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interview with thorn laceration rec.done by patrick

metal hails!!!
thorn laceration a new label i recently found through myspace and owner chris was cool enough to send a few promo's {see next blog of review up this evening!!} thorn laceration {so far} has released cassete tapes and a few cdr.releases but has alot of good ideas and bands!! fans of raw,fast black metal,folk,ambient etc.really any style of dark metal will want to check out this new up and coming label from the u.k. and as alwyays thanks to everyone who takes the time read our interviews,reviews and supports metal in genral.
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patrick and winter torment e-zine
1.Metal hails chris!! How is your week starting out? Please tell the readers a little about yourself.
Hello there! Week hasn't been too bad, but have the usual task of dealing with both school and running my label, which isn't always easy.For those that don't know me, my name is Chris and I'm 17 years of age. As you've already gathered, I'm still at school and study Religion/Philosophy/Ethics, Spanish and Geography.

I am an atheist - always have been. Personally, I am of the opinion that religion is for the weak, whether one be Satanist, Christian, Islamic, or whatever. I see religion as something that helps to explain our existence rather than us simply accepting existence for what it is, literally. The human psyche always look for an answer to something, which is why we are constantly evolving technology and producing new medicines (a prime example, perhaps a cure for cancer).

The use of Ockham's Razor can be applied when it comes to existence, with the theory of Ockham's Razor being that the simplest answer is usually the correct one. For me, when this outlook is applied, the simplest answer is to just accept that we are here and move on through life with that outlook.

I prefer also not to live my life on pre-empted biasness, but I'd be going on all day if I continued down that path.

2. When did you start listening to metal? Who were some of the first bands you listened to? Who are some of your "current"favorites?

I started listening to metal when I was 13, which was four years ago. My friend was playing his MP3 in a lesson and all I could hear was a cacophony of noise, and curiosity got the better of me and I listened to what he was playing. He was actually listening to Cradle of Filth's track "Nymphetamine", which at the time for me was immensely heavy in terms of sound, so went home that night and started listening to more of their stuff. Other bands I then got into were Dimmu Borgir and Chthonic. Everything lead from there really, and now I'm really into the deep underground scene.

Bands I'm listening to a lot at the moment are Agalloch (USA), Bishop of Hexen (Israel), Dead Christ Cult (Ukraine), Morbus Mundi (Russia), Necrovomit (Italy), Purest (Germany), Temple of Opposites (Ireland) and Zeta Reticuli (Australia).

I also recently bought Al-Namrood's (Saudi Arabia) first EP "Atba'a Al-Namrood" and their debut album "Astfhl Al Tha'r", both from Shaytan Productions. I highly reccommend both of these releases if you want to experience some high quality Middle Eastern Black Metal.

I also highly suggest inquistive people check out Dhul-Qarnayn (Bahrain) and Kusoof (Kuwait), another two fantastic bands from the region, as well as Ekove Efrits and Emerna, who are both from Iran.

3. What gave you the idea to start up Thorn Laceration Records? How did you come up with the name of the label?

I basically wanted to pay something back to the scene that had got me so into metal, Black Metal especially. There are so many bands out there that are unheard of and my intention was, and still is, to support bands in any way I can. As well as releasing tapes and CDs and shirts, etc, I also help bands find labels and such forth. I'm not in the label business for profit, but more for just helping and getting bands' names out there. I see so many labels that charge £3.50 for a tape, which is abysmal. My distro tapes will only ever be £2.00 at max as I don't believe in huge profit-making.

As for how I came up with the name, I just wanted something that rolls off the tongue and is simple to remember, yet still at the same time quite macabre in sound. I wasn't going to go for anything satanic as I am not satanic myself and hence running a label with a satanic name is hypocrisy.

4. Do you run the label on your own or do you have friends that help with various areas of the label?

It's a one-man job, just myself. I prefer it that way, really, I set my own rules and can work to my own pace. Perhaps when my label gets larger, which I hope it shall do over time (as I don't intend to end my label's activities any time soon, as that'd just have meant I'd have ultimately wasted my time in a scene so important to me). I do however have bands I work with help me promote my releases, most notable the ones I'm releasing for them, but some also help with general day-to-day promotion of the label as a whole.

5. What do you feel is the easiest part and the hardest part about running a label? Do you have any advice to anyone who wants to run a label?

There isn't really an easy part or a hard part, though the toughest part is starting it up and getting those first few releases in. Promotion is an ongoing obstacle, but I make sure I get my daily dose of flyer-posting in so my label doesn't fall into the pits of obscurity, as that'd be a disaster. For those that are keen on starting up a label, I say go for it. In terms of advice-giving, I'd say that as long as you firmly believe in what you're doing, continue with it. Don't however start a label because you feel it'll get you kudos points with people. Running a label is an end in itself, one shouldn't treat it as a means to an end.

