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March-May 2013 reviews/interviews

After SEVEN long and agonizing years the fans of the legendary Austrian band Summoning fans can relax and take a breath of relief. As the band is getting ready to release their brand new release "Old Mornings Dawn" through Napalm Rec. and it was well worth the wait!! this will impress both long time as well bring in new fans.
but don't take my word for it,go get a copy and hear the bands genius for yourself. But firse take a few min. and read what the band members had to say about the bands history,the scene and everything inbetween.
Patrick and winter torment

Interview with Summoning done by Patrick

1.Hails Protector! how is your week going? Please introduce yourself to

the readers.


i feel well but quite stressed recently. now that the new album is about

to be released the new interviews are allready coming and taking a lot

of time. we also work now for a summoning earbook and create special

(non metal) version of two songs for it. but thats surely a good sign

and shows that people did not forget about us at all.

2.At what age did you become interested in playing music? What was the

first instrument you learned to played?


actualy as a child learned violin for 3 years. but because i was not

really talented for it and felt more in the mood to do something more

rhythmic i gave it up. i don't regret that decision and i dont think

that this time had any influence on my further musical development. some

years later i started to learn classical drums in a public music school.

i started with all those concert march drums, kettle drums etc but also

got in touch with rock drum styles. so finally i participated in some

band and started to write on songs. i started to play metal guitars and

also bass guitars and later i got interested in keyboards and full

orchestra arranging. recently i got interessted in learning the oriental

drum darbuka.

3.What instrument would you say was the easiest for you to learn to

play?Which one was the hardest to learn?Are their any instruments you

have not learned to play that you would like to learn how to someday?


actually it the last mentioned instrument because all those tricky

fingerrolls etc are not easy to learn, specially if i have none around

to teach me. apart from that i never dealed to much with learning

instruments, i rather focus on writing songs and just saw the instrument

as a tool to achive the final result, i never saw the instrument as the

main goal. that's why i soon realised that working with the keyboard and

controlling them by a computer so that i can let the songs sound without

playing, is a much better tool for me than the traditional rock way.

when i compose a songs i dont want to spent to much time in reprocing

the ideas with my fingers, but rather spend time to think about each

note i put and if that note is correct or where i should move it etc.

4.When did you first meet Silenius?{vocals,keys,bass} was it long until

you formed summoning?How did you guys choose the band name?


sounds quite surprising but it was in a youth club where the beer was

cheap. i was taling with lots of people there and also with silenius. we

did not think about any own band, this time i did not even know black

metal so well. but after a while silenius talked about his black metal

passion and mentioned that he wants to make a kind of black session and

i thought it would be a good idea to take part in it. i already had a

clear view about my singing style and so the first session (with

allready prepared bass riffs from silenius) when quite fine. we even

recorded our first song (called "satans realm"). so we continued with

that sessions and i still did not think about any bands, but sooner or

later it got clear that we formed a new band. so the founding of

summoning was nothing that happened in a one day decision but grew over

the times.


i came to vienna in the early 90ties. befor that i lived in a small town

45 miles away from vienna. there i took my first band steps in a

semi-professional band called "shadow vale". i got to know protector

over tifixion whom i met first during a holliday camping. he already

played in a death metal band called "charnel god" and so he already had

a rehearsal room in vienna and there we started the fist steps with

summoning which protector mentioned above.

5.Summoning released their brand new cd "Old Mornings Dawn" how long did

it take you all you to write the songs for this release?


after the release of oathbound i already started to work on summoning.

silenius was busy so i made lots of songs or song fragments on my own in

order to continue the with silenius. but because he was for a long time

inactive i could not continue. first i thought about releasing them as

kind of solo-protector mini cd but then we gave this idea up and i

waited for silenius to put those songs on the full album. so after a

longer time of waiting we created new songs but also worked on some of

my old songs (including the title track). so there where actualyl two

creation periods, while the second was the longer one and lasted almost

2 years.

6.How has the response been from the press and the bands long time fans?


first of all we have been totally blown away by realising that so many

fans are still around awaiting a new album. napalm records made a short

trailer to bring us back to the minds of the people, and even the label

was astonished that this trailer was clicked over 50.000 times within a

month. all in all the responses have been very enthusiastical and even a

lot of those people who posted negative response first meanwhile

confessed that the album heavily grows on them.

7.Does the band have any plans to make any music videos for any songs

off of "Old Mornings dawn?Do you have a particular favorite song you

would like to make a video for?


as far as we noticed now, the title song has the most attraction. from

this song we made the one minute teaser. and you are right napalm

records already had plans to make a full lengh video out of the teaser

enhanced material. but to be honest this has no priority for us and we

told that the label, so the plans are stopped menawhile but this does

not mean that there will be no video at all. maybe when we have the head

free we will think it over again.

8.Summoning is just yourself and Silenius have you ever thought of

adding more members or are you happy as a two person band?


no, actually the start of our real style was the result of the opposite

process, removing one member:-) and since that time we never regretted

this decision at all, or even thought about adding a new members. we see

no reason for that because we are totally happy with the opportunities

the keyboards give to us. no orchestra, and now additional member could

bring anything we can not already achieve with our current line up.

9.If you had the opportunity to work with any musicians{past or

present} who would you like to work with?


we know that this question is very popular in the metal scene, but to be

honest we never thought about playing with other well known musicians.

the problem is, the better the musicians are the more ego they have, and

the more problems you have to get on an equal level.


i think all people who believe if professional musician combine their

performances thats something ultra professional and cool results should

listen to the performance of metallica and lou reed:-)

10.Summoning has been in the scene for twenty years or so when you

started the band did you ever think you would still be going this strong

after so many years? How do you feel Summoning's music has changed over

the years?


i think our strengh was that we never really spend too much time in

thinking and planing the future, but prefered to work for the present

times and see what comes out. as i said, when i started with summoning i

did not even think that now i am in a new band, it just happened. and

when we make music we just think if the song is good or not, but not if

what kind of position this song will have in the history of art of

mankind. i think this way we create better and more pure musical results

and just do what our musical desire tell us, not because of any

expectations of musical fame

11.When not working on band music what do you enjoy doing in your spare

time?Any hobbies?


whenever i have free time i immediately try to leave vienna to the

country. there i spend hours by running up the mountains or wandering to

the hill side of my hometown. always having the latest music with me

which i listen for the first time while making sports.

