaotic at the same time going from mid-pace to all-out blasting assaults on the drum kit.Sargeist are one of the best black metal band ever to be unleashed into the scene and thanks to the great W.T.C label you know have a chance to own some of the bands hardest material to find. Highly Recommended to all Sargeist fans and anyone into classic raw,hateful black metal.

Label contact

SpeedTrap-Powerdose cd/LP {Svart records}

Finland's Speedtrap have released a very impressive debut cd .Eight tracks of Motorhead inspired metal mixed with some old-school rockNroll influences and even some classice punk rock in a few tracks can be heard.Extremly energetic and fast guitar riffs and some catchy solo's throughout. The drummer is really good keeping it energetic and hyper with some catchy fast, blast beats.The band even slows it down and has a bluesy rockNroll feel on the song "Out Of Time,Out Of Line".If your looking for high-energy catchy motorhead style metal/rock with some hints of thrash and punk you should check out Speedtrap's excellent debut.

Label Contact

Temple Of The Void-MMXIII Demo cassette {Til You Fucking Bleed Prod.}

Detroit's Temple Of The Void is a new death,doom band from the bowels of the underground.The band embraces all the influences that makes doom/death great mixing stripped sown slow,heavy riffs with crushing slow to mid pace drums that are done amazing.But the guitars are what truly shine through on this demo release with some heavy slow riffs but also playing mid-paced to keep it interesting and adding a few extremely well done solo's.The vocals are deep,death growls and violent screams of pain {the person screaming seriously sounds like their in pain but it fits Temple Of The Void's music beautifully} the band does a great job of mixing traditional heavy doom with old-school death metal and making it a sound all of their own.I can see this band being big in the underground someday defintly get this if you enjoy the styles mentioned I believe Til You Fucking Bleed Prod. has released the cassette and the band might have a cdr version but i'm not sure if any are left so defintly don't waste any time and get this dark gem today!

Label contact

Band contact

Tengger Cavalry-The Expedition cd {Metal Hell Rec.}

China's Tengger cavalry have released their newest offering a masterpiece that blends heavy metal and folk music together.Tengger Cavalry do a outstanding job of mixing somber,beautiful folk music featuring violins,and slow to mid paced guitars to the more aggressive thrashing and solo's that the band has to offer.the drums are done extremely fast with some complex patterns yet done flawless and to perfection.The vocals are violent screams except for a couple of the more melodic folk tracks where a clean male singer is used and both vocal patterns are done nicely.If you enjoy folk metal type of bands and have never heard Tengger Cavalry I would defintly suggest checking them out.

Label contact

Uvikra--BI cd {Bad God Music}

I remember hearing this one man bands self-titled 2010 debut and liking it a lot looking over the bands page and bio it looks like main man Loikav{vocals,all instruments} has kept fairly busy with releases.BI is Uvikra's 2nd release originally only a digital relase Bad God Music has re-released the great release for the listeners who enjoy progressive black metal.It is hard to put into words exactly what Uvikra sounds like or who they sound most like as Loikav likes to keep the pace changing with every song. Black metal is defintly the main influence but their is a lot of ambient and expirmental influences as well as progressive metal influence.Raw mid-tempo guitars with some faster riffs but never jumping over into the fast,violent realm of blackend death instead staying in the more mid-paced heavier side of metal.Loikav's vocals are death metal growls with some clean male screams intertwined within the growling vocals.This is probably not a release that will be enjoyed by everyone but I loved it and recommend it to any and all blackend death metal fans who enjoy bands that think outside the box and are not afraid to incorporate different elements and influences within their sound.

Label Contact

Interview with Necrotic Disgorgement done by Patrick 7-23-13

Brutal Greetings!
Here is a interview I was really happy to do I have been a "fan" of Necrotic Disgorgement" for quite sometime and also of Ben's previous band Regurgitation {a great band if you are lucky enough to find their cd Tales of Necrophilia I highly recommend getting it!!}
anywhooo i'll shut up and let the man himself tell you about the history of Necrotic Disgorgement as well as their future and their current release "Documentaries Of Dementia" on the mighty Comatose Music!!
enjoy and keep it brutal and sick!!!

