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interview with mary's abortion done by patrick

here is a interview i have conducted with the newly formed mary's abortion. originally the interview was to be conducted with both members of the band but it looks as is if guitarist dio tucci is on hiatus/leave from the band. i personally don't know if he will come back or what is going on with him/his personal life. but i do know jordan is moving forward with his projects and writing for new mary's abortion so if you are a fan of blackend death check out mary's abortion's sites and email jordan for any updates.
enjoy and thanks to all for the support over the years..
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also anyone looking for new sites similar to the old-myspace check out friendburst!! is small but growing.

Interview with Jordan Heston vocalist, and Dio Tucci guitarist done by Patrick (Conducted 11/2/2010) (Note: Originally planned to be an interview /w/ Jordan Heston -vocals & Dio Tucci -guitarist, previous to Dio Tucci going MIA/on hiatus.)

1. Hello Jordan, how was your Halloween? Please tell the readers a little about yourself

Jordan: It was pretty awesome. Leading up to it I seen 2 bands (I’m friends’ /w/) & figured out who was going to record & produce us on the album on a Thursday. Then on Saturday I got ENTIRELY too drunk at one of those friends’ Halloween party, while dressed as an older aged Charles Manson accompanied by my girlfriend as an evil nun.

Anyways my name is Jordan Heston. I am the creator/founder/vocalist/person behind Mary’s Abortion. I am an artist & writer in my spare time as a hobby. I enjoy tattoos; I am a horror movie aficionado. I love dogs. I am very active in supporting metal music, it is my life. Previous bands I have been associated /w/ by way of doing vocals are Vae Victis, Descension of the Crown, & Synapsequence. I also do vocals in 2 other projects. Suicidal Remains /w/ Nick Cyanide taking care of all the music & Black Oath Sermon /w/ Matt Gomez (of Mercy Blast) handling all the music.

2. What gave you the idea to create/form Mary's Abortion? How did you come up with the name for the band? I know you are in the middle of writing new songs for your debut release. But how would you best describe Mary's Abortion’s sound?

The idea to create Mary’s Abortion was actually after I came up /w/ the name. I always wanted to start up a band but no one was ever committed to putting in the work. I was about a year fresh out of high school when my class was to graduate (I dropped out & opted for a GED instead) & I was really deep into the process of the steps of creating an album. Although initially I thought I’d be a bassist I began writing lyrics upon lyrics & coming up /w/ album & song titles.

I did all of this because no one was taking initiative in these supposed band things 1st in high-school, & now outside of it I knew nobody & it was fun to test myself /w/ whit. So while past the ability of finding anyone for a band & figuring I’ll just learn everything & do solo albums around 1999 – 2000, I go for a walk to town (as usual being I didn’t drive then) & I see a billboard /w/ the Virgin Mary on it. By this point in my life I have had religion crammed so far down my throat I despised anything God, Churchly or Holy. I actually 1st moved out of my mom’s house by ripping up a bible, leaving a message that said “fuck your God” & packing some shit up & moving to a friend’s place. Anyways the billboard said “The Virgin Mary was pro- life.” & the gears started going. I thought what if she wasn’t? What if she had an abortion? That would mean no Jesus, no religion, none of this bullshit that plagues my life & neglects human advancement. I was onto something.

The idea became “Mary’s Abortion” & it was freshly when I was meeting a lot of new people. People who would turn out to be friends for what I thought would be life. They were brothers to me at a point in time, & it seemed it just became a thing where we’d become this band. That, we would do this all together. But to no avail, people grow apart & some end up hating each other as did happen. It was myself & the last person out of that batch of people who got this back as an option before Dio became a part of it. That person became an insufferable self-righteous moron blinded by the military institutionalization brainwashing of Christ based “faith”& backed out & decided even more so to no longer be a friend. It was pathetic & weak, & it is for the best because we have no need for those attributes.

I would say the sound would be best described as Morbid Angel’s moniker “Extreme Metal”. We have aspects of blackened death metal as well as thrash & even some grind. It’s all about the song for this band & then 2ndly how we can have this collection of songs find continuity, to have the theme & the balance of sounds. It’s like anything /w/ Tom G Warrior(Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Triptykon), he is credited for the beginning of some of the death metal aspects yet he is deeply rooted in black metal yet has also experimented /w/ goth stylings & now plays what resembles a thrashy version of doom metal. We’d like to try to achieve what he has done in fusing metal genres by not allowing ourselves to be genre specific.

3. Speaking of new songs how many songs have you all written? Have you decided how many songs will be on the band’s debut? Do you have a release date or time you hope to release it by?

Jordan: We currently have a full song ready to be recorded, 2 interludes that Matt Gomez (whom I previously mentioned) put together from ideas I gave him, & we have parts for 2 other songs. Being we had the whole line up fluctuation at the beginning of the reformation & were idle on the writing aspect in the month of October (due to something that needed taken care of in one of our personal lives), I still believe we are well ahead of the curve. There will be 13 tracks in total on the album. All the subject matter & song titles & album cover & musical identities of each track & so on are blueprinted & planned. Like I said on our pages, I have been planning this for ten years. I have albums after this planned a great deal even. Thus far we don’t have many time constraints. We will be having the drumming started on the 1st full band styled track, this month around November 13th or so by a legendary drummer who won’t be revealed until it is finished (he’s off tour around then). Then we will be recording everything else on top of that for the final version of that album track /w/ Jeff Jordan (of Descension Rate, Beloved Dead,& 3 Hole Face) producing & mixing it. That song is slated to appear on Funeral Rain Records compilation album & the deadline for us on that song is the end of December. After that we will be looking to have 2 or 3 more songs ready by January for yet another established drummer to lay down tracks to (he’s off tour by then as well). So for an album release date I’d love to have it released by mid-2011, but we’ll see how things line up for everyone involved.

