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July 2012-January 2013 reviews/interviews

Interview with Bane done by patrick 1-6-13

Metal hails
welcome to the first interview of 2013!! it is with Serbia's Bane!! this is my second interview with Branislav and Bane.The band released their second cd "The Accusal Fire" through the great U.S Label Abyss records. if you are a fan of dissection,and european black/death defintly check this quality band out soon!!
expect alot of great interviews,reviews coming up very soon.
patrick and winter torment web-zine

Interview with Branislav (lead, acoustic guitars & vocals) from Bane done by Patrick

1.Metal hails Branislav! how is your new year starting out? Please introduce yourself to the readers

Hails Patrick! Pretty good, thanks. Currently just taking a break from all band activities, to be honest.
Well, I am Branislav, vocalist & guitarist, also main composer & lyricist for Black/Death Metal band BANE. I am the only original member of the band, and been going through lots of problems since to 2006 in order to keep the black flame burning...but here we are, in 2013, still going strong

2.When did you and the other members of Bane first meet? What is the current line up? For the readers who have never heard Bane's music how would you best describe it? Speaking about the last line-up, well...Nokkturno (keyboards, backing vocals, ex-bass) and I met back in 2005 I guess, we use to play in a Doom/Death Metal band called Senium. I met Lukas (guitars) a while back as well, while he was (and still is) playing in his Melodic Death Metal band Dark Dawn which was a while back as well, but entered the band in 2012. Bojan (bass) and I met about 2-3 years ago, I guess the local Metal scene ot us connected, while Marko (drums) was actually a total stranger until our first gig together as a band in April 2012 haha. It was our good friend Goran from SMF Promotions who got us to know each other.
BANE's music is straight-forward Black/Death Metal, more Swedish styled I'd say - influenced by the great mid 90's scene. Put short - like Dissection? Then check us out, but don't expect a copy-cat or poor rip-off.

3.Bane recently released their second cd "The Accusal Fire" through abyss records, how long did it take the band to write and record the songs for this release? Are you and the band members happy with how everything turned out? how would you say the music has changed since your debut release if at all?

Hmm...Well I had already started some sketches for the second album when our first album was released, which means late 2010. The album was entirely recorded in November 2011 but released a year later, so more or less it took me about a year of processing before having the final result which can now be heard.
Of course we are all satisfied with how everything turned out - bunch of great reviews, positive feedback from the people, new fans coming in on a daily basis since we've unleashed the beast from it's cave.
Our music simply progressed, just like all mature bands have every album sounding better than the previous. My worst nightmare is to write the same album twice, and if that one day does happen, for me that will be the sign to stop with music, at least for a while. Simply put, every aspect of the new album is far better than the first.

4.How has the response been from the press and the fans?

Amazing, really. I don't know what to say more, only a big THANK YOU to all of the review writers so far from all around the world (literally, from the USA to Japan) and to the people who gave us, among a sea of great bands, a listen and enjoyed the new record.

5.Does the band have many tours/shows planned for 2013 in support of "The Accusal Fire" or will you start working on new music, take a break? If Bane is planning some tours/shows where are some places you will be playing?

Contrary to the usual touring schedule of the band, which was - gigs, festivals, tours, and round we go - no live activities are planned in 2013, at least not in this very moment. Truth be told, after 3 European Tours, countless club shows & Festivals in over 10 countries, I am taking a break from all that stress regarding band management (since I manage the band myself), and prefer to take it easy from now on. I am slowly working on the 3rd full-length album, which will probably be released sometime in 2014, if all goes well.

6.Who are some bands Bane has had shared the stage with?If you could set up a dream show/tour who are some bands you would love to tour/play with? any particular countries you want to play?

We shared stages with some really amazing acts, such as Malevolent Creation, Decapitated, Sodom, Inquisition, Root, etc...
Hm, I don't know, really...I guess by now al the bands that I would really like to see live have more or less nothing in common with BANE, so it would be a little awkward to share stages with speaking of bands that are similar genre to us, it would be Dark Funeral, Naglfar and Thulcandra.
As for coutries - personally would to play in all of them hehe, but something in particular...perhaps Russia and the United States, but for a small band like us to Tour in such big countries, not likely gonna happen, at least not sometime soon.

7.Bane comes out of Serbia's metal underground, their seems to be a small {but growing} metal growing scene in Serbia would you agree? What is your opinion of the metal scene in Serbia?

At this time being, I have distanced myself from the "Serbian Metal Scene", as from my personal point of view there is no scene there, nor will there every be. Only individuals, doing their best to make something happen for themselves, and I respect that. I've talked about this subject too many times in earlier interviews, and do not really want to share my thoughts again on this. Those who know, know.

8.Who are your all-time favorite serbian metal bands? Are their any new metal bands coming out of serbia you think the readers should check out soon?

Bands that I personally listen to and like very much that come from Serbia are extremely rare, but if I have to mention a few that I like then: Draconic, Infest, Through Art, Ancient Sorrow, Shadowdream, and a few others which I can't think of right now.

9.What does the term underground metal mean to you?

Underground culture is just a tag for us (in this case) Metal-heads, to label our music - as "underground", which in fact is, and forever will be. Simply put, Extreme Metal will always be underground, cannot and will not find it's way up to the mainstream zone (and when I say "mainstream" I don't mean it as something to be bad by default), but the music we listen and enjoy is not meant to be, let's just say "accepted" by a large number of people over the globe. Underground music is sound for the strong, particular individuals, who somehow connect with other individuals with similar interests no matter from waht country they are from, nor what race they are, what language they speak, etc...

10. Besides Bane are you or any of the other members currently playing with any other bands or side-projects? If yes please tell the readers a little about them

Currently my only active side-project is an Alter Rock band called KEYCHAIN. We have released our first single a few months back, and now are currently working on our first full-length album, which will hopefully be released sometime later this year. This is totally different stuff than what I usually did present to listeners, so give it a shot:

11.When you are not working on music/band business, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Everything that is related to music - listening to music, searching for new bands, buying and collecting CD's & Tapes, etc...apart from that I love to record, mix and master recordings. Also like to do live sound is my life, really.

12. Well branislav we have reached the end of the interview,thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview. Do you have final comments for the readers of winter torment?

Pat, thank YOU very much for the support. Man if I remember correctly we first spoke about 3 years back when we released our first EP, so the support is much appreciated my friend. You are a true warrior of the underground Metal scene, we need more of them like you. All the best my friend & thanks again for everything. HAIL CHAOS!

-Branislav / BANE

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New reviews 11-24-12

Hope,everyone is having a good weekend so far? here are some new reviews for you all to check out and read as time permits.This time around i got a little bit of everything {which has been the case the more and more last few moths} so hope everyone finds something to their liking and will do what they can to support the metal underground scene.
keep the flames of metal burning bright.
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Black vulture-darkness fills the earth cd {self releaed}
Black vulture is a band featuring Martin Ciappara who most will know from his black/doom/death band prayer of the dying.Black Vulture are a three piece band with martin handling the drums the band plays plays mid-paced death metal with some black metal inlfuences in some parts of the songs.The guiarist range from fast riffs to a more mid-paced and have some really well-played and even catchy riffs and patterns.Martin has proven he can sing and play guitar etc. in prayer of the dying but his drumming is pretty damn good as he keeps up with guitars quite well going from fast to mid-paced range with some catchy to faster/aggressive death metal drum patterns of his own.Black vulture is defintly a band looking into for fans who enjoy good solid death/black metal.
band contact

deadly remains-severing humanity cd {deepsend rec.}
Deadly remains play straight forward and do it well!!! on severing humanity the california band really impressed me with me with their sheer brutal heavy sound and mix of mid nineties and some modern death metal for a good solid release.Heavy mid-paced guitars with some killer riffs and solo's but the band does know how to break loose with fury with some faster guitars and drumming patterns when the time is right.This is a band that brutal death metal fans sure will not want to miss out on so order your copy today!