Interview winth Ben Deskins guitarist,vocalsl for Necrotic Disgorgement done by Patrick

1.Metal hails Ben! how is life in Ohio treating you? Please introduce yourself to the readers.

Hi Patrick! Things are good right now… We just released our new album “Documentaries Of Dementia” on Comatose Music and response has been awesome, so now we’re just looking to promote the album and get the word out as much as possible.

2.I believe you started out in the underground in the legendary band Regurgitation.I believe the band only released one demo and a cd.Why did the band end up calling it quits after such a short time?

We just had too many lineup changes, and with new members in the band the sound had progressed to sound like a new band. I always considered Regurgitation to be the lineup on the “Tales Of Necrophilia” album, so when that changed we decided to change the band name as well…

3.How long after Regurgitation disbanded did you all form Necrotic Disgorgement? How did you guys come up with the name for the band?

Necrotic Disgorgement formed immediately after Regurgitation… We already had the lineup in place, with me, Tony, and Jason, so we just changed the name and kept the band going. We had the name Necrotic Disgorgement as a song title, and since we all liked the name, we just used it as the new name of the band.

4.I just read on the bands facebook that regurgitation played a reuion show at the Las Vegas death did the show go for the band?Was this the first time you all have played regurgitation songs live since breaking up? Any plans to do more Regurgitation shows in the future?

It went great! We played the whole “Tales Of Necrophilia” album from start to finish and the response was killer!!! It was the first time we had played a show with the “Tales…” lineup in 12 years, and it was like we never quit playing those songs. I’m sure we’ll do more shows in the future, but we live far apart from each other, so it’s hard to get together to practice so it’s not something that will happen often…

5.Necrotic Disgorgement just released their second cd "Documentaries Of Dementia" through Comatose Music. How long did it take you guys to write and record the songs for this release? How has the response been from the press and the fans?

We wrote the album from like 2005 to 2010, and recorded it throughout 2012. We had a couple lineup changes over the last couple years too, so that held things up a bit. So far the response has been great! I think it’s a more brutal album than some people were expecting, so I think a lot of people were pleasantly surprised.

6.Does the band have any upcoming shows/tours in support of Documentaries Of Dementia? If yes where are some places you will be playing?

No tours but we do have a few shows booked and more in the works… We’re hoping we can finally make it over to Europe for this album!!!

7.I know Necrotic Disgorgement has played with a lot of great bands over the years but I was wondering who have been some of your favorite bands to share the stage with? If you could set up a "dream" show who are some bands{past or present} you would love tour/play with?

Yea we’ve been lucky enough to play shows with bands like Immolation, Euphoric Defilement, Coprocephlic, Dying Fetus, Blasphemer, Cerebral Effusion, Disma, Suffocation, Anal Blast, Sick, Malevolent Creation, Atrocious Abnormality, Incantation, Origin, and a ton of Others… We’ve never played a show with Broken Hope though, and since they’re one of my all time favorite bands I would love to do a show with them!

8.As previously mentioned the band has played a lot shows over the years are their any shows that stick out in your mind as the craziest or most insane ones? why what happened at the shows?

Probably some of my favorite shows was back in Regurgitation when we went to Texas and played at the Corpse Gristle Compound with Prophecy, Malthusia, Sintury, Putrilage, and Cephalic Carnage… We played there a few times and every time was a killer show! Place was small and people were packed in like sardines and got almost dangerously intense when people were moshing… It was great times every time we played in Texas!!!!!

9.Ben you live in the great state of Ohio I remember back in the late 90's Ohio had a great brutal death metal scene and metal in general scene.What was your opinion of the scene back then?How is the scene going today still pretty strong?