12.Well Protector we have reached the end of the interview thank you

for taking the time to fill this out.Do you have any final comments for

the readers?


thanks for the interview and greetings to all our fans

To order a copy of "Old Morning's Dawn" from Napalm rec. just go to

Interview with Fejd done by Patrick on 5-27-13

Here is a brand new interview with one of my favorite folk/metal bands ever,Sweden's Fejd.The band just released their third cd "Nagelfar" on Napalm rec. Nagelfar is defintly the bands most impressive and well-written musically cd released to date.If your a fan of melodic folk music with touches of metal or a long time Fejd fan then Nagelfar is a must hear!
enjoy the interview and pick up a copy of the new cd today!!

Interview with Esko Drummer for Fejd done by Patrick

1.Hello Esko thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview. Please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Well, I’ve been playing in Fejd since the start in 2001 and a short while before we started the band with the brothers Rimmerfors. Before and simultaneously with Fejd I also played with Pathos and Nostradameus but nowadays Fejd is all there is.

2. When did you and the other members of Fejd first meet? How did you guys come up with the name of the band? Does it have a special meaning?

We are childhood friends; we went to school together discovered Metal music together and started to play together in different constellations. Fejd is the same as Feud, kind of a stretched out disagreement or fight. We talked about different names after a rehearsal once and I believe Patrik popped out Fejd and we liked it.

3. What is the current lineup of the band? How would you best describe Fejd's music for the readers who have never heard it?

We have the same lineup as we’ve always had, we feel comfortable with each other and know what we can do and how to push each other. We have the same way of thinking when it comes to music and what aims and ambitions we have for the band.
Patrik Rimmerfors; Bouzouki, Swedish Bagpipe, Jew’s Harp, Hurdy Gurdy, flute and Lead Vocals
Niklas Rimmerfors; Mora Harpa, Vocals
Thomas Antonsson; Bass, Vocals
Lennart Specht, Keyboards
Esko Salow; Drums

4. Fejd recently released their third cd "Nagelfar" through Napalm rec. how long did it take the band to write and record the songs for this release?

Song writing is a long and constant procedure, we always work with new songs and they are not always decided for a specific album, some songs or riffs can be quite old at times. The recordings were quite effective and we didn’t spend that much time in the studio but the time was quite stretched as we worked short hours under a longer period of time, but as said, not that many hours in total.

5. How has the response been from the press and the fans?

At this point we haven’t heard that much from the press, what we heard looks great, considering our somewhat unique style that makes it difficult to label us. Fan reactions has been great, we’ve got great response both live and for our video on “Den Skimrande” as well as the album teaser.

6.Nagelfar is the bands third full length how do feel the bands music has changed since the beginning of the bands career?

Not that much really, we’ve found our niche, our sound and we don’t intend to change it that much. I guess we are more live oriented today compared to the beginning but the musical difference is marginal.

7. When the band begins working on a new song does the whole band work on the music or does one or two members handle it all?

Patrik and Niklas does all the writing, both music and lyrics. When we start working with the songs everyone has their input and we work trough all visions and ideas before we record them, everyone is involved in the arrangements and a song is not finished until we have it recorded for an album.

8. Who usually handles the lyrics for the songs? Where does the band draw inspiration for their lyrics?

Patrik does most of the lyrics, but Niklas also writes some. Inspiration can be found everywhere, books, movies or things from the ordinary life we live almost everyday.

9.Esko, you play the drum for the band when did you become interested in playing? Are you self taught or did you take lessons?

I’ve always been interested in music and being a musician is something I’ve dreamed about as long as I can remember. Drums were not the natural choice for me as I started as a guitar player and wanted to be a great bass player but actually was the singer in the band I started to play with. It was not until our drummer quit I was more or less forced to play the drums and I’ve done it since that moment.
I always used my ears and imagination to learn playing, no lessons. Today it’s easier as you can watch youtube and get hints or actually see how things are played. All of us in Fejd are self taught.

10. Who are some of your influences/favorite drummers? Do you play any other instruments?

My influence comes from the Metal world as that was what I started playing and what I listened and still listen to. I guess the ones who meant the most for me are Dave Lombardo from Slayer, Mikki Dee from the King Diamond years and Norman Leggio from Psychotic Waltz. No I don’t really play any other instruments anymore, I have some guitars and stuff but hardly ever play them.

11.Are you or any of the members of Fejd currently working with side bands or projects?If yes please feel free to tell your fans about them.

Currently we don’t have any side project, which feels quite strange since we always had other bands around where we could play. We have a bunch of Metal songs we’ve been talking about playing and maybe recording as a project within the band but I don’t know if we ever come to the shot.

12.Well Esko, we have reached the end of the interview, do you have any final words for the readers and your fans?

Get our new album Nagelfar I’m really proud of it, it grows more every day and if you get the chance to catch us live, don’t hesitate. Thanks for reading

to order the new cd "Nagelfar" check out Napalm records web-site here.

if you wanna keep track of what the band is up to,tour dates etc..

Monday, April 29, 2013

interview with Fiends At Feast Done by Patrick 4-29-13

Metal hails
Here is a new interview California's Fiends At Feast,if you enjoy death/black metal then defintly don't miss out on this great youung band that shows alot of promise.Be sure to get ahold of their debut cd "Towards The Baphomet Throne" released through Horror,Pain,Gore,Death Prod.

1.Hello David how is your week going so far?Please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Greetings! My week has been going good so far. Keeping busy with the band and work. Fiends at Feast played in Sacramento on Friday 3/29 and then we played in San Jose on Saturday 3/30 and we are booked to play Oakland on Monday 4/1. So far each show has been awesome with great bands and great people and it’s wonderful to get outside of your hometown and play to a different crowd. As for myself I am 25 years old and have been playing guitar in various death, grind, black, and doom metal bands since I was 16 years old. I live in Santa Cruz, CA and along with playing in Fiends at Feast I also play guitar in a black/doom metal band called Gloam.

2.When did you and the other members of Fiends At Feast first meet? was it long until you formed the band?What is the current line-up?For the readers who have not had the chance to hear the band how would you describe the bands sound?

Fiends at Feast was initially formed when I meet guitarist Sammer in 2008 through a craig’s list ad he posted. I was new to the Santa Cruz area and he had been looking for someone locally to play metal with for quite some time. We shared a lot of the same musical influences and both had a strong dedication to playing guitar. So after a formative period of jamming we decided to seek out other members to form a band. We quickly recruited bassist Nathan and vocalist Loki. We played with two former drummers who didn’t last very long before we found a good creative fit with drummer Trevor who was an acquaintance of Nathan’s. These individuals make up the current line-up of Fiends at Feast. I would describe Fiends at Feast’s sound as a hybrid of old school death metal and second wave black metal with some thrash and progressive elements thrown in there for good measure.