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Decline Of The I-Inhibition cd {agonia rec.}
I was really excited to hear/get this release once i heard A.K {Merrimack,vorkreist among others} was the main man behind this project as i really enjoyed some of black metal bands.If you are a fan of A.K's bands i would defintly say check out Decline Of The I for the simple reason it's good and the music is well-done and interesting.But be warned this not really black metal their are some influences of black metal here and there in some of the songs but A.K seems to incorporate more of an industrial,expirmental even a little death metal sound into the music in other words a.k is not afraid to try mixing styles when it comes to Decline Of The Of I.Personally i enjoyed this twisted,dark musical and if your a fan of the newer bands that mix different extreme musical genres together defintly give Inhibition a listen this is defintly a good debut.I for one am interested to see what they come up with for the second release!

Die Hard- Conjure The Legions cd {Agonia rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
Sweden's die hard are back with their brand of catchy yet aggressive old-school death metal.Fast,thrashing guitars with some really intense and insane riffs and solo's put in the mix.Drummer is just as chaotic and all over the place going from the hyper-speed thrashing to a more mid-paced beats but the drumming is very well done and played to perfection.the vocals are a mix of gruff growls/and screams this is defintly a worthwhile purchase for any and all fanatics of old-school thrashing mayhem.

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Incantation-Vanquish In vengeance cd {listenable rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
One of the longest and most respected death metal acts returns after a six year silence.Wasting little time the members of the Incantation start the assult on Vanquish In Vengeance with their trademark heavy,fast guitars that will leave you breathless and begging for more.John Mcentee's death metal growls/vocals sound amazing and fit incantion's brutal style prefect.the production is done really well to not as raw/primitive as early incantion releases but also not over-polished/produced like so many.If you are a long time of these death legends well take a sigh of relief vanquish in vegeance is pure incantion in all their death metal glory!! it's great to see bands staying true to their roots.

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Maveth-Coils Of The Black Earth cd { Dark Descent rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
Finland's Maveth are a new band to my ears and i glad i defintly got ahold of their debut on the great Dark Descent.Coils Of The Black Earth showcases this young bands power and dark violent sound.The band mixes in mid ninetes death metal with some of their own sick twisted ideas.The guitars have some really well played complex riffs/patterns{without loosing any of the heaviness} their done backNforth going from extremly fast with non-stop riffs but without warning come to a nearly slow/mid paced crawl. the vocals are vicious,angry and just insane.Maveth might just like any other death metal band with this review but believe me they are so much more with their music has a very dark atmosphere entertwined within the bands brutal sound.this is one hell of a great debut and well worth checking out if you enjoy dark,brutal death metal.
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Paroxsihzem-Paroxsihzem cd {Dark Descent rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
I don't know where dark descent finds their bands but so far i think just about every band i have heard frorm this label has been great and thats pretty rare these days.But you can add paroxsihzem to the roster of dark descent bands that are great and defintly worth checking out.Paroxsihzem come out of the canadian underground and has released an amazing debut full of morbid,dark dark heavy death metal. Raging fast guitars,thick heavy bass mixed with deep,low growls .The band plays death metal the way it was meant to be played no gimmicks,no over-the top technical riffs/solo's. just dark,nasty heavy riffs.If your a "fan" of dark, bass/guitar heavy death metal then you should defintly enjoy paroxsihzem.
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Sanguinary Misanthropia-Loathe Over Will cd{Supremacy Through Intolerance rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
After a couple of e.p's and demo's australia's Sanguinary Misanthropia release their debut full-length .Loathe Over Will is is nine tracks of traditional satanic black metal.Raw,thin gutar riffs,aggressive blasting drums with some mid-paced breaks to keep the music interesting and the listeners attention.The vocals are demonic screams and screeches and fits nicely with the bands old-school primitive sound.I know alot of bands are doing the "old school" sound way to much these days but Sanguinary Misanthropia do a great job of creating and playing traditional,raw black metal without sounding too much like one particular band.Defintly recomended to old-school fans who enjoy their black metal raw,primitive and ugly.

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Sarratum-Flagellation of a saint cd {nekrogoatheresy prod.}{reviewed by patrick}
Sarratum is black metal band featuring Martin Ciappara {prayer of the dying,black vulture} who handles the drums and keyboards in the band.Sarratum seem to stick to the more primitive,raw straight forward style of black metal and do it well.The guitars are raw,simplistic yet have some catchy riffs.I'm not sure how long martin has been druming for but he seems to be pretty good behind kit going from mid-to fast beats.And the band does show somewhat of a "atmospheric" side with their instrumental track beyond the helios before picking up with the demonic harsh blackend vocals and black metal attack.Fans of early emperor, or early 90's norse black black metal in general should check enjoy sarratum.
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Septycal Gorge-Growing seeds of decay cd {comatose music}{reviewed by patrick}
Thanks to comatose music if you missed this the first time around now you can check out it again with bonus tracks.If you are like me and were unfamilar with the band septycal gorge are a italian band which plays fast, brutal death metal mixed with some technical guitar riffs here and there but not over done like so many were doing the last five to ten years. Intensely fast drumming that is aggressive yet precise and flawless in it's delievery.The vocals are a mix of death growls and deeper guttural vokills that fit well together and defintly mix well with the brutality of the music.Septycal gorge and comatose were cool enough to "add" three extra bonus songs from the bands 2008 davinci death code split. If your a "fan" of other bands on the comatose roster most likely you will enjoy septycal gorge's music as well so give these italian sicko's a listen today.

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Stagnant Waters-Stagnant Waters cd {adversum rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
Stagnant waters is a new musicial trio that defintly thinks outside the musical box when creating music.The band does have some black metal influence but that is defintly not it's main influence as stagnant waters seems to draw and use influence from indusrial,,techno{not the trendy/happy shit techno but more eerie/haunting style} mixed with with alot of random of spaced out soundscapes that somehow seem to blend together within a dark realm of indusrialized,metal and just plain insanity put to extreme music.While other tracks are more influenced by ambient,noise,industrial in other words stagnant waters are a band that have no boundries when it comes to their music and i have to defintly respect that.Personally this is something that is a release that not going to be for everyone but i would defintly recomend it to those who enjoy extreme metal/music with no boundries.

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Synapses-Expiation cd {deepsend rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
synapses may just be one of the first bands from italy that i have heard in years that i just don't like.Their not horrible musicians or anything but the music is just way to technical for my tastes this is the one things that drove me away from death metal in mid 90's/early turn of the century was most of the death metal bands were trying to out do each other with flashy,technical guitars and lost the heaviness and intensity of the death metal music. Anyways Synapses has the horrible technical guitars,the drums just sound like one long continous blast beat. The vocals were just average death growls,this release really has done nothing for me but some of the newer death metal fans might get into it.
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TsaR BomB-Neowarfare cd {badgod music}{reviewed by patrick}
This is a very impressive debut from spain's blackend death war metal machine Tsar Bomb.Unrelenting,uncomprimising barrage of blasting drums mixed with razor sharp guitar riffs and harsh, raw screams of pain.While each song is a violent and aggressive in it's delivery their is a unique sound and style that gives life to each track as well.Alot of bands playing this style usually get over looked for whatever reason but i would defintly urge any fans of blackend death to check out Tsar BomB as soon as possible and this band to your cd collection. I really think this band will be around in the underground scene for quite a few years and i for one can't wait to hear their next attacks!!

label contact

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interview with the royal arch blaspheme done by patrick 10-2-12

here is a new interview with one of the best u.s.b.m bands around the royal arch blaspheme. the band was the vision of john gelso {guitarist of the legendary profanatica!} the band recently released their second cd simply titled "11" through hells headbangers rec.killer, black metal sure to please all fans of straight-forward,old school black metal.
enjoy the interview and be sure to pick up the cd asap!!
patrick and winter torment

interview with john gelso guitarist of the royal arch blaspheme done by patrick

.hails john! thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview, please introduce yourself to the readers.