Yea it’s still pretty decent. Columbus and Cincinnati are ok, but the best scenes in Ohio for brutal death metal are definitely Cleveland and Dayton! We’ve always had good shows when we play in either one of those cities... Things have really picked up over the last couple years in Cleveland and the turnout for shows there has been great!

10.Who are some of your all-time favorite bands from Ohio?Are their any new ones you think the readers should check out soon?

Definitely check out Forged In Gore!!! They’re a killer new band and features members of Regurgitation, and Limbsplitter is great too! Probably my favorite Ohio band is and always has been Embalmer, and they’re still going stronger than ever and staying true to brutality! Other great bands over the years has been Ton, Solidification, Heinous Killings, who I played guitar for from 2006-2008, Hemdale (although I only like their demo), Sodomized (they’re reunited now, and I think they’re finally gonna release their past demos on CD), Decrepit, Blood Coven, Fully Consumed, Doom Formation, and many more…

11.Coming back to the band you play guitars when did you first become interested in playing guitars?Are you self taught or did you take lessons when you were younger?

I’ve always had an interest in guitar since as far back as I can remember. I started playing seriously when I was about 13 years old. I’m self taught…

12.Who are some of your influences/favorite guitarist?Do you play any other instruments?

There are so many influences over the years it would be impossible to list them all but for my style of writing and playing I would say the first four Suffocation albums were a huge influence, also Broken Hope- The Bowels Of Repugnance album was a huge influence, the Dying Fetus demos and first couple albums, The first four Death albums, first two Cryptopsy albums, Torture Krypt, Pyrexia-Sermon Of Mockery album. Really brutal, well written albums like that made the biggest impact on me.

13.You also do some vocals in Necrotic Disgorgement is their anything special you do to keep your voice/throat healthy when recording or getting ready for a show? Who are some of your favorite singers/vocalists?

The only vocals I do now is just when we play live. Our vocalist Jimmy did all the vocals on our new album, I just do backup vocals live now, which is fine with me! I never really wanted to do vocals, I just did them in the past because we had no other choice. I don’t consider myself to be a vocalist, I’m just a guitarist that can do vocals… Jimmy is a true vocalist, he can do it all: highs, lows, mids, and everything in between. I like any vocalist that is brutal as fuck but not distasteful.

14.Well Ben thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview, do you have any final comments for the readers before we end the interview?

Thanx a lot for the interview Patrick!!! We appreciate the support and encourage all brutal bands and supporters of brutal bands to get in touch!!! We have our new album “Documentaries Of Dementia” available now through us or Comatose Music, and we also have album shirts, “Grotesque Skeletal Reconstruction” shirts, “Whiskey N’ Weed Induced Grind” shirts and other merchandise available at: or contact us at:

to order a copy of Documentaries Of Dementia" go to the Comatose web-site.

or go to Necrotic Disgorgement's Official Sites.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Interview with Pete Flesh DeathTrip done by Patrick 7-17-13

Here is a new interview with Pete Flesh {who some may know from his previous bands Maze Of Torment,deciever etc..} but started Flesh {which he recently changed to the pete flesh deathtrip.If you enjoy Swedish death/black metal with some thrash influence you should defintly check this great band out soon!!

Interview with Pete Flesh vocals,guitarist,bassist for The Pete Flesh Deathtrip done by Patrick.

1.Metal Hails Pete! how are things going in Sweden? Thanks a lot for taking the time to fill out this interview with me. Please tell the readers a little about yourself.

- Hails! No problem. Just fine here, some weeks left at work before vacation. Taking the time at breaks doing some interviews. Nothing special about me. Just trying to reach my creative visions and keep developing my views. My past as a musician comes from Maze of Torment, Deceiver, Thrown etc.

2.When did you first become interested in playing music?When did you first start playing the guitars and bass?

