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interview with blooddawn.done by patrick

here is a new interview with england's blacked/war metal machine blooddawn.if you enjoy chaotic,hate-filled black metal then be sure to check out this great band.
enjoy and thanks to all for taking the time to read winter torment
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interview with donn vocalist,lyricist for blooddawn done by patrick
1.dark hails Donn!! how are things going with you? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Things are going very well. Im currently finalizing the vocals for the new Blooddawn album 'Black Hymns from the house of god' which should be done within a day or two. So look out for the new material which will be released shortly.
To those who have heard of Donn most probably have heard of Teutoburg Forest from which I perform all duties. I joined Blooddawn at the request of Paul and have been a part of this project since the winter of 09. In that time paul has created three albums from which I have had the privilege to produced vocals for, and it looks like this work rate will continue. Not to be bias but I believe Blooddawn is one of the hidden jewels within the UKBM scene.

2.when did you first get the idea to create blooddawn?for the readers who might not have heard blooddawn yet how would you describe the music?

It is a shame Paul is unable to handle this interview to give a direct answer. Though from what I know, Paul simply created music he wanted to hear. As any who have listened to the BD, the influence of 'Marduk' and 'Funeral Mist' is undeniable. Though that is not to say it is a rip off of either of these bands because it clearly isnt. Rather the music takes the ferocity of the aforementioned and shapes it into something unique. We have been compared to 'Anaal Nathrakh', but put simply 'Blooddawn' is intellectual aggression materialized into sound.

3.blooddawn is just yourself,and donn{teutoburg forest} when you started blooddawn did you plan to keep it a 2-man band or has it just worked out this way? would you like to add more members for a possible live-show or do you prefer to keep blooddawn a studio-only band?

At its conception 'BD' was Paul's solo project, releasing both 'Heralds of Pestilence' and 'Chapel of Bones' in 08. When I (Donn) joined, we agreed that the line up was solid. Paul is more than capable of handling the music, and was impressed of how the new vocals complimented the sound, from which we both agreed took 'BD' to a new level. Though I would be more than happy to take 'BD' live, Paul has more pressing matters at the moment and so we will not see 'BD' live anytime in the near future. Saying that, Paul has agreed to share the tabs, and so you can see Blooddawn songs being performed at the upcoming 'Teutoburg Forest' shows. handle playing all the instruments yourself. so i was curious to know which was thhe hardest for you to learn? which would you say was the easiest to learn?

Again unfortunately am unable to give a answer.

5.when did you meet donn{teutoburg forest} are you happy with his vocal performances on the last 2 blooddawn releases? personally i think his style fits perfectly with blooddawn's brutal war-style black metal.

Thank you for the compliment. Both Paul and myself are pleased with the vocals. Within 'BD' Im given alot of free reign to experiment with different techniques and timings. This leads to a unique and interesting result which prevents 'BD' from sounding like a clone, and raises it above the shit.

6.the newest e.p "the enlightment" is a dark/chaotic masterpiece! did it take you long to write/record the songs for this release? are you happy with how they turned out?

Again thank you for the praise. As stated before this music is written for our personal desire to hear something brutal and chaotic. You may have noticed the rapid succession of which Paul writes the material. I am equally prolific with the lyrics and vocals, and so we are able to write an album (from conception to completion) within a few months. This may sound average, but the difference seems to be that we dont sit on our Loral's. Once an album is complete we start work on the next one immediately. Each album is given our full attention and is not released until we are both perfectly satisfied with the final product. We are both very proud of all our releases. Personally my favorite is 'Funeral for a Despised Icon' though i know Paul is partial to 'The Enlightenment'. Saying that the new material for the 'Black Hymns from the House of God' is far beyond that of anything created by 'BD' previously. I know alot of bands say that, but 'BD' has become a new band with this upcoming release. mentioned the music you create is very brutal,chaotic in style and delievery. so i wanted to ask you do you have to be in a certain mood when you begin writing/creating new blooddawn music?

To prepare for the vocals, I preform various rituals to channel the specific energies desired for each song. Delving into areas of thought that put bluntly, fucking piss me off. I am enraged before performing vocals, and have to calm myself before the actual takes are recorded. Otherwise there would be no structure at all. Though the essence channeled and attained is obviously present within the recordings.

8.which usually comes first the lyrics or the music? the lyrics seem to be occult/satanic themes.would you consider yourself a satanist?

