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Interview with astral luminous done patrick

we have a new interview with scott and his dark musical/metal creation astral of black metal with ambient/experimental influences should defintly check out astral luminous and their debut cd "lunaric tide" on hypnotic dirge records.
dark hails and enjoy
patrick and winter torment web-zine.

interview with scott johnson inuments and compositions for astral luminous done by patrick.

1.hello scott how has your week been? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

My week has been good, spending time with a beautiful artistic girl who I care a lot about. So emotions have been whirling, but I am still firmly on the ground. This comes from her and other things of course, I have been receiving a lot of inspiration and insight into future direction, as with my life and of course music too.

2.when did you first get the idea to create/form astral luminous? how did you come up with the band name? does it have a special meaning?

That is a very good question... It was a combination of audial and visual exposure, dark atmospheric music and transcendant black metal, art, realities of space, many things. My very beginnings, I was playing guitar and envisioned the idea to start recording whenever I developed a unique melodic style of my own, a very raw insight into my psyche, melodies whispering to me, waiting to be born into audial form. I wanted to create an experimental black metal/ambient project that displays more than aggression, more than depressing lyrics, but one that gives insight into ones' own mind, and hopefully create a blazing wonder about the spiritual and the cosmos. Within the listener, I want them to comprehend my music as more than sounds, but as sounds with a shape, movement, life. To float upon the floodgate of thoughts, and see where it takes you. More inspiration came from hearing recordings captured from space and made intelligible to our ears. Evocative, and very eye opening as far as music goes. Planets, making beautiful ethereal music.

So after thinking for some names involving something unique, the name came from the Burzum song, My journey to the stars. It is a phrase, which I took 2 words from, Ex.- "A quest for knowledge in the Astral Luminous." The way he talks so passionately about entrusting himself into the cosmos inspired me to be more of a spiritual minded person. "A quest for knowledge in the Astral Luminous." From what I understand from the song, and the research ive done, this name is not for a specific nebula, star, etc. His meaning of the term Astral Luminous is sort of unclear, but it seems as if he means it is a place of transcendence, complete and unbound comprehension. It is very hard to explain but hopefully I have given you some idea. The lyric, just inspired me in a certain way.

3.would you say you have an open-mind towards metal and music in general? the reason i ask is you seem to combine alot of different dark styles into the music of astral luminous.

Of course I have a very open mind to music! Ive loved many different types of music, from dark depressing, life threatening sounds to insightful progressive compositions made only of bells and cymbals (for example) played only for fun, not for religion or politics or anything like that. As long as I can stand it really. From black metal, to orchestral compositions. The styles I incorporate into my project are ambient atmospheres, black metal style instrumentation, but also experimental techniques and sounds. The main effect I try to create is an "Engulfing" feeling. I do apologize for the fuzz on my guitar on my debut album! haha! Going back and listening, I have many things to work on as a producer for sure, but that is what it's about experience and learning. The next album I envision will include some more acoustic guitar, and possibly traditional percussive instruments, (tribal drums, other cultural instruments) more natural sounds but also other experimental sounds I am working on now. The album will most likely be completely instrumental, meant for more insightful and meditative purposes, but of course I have some intense metal ideas too! haha Remember Scott, this is only an interview... are the sole member of astral luminous.{with the help of session-vocalist} are you currently looking for new members to join the project?
Yes, I am the only member of the band. Session vocals were placed onto my debut album for certain reasons... like for example, I wanted there to be actual lyrics to create a more concrete perception and understanding. Ok lets say theres someone who has never heard of my project, rather than simply relying on instrumentation for a direction, I wanted lyrics to be included, but I am not a vocalist, barely a melodic singer. As far as my ideas for future albums, I strongly believe that I will record with session musicians, but for the most part keep it simple. After all, it is I who made it, and I am the only one who can truly manifest the vision. A band NEEDS members. Without those parts, it would not be a whole. As far as this project is concerned, I focus mainly on creating it myself, but I do see myself working with many other artists I already know.