3.Fiends recently released their debut release "Towards The Baphomet Throne" through horror,pain,gore,death prod. how did you all come in contact with the label? Are you happy with the job their doing so far?

We were contacted by Mike Juliano from Horror Pain Gore Death Productions in 2011 about doing an official release and pressing for our previously self –released EP Shadows of Extinction. I’m not really sure how he found out about us but my theory is one of the promos I sent to Relapse Records fell into his hands because he also works for Relapse along with running HPGD productions. At the time we were about to start recording our full length and fortunately for us he was interested in releasing and pressing both albums. Working with Mike and HPGD productions has been an extremely positive experience and from the get go he has been very enthusiastic and supportive of our music. He has helped us out with promotion, advertisement opportunities, and distribution while also allowing us to operate as an independent entity. He advised me to work with Clawhammer PR which has been a huge step forward for the band in terms of gaining a substantial amount of exposure through various sources. We are very proud and grateful to be working with highly professional organizations like HPGD productions and Clawhammer who are passionate about supporting underground metal.

4.How long did it take the band members to write and record the songs for this release? How has the response been from the press and the fans?

We spend the majority of 2011 writing music for “Towards the Baphomet’s Throne” and the recording of the material took us about a month to lay down all the parts. The response so far from fans has been very positive and people seem to dig the more black metal inspired direction we’ve taken since the EP. The main criticism we’ve received from fans on the full length is they liked the raw gritty production style of the EP better then the more produced sound we went for with the full length. We have received a good amount of reviews for the full length in the
past few months and responses have varied a lot. Some reviewers have praised us for presenting a solid tried and true blackened death metal sound with subtle hints of innovation and experimentation. While others have bashed us for unoriginality and not fulfilling an underground black metal aesthetic. All things considered I’m glad we are getting unbiased responses from note-worthy sources since praise and criticism will aids us in making the next album that much better.

5.When the band begins working on a new song does the whole band work on the music or does 1-2 members handle everything?

When we write new songs it usually begins with ether Sammer or myself composing musical ideas and song structures on our own time and then presenting it to the band at rehearsal. Sometimes we will get together and collaborate outside of band practice but this does not happen often since we both have busy schedules. Once the parts and ideas have been presented to the band then we get down to developing the structures, transitions, and dynamics of the song and this is where the collective input and creativity of each individual member begins to shine through. We’ve always been a band that works together on songs and each member’s creative views are considered and utilizes till we decide a song is complete.

6.Which usually comes first the music or the lyrics to a new song?Who usually handles the lyrics for the band or is it a group effort?What are some topics/subjects the band draws inspiration from for the lyrics?

Typically the lyrics are written after the band has completed the basic structure of a new song. Vocalist Loki handles the writing of the lyrics and he tends to draw inspiration from his Satanic beliefs, occultism, anti-religious ideals, and apocalyptic narratives. I’ve always felt that if the vocalist of band is able to write lyrics about topics or subjects that they are passionate about they will be more capable of delivering a passionate and unique performance and this has definitely held true with Fiends.

7.Does the band have any upcoming tours/shows in support of "Towards The Baphomets Throne"?If yes where are some places the band will be playing?

We don’t have anything booked as of yet, but there are some tentative plans to do a west coast tour in the summer possibly in July. The plan so far is to head north from Santa Cruz and hit up familiar places like Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento, and maybe some more obscure places in northern California like Arcata or Eureka. After that we were going to try to play in Portland and Seattle and hopefully some other places in Oregon and Washington. I’ve heard great things about playing shows in smaller cities like Eugene, OR and Olympia, WA so it would be awesome to check out the scene in lesser known cities. There seems like there is no shortage of underground metal bands in the northwest so I’m excited to play with some new bands and further spread the music of Fiends.

8.Who are some bands you all have shared the stage with?If you could set up a "dream" show tour/show who are some bands you would love to share the stage with?Any particular country you would like to tour?

Fiends at Feast has had the privilege of playing with Goatwhore, Fell Voices, Warbringer, Hatchet, Havok, Witchaven, A Band of Orcs, Inanimate Existence, Arkaik, Blasphemous Creation, Exmortus, Apocryphon, Cyanic, Chronaexus, Rotten Funeral, Killgasm, Dismal Lapse, and Sons of Aurelius. There are quite a few other bands we’ve played with but I’ll leave it at that for the sack of getting to the next part of the question. If I could pick a dream line-up for a show that Fiends played it would be with Gorgoroth, Brutality, Deathspell Omega, and Immolation. Even though Deathspell Omega is a strictly studio only band I’ve often times fantasized about how cool it would be to see them live and playing with them would be even better. I would love to tour Europe in general since I’ve heard that they take metal
much more seriously over there and it’s treated like less of a novelty or a niche market genre. Plus it seems like the metal fans in Europe are much more passionate about the music then here in the states. Don’t get me wrong we got great fans here but it just seems like in Europe they are on a superior level of dedication and loyalty to the art form.

9.What does the term "underground metal" mean to you?

Underground metal to me refers to bands and styles of metal that adhere to aesthetics that sets them in direct opposition and contrast to mainstream and contemporary music. There is no desire to create or perpetuate music that appeases the values and standards of what is defined as popular or marketable.

10.the band comes out of the great state of California,so i was curious what is your opinion of California's metal scene?

I think the metal scene in California is very vibrant and abundant with numerous bands that are pushing the creative limits of whatever style they choose to pursue. There is a long legacy of metal bands in California that have been hugely influential worldwide and most notable the bay area thrash metal scene in the 80s has really defined the state as being a haven for metal. I think the history here alone really inspires musicians and bands to take their craft really seriously. With that said there is also an over abundance of individuals seeking their destines through artistic success so the bar is set pretty high for any band trying to make it here. I’ve been fortunate to have met many individuals that are actively trying to support the underground metal scene through setting up shows, running labels/distros, and generally supporting the music any way they can which is a stark contrast to some of the negative stereo-types of people involved with the music business in California. This is not to say California doesn’t have it’s downsides it’s extremely expensive to live here and I think in a way this discourages or prevents bands from moving forward since being in a serious band is time consuming and expensive.