The music and lyrics are written around the same time, though separately from each other. I write the majority of the lyrics and Paul writes the music. Once Paul has completed the album, he sends it over to me and I apply the existing lyrics to the tracks.
Though I am a Satanist, the lyrical content within 'Blooddawn' revolves around the hatred towards religion and those who follow it. Aswell as the subhuman filth that live for materialistic principles. One should consider both the lyrics and the manner of which they are sung. An example is within 'Circle of Stars' time sig : 2.20 where the word 'Fools' is performed in an unexpected high pitch. This was designed to represent the scum that I hate. The moronic air headed women who's life ambition is to emulate Paris whore Hilton. These materialistic/atheistic filth (who only believe what their senses tell them) infuriate me as much as a religious zealot. As they are as fanatical to their false logic as a religious man to their false scripture. Mocking and denouncing all those who will not accept the obvious truth. Blooddawns lyrics do not just deal with the hatred for organized religion, but for those who follow it. For where would a church be without the donations from its followers? Its the slave that empowers the master. So detest the slave. do you feel the world would be different today if religion {christianity,satanism,etc} was never invented or practiced?

Religion was a means of controlling the population, to maintain order and evert the regression into pre-empiric civilization. Religions role has now been greatly diminished with the widespread growth of materialism which has lead to globalization. Now religions role has been replaced by governments (with various political systems in place) Religions history should be seen as such, simply a means of control and stability whilst exulting the few. So the question now is 'How different would the world be without order/control/ restriction'. I think the answer is quiet obvious.

10.i know donn also has another project/band teutoburg forest. are you currently involved with any other side-projects/bands? if yes please tell the readers a little about them.

I am not aware of any of Pauls others bands. Though I am in various projects both solo and collaborative. I am currently working on the next wave of 'Donn' which is entitled 'The Emanation of Thought' which included many new musical projects (including a new Teutoburg Forest album) Illustrations and texts that explain my philosophies and research into the dark realms of the individual. I do not want to give to much away, though 'The Emanation of Though' will be a testament to the strength of an individual who disengages from unity, and embraces the darkness.

11.everyone has their own ideas/opinions on what black metal means. so in your opinion what does "black metal" mean to you?

Every interview I have done has asked this question. It is interesting to see how there seems to be as many interpretations to the genera as their are fans. To me Black Metal is Satanic through and through. If it is not Satanic then it is not Black Metal. Though this is a much grander statement than its face value. One must understand the seriousness of the title 'Satanic' to truly grasp its significance. I could write on and on about Satanism, but one prominent elements is freedom. Within (true) Black Metal, there is the ability to delve into and explore as many aspects of music as the imagination will allow. There also seems to be a serious leway for those who may not be musically proficient (be it technically or on the production side) but are able to express emotion. Within Black Metal one has the freedom to simply create and have their music listened to by individuals who genuinely enjoy ..and not what they are told on the radio) as to truly enjoy Black Metal, one must engage with it. So many other musical generas are just easy to listen to, obvious and pleasant at face value. But like an essex blond, the body may be appealing, but the core is rotten. Black Metal is the reverse, and when one sees the inner beauty, the body is so much more. come out of england's black metal scene.their seems to be quite a few bands coming from your country lately.what is your opinion of england's black metal scene?

There are quite a few good bands (though I admit im not an expert on the scene) such bands are Self Inflicted Violence, Forest of Stars, ShulkSkull, Abyssian Desolation, Inconcessus Lux Lucis, Dragged into Sunlight and Necro Ritual, Artisian to name but a few. You may have noticed that there were only a few synonymous sounding BM bands within there, as to be honest there are not many stand out bands within that vein. I think the BM scene is not helping itself out by being fractured. I have emailed many BM bands to open discussion only to be ignored. It seems they have taken the elitist principle to a new hight, and unless this changes the BM scene will remain stagnant, and unrespected upon the world's BM stage.

13.who are some of your all-time favorite metal bands from england? are their any new up and coming bands the readers should watch out for?

Im not really a fan of old school metal. I believe music is timeless, with bands like Iron Maiden and Ozzy been seen as 'good for their time' is a pathetic argument. Is Mozart good for his time? was Von good for its time? No! Von is as powerfull now as it was in the 80s, and so I dont feel a connection to the apparent 'Classic' shit. If some cocksucker says 'but without Black Sabbath there would be no metal' fucking hit him. If we going along that line then we can say if there was no jazz there would be no BS, then no metal. And if slavery didnt happen and take Africans over bla bla bla fuck off. What if, what if, what if. Deal with the fact that those bands may have helped shape the genera, but there are far superior bands out now. Some UK bands that have influenced my progression are Anaal Nathrakh, Akercocke, Cradle of Filth (as Mike Strutter would say 'if your easily offended by this then my advice to you is simple....... go shit on my cock') but one must not focus on a bands origins and focus on the bands itself. Who cares where they come from, aslong as its good.

14.well donn many thanks to you for taking the time to fill this interview you have any final comments for the readers?

Hail the individual, detest the slave. Rise through thought

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