Greetings, it all began in 1986 when Paul Ledney and I disbanded a punk project to begin the death/black metal band Toten. Since then, I’ve played guitar in a handful of bands. The only noteworthy ones I care to mention would be Profanatica, Contrivisti, and Royal Arch Blaspheme.

2.when did you and N.imperial first meet? what gave you the guys the idea to form the royal arche blaspheme? how did the two of you choose the name of the band? how would you describe the bands music for the readers who have never heard the royal arch blaspheme?

I met N. Imperial in Texas at the 2009 Sacrifice of the Nazarene Child Fest. I created RAB as a side project while Paul worked on Havohej in the autumn of 2008. The name was taken from Aleister Crowley’s “Energized Enthusiasm: A Note On Theurgy“ written in 1913. After creating the majority of the hymns, I needed someone with a strong voice to complete the work. I thought of asking Ledney, but felt the album would be viewed as an odd Profanatica album. In addition, I wanted RAB to be its own entity. At SotNC Fest, N Imperial gave me a copy of March Into The Sea. After one listen, I knew he was the perfect fit for RAB.

I would describe RAB as dark, inward, haunting, and powerful. Both N. Imperial and I pen the lyrics that vary on themes from self-empowerment and ancient truths, to the disgust of religious hypocrisy and it oppressive nature.

3.originally the band was just yourself and N.imperial but for the new release "ll" you decided to add more members for a full-band. why did you guys decide to add more musicians? are you happy with the decision so far?

It was my idea to expand RAB, I encouraged everyone to contributed to this album. I’ve worked with Alex and Blake while recording Profanatica’s “The Grand Master Session.” There is strong chemistry between us when we perform. Everything comes together very quickly. They are both part of the RAB going forward.

4.please introduce the new members of the bands to the band.

Alex and Blake are both previously from Demoncy. In addition, they have both done live session work with Profanatica. Alex also runs and operates Negative Existance

5.are you all interested in playing any "live" shows/fests/tours in the future? or would you prefer to keep the royal arch blaspheme a studio-only band?

I would be interested in doing a few live performances with RAB, preferable a fest. I’m more interested in working on the next album.

6.the band recently released their second cd "ll" through hells headbangers rec. how long did it take did take to write and record the songs for this release?which usually comes first in the writing process the lyrics or the music?

Music comes first, then titles, then lyrics. This album is a bit unique when it comes to the writing of it. I’ve purged ideas I’ve been holding on to for a while. The first riff you hear in “Vama-Marga” was written in 1987. It was taken from a Toten hymn titled “Dreary Proximity.” It was never recorded, but the riff remained in my memory over the years. Resurrection of Depravity was written in 2004 in homage to Quorthon. The song “Call from the Grave” inspired the vocals style and is meant as a tribute.

7.everyone has their own ideas/opinions on what black metal means/stands for. so i was interested in what you what yours were. what does "black metal" mean to you?

In my opinion, Black Metal began with Venom. It’s a true dishonor to them when people say it was stared in Norway. To me it’s all about the music and the feel. Its roots are in Punk music. While punk is against the establishment, Black Metal is against religion and what is perceived to be moral. They both have rage within it core.

8.i know you have been a part of the black metal scene for many years now. so i was wondering how do you feel the scene has changed over the years? do you feel it has gotten better or worse over the years?

It can never be the same. While there are a lot of great artists out there, and a greater amount of people that truly appreciate the music, the newness of it can never return.

9.i also remember in the early/mid 90's the u.s.b.m scene was not really respected or taken very serious from other european you see much of a change in this over the last 10-15 years?

For USBM in general, I feel it’s changed a little. Some bands are getting more respect, though Profanatica still remains possibly the most passionately hated within Europe and the US, especially amongst critics.

10.what is your personal opinion of the scene in the u.s? who are some of your all-time favorite u.s.b.m bands? are their any new bands you feel will make an impact and people should watch out for in the near future?

There are many great bands in the U.S. All time favorites, Demonic Christ, Demoncy, Black Witchery. do you feel about the black metal bands that use keyboards,synths and female vocals etc.. to add "atmosphere" to their music?

I’m not into keyboards or synths in Black Metal. While its not something I would choose to do, I don’t mind if its in an intro or outro. Overall, Black Metal should have a more punk feel. I like female vocals. Fuck, Demonic Christ is killer!

12.if you don't mind a few personal questions i had i wanted to ask. would you consider yourself a satanist or just anti-all religion? at what age did you really start to question religion and god etc..?

I started questioning religion at a very early age. I was around 4 or 5 old when I started attending C.C.D (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine), not by my choice. From the beginning I saw many flaws in Catholicism. I quickly developed a true hate for all the ignorance and hypocrisy that I was being ‘taught.” Catholicism is a plague of Misogyny, pedophilia, fear, and destruction of self will. It was created to enrich a few and lure the sheep by providing a false sense of security. Throughout my life I’ve studied other world religions and found the same shit.

13.who are some satanists/occultist you study and follow the most? do you have any kind of philosophy you try to live by?

I’ve studied Anton LaVey, Aleister Crowley, and Helena Blavatsky to name a few. Years ago I did some work for Tracey Twyman and Boyd Rice, helping them with a website. It provided me with access to a healthy amount of compelling articles and spoken word audio files they created. I have much respect for the amount of knowledge they’ve gathered over the years. do you feel the world would be different if the religion of any kind {christianity,satanism,paganism etc.} was never introduced to humanity?

Our species would be much farther evolved. Or we would have annihilated ourselves.

15.coming back to music besides the royal arch blaspheme you are also a part of the legendary profanatica! whats new with profanatica? any band news/updates you would like to share at this time? besides profanatica and the royal arch blaspheme do you currently work with any other bands/projects?

There’s should be a new Profanatica album coming out later this year. We finished recording it about a year ago. I’m not clear on why it hasn’t been released yet. Last I hear, Hells Headbangers where waiting for Paul’s artwork. It has 9 new songs, our best effort yet.

16.we have reached the end the of interview,thank you for taking time to fill this interview out. do you have any final words for the readers?

Praise to those who support.

to order the royal arche blaspheme or profanatica cd's or any other availble merchandise please check out the label's web-site here:

interview with Eye of Solitude done by patrick 10-2-12

here is a new interview with one of the undergrounds best new death/doom band's Eye Of Solitude hailing from the u.k the band mixes in heavy death/doom riffs and thunderous drums with thick layers of dreary,depressive funeral doom influences.the bands second cd "suicaedere" through kaotoxin records and is highly recomended to all fans of funeral/death/doom

interview with daniel vocalist of Eye of Solitude done by patrick

1.hello daniel how is your week going? please introduce yourself to the readers.

Daniel: Hey there guys,my week's been good thank you, hopefully yours was too. I am Daniel and I'm the main writer and vocalist for Eye Of Solitude.

2.when did you and the other members of eye of solitude meet? what isthe current line-up for eye of solitude? how did you all come up withthe name of the band? does it have a special meaning? for the readerswho have never the music how would you describe the bands music?