11.Who are some of your all time favorite bands from California? Are their any new bands you feel the readers should check out soon?

Man there is so many but let me see if I can narrow it down. I am a huge Testament fan and it’s really cool being so close to the scene they came out of. All of the 80s bay area thrash bands killed it and also some of LA thrash bands like sadus and dark angel were really cool too. I love a lot of the underground black, death, and doom metal bands that came out of the Bay Area in the late 90s and early 2000s. To name a few there is Weakling, Asunder, Impaled, Exhumed, Sleep, Dispirit, Ludicra, and Leviathan. Dystopia from Orange Country is another band that is fantastic and it’s really cool how they have appealed to both fans of metal and crust. I think as far as new bands go in the black metal realm it doesn’t get much better then Fell Voices and Ash Borer. They are both creating black metal that is original and distinctive without straying too far from the Scandinavian roots. Chronaexus is another excellent atmospheric black metal band that we’ve had the pleasure of playing with a few times and getting to know the members of. In the death metal department bands like Apocryphon and Cyanic have really impressed me lately with their ability to create modern technical death metal without the soulless and over-produced sound that seems to plague the genre and be so popular these days. With both bands there is also a fair amount of old school grit and riffage incorporated into their sound so it’s kinda of like the best of both worlds to me. Necrogenic is death
metal/grindcore hybrid band that is aggressive as all hell and they put on a great live show. They are also from Santa Cruz, CA like us and it’s great to be able to get excited again about playing with another local band.

12.David you handle the rythm guitar for the band when did you first become interested in playing guitars?Are you self-taught or did you take lessons when you younger?

I started playing guitar when I was 13 years old. I had tried to play violin and tenor saxophone before then but guitar was the first instrument that I really felt an emotional connection to. Early on I was pretty much self -taught with the exception of some guidance from my father who helped me with figuring out parts for songs I wanted to learn. I started taking guitar lessons after about a year of playing on my own and the lessons stayed pretty consistent till I graduated high school. While I was taking lessons I mostly learned jazz, bluegrass, and music theory so I would say that as metal player I am largely self-taught. Almost every metal guitar technique I know I figured out through listening to records

13.Who would you say are some of your influences/favorite guitarists?Do you play any other instruments?

My strongest influences as far as metal bands go are Dissection, Gorgoroth, Emperor, Brutality, Deathspell Omega, Immortal, Immolation, Nile, Behemoth, Negura Bunget, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, King Diamond, Shining, Testament, Marduk, and Morbid Angel. I enjoy a lot of non-metal stuff like Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Tom Waits, Thin Lizzy, and the Pixies to name a few. I’m also a huge classical music and jazz fan as well. Some of my all time favorite guitar players are Andy LaRocque, David Gilmour, Luca Turelli, Jason Becker, Tony Iommi, Wes Montgomery, Pat Martino, and Jerry Cantrell.

14.Thank you David for taking the time to fill this interview out.Do you have any final comments for the readers of Winter Torment?

I would like to thank Patrick of Winter Torment for giving us the opportunity to do an interview and featuring us in the zine. I would also like to thank Mike Juliano/HPGD productions and Clawhammer PR for all the support they have given to Fiends at Feast. To the readers, Fiends at Feast is planning on getting into the studio soon to do ether a new EP or a split release so keep your eyes and ears open

to order a copy of Fiends At Feast-towards the Baphoment Throne check out the Labels
official site here.

New Review 4-29-13

Here is a small batch of reviews i have prepared for Winter Torment.Hope you all will enjoy i have gotten alot of great stuff in as of recently so expect some new reviews and interviews up asap!!
thanks and regards to all who have supported myself and winter torment over the years.

A Transylvanian Funeral-Gorgos Goetia cd {Forbidden Rec.}{Reviewed by Patrick}
The wait is over the third A Transylvanian Funeral release is here through Forbidden Rec.Sleepwalker{all instruments,vocals} has created the strongest A transylvanian Funeral to date with Funeral Goetia 12 songs of raw,primitive black metal.Raw,razor sharp guitar chords,fast unrelenting druns.for those familar with past A Transylvanian Funeral's releases Sleepwalker is doing the drums himself on this release and dropped the drum machine and does a really good job playing the drums fast,chaotic yet some well done patterns with the guitars and vocals.Sleepwalkers are really well sung traditional black metal screams and some vicious shrieks.If you are a fan of the past releases defintly get this you will not be disapointed!! one of the u.s black metal's best bands,and if you are new to the band and you enjoy early to mid 90's style raw black metal that is primitive and straight forward b.m then get A Transylvanian Funeral today!!

label contact

Dead Awaken-Where Hope Turns Dripping Red cd {Abyss Rec.}{reviewed by Patrick}
Sweden's Dead Awaken know how to write and release a impressive debut.Nine tracks of guitar heavy,death metal with some old school death metal influences entertwined within the bands wall of sound.Intense,fast drumming pummeling beats with some blast beats and mid-paced beats mixed inbetween.The guitars are extremly heavy and precise with alot of catchy and memorable riffs.Vocals are vicious death metal growls.Recomended to all who enjoy pure old school swedish death metal.

label contact

Demonic Slaughter-Downfall cd {Pagan Rec.}{Reviewed by Patrick}
Now this is the way black metal should be played harsh,stripped down black metal.Fast,screechy guitar chords that is not all speed insanity their are some mid-paced passages while keeping the raw/intensity intact.The drumming is simplistic and fast but it fits perfectly with the screechy guitar riffs and vocals which are demonic growls and some occasional higher black metal shrieks mixed in.Demonic Slaughter have created one of 2013's pure black metal releases.

