Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Interview with depraved indifference-done by patrick.

here is a interview i did awhile back with the 1-man depraved indifference.if you have not heard this band yet i would suggest checking them out! miscreant has created a nice mix of black,progressive metal.i believe miscreant still has demo's availble so if interested check out his page and contact him for price/availbility.

interview with miscreant,all vocals,and instruments for depraved indifference done by patrick.

1.hails miscreant!! hows the week starting out for you? Not to bad, with the economy in such a poor state has certainly been a testment to the futility of modern day society. With the lively hood of millions hanging by a thread, one could say for all our progress we have really not progressed at all.

please tell the readers a little about yourself. Well, I am a father of 2 young children, 30years old and a metal head. I stole a cassete of Carcass - Symphony of sickness when I was around the age of 13-14 and was all down hill from there.

2.depraved indifference is a fairly new band correct? Yes, would say the idea became a reality at the start of December 2007. what gave you the idea to create this project/band? for readers who have not heard the band how would you describe the music? THe Idea for D.I. came after years of failed band attempts, would get a musician or 2 and start some great ideas. Then after a short time, others would loose interest, were not commited to seeing it through etc etc . It seemed apperent that if I wanted this idea to become a reality, I would have to do it all. As far as the music itself, I am a terrible judge of my own music. I would call it Blackened Thrash Metal, others have said it is more progressive. I have on my latest release included some ambient/acoustic tracks, I try to incorperate more then just one style as I never want to find myself limited. So one can hear a number of different influences, with solos on most of the tracks, as well some light synth work. are the sole member of depraved indifference.when you first the got the idea for the band did you plan to keep it a one-man band?

In december when I decided on the bands name, I was set on the idea of me doing all instruments and then finding someone to do vocals. The music was coming along quicker then I had originally planned and decided to keep things moving forward. After a few test run on vocals and some positive feed back I took on vocals aswell. I generally keep to myself and creating music has become a almost ritualistic practice for me, so for now it will remain that way.

4.what do you think are the advantages and disadvantages to being a one-man band? if you had the opportunity to work with any other musician {past or present} who are some musicians you would love to work with?

The only real disadvantages are not being able to perform live and the writing is a far more tedious process when you have to rely on recordings to put everything together. I have respect for many talented musicians, but for me I have come to enjoy and prefer things as they are. Despite the disadvantages it is a far more satisfying result, when you know you did it all yourself. Along with the fact, I have the pleasure of not dealing with the drama and bullshit that often comes with a multi member band. It has become common place for many bands to have several line up changes in a very short time and then of course the disputes as to the direction. I am sure everyone can think of atleast a dozen bands that have either canceled tours or seen major delays in the release of new music due to internal disputes or sudden exiting of members.

5.i had mentioned earlier this is a one-man band. so i was curious what instrument was the hardest to learn for you? what was the easiest?

Hardest has to be Keyboard, this is not a instrument that I ever had a real desire to play. So practice is very manotinous and in turn is not my strong suit. Drums on the other hand is a great release of energy and can practice for hours on end. It was the last instrument I picked up having had the least amount of experience on before recording. Though came very naturally and come to ask myself why I did not pick it up sooner. My goals for this next release will incorperate a greater deal of skill and variety in drums. often do you get to practice/write material? how often does it usually take to write/complete a song? does the music usually come first and then the lyrics or do you usually have lyrics already written? what are some subjects/topics you write about?

Like I said earlier, I have been very fanatical about time spent practising drums, usually 3 or more hours a day. Between raising my kids and 40-50hour work weeks I try to give myself 3-4hours of practice time through out the day. I generally come up with ideas for new songs while practicing, usually one riff here, a drum line there after a week of this I have the foundation for a song. Once I feel I have a strong structure will set asside a couple days to starting puttting everything together. I try not to force songs out as the result is usually shit and those songs often get tossed. Lyrics always come last as I usually write them as I am listening to the music. The themes very from song to song, there is a definite disgust for religion and human stupidity. Generally the sound of the music decides the theme for lyrics and vocals.

7.i know a few years back the u.s black metal scene was not taken very seriously in other countries.but seems to be gaining some respect so i curious your opinon on the u.s.b.m? who are some of your favorite bands you feel help spread the darkness of the u.s.b.m?

I pay little attention to countries when it comes to music, I think for far to long people associated a certain type of metal as being native to certain countries. I think this provented a lot of talented and creative bands from getting the attention they deserved. Being Norweigen doesn't mean you know how to make black metal better then someone from south america or the US. Demoncy is a great band, that I have listened to for many years, Crimson Moon, Grand Belial Keys. Whether they helped spread usbm, I couldn't say I judge bands on there music not there origin or any amount of hype surrounding them.

8. in your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground today? and what does the term "metal underground" mean to you?

Well the definition of underground for metal has certainly changed, as it is far from underground. A simple google search can lead you to any band you would want to learn more about and ofcourse with myspace everything is all out in the open. For those around long enough to remember the only advertising undergrounds bands had were in photo copy zines printed in less then a 100 copies, black and white flyers usually sent out from small distros. I think it was a stronger sense of comradory back then, but also made finding new good metal harder to get your hands on and saw many bands recieve little notice that other wise should have. Though some things never change, this whole true/false childish bashing of other bands has held strong. Which is just as pathetic now as it was then, usually brought on by some personal dispute that has little to due with the actual music. The term Metal Underground for me means, music not made for the masses. Music that is extreme and not created for the purpose of potential success, but rather for the sake of individual creation.

9.are you currently involved with any other projects or bands to tell the readers about?

No, Depraved Indifferance is my sole project and one I intend to continue for many years to come.

10.well miscreant we have reached the end of the interview.thank you for taking the time to fill this out.good luck to you and depraved indifference future. do you have any final words for the readers?

Thanks Patrick for the Interview and thanks to all the folks that have supported Depraved Indifferance! Keep it Fucking Metal!
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