Daniel: Eye Of Solitude had been a solo project in the initial stages of its creation. Ten tracks have been written and an album was about to be released. I was approached by an old friend and been suggested to make the project into a live one. That was in 2010. After many line-up changes due to musical and personal incompatibilities, Indee (guitars) stepped up in 2011, then consecutively: Pedro (keys), Adriano(drums) and Chris (bass),this being the current line-up.
Our music, is a combination of doom with funeral influences and death metal. So far we haven't been pigeon-holed but some might say it is doom death. We try to combine melody and aggression,all in a refined way,subtle or not.
3.the bands second cd "suicaedere" was just released through long did it take the band to write and record the songs forthis release? are you all happy with how everything turned out?

Daniel: The album itself had been written in about 6 months,then recorded in less than a month. We like to work in our own environment,so we have recorded it ourselves. Of course, there is never enough, or to put it in different words,there is always something to be added to the songs, but all in all we are extremely happy with how things turned out to be,and the final result is what you can hear on the CD. has the response been from the press and the fans?

Daniel: Everything has been simply amazing. We've received a lot of positive feedback from various publications and reviewers such as Scream Magazine,Metal-Rules,Destructive Music and many many others.
Overall we have received fantastic words, very encouraging and very constructive. Both media and fans have supported us so much and this can only be a good thing. Makes us work even harder, push ourselves and raise the bar of course. would you say the music is different on suicaedere then on your debut cd?

Daniel: "The Ghost" is a very young album,an antithesis really- given the fact that the band is just 2 years old. But at the time "The Ghost" had been written,the songs have had a different approach,more melo,with a lot of clean vocals passages,more romantic so to speak. It is a personal introspection if I might add. "Sui Caedere" on the other hand,is also a very personal album, but yet again, the approach is a more aggressive one, more dark and more pessimistic than the previous material. We have not tried anything, really, the songs flown naturally just like the ones on "The Ghost". But as I said before, with a more dark,brutal-I might say- manner..

6.which usually comes first the music or the lyrics? what are some
topics the bands writes about? do you all draw from personal
experiences or more from the world around you?

Daniel: They come simultaneously. We cannot have music without concept or concept without music, so it's more of a parallel work. The lyrics may not be totally defined but the idea is there.
We have a slightly different approach when it comes to writing our music and lyrics. We never write because we HAVE to write or because we HAVE to record an EP or album. We write because we feel the need to. For us music is beyond creation,it's more of a natural spiritual healing (in the words of our highly regretted Chuck)
The music flows naturally and lyrics just mold on it. We want to create something extremely persuasive but natural in the same time. We feel the need to express something when it comes to our songs, and run the extra mile to succeed in expressing ourselves through music.

7.does the band play live very often or do you prefer to work in the
studio only? what have been some of your more memorable shows?

Daniel: We are a live band. We have not played too many shows because of the constant incompatibilities between music and person. But the most memorable show had been at Doom Over London II,where we shared the stage with great bands like Esoteric,Saturnus,and many more.
We have also played Brumstock fest,where we had a fantastic time with friends,and bands across UK.

8.who are some bands you have shared the stage with? if you could set
up a "dream" show who would you love to share the stage with?

Daniel: As previously stated we have had the honor to share the stage With Esoteric,Saturnus, Dead Existence, Haerken,etc. And we would love to share the stage again with them, but also with other important names in the doom scene,and we actually will during Doom Over London III,with Ahab,Officium Triste,Faal,Indesinence and Witchsorrow.

9.the band comes out of the mighty u.k underground scene. what is your
opinion of the metal scene in the u.k?

Daniel: There are so many acts in UK,so many talented musicians,spread over quite many bands. But the UK metal scene is over saturated. Fortunately for us, we have dealt with good people in bands,like Unfathomable Ruination,Trifixion,Bloodshot Dawn,Nebukadnezza and so many others. Together we are like a family, we help each other,and we try to make the scene a better one!

10. who are some of your all-time favorite bands from the u.k? are
their any new bands you feel the readers should check out soon?

Daniel: Definitely, some of them have been enumerated above,but there are so many others:
Seed Of Detest,Cythraul,Caravan Of Whores,Old Corpse Road,Winterfylleth..and the list can go on.

11.what about honest labels or zines you can recommend from your country?

Daniel: Oh I would strongly recommend Chris Newby from Uk Extreme Metal (UKEM), Metal Rules, Destructive Music, Ruptured Aura,Dead Haggis,Grindethic Rec,Redraven promotions,Funeral Of Mankind, Isengard Promotions and so on.
12.what does the term underground metal mean to you?

Daniel: It's a bit complicated,but as I see it, underground is a very misleading term. I make it complicated because there are a few elements that really do conflict with one another. every band wants to make it.Every band wants its music out there,for people to listen to. It doesn't matter how big or how small, but mainly this is the purpose, in my opinion.
What differentiates underground from mainstream is that I believe underground is more like a family,we do not make music for selling purposes only! We make music because we feel it,and our goal is to have it spread over a wide mass of people. Mainstream makes music for money, for the large crowds,for exposure,for material benefits.
Of course,Underground needs material support, but the difference is here: If we,as an underground band have reached at least one person who really understands,and feels our music the way it was intended, then we have reached our goal.
If one person lives the same experience we have had when writing/recording the material, then we have achieved success. Mainstream refers to a large number of people who will be pleased by bouncy,easily remembered tunes,or melodies and that mean nothing to them,just another way or chance to bop your head in a rhythmically-nodding way. you or any of the other members of eye of solitude currently
play in any side bands or projects? if yes please tell the readers alittle about them.

Daniel: Yes, I myself play in brutal death metal act Unfathomable Ruination, our bassist Chris plays in death black metal act Seed Of Detest,and our drummer Adriano,plays in trash metal act Nebukadnezza and death metal band Cythraul.

14.coming back to the band for a moment you handle the vocals for the
band at what age did you begin singing? who are some of your
influences/favorite vocalists?

Daniel: I started doing bits and pieces vocal wise when i was about 18. I listen to a lot of music, some of it non-metal. But I think one of my most favorite and most respected vocalists would be Konstantin Luhring of Defeated Sanity.
Then i would have a whole list of musicians,including Chris Rea,Michael Bolton,Janis Joplin,Seal,hahaha did i scare you enough? LOL!!
Ok, from the metal side of music I can say Chris Barnes had been one of my most accentuated influences,I started listening to metal with Cannibal Corpse and I have been a fan ever since. The list would be huge so i would like to say that my influences are varied. you do anything special to keep your throat/voice healthy? do
you play any other instruments?

Daniel: Practice,Practice,Practice girls! Being a vocalist doesn't always mean burping or vomiting upon a mic. That's for pansies. Any idiot with a mic and a few vst's can be a vocalist. Practicing in a relentless mode is the key to everything, vocal coaching is always good,warm-up before singing,drink plenty of fluids to keep the throat hydrated and stop when it hurts!!
I do play drums since I was 14,so that makes it about 16 years now? It has been -besides vocals- my biggest musical passion and I love drumming. I also play a bit of guitar and bass but only for myself.
i think it's a lot of help learning more instruments,expanding horizons,which really do help when all alone and trying to write music.

16.well daniel thank you for taking the time to fill out this
interview. do you have any final comments for the readers?