- I got interested in playing guitar when I was around 10 years old. Maybe took 3 lessons before I got bored and started to do own stuff. Today, I regret that I stopped with the lessons, I´m totally worthless when it comes to theory stuff. I started my first band when I was 14, called Leprost. I played bass in a band called Embryo around ´91. The demo we did is now out as a split vinyl. I bloody love to play the bass on my albums. Like on the guitar I´m worthless when it comes to theory, but it’s cool to find your own way and type of playing.

3.Are you self taught or did you take lessons when you first started playing these instruments?Who are some of your influences/favorite musicians?

- I have a bunch of favorites, but my first must have been Ace Frehley and Jay Jay French. Then people like Blackie Lawless, Randy Rhoads and Ritchie Blackmore got me hooked, both as musicians and songwriters. I also in an early age got obsessed by Pink Floyd and David Gilmour. Not to forget Fast Eddie Clark, KK Downing/Tipton, Cronos, Uli Jon Roth, Mille, Dave Murray, Michael Denner etc. When it comes to the harder stuff, I must mention Chuch Schuldiner, Darren Travis, Jeff Hanneman, Jon Nödtveidt and Quorthon. Also the early Metallica with Cliff Burton was an big inpact.

4.You also do vocals for some of the songs on "Mortui Vivos Docent" When did you start singing? Is their anything special you do to keep your throat/vocals healthy when recording songs for a release?

- It´s the first time I have shared the vocals on this project with someone else, I sing on half of the album. The first time I tried it out was when I recorded the first album "Dödsångest". The idea was that someone else was going to sing, so first it was only meant to be pre-track vocals. But for some reasons I kept it, it got more personal, more original in a way. As I never rehearse like a usual band; I more get in a more mental mood. Doing throat exercises in my car just driving around and scream along must look funny. When I get in front of the mic, I just disappear mentally.

5.When did you get the idea to form the band/project "The Pete Flesh Deathtrip? The band was formely known as simply Flesh why did you decide to change the name after a few years?

- The idea to it was already laid during the last Maze of Torment years. But the day Chuck/Death died I decided to really do it. He has always been a big influence to me, not just when it comes to the music, as a person as well. Just follow what you want to do and don´t give a shit what others think. People like Chuck have always inspired me, whatever their craft - writers, painters, artists; those who follow their own path. As I only would do music/lyrics for T.P.F.D.T from now on it would be a "wider" place for influences. If I did for example a more Black Sabbath sounding riff before I would use it in Thrown. Now I use anything I want, no genre thinking at all, as long as it serves its purpose and atmosphere for the song. I try more to capture different feelings and atmospheres than that I would sit down with the guitar and think "let’s do a Death Metal riff". I have more or less always been like that, nothing new with that, only that I maybe now feature stuff that was more selective for different stuff before.

6.Pete you recently released your fourth release"Mortui Vivos Docent" through Pulverised Rec. how long did it take you to write the songs for this release?

- It was a very long process to get this album done and released, around 5 years together with the writing process. I was used to release at least one album a year with my old bands. But this was good for me, to get an restart. I feel more creative than ever before, and in my point, I have more focus and balance in the stuff I´m doing.

7.When you begin working on a new song how long does it usually take you to complete? Which usually comes first the music or lyrics? What are some topics/subjects you usually write about in your lyrics?

- That differs a lot. Some songs have a really long history with riffs I have been playing for a while, but haven’t found the right place for them. Sometimes you have a song done in two days. Most of the time, it’s the riff that comes to me first, but now and then a lyric line just comes up and I grab the guitar to write around that. I try to work more like that to get a better sense of balance and find new ways to arrange the songs. I´m the only one writing and arranging the material in T.P.F.D.T., so I have to experiment with different ways to develop the songs in order to keep things interesting for myself. I keep my lyrics in a reflecting way. They can be anything that I read, see or hear. For me it´s also important to add a personal touch as well. I´m not the best lyric writer, but it´s important for me that when I sing the listener can hear that there is some kind of thought behind it.