Label Release

Fiends At Feast-Towards The Baphomets Throne cd {Horror,Pain,Gore,Death Prod.}{reviewed by Patrick}
Fiends At Feast unleash their debut cd on H.P.G.D. ten tracks of fast blackend death metal.The musicians in Fiends do a great job mixing semi heavy death metal and some rawer black metal guitars that blend together for a great sound.Drums are just as diverse ranging from mid-pace beats to all out assaults on the drum kit.Vocals a mix of black metal shrieks/screams to to a more deep death growl.If you are a fan of quality of blackend death metal then Fiends Of Feast is worth checking out.
label contact

F.K.U-4:Rise Of The Mosh Mongers cd {Napalm Records}{reviewed by Patrick}
Sweden's F.K.U{which stands for Freddy Kruger's Underwear} have released their fourth masterpiece of insanity.Rise Of The Mosh Mongers is seventeen tracks of high-energy crossover thrash/punk.The band does a great job at writing catchy and memorable songs that have everything group chants/sing alongs.simple yet well played guitars that are both aggressive and memorable,drums are mainly unrelenting blast beats with some slower breaks that are timed perfectly with the guitars and just as catchy.The vocals are gruff screams,vocals and higher thrashy screams.F.k.U should appeal to all fans of crossover thrash/punk with horror movie themes.

label contact

Furia-WMelancholia Mcd {Pagan Records}{reviewed by Patrick}
Hard to believe this band is on the same label as Demonic Slaughter and Massemord where those two bands are more straight forward hateful black metal bands.Furia is not bad by any means but just not really my type of metal/music.WMelancholia is a two songs of instrumental avantgarde with some psychedelia mixed in.Furia does incorporate some "heavier" guitar riffs in the second but only for a few lines and slow to mid-paced drum a very calm atmosphere.As mentioned i'm not a big "fan" of this style of music. but if you enjoy obsure,avante garde,psychedia type of music then Furia is a band you might enjoy.
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Massemord-A Life-Giving Power Of Devastion cd {Pagan Rec.}{reviewed by Patrick}
Polish black metal hord Massemord unleash their fourth blasphemous creation.Fierce,chaotic guitars,that while being played at whirlwind speeds the guitarist have some really done some good riffs and solo's that usually is not heard in raw black metal.the drumming is just as violent and vicious but it also shows alot of talent and ability.The vocalist has some of the best screams and shrieks in black metal today.This is another great release for Pagan Rec. and recomended for all fans of hateful black metal.

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Necrocurse-Grip Of The Dead cd {Pulverised Rec.}{reviewed by Patrick}
Sweden's Necrocurse may be a new band to the scene,but the musicians of Necrocurse have been a part of the scene for many years.Featuring members of Sweden's legendary bands like Swordmaster,
Nifelheim and Sacramentum the band draws inspiration from the late 80's/early 90's death/thrash scene with some well crafted traditional heavy metal guitars mixed into the mix.Raw thrashing guitars drumming is really well played and mixes in both elements of blasting thrash beats and more mid-heavy beats.This is defintly worth checking out for all fans of old-school death,thrash metal with some black metal elements mixed in.

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Septekh-Apollonia Eyes Mcd {Abyss Rec.}{reviewed by Patrick}
This is Septekh's follow up E.P TO 2012 The Seth Avalanche {also released through Abyss Rec.}Apollian Eyes is four tracks aggressive,vicious thrashing death metal.Septekh mix it all together heavy guitars that mix both heavier death metal mid-paced speed and the more raw,insane raw thrashing style of the early eighties.Vocals are black metal type screams/vocals with some deeper gruff vocals used in some of the lines.If you enjoy violent thrashing,death/black metal Septekh have released the perfect Mcd for you! {on a side-note i read the band is currently working on finishing up their debut full-length cd,to be released on Abyss later this yr. so keep on eye out if your a "fan" of the band}

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Interview With Septekh done by Patrick 4-16-13

Here is a new interview with sweden's Septekh the band recently released it's second Mcd/E.P through the mighty Abyss rec. "Apollian Eyes". defintly worth your money and time if you enjoy extreme death/black/thrash with some punkish influence.
enjoy the interview and thanks as always to everyone who takes the time to read the zine!!

Interview with Staffan Perrson drummer for Septekh done by Patrick

1.Metal hails Staffan! how is your weekend been going?Please introduce yourself to the readers.

Hail hail my friend! It´s been going pretty good so far. We had a gathering with the band last night and managed to awaken an old beast of a song so I am in a quite good mood, for the moment at least! I also saw some some production photos from our video for Burn It To The Ground and let´s just say that it made me excited (I almost lost my mind is a more correct description). The metal world has something to look forward to with that one.

2.When did you first get into metal?Who were some of the early bands you listened to? Who are some
of your current favorite bands?

Ohh lets see... (Warning: The Story of my life follows) Like a lot of kids I listened to pretty much everything. The first band that´s close to metal that I ever owned records by must have been Europe haha! (and I guess the Swedish artist Magnus Uggla was a little bit metal in spirit at least) Then I heard Metallica and other 80´s bands. From there on things went crazy pretty fast. I had older friends who had gotten hold of records by more "extreme" acts. So soon I had tapes with songs by various death metal bands. I did not know who the bands were, I just liked the whole thing. There was this feeling that you had discovered something secret and dangerous. And then the Second wave of black metal happened. And with that came a new level; music was like magic. Being so young and hearing all of these Norwegian bands was such an amazing experience and it made a huge impression on me. So my metal journey made a jump fast forward in a way. Some of the (metal) bands That are very close to my heart from my early years are Burzum, Darkthrone, Immortal etc. Later I actually found out that one of my favorite tunes on one of my old mix tapes was a track by Entombed (can't remember which one now though). So in a weird way that was a highpoint for me. When you did not know anything about the bands and all of them had an identity of their own. Truly magical years.
When it comes to metal today I don't know really. I still like a lot of the same bands I used to like. Aura Noir is a band that is truly excellent. Most of the new stuff that I listen to is not metal though..

3.When did you and the other members of Septekh first meet?Was long after that you all decided to
start up Septekh?How did uoi all come up with the name of the band?Does it have a special meaning?

We met through the formation of the band. I did not know any of the others before the first rehearsal. We got in contact through a mutual friend. The name was found in an old (not completely p.c.) book that belonged to and old relative to one of the band members. It has several meanings but one of the best things about it is that there are no other bands with this exact name. That is quite a feat in these days.

4.What is the "current" line-up of the band? For the readers who have never heard Septekh's music
how would you best describe it?

Same as always: Me on drums, David on guitar, George-Patrick on bass and Nils GRNLZ on vocals (lets call it the "classic" lineup of the band). We play some kind of groovy eclectic punky popy dirty blackened death/trash metal if you are to believe those who have heard us and voiced their opinion. All I can say is that we are all about good songs and performance.

5.Septekh recently released their new Mcd "Apollonian Eyes" through Abyss Rec. How did you all
come in contact with Dan and Abyss Rec.?

He contacted us through Myspace. So this was in the elder days of 2009.

6.How long did it take the band to write the songs for "Apollonian Eyes"? Are you and the other
members satisfied with how everything turned out? do you have a personal favorite song? why is it
your favorite?