Daniel: Thank you so much for the interview opportunity,always a pleasure guys! For our fans,and people who don't know us or haven't heard our music, the message is simple:
Listen to it, and judge for yourself!
Thank you

to order "suicaedere" check out the bands label site here

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new reviews for 9-1-12

metal hails!!
here is a new batch of metal-reviews for everyone to sink their teeth into this fine weekend. hopefully you will find something to your liking!!
also i would like give a HUGE thank you to nate verschoor for helping me with 2 reviews on this batch the reviews are "cognitive" and "secrets of the moon" hopefully if nate has time he will be able to help with future reviews and possible interviews for winter torment.
i am also gonna be working with a few others {hopefully} so keep watching out for those updates.
as always thank you to everyone who takes the time to read winter torment web-zine and support the d.iy, underground metal scene all over the world.
patrick and winter torment web-zine

abazagorath--abazagorath Mcd {no visible scars rec.}{review by patrick}
this is a band that should need no introduction to long-time blackend death metal jersey's abazagorath took the scene by storm in the mid 90's and have been holding their own against all the trends,bands,posers etc.. that have come and gone and here in 2012 i am proud to say listening to their self-titled mcd. the band has not lost their ability to write or play intense,cold hateful but also at the same time somewhat original blackend death metal which is not an easy task to do considering the thousands of bands that have flooded this genre over the last 2 decades. the e.p starts with a somber almost beautiful sounding intro but the mood suddenly changes when the band switches to their trademark fast razorsharp guitars that extremly fast yet flawless in their execution.the drumming is equally fast with blasting drums that unrelenting and well-written beats. the vocals are hateful shrieks and some growls that fit perfectly with abazagorath's amazing blend of blackend death metal. if you have heard abazagorath's past work then buy this today! as it is nothing short of brilliant blackend death. if you are new fan to this band and enjoy fast,violent yet original and quality black metal you won't hear another band better than abazagorath

label contact

binah--hallucinating in resurrecture cd {dark descent records}{review by patrick}
binah are from the u.k and play a mixture of heavy slow to mid-paced death the current scene where alot of bands seem to rely on speed or guttural style vocal effects to be "brutal". it's refreshing to hear a band that remembers what death metal should sound like, and where it's roots lie.raw,heavy guitars and bass. deep death metal growls that are extremly well done and fit perfectly with binah's dark and heavy sound.i will admit the band does walk a fine line with some of their slower,heavier guitar parts giving the band sort of a death/doomish sound similar to the early 90's bands such as skepticism,thergothon and the similar bands. but i really won't label this band a doom band as their sound and heart lies within the old-school death metal fans of early grave,benediction etc.. will love binah's heavy,dark death metal sounds.

label contact.

COGNITIVE - THE HORRID SWARM e.p {done by nate verschoor}

Let's be honest, in this generation when you hear "New Jersey" the first thought is horrible tans, fist-pumping, and that fucking atrocious TV show...
Thankfully, there are some great bands coming from Jersey, and Cognitive is one of them. Formed in 2011 (Brand new? Damn!) the band is a five-piece and the first release came out in July of 2012. Busy guys eh?
Well, let's get started...
The band plays what they label as "Technical death metal combining blazing riffs and with skull crushing rhythms and all the brutal grooves your feeble mind can handle," and I do have to say they represent their description pretty well.
Right off the bat the song "In The Form of A Drone" is pretty relentless. They mix together great brutal riffing with the classic Dying Fetus groove everyone loves. Some great leads, plenty of dissonant riffs and in your face blast sections with some pretty sick riffs. I am really starting to enjoy this band. "Falling Skies" reminds me of "Planetary Duality" from THE FACELESS, which I would say is a pretty accurate comparison. They have some great Michael Keene-esque melodies keeping the variety fresh from the unrelentling death metal pummeling.
But I must stress the DYING FETUS groove. Fucken hell its great. They also throw in some lite synth (and not in a lame way) for atmosphere towards the end of the song for some flavor. All in all, this album is pretty good so far. "Numbered and Slaughtered" is a fucking SICK track. One of the guitarists played in WAKING THE CADAVER and the groove is very obvious, but not distasteful in any way. I love the use of the off-time MESHUGGAH-worship riff around the middle. But what really sold me on this song is the melodic piece right after. Very THE FACELESS, which I am a big fan of so I have no complaints.
"Essence Oblivion" has some cool riffs and great variety but nothing really memorable. There is some good grooves, some typical death metal, but again some great melodic leads which I'm a sucker for. While this is not a bad song, it just isn't grabbing me as much as the last one did. Closing the album is the title track, "The Horrid Swarm" and it is pretty damn solid. Some killer leads, that oh-so-tasteful groove they display, and some killer dissonant riffs that really pull at my guitarist strings. The breakdown in this song is fucking SICK. Just saying. No gay shit, just good old fashion death metal. I would have to say this song is my favorite of the album with its melody and its brutality all rolled into a nice package.
Being a musician myself, tone is EVERYTHING. The production is not polished and over-produced which i am VERY happy for. Death Metal needs some grime and dirt to give it that edge we all came to love with the early bands. The guitars sound really fucking good, and the bass has a killer "pop" to it. The vocals are superb, very well performed and they remind me alot of DYING FETUS. Can you really go wrong?
To sum this all up, Cognitive is a fucking great band. This release is extremely well written and I definitely believe they will be a band to keep an eye on if they keep this up.

cultfinder--blackthrashing terror 7-inch {eldritch lunar miasma}{review by patrick}
alot of the bands in the scene today like to label themselves old-school maniacs, or claim to carry the torch of the metal gods from years past but seem to lack the passion,fir and intensity that the bands from the 80's and early 90's had. but that is one thing that can't be said for cultfinder from the u.k. the band mixes in the best and most intense black/thrash metal from the metal gods from the 80's {venom,slayer and mix in some pure black metal violence for a truly insane and explosive listen.not really a whole to say or write about this style of metal it is a style you will worship and drool over or totally hate despise. but if you enjoy and miss the early days of metal when metal didn't really have any boundries and was always uncompromising then you should give cultfinder a listen you won't be disapointed.

label contact

cianide--the dying truth cd {deathgasm rec.}{review by patrick}
originally released in 1992 cianide's "the dying truth" is a true classic in the realm of death metal and in underground metal in general.deathgasm have done a great job with this re-releasing this slab of death metal history. not only do you get the release of the dying truth,but you also as an added "bonus"the bands two demos 1990's funeral demo and 91's second life demo.if you are not familar cianide you should think about what genre your a supposed fan of considering cianide have been going strong {still releasing quality,heavy death metal today} but seriously if you've never heard cianide they were one of the first bands to originate the heavy,mid-paced death metal sound tha so many bands have tried to copy but very few have captured it quite to the perfection that cianide has over the years. so if you missed this release in 1992, don't make the same mistake in 2012! go to the deathgasm web-store today and order your copy now!!

label contact

deiphago--satan alpha omega cd {hells headbangers records}{review by patrick}
the war machine known as deiphago once again returns with their newest release of primitive,vicious blackend war metal mixed with noisey grinding guitars and blasting drums.satan alpha omega starts off with a intro of air-raid sirens which is a perfect beginning to the attack that deiphago has planned on satan alpha omega.deiphago embrace the best qualities in the classic raw,primitive black metal scene {sarcofago,beherit,etc..} and mix with noisey,raw thrashy guitars,blasting chaotic drums.deiphago {like all of hells headbangers bands} hold the old-school values and sound close to their metallic heart.if you enjoyed the past deiphago's releases then check out satan alpha omega this will not disapoint you!! or if you enjoy intense,raw,uncomprising blackend war metal that takes no prisoners then defintly be sure to check out deiphago!! no other band does it better.

