Wednesday, May 7, 2014

interview with necrosis e-zine done by patrick

metal hails!!
as always thanks to everyone who is taking the time to read/check out winter torment.hope you find some bands,zines,labels to your liking. here is a new interview i did with a friend of mine vinnie {most myspacers proably know her best as necrosadism} vinnie has been a big help with doing some interviews with various bands over the last year or so.and decided a few months ago to create her own zine.necrosis e-zine was born just a few weeks ago but already seems to be going strong.if you are a band,label or just a metal fan be sure to check out necrosis e-zine!!!
enjoy and thanks for all the killer support
patrick and winter torment e-zine

Interview with Vinnie {aka. Necrosadism} editor of necrosis e-zine. Done by

1. Hello my friend!! How is your weekend going so far? Please tell the readers a little about yourself.

-It sucks, what can I say? ;) My name is Vanessa Marie; 'Vinnie' is what everyone calls me actually. I prefer that name over my actual. I'm an average person you can say...just traveling, writing and listening to good music. I live in the Rio Grande Valley where we had a’s slowly getting back up. I attended Texas State at one point and UTPA. Did Criminology and now I’m moving on to Culinary Arts. Boring I know…I’m also the holder of Necrosis e-zine and will soon and hopefully put out a fanzine which was the next goal and dream for me.
2. At what age did you start listening to metal? Who were some of the first bands you listened to? Who are some of your "current “favorites?

-At the age of 8 I started listening to Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Metallica, Pantera and such. I didn't really know what the hell I was listening to...But I knew I liked it. I have my uncles to thank for that. I graduated over the years to heavier shit such as death metal and some black metal...later on...I did in fact get into funeral doom and such.

3. When did you first become interested in writing for zines? Besides Winter Torment and now Necrosis zine. Have you ever written for any other zines?

-I started writing for myself...back in my junior year of high school. I did have Journalism. I didn't start writing for zines until after high school. I did write for the small little fanzine which doesn't exist anymore a while back. I suppose they decided to just cut that out...I went on to better things such as this.

4. I know you have wanted to start necrosis e-zine for a long time now. What made you decide to make the dream a reality?

-I was sitting outside smoking a cigg when I realized...I have to do it ASAP. I've been talking about it...and thinking about it since 11th grade and finally sat down and just put up a page. I procrastinate at times. Other than that, I also hoped for the support from many friends I’ve met along the way…and I did…and I’m still receiving help. Thanks.

5. How did you come up with the name for your zine? For the bands, fans etc. who has not had the chance to read your zine. What cane people expect from you and the zine?

-Well, my personal page is Necrosadism. Which of course means to mutilate a dead body for sexual pleasure. Note: No...I do not do that. It's a philia associated with Criminology which I took back in college. Necrosis comes from a medical txt. Which is the localized death of cells. Pretty neat huh? Ppl can expect support and promotion. Such as flyers, interviews and advice if any.

6. If any bands or labels reading this are interested in working with you. What styles of metal do you cover/support? how can people get in touch with you and the zine?

-You can get in touch with me through my Necrosis page. Or my email. I will support Black metal...Death metal...Doom...Ambient...Thrash...Grindcore…Goregrind…

7. You come out of the mighty Texas
scene. So I was curious what is your opinion on the scene in Texas?

-LOL. My opinion? Jesus...It's a booming scene. What can I say? Alot of strength in the musicians you can see from Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Laredo, Corpus Christi, Valley, practically everywhere. Mexico even which we are very close to. Even the old timers I've met over the past couple of years I admire most of...Dobber being one and being a drummer. The Texas scene takes their music seriously. I should know...I'm dating serious musician.

8. Who are some of your all-time favorite Texas bands? Are there any new bands that you feel the readers should keep their eyes on?

-The readers should keep an eye on this one bad that are fairly new...from Houston, TX. That would be Demoniacal Genuflection. They are a strong bunch. Characters if I may say...intelligent. Their music is strong...fresh and just in your face. Their stage performance is a great one. The drummer is quick and efficient, the vocalist is precise…the bass player is on time and comes with speed…while the guitar player lays it on the line. They’re head on. I'm not saying this because I know them...but because I'm a critic. And I know what would look wrong and just plain frumpy. I am a very blunt person. I might be a quiet one…but I say what is on my mind and am not afraid to share what I think. I never pick sides unless I have to. For me to say that I have a personal favorite...I don't have one. Yet. I think in my opinion all the TXDM or Texas metal bands are equally good. It would be certain bands that do not practice enough that make the mistakes.

9. Are their any other good zines from Texas you can recommend? What about distro's/labels?
-As for zines. There aren’t that many. I have yet to see a good one. A hands on print. Which this will soon become once I square off some writers. Distro’s…Jesus Christ man…for me distro’s are like finding a needle in a haystack. Sevared, Comatose, TMU, Adversary, Ossuary, Rigor Mortis so on so forth.

10. In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground today? And what does the term "underground metal” mean to you?
-Underground to me means…not mainstream. Of course some Ppl will disagree. It’s opinion assholes. Get with the picture. The worst thing about the underground scene today would be drama. Then again…what comes with the territory…is pretty much what you get. There’s always going to be a musician or a band who thinks they are better than the other. The scene like many others…comes with a huge past. Other than that…it’s an amazing scene. Of of the big scenes in the states.

11. When not working on the zine what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
-Reading reviews, painting, cooking and entertaining, trying to enjoy life the best I can. Trying to find the right Culinary school and figuring out how to open a box of cereal without ripping the damn plastic to shreds.

12. Well Vinnie we have reached the interview. Good luck to you and necrosis e-zine!! Do you have any final comments for the readers?
-Look for Demoniacal Genuflection and Black Silence Malignant around your area playing the next show. Don’t under estimate the Texas metal scene.