Can't really remember. a couple of months I think. Before we were constantly writing songs. For both this and "The Seth Avalanche" We had more songs and chose which ones to record. Considering that this was recorded in March 2010 I think it represents were the the band was at the time. Maybe not a favourite but I like Vlad Tepes a lot because it´s got a special vibe and puts you in a certain mood when listening to it. The epic nature of the song also makes it very cool to play live!

7.How has the response been from the press and the fans so far?

Very positive thus far which is nice!

8.Does the band get to play live very often or do you all prefer to work in the studio only?Who are
some bands Septekh has shared the stage with?

Not as often as we like atm!!! We are always out for a stage to destroy. I love to be in the studio (most of times anyway, hehe) as well but the stage is where a band should shine the most. Music is a living thing. At least for us.

9.What have been some of your most memorable shows?Anything crazy/insane ever happen at one of
your shows? If you could set up a "dream" show/tour who are some bands{past or present} you would
love to play/tour with?

Nothing too crazy. Playing a couple of songs without distortion on the guitar (not crazy just "sonically interesting"). Nils had to fight a stupid nazi at one show (he won). We did a show with a horde of zombies in the audience, that was definitely a highlight.
Maybe Zeppelin, Nirvana and MJ because I never saw any of them live and now I can't?

10.I believe i read the band is currently writing songs for Septekh's debut full-length to be released
later this year.Will it be released through Abyss Rec. or have you all discussed it?How many songs do
you plan to have on the new release?

It is already recorded and will contain 13 songs! It will be a very varied album and I can´t wait to get the songs out there.

11.How would you say the new music/songs you are writing are different then your previous E.P's?
Does the band/label have a release date set for the new full-length?

Listening to the material I can only say that it is more focused and tight and that I am very proud of it. There are hooks, substance and darkness all blended together with the best sound we've ever had. It's like the VIDEO I mentioned earlier; a totally new thing. There are traces of what was on the previous releases and it is all very much Septekh. But more refined this time. We want to release it this year but no contract has been signed as of yet.

12.The band comes out of the legendary swedish underground scene.So i was curious what is your
opinion of Sweden's metal underground scene today?

I don't know really. By underground I guess you mean bands that not really big or "mainstream". We still do not hang out with that many scenesters so no one of us are really up to date with what´s going on. I think there are too many bands that sound the same.Having said that, I must say that I am proud of the heritage and with this amount of active bands some must be good, right?

13.Who are some of your all-time favorite swedish metal bands? Are their any new bands you think
the readers should check out soon?

Dissection, At The Gates and Bathory. No more, no less. I think the quality that they have put out is beyond criticism and they all have timeless classics under there belts. (I guess Bathory is in a category of its own here because of the history and influence but that goes without saying)
Oh, and Trollhättans stolthet The Crown of course!

14.In your opinion what does the term "underground metal" mean to you?

Not much really. It's confusing because it had a meaning before but now it's just a label for smaller bands or acts that play some kind of retro/old school style. I guess it should mean that you do not follow the current trends of metal and do whatever you want. But there are many trends in what is usually referred to as the underground as well.

15.Coming back to the band for a moment you handle the drums for the band,when did you first start
playing drums?Are you self-taught or did take lessons when you first started out?

I think I was around 14 when I started playing more seriously. I got my first drum kit at 16 and am self taught (for the better and worse)

16.Who are some of your influences/favorite drummers?Do you play any other instruments?

When it comes to metal drummers I have to mention Fenriz, Frost and maybe Adrian Erlandsson. I also like the ferocious and delicate drumming of Jimmy Chamberlin a lot. There are so many great drummers out there to get inspired by and cherry pick things from! I also play guitar and love to play bass!
Recently I have also found a new musical love in the harmonica! The urge to play it is strongest when under influence.

17.Well Staffan we have reached the end of the interview.Thank you for taking the time to fill this out do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thank you! Prepare for the full length album and please keep an eye out for our VIDEO for Burn It To The Ground. It´s coming soon and will be very epic. IT WILL BE THE THRILLER OF METAL VIDEOS!!! So keep the popcorns ready!

Be sure to order your copy of SEPTEKH'S New Mcd "Apollian Eyes" from Abyss Rec. today!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Interview with A Transylvanian Funeral done by Patrick 4-9-13

here is the 2nd interview i have had the pleasure of doing with SleepWalker{all instruments,vocals} of A Transylvanian Funeral.The bands 3rd full-length cd "Gorgos Goetia" through Sleepwalkers own great label Forbidden-records.
highly recomend anyone into classic,raw black metal should check this release this out as soon as possible. it is defintly one of 2013's best releases so far!!!
hope you all enjoy the interview and defintly check out Forbidden-records to see what other releases they might have to your liking.And on a side-note to those who don't know Sleepwalker also runs Forbidden web-zine which is dedicated to most forms of underground,extreme metal

Interview with Sleepwalker vocalist,all instruments for A Transylvanian Funeral,and owner of Forbidden Records. done by Patrick.

1.Hails Sleepwalker! thank you for taking the time for doing this interview with me.Please introduce yourself to the readers.

93! I am the sole member of A Transylvanian Funeral. I run Forbidden Records, Forbidden Magazine and Forbidden Radio with the help of a few good friends. I have a private recording studio that I am always adding on to. I am an Aries with a Scorpio Rising.

2.When did you first get the idea to start A Transylvanian Funeral?How did you come up with the name of the band?For the readers who have never had the chance to hear the band how would you describe A Transylvanian Funeral's music?

Years ago, I was playing music with a group of people and decided to do my own thing. A good friend of mine named Sojourner were spending a lot of time together, we had both stopped drinking and getting high and had little else to do other than write music. So we wrote 'Asmoday Unbound' first, followed by a dozen other songs in a few months. The name A Transylvanian Funeral was one of many on a large piece of paper that I may still have of potential band names. It just sounded right at the time, full of mystery, ritual and a sense of formality, like if you have ever been to the funeral of a war hero or Mason, great amounts of respect are shown, the deceased life is honored with ritual. Now, the name sounds old and tired to me, and I can't tell you how many timed people have accidentally called the band Transylvanian 'Hunger' by mistake. I love Darkthrone, but not enough to name my band after their albums, that was never my intention.

3.You recently released your third full-length release "gorgos goetia" through forbidden rec. how long did it take you to write and record the songs for this release?

The songs came about rather slow. I worked on 'Cold Blood and Darkness' for quite a while before finishing it. Once I got back in the groove of writing, they came easier. Since I record everything myself, it took a little longer but I didn't have to wait on the schedule of the band to meet my own. One of the perks of being a one man cult is working when you want and how you want, on your own time.

4.Are you happy with happy with how everything turned out? How has the response been from the press and the fans?

The press has been really good, many saying 'Gorgos Goetia' is my best album yet. Fans are also happy with it. I try to make it difficult for listeners to compare my albums as I try to give each release enough diversity to stand on their own two feet, independent of each other but it is an unavoidable fact. Some of the songs are quite long, the album totals 74 minutes, so if there are complaints it is about the length. I think that is a rather negligent complaint, personally, as the amount of material on the CD greatly exceeds a typical full length album. The songs can come across as rather verbose if the listener is looking for simple, pop music arrangements. Being that this is my third album, I found little need to create easily digestible songs.

5.When you begin working on a new song how long does it usually take you to complete? Which usually comes first the music or lyrics?

Typically, the songs I am most happy with manifest and are written in one sitting. I don't like to practice or write unless I have enough time to warm up and get totally immersed in what I am doing. I remember writing the song 'the Outsider' in one evening and was really happy with how it turned out, given that it has so many changes. When writing, I usually have a title in mind first and lyrics form from there and are written around whatever music I may have in the works at the time. Starting with a title, for me, is like a secret doorway, very mysterious. When someone sees your album in the store, they may not know what you sound like but a song title like 'Hymn to a Gorgon' or 'Cold Blood and Darkness' gives them something to fire their imagination. That is what I try to do with my music, or at least one of the things I try and do, so starting with a title gives me a new sense of perspective.

6.Speaking of lyrics where do you draw inspiration for your lyrics?

Each song is different. 'Night Hags' is based on a story I read in 'The Vampire in Europe' by Montague Summers but 'The Supreme Rite of Transmutation' is a celebration of Thelema. It has a been a rare occurrence that I mention Satan or anything of a 'Satanic' nature. 'Cold Blood and Darkness' speaks of 'cold steel for Satan' but I do not consider myself a Satanist, although I am certain that many other do. That song is for them and their definition of Satan the same as it is for me and my definition of Satan.

7.For those who don't know you are the sole member of A Transylvanian Funeral when you started the band/project did you plan to work alone?

Not exactly. I am quite reclusive, not drinking or using drugs will do that to a person, especially when they have a studio and a label to take care of. I started the project with Sojourner years ago and we had a lot of fun writing the first album but as it progressed, he took less and less initiative in the project. When it came time to put it out, he was almost entirely removed from the picture in terms of writing. I am just afraid to fail or to be unsuccessful so I just keep going, knowing that ultimately I cannot fail at whatever I attempt. I know a lot of musicians but few songwriters and I like to think of myself as a songwriter more than a musician, so it natural that I operate alone. Plus, just don't think that a 'band' is necessary to propagate music or ideas. If Limbonic Art decided to do a live band right now, how many of their fans would even be able to attend in the handful of cities on the tour? I like Mayhem quite a bit but may never get the chance to see them live, so to me it doesn't matter if they have a dedicated drummer or bass player, I experience the songs the same, either way.

8.What would you say are the advantges and disadvantges to being a one man band? If you had the opportunity to work with any musicians{past or present} who some musicians you would like to work with?

Many of the pros and cons to be a solo act are the same with any other band. I do have to constantly answer questions about why I work alone, etc. so that gets old. No offense of course but each person or songwriter is different: some groups write as a whole and love to be on stage, etc. and some do not. Those pros and cons would depend on each individual person. I would say one thing, Vikernes another, Daemon another, Xasthur another, etc. I have had several people offer to back me up as a band, people that I have TONS of respect for, as individuals and as contributors to extreme music. Between some of the maniacs in Thornspawn, Plutonian Shore, Oakmoon and Goatcraft, I am confident that the songs I have written would be justly served. Whether or not the stars will align and bring us all together is another debate...

9.Everyone has their own opinions/ideas on what black metal means,stands for.So i was curious in your opinion what does "black metal" mean to you?

To me, it is based on what I stated earlier about propagating ideas. So much of music and entertainment is shallow and disposable. Black metal is not meant to be enjoyed by everyone nor is it even meant to be appreciated by everyone, otherwise it would lose its strength. There is a spiritual aspect of black metal that gives it form, the savage rhythms awake a primal spirit in the listener, reflecting to an earlier day when one had to thrive to survive. Many fans of the music enjoy the 'depressive' sub-genre, although I do not. I am not depressed, I am a living instrument of boundless energy, capable of transforming lead into gold. That is what black metal means to me.

10.Are you currently working with any other bands or projects? If yes please tell the readers the readers a little about them.

I am not working with any other bands, other than the ones on my label, obviously. I have done mixing and mastering for local projects but they are not of the extreme metal genre.

11.As mentioned earlier you handle all the instruments for the band,which instrument would you say was the easiest for you to learn to play? Which was the hardest?

The easiest instrument for me to learn was the guitar, since I started playing it first and spent the most time practicing it. I was always able to play drums from a young age somehow but only recently got a drumset of my own to practice on. Piano was the hardest for me, most of my time spent behind a keyboard has been spent learning to sequence, step record and use MIDI. I learned how to cheat with computers much too young so I am naturally amazed by someone like, Goatcraft, for instance.

12.You also handle all the vocals for the band,when did you start singing? when you start recording is their anything special you do keep your throat/voice healthy?

I started singing when I was young just playing in garage bands. I never thought I was very good at it but I had to do it anyway so I just never really stopped. I don't do anything out of the ordinary, I quit smoking about 4 years ago, so I am sure that helped.

13.Who are some of your influences/favorite musicians and singers?

My favorite singer is Danzig, easily, not only for his voice but his songwriting. I grew up listening to Trey Azagthoth play guitar but I still enjoy listening to Jerry Reed as well. I like to say that Black Sabbath is my number one favorite band and all the other bands I like tied for number two.

14.Besides the band you also own/run the label Forbidden Rec. when did you get the idea to start the label?How did you come up with the label?

I had a studio called Third Eye Audio and when I was ready to put out the first ATF album, I put it out under that name. Soon, I came up with the name Forbidden and it just sounded so much better I used that name. Again, I feel the need to do things on my terms, in my way and on my time. In the future I may solicit some material to other labels but I never had a desire to let my album's release date to be dependent on someone else's time and financial budget skills.

