Wednesday, May 7, 2014

interview with atrocious depression done by patrick

dark hails!!!
atrocious depression is a new band from the italian of drone,depressing black metal will defintly want to check this new up and coming band out!!
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interview with gonark,vocals,all instruments for atrocious depression done by patrick.

1.dark hails gonark!! how is life going for you? please tell the readers a little about yourself?

Dark Hails to you Patrick!Here life proceeds well enough, even if the university studies slowly proceed for this torrid heat! What can I say of me? Well... I have 23 years old and play the guitar from 4 years as autodidactic. Since the beginning I am always liked the extreme musical genre, among these I have had a great interest for the black metal.

2.when did you get the idea to create/start atrocious depression? for the readers who have never heard the would you describe the music of atrocious depression?

I have had the idea to create this project in the summer of 2008. I wanted to express my passion for the music, to the beginning I have created it for personal satisfaction. Not satisfying me more than this, have tried to make to know around this project... and seems me to have succeeded in the enterprise! The music that I create contains all of my feelings and emotions an assembled of suffering, loneliness and anguish. My purpose is that to make to try these
feelings to whom listens to my passages.

3.atrocious depression is a one man band correct?when you started this project did you plan to work alone or are you looking for new members?

Yes,it was born as one man band and it will remain always this way. This project is for me very personal and I has decided to be soloist because working alone I succeed better in expressing my emotions in the music that I create

4..if you had the chance to work with any musicians past or present.who are some musicans you would like to work with?

If this happened it would be interesting to work with musicians that have my same ideas. recently sent me your debut demo "gonark's lair".how long did it take you to write and record the songs for this release? are you happy with how the songs came out?

Gonark's Lair is an album a lot of complex that brings, metaphorically speaking, the mind of Gonark as shelter or cavern where its most secluded thoughts conceal him. To create this cd,it's taken me a few months, not so much for the technical part, but to succeed in expressing and to transmit to the best my internal run. I have to say that I am very satisfied of this release, I find it well succeeded. has the response been from the underground fans and press?

One of the so many gratifying things have been the support of so many people and bands that listen,play this kind of music and not only. Besides to receive appreciations from critical and reviewers has been a beautiful personal satisfaction, as for this interview! have also mentioned you are now working on a couple of new split cd' you know when these will be released to the metal underground? who are some of the other bands you
are working with?

In this moment I work to new split with other artists: Suicidal Nihilism, THE CRUXVOID,Penombra, Endless Solitude, Nocturnal Degrade. Each with a proper sound. These cd will be
very soon released.

8,besides your debut demo and the upcoming you have any other merchandise availble for the fans/readers?

Apart a split attached to a comic strip of Bianca, to the moment the business of merchandise are not my priority, but in the future I will look for the t-shirts.

9.are you currently play in any other bands or projects? if yes please the readers a little about them.

Yes,I'm the singer from two years of the Pray For Dying, a group deathcore of La Spezia.Besides with my girlfriend I also have the Oculus Infernum, another project from the sound
purely black metal. live in the great country of i was curious what is your opinion of the italian metal scene?

I have to say that the Italian metal scene is a little developed, but according to me some groups succeed in competing with foreign bands.

11.who are some of your all-time favorite italian bands?are there any new metal bands you think the readers should watch out for?

No, I don't have particularly any Italian bands, listening primarily foreign bands.To the readers however could recommend some bands, to my opinion, valid, as Animae Capronii, Black
Phoenix, Nefarium and finally the Oculuses Infernum ahahaha!:)

12.well my friend thanks alot for taking the time to fill out this you have any final comments for the readers?

It has been a pleasure and a honor to make this interview with you! I thank a lot you for this great opportunity that you have given me. Thanks to you I hope to succeed in making to know more Atrocious Depression. I thank all those that support me.

to contact atrocious depression
go to the bands "official" page

fans of more primitive,traditional black metal might like gonark's other project/band oculus infernum