Wednesday, May 7, 2014

w.torment now working w/lady dany-black metal support&burning churches e-zine add,subscribe.

W.torment is now working w/lady dany'-black metal support,and burning churches web-zine chk.em

i am happy to announce that i am now working with lady dany who runs the site lady dany's-black metal band support.dany has been a part of the black metal scene since the early 90's so you know she is not doing this to cash-in on the trend of black metal but for the love the music. she is working with the bands spellcraft,ouijua and arum so far.looking at her pages i see she does not charge for this and i am not sure if she is currently looking for new bands or labels to work with. {i Assume she is} so if you are a black metal band,label or fan!! defintly check out her sites and support a true black metal warrior!!!!
{on a side-note i am hoping after the 1st of the new year dany will be able to help with some interviews and reviews for W.torment so keep an eye out for work!!}

to contact lady dany check out her sites here:
the "official"myspace" page

and "official" web-site

burning churches web-zine {from ohio}

also while you are the net. be sure to check out my good friends andrew's new black metal review web-zine. "burning churches" andrew only recently has started up this site so their are only a handfull of reviews up.but i know andrew is hard at work on some new reviews for the zine. for those who don't know andrew has been into the metal/black metal scene since the mid-90's and has done a few fanzines in the past {metal-union and cult fanzine} so andrew is no stranger to obscure,underground metal!!! and he proves it with the in-depth,well-thought out reviews he has written. the main styles andrew supports on burning churches metal{raw,old-school},black/death,thrash/black,and war-metal. i am not sure about any of the other sub-genres so if you are a label or band get in touch!! {the contact info on his site,} i KNOW he will be happy to review any releases from the above mentioned genres.

burning churches "official" site