6. Please tell the readers about some of your "current" releases you have availble?

Most of my early releases are sold out, but I still have some Halopent CDs left, which has all their previously recorded tracks on from their demos. A great Death/Thrash band from the USA with gory lyrics, so should appeal to quite a few people. I also have some tapes and other CDs left, such as Demonic Cremator's "Perverted Goatsucker" demo on CD. They're Scottish and play some damned sickening Black Metal, and I highly suggest people check out their music.

I also have a few releases out soon, including two bands from Malaysia; Omen and Neftaraka. Both tapes are limited to 500 copies. The Omen tape is their debut release and is fucking brilliant, and Neftaraka's is a re-release of their EP "Raw Ist Law", that sold out on the first label that released it insanely fast.

Probably my most eagerly anticipated release is Folkstorm's "De Stemmen Van Het Woud", which is out November 1st on digipak MCD. It's the band's debut album, and is some fine Pagan Black Metal with ambient influences. I've already taken many pre orders for it so if anyone is interested they'd better get in quickly as I don't see it being around for too long.

7. Do you have any upcoming release the fans should keep watch for?

Ah, I seem to have covered that above. I do have a release in December for Mexican Thrash/Black Metal band "Hell Bell", with one of the members being in Funereal Moon, who are very well known. I also have a release for Nokturnicon of the USA and a split between Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh and Saturn Form Essence out later this year as well.

8. Are you currently looking for any bands to sign/work with? If any bands or labels are reading this what styles of metal do you carry in your distro?

I'm fully booked at the moment, and will be fully booked until mid way through next year. Unless I go to a band and ask if they are interested in a release, I'm not working with any more as I can't deal with 10 projects at one time as it's not viable. In regards to what I stock on my distro, it's mainly Black or Death Metal based, though I'm partial to some Thrash/Doom/RAC as well. Ambient of course is another genre of music I will carry, but no other styles would I carry as I want people to know that if they want a certain style of release they can come to my label.

9. You come out of the scene in London, England.what is your opinion of the scene in your town/area? Who are some of your all-time favorite bands from the UK? Are their any new up and coming bands the readers should watch out for?

Hmm, the scene is pretty poor over here, you either see twits in Burzum shirts and Darkthrone shirts or My Chemical Romance and Bullet For My Valentine shirts. It's all the bands that are shoved into everyone's faces that people like round here, though there are some like minded people who are really into the underground scene. There's a great shop in London called Resurrection Records that sells some bloody good vinyls (found a Zyklon-B 12" gatefold there, as well as a Throne of Katarsis one). Their Black Metal CD range is wonderful as well, found some very rare stuff there which is great.

All time favourite bands from the UK would be Hecate Enthroned, Black Grave (they play some great Black/Punk, but sadly split up, though), Desecration and Askival. Ones to look out for from the UK would be Demonic Cremator, Gates of Carpathia, Teutoburg Forest and Nierty.

Outside of the UK, but in Ireland, a great band to watch for is Temploe of Opposites. THey play some epic Occult Black Metal, I emplore people to listen to the band's music, especially the track "Cunnis Diaboli".

10. In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground? And what does the term "metal underground" mean to you?

I suppose the best thing would be fidning out about new bands and the trading that goes on between people and labels, especially. I always find it rewarding when I trade with someone and what I get is a brilliant demo. Meeting new people is also a great aspect of the underground, and sharing knowledge of bands and generally talking about the scene as a whole.

As for the worst thing, it'd be the scum that scam people and rip people off, especially labels who don't fulfill their half of the trade, or fake magazines. Basically, anyone with bad intentions and practices is what I dislike, and they don't deserve to be involved in such a wonderful scene.

"Metal underground" is a term that essentially covers all small bands not covered by large labels or mainstream media, though there are different levels of the underground. Some bands like Satanic Warmaster are barely underground any more, whilst bands like Morbus Mundi are incredibly underground and have a tiny fanbase.

11. When not working on label business what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Sometime I'll go for a walk in the woods with my two dogs, other times I'll be relaxing watching some television programs or being a right bastard with mates. Generally what most people do in their spare time, though right now time I am in need of, as working on my label eats into my time massively, so any spare time right now is spent doing schoolwork so I don't fall behind too much.

12. Thanks a lot Chris for taking the time to fill out this interview do you have any final comments for the readers?

My pleasure. As for final comments, I'd just like to tell people to explore scenes from the Middle East and South America, and not to just stick to the mainstream bands they get force fed through large magazines like Terrorizer or Decibel Magazine. Always look to increase your knowledge on the scene, and never try and be someone you're not.

to contact the label or check out the blogs for the "current" distro list check out the the "official"myspace pager here: