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interview with elitarian music web-zine done by patrick

hope everyone had a great weekend? here is a brand new interview i did with the new italian web-zine "elitarian music web-zine". the zine covers most forms of black,ambient,death,thrash metal. if you have not checked this site out then by all means read this interview and go check it out while your on the net. it will be well worth your time!!!
bands/labels that might be reading this and looking for new reviews.don't hesitate to contact cristina about details on a honest review in elitarian web-zine.
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interview with cristina editor of elitarian music web-zine done by patrick

1.hello cristina how is your weekend been? please tell the readers a little about yourself.
Hello, Patrick. I would just say I’m having an average weekend, nothing too special so far. Well, there’s not much I could say about myself I think. I don’t believe I’m much of an interesting subject, eh eh.

2.when did you first start listening to metal? who were some of the first bands you listened to? who would you say are some of your "current"favorites?
I got into metal at the age of 14, with MayheM’s De Mysteriis dom Sathanas. Old MayheM remain as one of my favourite (black) metal bands of all time. As for my current favourites, I would say I have lately been impressed by a Spanish band called Nahemah, which is a band I would recommend to anyone who is into good music, and I’m pretty much eager to hear what Dordeduh will dish out – chances are they will probably end up among my current favourites and my all time favourites as well.

3. if
i am not mistaken you used to write for a couple of italian zines.which ones did you write for?when did you become interested in writing for zines?besides reviews/interviews do you enjoy writing short stories,poetry,etc?
Yes, I actually used to write poetry and novels back when I was younger, but it’s something I mostly did for hobby, I have never been an actual writer, if that’s what you mean. And yes, I also used to write for an Italian underground webzine a couple of years ago. Well, as fas as my interest is concerned, I would say that running a metal webzine kind of allows me to couple my two greatest interests, therefore once I realized about this, I knew I would have enjoyed doing such thing.

4.i know you started up elitarian web-zine in mid-2009.what gave you the idea to create your own zine?are you happy with how things are progressing with elitarian web-zine so far?
There were various reasons to this. Of course, the main one is simply the passion for music. I would say things are progressing nicely at the moment, but there still are some things that need to be improved. did you decide on the name of your web-zine? does it have a special meaning?
The name came out spontaneously. The French word élite derives from latin and generally speaking it defines a small dominant group within a large society. I have chosen it because I thought it suited the purpose of the webzine itself and the specific approach we had in mind at the moment of giving birth to it.

6.both your interviews and reviews are very well-written and in-depth.when you begin working on new reviews and interviews how long does it usually take to complete?
Actually when I read the first interviews I’ve done I normally find them quite silly. One of the good things about EMW is actually this, it’s inculcating me a sort of sense of self – discipline that helps me to dominate the overimpatient part of me and this means I’m forced to think over my questions instead of getting carried away with enthusiasm and itching. So while some time ago it took me a very short time to complete a list of questions or a review, now I try to take my time and focus more on what I’m doing. The problem is when a band or an artist sends me the questions back with the answers after a long time, and it’s like ‘What the fuck, were this questions really asked by me?!’.

you had the chance to interview any musician/label owner past or present who would you like to interview? and why?
I’d like to interview Nicu Covaci from Phoenix and ask him about all the vicissitudes he went through during his life, his renounce to Romanian citizenship and escape to Northern Europe, the return to Timisoara and his connection with visual arts. I’d also love to interview Andrew Latimer to know what on earth brought him to write such breathtaking music and I’d also ask him to sign my Music Inspired by the Snow Goose vynil. But, most of all, I’m happy that one of my earliest interviews was done to Hupogrammos (former Negura Bunget and Makrothumia, now Dordeduh), because it’s an Artist and a person I hold in high esteem.
you work on elitarian web-zine alone or do you have other "writers" that help with interviews and reviews? please introduce them to the readers.
I run the zine with the help of two friends of mine. Federico helps me with the website (I’m probably the less technology-friendly person on earth so I have no clue about how a website is supposed to be maintained) and occasionally bothers bands to ask them for interviews (I’m trying to keep him from doing this, though, haha), and Paolo reviews thrash stuff at times.

any bands or labels are reading this what styles of metal do you cover/support in elitarian music web-zine?where can interested bands and labels contact you?
We mostly cover extreme metal styles. Black metal especially, but also death metal, thrash and respective subgenres (symphonic, avant-garde, melodic, atmospheric, technical, brutal, raw, old school, whatever else). Anyone interested in a review can drop me a line at or I do also accept electronic press kits submitted digitally.

10.what would you say is the easiest and the hardest part about doing a web-zine?do you have any advice for anyone who is thinking of starting up their own zine?
It’s all quite easy if you have enough passion and time to spend with it. I don’t know if is there something I could actually suggest to anyone that wants to start up a ‘zine as I’m not an ‘expert’ by any means, hehe. Basically, as I just said, you need real passion for what you do and a discreet knowledge in music, metal and non metal. Some spare time would help also, it’s a sign of respect for bands to update on a frequent basis, it’s not nice to leave somebody waiting for a review for two months or three I think.

11.when you are not working on zine business what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Mostly reading and studying, and occasionally taking a walk in the woods. come out of the mighty italian metal
seems to me italy has a strong black,death metal scene. would you agree or disagree? what is your opinion of italty's metal scene?
Well nowadays most countries in the world have a crowded extreme metal scene and Italy makes no exception. It all depends on tastes, I for one am not the greatest Italian metal scene supporter.

13.who are some of your all-time favorite italian metal bands? are their any new up and coming bands you think the readers should watch out for?
Some good Italian bands I would recommend are Cold Empire (melodic raw black metal), Trismegisto (truly impressive young band from southern Italy), Land of Hate (old school death/thrash), Fearbringer’s various projects (he’s a great artist and also a great person and kind of a good friend of mine). As far as my favourite Italian bands are concerned, I’m more into stuff like Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Premiata Forneria Marconi, Le Orme, Il Rovescio della Medaglia, Balletto di Bronzo, Museo Rosenbach, Fabrizio De Andr√®, Franco Battiato, Litfiba… hahaha…

14.everyone has their own opinons on this subject. so i was interested in yours. what does underground metal mean to you?
Well basically I think the times are changed, and the very word ‘Underground’ does not hold the meaning it once had, I think. ‘Underground’ scene is terrifyingly similar to ‘mainstream’ these days, in terms of mindset and attitudes. I don’t see the same passion and dedication there once was, still there are a few bands that keep the genuine underground spirit alive, with good, worthy music, sincere passion and a positive attitude. These are the underground bands I’m interested in.

15.well my friend thank you for doing this interview.good luck to you with elitarian and all your future activities. do you have any final comments for the readers?
Thank you for your time and support and good luck too! Any final comments… Mhhh… I didn’t make myself some coffee yet, so my brain is still half asleep. Maybe next time?

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