Wednesday, May 7, 2014

reviews from napalm records,moribund rec.

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here is a new blog with some reviews from the mighty moribund rec,and napalm records.more reviews coming soon.
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ahab--the divinity of oceans cd {napalm records}{done by patrick}
germany's ahab return with a monumental and possibly one of 2009's best doom albums.
"the divinity of oceans" is 7 tracks of epic,funeral doom.the band and label have both labeled ahab "funeral doom".and while their is no doubt the band plays crushing and epic doom.but the band also adds some non-funeral doom elements to give each song a life of it's own.the music crushes the listener with thunderous drums and heavy bass but also adds some obscure guitar/bass riffs and solo's not usually found in pure funeral well as the vocal patterns are death growls but also surprise with some clean somber/melodic male vocal patterns.if you are a fan of crushing funeral doom with some moments of death/doom then ahab is a band you will defintly want to take the time to check out.
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syrach-a dark burial cd {napalm records}{done by patrick}
norwegian masters of death/doom syrach return with another death/doom masterpiece.syrach seems to have added some more up-tempo yet extremly powerful and crushing doom riffs.the drums are soul-crushing slow yet keep up with the guitars/bass and only add to syrach's already
heavy wall of sound.the vocals are traditional death growls and maybe even a little brutal sounding compared to some other doom vocalist.syrach offer no melody,no hope or light at the end of any tunnel just pure doom sure to please all fans of death/doom.
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hiems-worship or die cd {moribund rec.}{reviewed by patrick}

hiems are a new band coming out of the ever-growing italian metal scene.this is a journey into utter darkness and insanity.10 tracks of insanely dark,heavy black metal music.the music created is a roller-coaster of black emotions
.main musician/member algol attacks with fast and brutal black metal that will tear your soul apart.just when you don't think you could handle anymore algol slows the pace down to a somber almost eerie sounding black metal.the vocals equally as brutal shrieks keeping up with the ever changing tempo and musical mood of hiems.the music is brutal,yet very dark and somber in some parts.even with the guitars having a raw,fierce sound their is also alot of well-played progressive riffs/solo's never once taking away from the dark intensity of hiems.i would say the most impressive thing about hiems it is all created and played one individual {including the drums} one listen to this dark masterpiece you would swear it was a full-band playing the songs created on worship or die.
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merrimack-grey rigorism cd {moribund records}{reviewed by patrick}
french black metal masters return with a new cd for moribund.i really enjoyed the bands previous cd "of entropy and life denial"{also released on moribund} so i was excited to listen to this release.the music on grey rigorism is just as good if not better than of entropy".the new cd consists of 10 furious,and fast black metal hymns.the band also seems to be trying to add a more elements within their already darkend sound with some slower more mid-range songs.but long-time fans need not worry the band while using some more mid-pace elements has not lost or compromised their hateful,straigh-forward black metal of previous merrimack releases will defintly want to add this to their collection.and if you are new to merrimack and you enjoy cold,fast unrelenting black metal merrimack is a band for you.
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nazxuxl-iconoclast cd {moribund records}{reviewed by patrick}
after nearly eleven year abscence the legendary australian band is back with their follow-up.nazxul combine and display all the dark/cold black elements that made the early 90's black metal great.combining the cold atmosphere of {older}satyricon and dark throne.and adding some well used and played synths into the mix adding a haunting and disturbing sound.nazxul will please fans of {early}emperor {nightshade eclipse} {early dimmu borgir {first 2 releases} and just pure epic blackend metal.
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