8.You are sole member of band {with the help of session drummer and vocalist} when you started The Pete Flesh Deathtrip did you want to work as a one man band or have you looked for more full-time members?

- There will never be any full-time members in T.P.F.D.T. The purpose behind it would lose its meaning then.

9.In the past you have been in such bands like Maze of Torment and Deciever so you you know the difference between working in a full band and alone in a one man band.So i was wondering what is your opinion what do feel is the advantges and disadvantges to being a one man band?

- The advantage is, of course, you don´t have any silly fights or arguements about songs and arrangements. Let say you have a member who never contributes to the song-writing (of course nothing wrong with that), then suddenly they have a riff and they must have it in a song. It doesn’t matter if it fits the song or not, it must be there because they have done something. That is fucking stupid. The importance of the song must always come first! I also hate this - "let’s drink some beer and do music like an hobby and discuss stuff that have nothing to do with the music". Don´t take me wrong, people and bands can do what they want and I´m sure I have some favorite bands that are like that, but for me, it doesn’t work. Music will never just be a hobby for me. This is not a place for me where I must be noticed for something else than the music. I will always do music, with or without a record deals, reviews or interviews. There are few disadvantages. If I need any opinion I have the producer or the current guest member to ask. They don´t get too close to the overall process though. When we work it´s full focus on the songs and trying to capture the idea I have.

10.In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground today? and what does the term "underground metal" mean to you?

- The worst must be this Facebook hysteria and the fucking like buttons. I don´t fucking care how many likes you have as a band. I get these requests sometimes from bands, "please like us on Facebook". But I have not heard your music man??? "Please like our site anyway". Do they even care if people listen to them? I would rather have 30 likes on my side that really are interested in my stuff than 5000 where half of them are forced to my site and don´t give a shit. Of course, it’s not wrong to promote your music and people can see that you exist, but I guess you get my point. Old Myspace was better in that sense. The best thing is that it´s easy to keep in contact and write people faster. Underground for me is where you support each other (not just push each other’s’ like buttons), where the music is more important than the commerce of it all. For me you can have success and still be underground, it’s all about the attitude and the way you think and how you got there.

11. You live in the great country of Sweden,everyone knows about the legendary Swedish metal scene. but i was curious what is your opinion of Sweden's metal scene?

- I don´t feel so involved, even if I still read zines and try to listen to some new stuff now and then. But I don´t feel like I´m in this kind of Swedish Metal scene community. I guess the scene is strong. There are some good new bands from the Death, Black and Thrash Metal scenes. You have stuff like Tribulation and Necrovation; that keeps it interesting.

12.Who are some of your all-time favorite Swedish metal bands? Are their any new metal bands that have impressed you and that you feel the readers should check out soon?

- Bathory, Merciless, Dissection, Candlemass, Grotesque, Tiamat. Single albums that have had a big importance - "Like an ever flowing stream" Dismember, "Left hand path" Entombed. Don´t know if they are so new, but Demonical is good Death Metal. Alfahanne, check out if you like Shining.

13.Besides bands who are some of your favorite Swedish fanzines and web-zines that you enjoy reading? In your opinion what makes a good zine?

- I enjoyed zines like Putrefaction, Metal Wire etc. But they are long gone dead. I also did a zine myself called Sadistic Bitch. I read bigger zines like Close-Up and Sweden Rock Magazine. Not so many printed underground zines left, not that I´m aware of anyway. Don´t have special web-zine from Sweden that I would say that I follow.

14.Well Pete we have reached the end of the interview thanks for taking the time to fill this out.Do you have any final comments for the readers before we finish the interview?

- Big thanx to you Patrick and the zine for the support, always appreciated! Anyone are welcome to contact me regarding more information about the album: The album is now also up on Spotify and iTunes. Hail the King!