label contact

emptiness-error cd {dark descent rec.}{done by patrick}
with a band name like emptiness you might be expecting a more doom-style band. but these belgium metal fanatics seem to draw inspiration from most other metal-genres except doom.starting with a heavy guitar sound,fast whirlwind riffs and solo's.the drumming is ranged from mid-to extremly fast. their is also some screechy/noisey feedback soundscapes for a dark industrial feel.the vocals are deep growls with whispery,raspy voices mixed in the growls.harsh noise mixed with touches of industrial and alot of blackend death metal influences all rolled into one deranged and psychotic roller coaster ride.if this sounds like a musical jounery you might enjoy then grab a copy of a error today!

label contact

eye of solitude- suicaedere cd {kaotoxin rec.}{done by patrick}
eyes of solitude second release "suicaedere" is nothing short of brilliant and amazing.beautiful yet sorrow-filled and crushing death/doom.the band has alot of influences and similarities to the early 90's death/doom masters such as anathema,my dying bride {their 1st releases espically},skepticism,etc..without totally being a clone band.the heavy slow drums and crushing guitar chords are only made more heavy and even a little more depressive if thats possible with the deep growls which are both powerful but also have a certain despair and sadness within each lyric which makes your heart wrench with each note and listen. but at the same the music and songs on suicaedere are written so complex and masterful it is hard not to listen. like most bands in this genre the bands uses keyboards but uses them in a good way to help "add" an extra layer of darkness and despair to their sorrowful sound. if you are a fan of sorrow-filled,atmospheric death/doom you will not want to miss this gem of a release.

label contact

father befouled-revulsion of serpahic grace cd {dark descent rec.}{review by patrick}
this is father befouled's third release,and i am extremly happy that my i was able to hear,get a hold of this great bands release.revulsion of serpahic grace is nothing short of outstanding death metal that will leave all death metal maniacs drooling and begging for more. 7 songs of bone crushing death metal.the band defintly sticks to the early 90's u.s death metal sound similar to incantation,immolation etc.but these metal warriors are not just posers ripping off their idols. they are extremly well trained musicians who know how to write and play their while their are similarites to the mentioned bands and other mid 90's death metal bands father befouled also have alot of creative ideas mixed within the heavy guitar and bass riffs.the drummer mixes it up a bit going from mid-paced beats before plunging into fast,uncontrolled assults of rage.the vocalist is probably one of the best i have heard in some time with some of the deep death growls that are both sinister and demented in execution. if you are sick of all the god-awful metalcore bands or technical style bands and want a band that is pure death metal heaviness then give father befouled a listen and be prepared to be blown away.

label contact

gorephilia-embodiment of death cd {dark descent rec.}{review by patrick}
the musicians of gorephilia know how to play pure heavy old-school death metal with no comprimises or technical guitar soloing that seems to ruin the atmosphere or the death metal fury that most bands seemed to have in the 80's and 90's.i hear {older}immolation influence in the guitar patterns/riffs.pounding,mid-paced beats that jump into hyper speed blasting and chaotic guitar riffs and solo's that mix with the bands more aggressive side.deep death growls that fit this music perfectly.if you need a reminder on how death metal should sound then be sure to pick up a copy of embodiment of death from dark descent rec. today!
label contact

morbid execution-morbid execution cd {deathgasm rec.}{review by patrick}

i know very little about these polish maniacs but i am sure with their self-titled debut this will change among the underground fans. atleast those of us who still worship raw,dirty blackend death metal sounds of the early 90' melody,no atmosphere, no perfect production that is over-produced and sounds too what will you get from morbid execution's debut? fast and sometimes catchy blackend death metal.the production as mentioned is pretty raw sounding which gives it that demo/rehearsel sound of the elder bands from the 80's {which i personally love,nothing beats a raw,hateful blackend death metal demo ahh memories} most of today's fans and music listeners will probably hate this,but if your an old-school fanatic who remembers tape-trading,print-fanzines,snail mail,etc.. you should defintly check out morbid executions great debut highly recomended.

label contact

mongrels cross-the sins of aquarius cd {hells headbangers rec.}{review by patrick}
this is the debut from australia's mongrel's cross,it has been awhile since i heard an old-school blackend death/war metal from this great country {i have been a "fan" of australia's metal-scene since the mid 90's alot of great bands,and very underrated in my book-patrick} whirlwind fast guitars and insane riffs with some solo's thrown in the mix.the drumming is what you expect chaotic,blasting, but also extremly well played and precise and done to perfection which can't be an easy task considering how fast the guy gets at times.intense screeches and growls mixed together with mongrels cross violent music perfectly to make this a really good blackend death/war metal release. if your a fan of the war-metal genre then do yourself a favor and don't miss mongrels cross!

label contact

necrovation-necrovation cd {agonia rec.}{review by patrick}
this is necrovation from the legendary swedish metal underground and i have always been a huge fan of sweden's scene so i was defintly interested in hearing this.according to the bands bio the band wanted to try and expand a little on their sound with adding some thrashy and traditional heavy metal guitar riffs and solo's to the bands death metal just doesnt work and comes off sounding jumbled and kind of confused in the sound. and unfortunatly none of the songs are really that memorable at all to me.i think the band tried a new idea and it really doesnt work to well so hopefully they will go back to a full on death metal sound for the next release.

label contact

secrets of the moon-seven bellls cd {prophecy prod.}review by nate verschoor}

Do I really need to introduce this band?

Now, I am assuming this album is based on the seven bells of the apocalypse, or something along that line. But we all know with Black Metal everything has underlying themes that are not obviously portrayed.

But on to the review…

The title track “The Seven bells” starts the album off with of course, distant bells. When the song really kicks in, you are just in fucking awe. It is so brutal, yet so dark. Perfect for SoTM. It really grabs you by the throat, a very relentless and overall perfect opener for an album. Well done. The fucking riffs man, are so well crafted, I can’t even stress how perfect this album already is into the first song. next is “Goathead” which is a slower-tempo’d, more atmospheric song (even though Seven bells was just as atmospheric). A lot of minor chord progressions and doomy breakdowns sets this song up for nothing less of amazing. The vocals are wretched, and very tortured, but what really grabs me with this song is the music itself. The slow, brooding mood is awe-inspiring.

“Serpent Messiah” kicks up the tempo again with some very “Black n Roll” riffs that make Satyricon’s last releases look like shit. Take a note here Satyr. The chorus section is fucking excellent. I love the this fucking song. I love the vocals they are still raspy but have this epic-choir feel to them. When the song breaks down into a slower pace, it really spaces the song open. The bass tone is really highlighted in this song as well, fucking deep and distorted. “Blood Into Wine” has a great opening. The slow double-bass backed with muted riffing is something I am a sucker for. They go into a very militant bridge that breaks into a devastating explosive picture perfect black metal riff.

“Worship” brings back that slow-brooding atmosphere of “Goathead” and perfects it. The doomy mood is even more present than before, and you really feel the dark, occult-kissed energy the band is shrouded in. A lot of great melody and echoed leads paint this song in desolation along with the tortured vocals that have such an epic quality to them. The atmosphere only gets darker, the riffs get slower, and the darkness gets blacker. I can’t stress enough how perfect this song is. They really have dwarfed their previous releases with this album.

The next song “Nyx” was the single of the album, and was featured with an excellent music video. Opening with a beautiful clean progression and some very tasteful background ambiance, I am already sucked into the atmosphere of the music. But it does not last long as they break open into a blast of devastation, only to bring you back down. This album is full of variation and it does not become stale at any point. They blast you with aggression only to twist your heart and drag you into an abysmal state of mind as they slow the tempo into more melancholy stained moods.