15.Please tell the readers a little about your releases?Do you have upcoming releases the readers should watch out for?

A Transylvanian Funeral's 'Gorgos Goetia' is out now along with the debut full-length from Goatcraft, 'All For Naught'. I do not have any releases planned for the future but they will appear when the time is right. I hope to start writing again very soon. If I could put another two CDs out by the year's end, I would be satisfied.

16.What are some things you look for when signing and releasing a band?

I like to hear songs that impress the shit out me, grab my ear and force me to listen. I don't have a strict formula but know it when I hear it. I was so impressed by Goatcraft that I knew I had to put it out, I just love what he does musically and knew that other people would as well. I also look at how long the band has been together, how long has the line up been solid? If I have learned anything over the years, it is that when a band starts to go somewhere is when the drummer quits, the bassist goes on a coke binge, etc. I like to know that if I invest my time and energy into a band that they want it more than me, will do interviews, not cancel shows and not be afraid to go forth and conquer.

17.well Sleepwalker thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview with us.Do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thank you for writing a long and thoughtful interview. I am eternally grateful for the support I receive from fans, bands, zines and labels. Visit

to order the new A Transylvanian Funeral cd or to check out the latest news on the label or to check out the Forbidden web-zine just follow the link below..

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Interview with Visions Of Atlantis done by patrick 3-31-13

Here is a brand new interview i conducted with the Atmospheric,metal band Visions Of Atlantis usually i'm not a huge fan of this style but the band's last Mcd and fifth cd "Ethera" though the mighty Napalm rec. if you enjoy melodic,symphonic metal with some aggressive heavy metal parts then defintly check out Ethera soon!!

Interview with Mario Plank vocalist of Visions Of Atlantis,done by Patrick

1.Hello Mario how is your week going? Please introduce yourself to the readers. week is fine so far.well that's a lie.I quit smoking 3 days ago and it's hell.To all the readers out there.NEVER EVER start to smoke...I'm Mario the male singing part of VOA.

2.When did you and the other members of Visions Of Atlantis meet? What is the "current" line up of the band?For the readers who have never heard the bands music how would you best describe the bands music?

When did we first meet.since we had tons of members over the last decade it is hard to answer this question.The first time I met the band back in 2000 while drinking heavily on a concert.

currently maxi nil is our singer, cris tian plays the guitars, martin plays the keys, tom still does the drums.and I'm still responsible for the male vocals.

Our music is stuffed with melodies and soundscapes trying to cover all the emotions one can imagine.It's synthetic and natural at the same time.Our music never tries to fit in a specific genre.It's the result of our different inputs.That's maybe why our music compared to bands with a similar line up has more of a rock attitude than darkness stuff.

3.Visions Of Atlantis recently released their fifth cd "Ethera" through Napalm rec. how long did it take the band to write and record the songs for this release?How has the response been from the press and the fans so far?

It took us about a year to write and record the album...unfortunately we had some problems with mixing and mastering which postponed the actual release several times.
The response of our fans, which is the most important response for us was great as usual.When it comes to the magazins, thats a whole different story.Some of the magazins praise it as if it was a milestone in music history some others say that it is the worst thing they ever heard in their entire life.maybe sometimes it just depends wether the author got laid recently or not.

4.Ethera is the bands fifth release so i was curious how do you feel Visions Of Atlantis music has changed over the years?{if at all}

The sound changes from time to time but i think that doesn't affect the music too much.We still try to write catchy tunes with a rythmical guitar fundament.maybe the solos got more room on the last two records.

5.Does the band have any upcoming shows or tours in support of "Ethera"? If yes where are some countries,places the band will be playing?

We are currently on a small european tour with our friends of serenity.IncludinAustria,Germany,France,Netherlands,England,Belgium

6.Who are some bands Visions Of Atlantis has shared the stage with over the years?If you could set up a "dream" show/tour who are some bands you would love to tour with?

We already shered the stage with a lot of awesome bands(Blind Guardian,Doro,Nightwish,Rhapsody,Epica,Sinead O'Connor and many more...)
If we would could share the stage with Metallica it would be dream come true(At least we played the same festival once)

7.When the band begins working on new material how long does it usually take to complete a song? Does the whole band work on the music or does one or two members write everything?

Usually one song in it's basic structures is done by one member.It then travels round the globe to the other members.Everybody adds his/her instrument to the whole thing.The single parts travel back to the owner of the construct who puts it together again.When we meet for recordings we make the last arrangements.......that's how we work usually

8.Which usually comes first the music or the lyrics? Who usually handles the lyrics for the songs?What are some topics/subjects you all write about?

When it comes to Martin our keyboard player, the music is based on the lyrics.Cris does it the opposite way.In my case it is 50:50...To be honest I don't know how maxi does it.Martin is a history teacher.His lyrics most of the time try to focus on past events or event s that my happen in the future....The sad thing is, that the history of mankind is a history of failure and genocide all over the world.That's why we sometimes have put all the stories to the imaginary place Atlantis,where everything can happen the way we want it to happen.

9.Mario you handle the male vocals for the band when did you first become interested in singing?Did you take singing lessons when you were younger?Who are some of your favorite vocalists?

I startet singing when I startet talking.I also took some singing lessons in music school.To name all my favourite vocalists would not fit in this interview.In my opinion there are tons of singers that can deliver the emotions a song needs nothing else matte

10.Do you do anything special to keep your throat/voice healthy when recording or on tour?

actually I just try to drink a lot of tea with honey when I feel that my throat is soar from touring and singing a lot.Since I'm the male part it is ok to sometimes sound a little more like a sailor than usually

11.When not working on band related business or new music what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

spare time? what's that I'm most of the time surrounded with music related stuff.I also do artworks for other bands or advertisments for companies in general.

12.Are you or any of the other members of Visions Of Atlantis currently playing or working with any other bands?

Cris plays the guitar 24/7.He helps a lot of other bands and is currently working on a solo project.The same with maxi.Martin supports Labis Rogas, a great greek independent musician in some projects.I'm also singing in a band called Austrian Hillbilly Hoedown.

13.Well Mario thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me.Do you have any final words for the readers before we finish the interview?

Don't take yourself to serious and always think of what you can do make this world a better one for seriously have fun, your time is limited

to order a copy of "Ethera" check out Napalm Rec. web-shop here.