5.if you had the opportunity to work/write with any musicians past or present.who would you like to work/write with?

Spencer Nilsen (Amazing ambient artist), Quorthon, Nocturno Culto and Fenriz, Numinas, Hellhammer and Dead, Havard Ellefsen (Era 1), Nobuo Uematsu, Trey Azagthoth, Pete Sandoval, and David Vincent, Phil Anselmo, Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul, many other underground artists... Art/music is a another list haha!

6.the new cd "lunaric tide"was just released through hypnotic dirge long did it take you to write/record the songs for this release?are you happy with how the songs came out?

Yes! and I am very excited! Hopefully it reaches far and wide, I know it already has, but even further. I wrote the songs in a few sessions playing guitar, tracked the drums which took a few hours, and recording is quick, not many takes needed. Mixing and mastering is the absolute longest and most mind exhausting to me. I mixed and mastered the tracks for countless hours trying to balance everything, which is hard to work with using alternate recording techniques, fuzzy guitar tone haha!

Considering my equipment, I am happy with how it turned out, and I wont listen to it for a while but will come back and hear it and am really surprised at certain aspects. Besides the music, the album layout design by Ba'al Graphics is so amazing to me. I am so appreciative to call it my own, because it looks so unique and different from whats out recently. The printing is of course very high quality from Smart Productions here, pro cdr and brilliantly colorful and glossy pages and reflective cd face. Please check it out everyone! has the response been from the fans and the press so far?

the response has been good. Reviews, messages and comments, radio and interview offers. You asked for a interview so thats a good sign haha! Its a start, its going to be slow but Im working on it.

8.when you start writing/working on new songs how long does it usually take you to finish one song? do you have to be in a certain mood when you begin writing new material?

I usually write songs very quickly, I have an understanding of drums and guitar and bass, so it comes to me all at once. It actually takes recording a part and playing along, experimenting, determining the direction you know. It helps to be in solitude, with some oil incensce burning to help open the floodgate.. but a certain mood? yes I guess you can say that. It has to be right. It has to feel right.

9drew {of dark procession} contributed the session vocals for the release.when did the two of you meet? are you satisfied with his work?do you plan to work with drew again or would you like to use different vocalist for each astral luminous release?

Me and Drew met probably a few years ago? I think. I discovered Dark Procession and was impressed from day one. Just did not expect to start working with him. I tried to record bass for DP, but being in different locations (no actual physical in your face learning) made it very difficult so eventually I believe he found someone and we talked about vocals and lyric direction. He adapted to it very well, and completed the album. Yes I am satisfied with his performance. I might possibly work with him again, who knows. I do not plan for vocals to be on the next album, and have a feeling I might keep it instrumental. I am not sure yet though... created/played all the music on "lunaric tide".so i was curious when did you first become interested in playing music? what were some of the first instruments you played? which do you feel was the hardest to learn? which one was the easiest for you?

I first started playing music after getting more into rock, and metal (around 9) and around 11 I got my first bass guitar. I learned on my own for a couple of years, then got my first electric guitar. I am on my 3rd bass and my 2nd guitar (both Ibanez haha! but RELIABLE) then around the time I got a guitar I became interested in drums because my best friend was an experienced drummer. So I have been playing the 3 since then.

Hardest to learn...hmm...bass. It hurt. I started my scales on bass, I even remember not being able to hold them down correctly. I laid the guitar in my lap and picked the strings thinking, "This is so cool!" Later on, I flipped it up and held the frets... I knew how to play guitar, it was because that was all I could do! haha small beginnings... Drums were difficult also, very strenuous and excercising for your limbs. The easiest was guitar I would say.

11.well my friend thank you for taking the time to fill out this you have any final comments for the readers?
Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you Patrick for taking the time to create these questions. They were very thoughtful and well some of the most involved interview questions I have read, let alone answered. I am not the best with words, or with interviews, but hopefully this has given you more insight into not just my project, but myself as a person also. I know you have heard it before, but its true. Knowledge is power. Do not stagnate, evolve. Transcend.
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