The more I listen, the more tempted I am to just stop what I am doing and go pick up my guitar and play. That is what really sells me on a band, if they can inspire me to play guitar and create my own music. Towards the end the song comes into a phenominal ambient section that is very slow and beautiful. Very ethereal and mesmerizing, the energy and atmosphere puts you into a very tranquil feeling. Closing the album is “The Three Beggars” and this song, just like the rest of the album, does NOT disappoint. The epic feeling is again present in this song, and it only grows as it continues. Clocking in over twelve minutes, this song really is the song to pay attention to when listening to the album. It is full of dynamics and atmosphere, the sounds are great and the riffs never let up. So much dissonance, and just destruction tone, it really highlights the Doom feel of the album towards the end of the song.

Instead of giving a long paragraph on why this album is great, just go fucking get it. It is worth your time and money.


vestal claret/ungod-split cassette {no visible scars}{review done by patrick}
it's great to see labels in this day and time of digital-labels,cd's etc.. that still release cassette tapes! gives me a little more hope for the real d.i.y underground.up first on the split is vestal claret the best way i can describe their music is a mix of 70's "classic" rock with traditional heavy doom riffs. the vocals are sung in a really well done clean voice which go good with the music.this is not really my style of metal/rock that i listen to on a regular basis so i will end by saying if you enjoy classic rock and early doom then give vestal claret a shot you might enjoy them!! up next is a band that you should be aware of if have been a black metal fan for a few years now.germany's ungod are masters of raw,primitive black metal. four songs of filthy,grim black metal with thin guitars,fast drums that do slow down from time to time. harsh black metal shrieks that spew the lyrics out.these four songs just prove why ungod are still a force within the black metal underground.this is a good release with two very different bands but both are obviously old-school influenced and have alot of talent and show it their ability in their songs.old-school maniacs and tape collectors show your support for the smaller cassette labels and buy this gem of metal.

label contact

interview mongrel's cross done by patrick 9-1-12

here is a new interview,with a fairly new australian old-school blackend death/war metal band. if you have heard some of australia's past black/war metal bands you know the quality that comes from this great country. if you have not heard mongrel's cross yet. be sure to go to hells headbangers web-site and buy your copy today!!!
patrick and winter torment web-zine

interview with grand mongrel guitarist,vocalist for mongrels cross done by patrick

1.metal hails! how are things in australia? please introduce yourself to the readers?

Hails mate, Grand Mongrel reporting. Things are great here, I've just moved in to a place in the hills where I found a 3m snake skin so this may be the last interview I do. what age did you first discover metal? who were some of the first bands you listened to? who are some of your "current" favorite bands?

When I was 12 years old the first drummer from Blood Duster moved up to qld, two doors down from my house. I lived right on the beach back then and one day I was walking down for a surf and heard this maniac bashing the fuck out of his kit. He and I became mates and he introduced me to entombed, morbid angel, impaled Nazarene, pungent stench amongst many others. I immediately became possessed and devoured everything he gave me. I was reading Steven king novels and watching Rosemary's Baby and shit so when I found a musical equivalent it was a significant turning point.

3. when did you and the other members of mongrels cross first meet? what gave you all the idea to form the band? how did you come up with the name of the band

I have know Goet Euryn since we were teenagers. He and I met Necros Craigos in Brisbane and we asked him to play drums for us as we were without a drummer. A mate of ours Richard helped me come up with the name. I wanted it to be mongrel's.............. so over a beer we tried out a bunch of things and then Rich threw in the Cross and I said that's it.

4.what is the "current" line up of the band? for the readers who have never heard mongrels cross how would you describe the bands music?

Myself, grand mongrel, guitars and vocals. Goet Euryn guitars and Necros Craigos on drums. We have two session members for live combat being Baaruhl on guitar and now m.k.h. on bass.

5.the band recently released it's debut full-length cd "the sins of aquarius"" through the u.s label hells headbangers rec. how did you guys come in contact with the label? are you happy with their work so far?

I sent chase a few tracks from the whoresanna 7" and he wrote back saying he'd like us on board. We are really happy with HHB so far. They have been really easy to work with and have the right amount of professionalism too. has the response been from the press and the fans for the new release so far? does the band have any upcoming shows/tours in support of the new cd? if yes where are some places the band will be playing? any chance the band will get to tour outside of australia?

The response has been great and it seems maniacs worldwide have been banging it hard. We have done a few shows over the last few months which have served as a platform to exhibit the new album. We have recently talked about taking mongrel's overseas and it's certainly on the cards in the near future.

7.who are some bands you have played/toured with in the past? if you could set-up a "dream" show/tour who are some bands you would love to play with?

We have banged alongside heaps of Aussie legends. Innsmouth, destruktor, Astriaal, cauldron black ram and assaulter are some to mention. We supported mayhem and goatwhore when they were here also. A dream show for me would be a killer festival in europe with Abigor announcing a one off headline spot.

8.the band comes out of the legendary australian metal underground,so i was interested what is your opinion of australia's metal scene? their seems to be alot of variety of metal-genres thrash,death,black,doom etc.. so i was doing most band get along or is their alot of competion among the bands?

There is a lot of variety here. The black thrash tag gets thrown around a lot but there are many unique bands doing doom, death and heavy metal stuff. If there's any competition it's healthy and only breeds more creativity and killer bands.

9.who are some of your all-time favorite all-time australian metal bands? are their any new metal bands you think the readers should check out soon? what about good australian labels/distro's that ppl. should check out? any web/fanzines you can recomend please feel free to list those as well.

Armoured Angel, Bestial warlust, destroyer, grenade, gospel, Sad ex are legends, anatomy. Sacriphyx aren't new but they have been active as of late and doing some very killer shit.
Check out abysmal sounds which is a good label ran by a top bloke and amazing poo auteur. Another label/distro worth checking is the coffins slave which is operated by the main man from trench hell.

1 your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground today? and what does the term "underground metal" mean to you?

The best and worst things, a hard question and one I don't think I really have an opinion on. I can say that underground metal is something I think is truly unique in a very plastic world.

11.when your not working on band music or band busines what do you enjoy doing in your free time? any hobbies?

Playing guitar is definitely a hobby for me and I try to fit it in to many hours of my week.
Other hobbies include r.p.g abuse and I surf and skate when I can too.

12.coming back to the band for a moment you play the guitars in the band, when did you become interested in playing the guitars? are you self-taught or did you take lessons when you were younger? who are some of your influences/favorite guitarists?

I played guitar at school very briefly and got the basics down so I'm primarily self taught. Favourite guitarists....Hetfield, Demonaz, P.K. Quorthon r.i.p., Iommi, Infernus, culto, Trey, The Count....fuck there are too many to name. also handle the vocals for the band,when did you start singing? do you do anything special to keep your throat/voice healthy? who are some of your favorite vocalists?

I started screaming my head off when we started Mongrel's. I certainly do nothing to look after my throat. It gets abused with liquor and smoke which is no good for vocal chords. Not recommended. My all time favourite vocalist is Grishnacht, nobody sounds like he did on the first Burzum recordings and I don't think anyone ever will again.

14. mongrel's cross music is pretty intense and fast so i was wondering when the band plays live. do you find it difficult to sing and play guitars?

I do, so I don't play and sing live I just bang and scream my head off. I find I can't give the vocals as much as they need if I'm concentrating on balancing guitar duties and vocals.

15.well man thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview, do you have any final comments for the readers?

No worries mate. Bang the album fuckers!!!

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New reviews for 7-30-2012

here is a new batch of reviews done by yours truly. i am currently talking to a few friends who also do zines who are going to let me use some of their reviews {and vice-versa my reviews for their great zines!!} as soon as it is done deal i will post a blog with the zine names and addresses so everyone can check them out.
gotta support each other to keep the scene going and alive.
so until then thank you all for taking the time to reading my current batch of reviews. hope you will find some metal to your liking.
keep the flames of metal burning eternally and support your favorite labels,bands,zines etc.. by buying merch,spreading the word on upcoming shows etc..
thanks to all who have supported me and winter torment web-zine you all rule!!!
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chaosweaver-enter the realm of the doppelganger cd {napalm records}{reviewed by patrick}
finland always seems to have some of the most creative sounding bands in the scene {of any musical genre} and chaosweaver defintly takes their fans on a unique and energetic journey.the band starts off with a intense black metal guitars and fast drums. but doesnt stay this way for long switching gears and going in a more electronic {usually while keeping the guitars somewhat aggressive,metal sounding}direction with spaced out soundscapes then settling into a atmospheric black metal sound and speed.i will say chaosweaver are not for everyone but if you enjoy atmospheric black metal with touches of industrial,atmospheric soundscapes then you might might enjoy listening to chaosweaver's vision "enter the realm of the doppelganger"
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cognitive--the horrid swarm Mcd {self released}{reviewed by patrick}
new jersey's cognitive release their debut the horrid swarm. at first listen it sounds like modern brutal death metal with some sick,slam influences. but when you listen closer the the guitarists have some really impressive riffs and solo's that are played flawless. the guitarist also have some technical and melodies used that keep the songs interesting.the vocals are just pure angry,pissed offed death growls and screams that go great with the music cognitive has created on the horrid swarm. if you are a fan of newer brutal death metal with some technical influences then give cognitive a listen you might enjoy their brand of brutality.

engorgement-excrutiating intestinal lacerations cd {comatose music}{reviewed by patrick}
this is the debut cd from the u.k's engorgement with a release title such as excrutiating intestinal lacerations you pretty much know what your in for. brutal sick,gore death/slam death metal.the band is not horrible but nothing really memorable about the songs or overall release.hopefully engorgement work on some newer,better songs for their next release.
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ereb altor--gastrike cd {napalm rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
ereb altor features mats and ragnar who traditional doom fans might recognize from the traditional doom isole {also on napalm rec.} but fans of strictly traditional doom will probably not get into ereb altor at all.the duo explore and play a much darker doom style mixed with mid-paced black metal.the vocals are all over the metal ranging from black metal shrieks/screams,some deep growls and even clean vocal chanting type of lines style.i'm not sure if mats and ragnar will keep ereb altor going on since isole seems to be a full-time band. but personally i hope to hear more from ereb altor very soon! as mats and ragnar have done a great job mixing in mid-paced 90's style black metal and doom metal with some of their own dark,creative ideas. highly recomended to all who enjoy blackend doom metal.

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mass murder frenzy--insurrection divinity cd {victim music}{reviewed by patrick}
the duo of tim labossiere{vocals,bass,guitars,drum programming} and vic silvia {guitars,backing vocals,co-drum programming} unleash their monster known as mass murder frenzy one more time upon the unexpecting underground.insurrection divinity is mass murder frenzy's fourth masterpiece of sickness and their most complex,powerful and intense work to date.nine songs that start out heavy and never let up until the final note is played. but both vic and tim have been playing music for a long time so yes the music is heavy and fast it is also complex with alot of memorable and catchy riffs that are memorable even after the cd has long ended. the drums are programmed but have a human feel to them in areas you hear the programmed drums, but the guys have done a great job in making the drums as real as possible and fit perfectly with their guitar and bass structures.tim's vocals have never sounded better or more vicious then on insurrection divinity and vic's higher screams and growls.if you heard the band previous release "unleashed" then defintly buy this!! as the music on insurrection divinity is even better then unleashed {which i didn't think they would be able to match} or if you are a new listener to mass murder frenzy and you enjoy vicious,violent brutal death metal you won't hear a better a band!!

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mortillery--murder,death,kill cd {napalm records}{reviewed by patrick}
napalm rec. strikes pure metal gold again. earlier this spring/summer they released california's heavy metal/thrashers huntress. this time around the label has released canada's mortillery murder,death,kill is ten tracks of thrashing insanity with alot of traditional heavy metal influences melded together.front woman cara has an amazing range of screams and vocals that fit with mortillery's violent thrashing musical assult of pure 80's style thrash will defintly want to hear mortillery as soon as possible.

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offending--age of perversion cd {deepsend rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
offending have done a good job of mixing mid 90's u.s brutal death metal{c.corpse,vile,monstrosity} with their own sick and brutal ideas. these french musicians know how to create and play some heavy and solid death metal. the guitars are top-notch fast riffs and solo's that are not over-produced or too technical instead aim more for the heaviness and brutal side of death metal like the earlier 90's bands did. the drummer is flawless in his execution and pulls off some great patterns. the vocalist is just as brutal as the music with deep,pissed off growls and screams.age of perversion is a solid death metal release and defintly should not be missed if you enjoy you heavy,angry death metal.

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power theory-an axe to grind cd { {pure steel records}{reviewed by patrick}
an axe to grind to grind is power theory's new cd and for those unfamilar with power theory they play aggressive heavy metal with touches of melody with alot of memorable riffs and solo's that remind you alot of golden years of heavy metal without totally ripping off the gods of metal.the drumming is all over the metal scope ranging from mid-pace to super-fast beats done with precision and executed of traditional heavy metal with both melody and power should check out power theory you won't be disapointed.

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spellcraft--yersinia pestis cd {xtreeme music}{reviewed by patrick}
after a few years i can honestly say this was well wort the wait! if you are like me and have been lucky enough to hear/follow this bands earlier e.p's you know the quality {yet equally as violent sounding} black metal spellcraft can create. yersinia pestis is spellcraft's full-length debut and the songs range from 4-7 minutes but the band has enough creative ideas to give each song their own idenity and life so they don't become boring or repitive.the guitarist stay within the mid-to fast pace range for the most part but are not all about the speed as their as some really well-played and done obscure,and melodic guitar patterns that give a dark atmosphere to the overall sound.midgard's vocals have never sounded better as he mixes demonic screams and raspy,whispery vocals.spellcraft also use keyboards but like so many other bands that let the keyboards outshine the other instruments. spellcraft entertwines the keyboards with the guitars,drums perfectly to make a dark atmosphere within the violent black metal storm.spellcraft have released one of 2012's best black metal releases buy this if you consider yourself a fan of black metal!

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vesperian sorrow--stormwinds of ages cd{the path less traveled rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
after hearing stormwinds of ages the fourth release from the texas-based vesperaian sorrow.i am in shock why this band is not more well-known in the black metal scene.vesperian sorrow is perfect blend of unrelenting fast black metal and melodic,atmospheric black metal.the vocals are well-sung and can handle the musicial changes ranging from hateful screams,clean vocal patterns,some deeper growls.if you are a fan of atmospheric,black metal then get ahold of vesperian sorrow's latest masterpiece and get ready for a truly dark ride.
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vintersorg--orkan cd {napalm rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
the genius that is vintersorg returns with his new,most brilliant release to date.for those who have never heard this swedish duo vintersorg has always had black metal roots but incorporated folk,and progressive metal as well into their songwriting. espically on the newest release orkan vintersork still has quite the black metal influence espically within the guitars but their is also some really well done progressive and folkish instruments played throughout the songs on orkan.the vocals are in various ranges as well with the typical black metal screams some amazing well sung clean male vocal patterns and chanting. and even some orchestral type of vocal patterns.if you know vintersorg's past releases you know what to expect the unexpected. but if you have never heard this band. the best i can tell you is if you enjoy black metal with folk metal,progressive influences that are not afraid to try new ideas within their songs then give vintersorg a try you might just become a life-long fan like so many others have before you.
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