4. Do you all work on the music together (Due to the amount of session musicians)? How long does it usually take to write/complete a song?

Jordan: Seemingly we are so much on the same page that thus far the 1st full song that we have was in 2 days. For Dio I gave direction, & he just riffed what fit my descriptions & some other stuff off the top of his head, & I arranged it all later. I don’t see why it won’t be that simple when the other songs get proper time given to them. As for Matt Gomez’s interlude/intro contributions, it was at most a week after I gave him the ideas to what I wanted. But for a fact I know parts will be recorded at different studio set ups in some situations, it's unavoidable the way I have to do this.

5. I know for the time being you are using session-members for the band. Please tell us about them. Any chance they will become permanent members of Mary's Abortion?

Jordan: So far actually one has become a member of the band. Our bass player we recently acquired, Brandon Delaney. I’ve known him since 2006 or so really well & he has played to HUGE crowds & is just amazing at what he does. I first asked about session bass for the album then it became touring bass as well & I just thought, fuck he’s in completely now. Nick Cyanide (who recently joined) is up in the air /w/ full-time status but I have offered him to be full fledged member. The other session members, Matt Gomez & Troy Freeman would have been full time members if it wasn’t for the distance /w/ Matt, & Troy’s college classes & the availability. I look at Matt like he is a full time member due to his quick & to a T contributions thus far to the band. He is also really great at listening to an idea & making it better than I initially thought it’d be. Troy is basically like a self-esteem booster for me /w/ all of this. I mean I was in my 1st real band /w/ Troy & when we both didn’t like how it was turning out we both left & started a new one. So to have him on board in any capacity gives it a much needed familiarity & a positive boost that in a sense me & him are still associated /w/ one another in music because we are on the same page as well. Now the drummers that are doing session work, they won’t be permanent members. They have their own successful full-time established bands. I’m just thankful that they’re willing to be a part of this. I look at it like this, if this did get started when I 1st envisioned it, it wouldn’t be as good. I’ve got better musicians as members & session musicians; I have 2 VERY established drummers ensuring there will be not 1 mistake on the drum tracks because drumming is their careers. Also the direction it is headed is far superior to what it would have been, now is the right time for this to happen thus why everything is falling into place.

6. Jordan I believe you told me that you are looking for a new bass player and drummer. Are you still searching for these musicians to fill? What are some qualities you two are looking for in possible band-mates?

Jordan: Actually now it has become rhythm guitarist & drummer. We have our bassist. We’ll definitely need that 2nd guitarist to pull off some of the stuff live & we’ll definitely need a touring or full time drummer to even play these songs live. I’ve talked to a few of each but nothing is set in stone. If someone wants in on this, they must possess a great playing ability & be willing to push themselves as far as possible in the direction of this band’s greater good. Also they must be as interested in the subject matter & what we are representing & trying to achieve as we are. I refuse to deal /w/ anymore slackers. “I’m in a band” types need not apply; they love the talking & not the actions of being in a band.

7. If any musicians are interested how can they contact you guys?

Jordan: or find us on facebook as well. will work if the person has none of the other internet accounts.

8. Is Mary's Abortion the only band you currently play/work with? If no please tell us about your other projects/bands.

Jordan: I have A LOT of projects that have been in existence but have yet to be fully achieved. I do vocals in Suicidal Remains /w/ Nick Cyanide handling all the music. It’s an old school death metal band in style. I think he’s currently re-recording the 5 songs we have for our debut EP “Dead like a Suicide” because he just got better programs to record /w/ etc. Once that happens I’ll record the vocals & we’ll release it. It’s been in existence since 2008 or so but due to distance (he’s in PA) as well as me not having proper ways to record until recently it has kind of been pushed by the wayside. I think we are both more geared for this though at the moment.

I also do vocals in Black Oath Sermon /w/ Matt Gomez of Mercy Blast handling all the music. It’s like a weird Progressive, Tool; Neurosis meets Extreme Metal type of project. We have basically an EP ready to go & 2 tracks for a full length but again the same conflicts, distance (he’s in CA) & the recording issues on my end. Basically that is whenever there is down time from anything on both ends. He is a contributor to Mary’s Abortion & basically understands that this is something I have to concentrate on & do 1st & foremost. That project has been in existence since 2008 as well.

Other than those I have a very different project I’m sure I’ll tend to after I release the Black Oath Sermon & Suicidal Remains stuff, entitled “Factotum Derision”. It will be completely out of character for me but is also something I need to do. It’s basically everything I can’t do in heavier genres mixed /w/ some of that heaviness. I also aspire to start up & legitimize my own independent label upon the wrapping up of the Mary’s Abortion album so I can release all of these projects & the Mary’s Abortion material under. I’m trying to push my abilities & franchise upon them so to say. I want to create a legacy for myself.

9. In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground today?, and what does the term "underground metal” mean to you?

Jordan: The best is that most of you are there for the same reasons which is to support this movement & the bands, which helps everyone /w/in the movement flourish in a chain reaction. The worst is the ones who are there to criticize & the bands that say “support your local bands” then unashamedly run their mouths about those bands, & how all these types just hate each other & makes the movement regress when if united we all could put the scene on the map as a hotbed for a particular area, & there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Underground to me means the core. It is an origin. All good things stem from it until the mainstream discovers it & tries to reproduce it in sad attempts. They sugar coat it & mass produce it until the good music it stemmed from is unlistenable because of the force-fed plastic stuff that followed it. There are rarely instances of this being just an underground band becoming more popular & not changing their style. Behemoth to me is like that. They are uncompromising & somehow people just went for it. They had their jaunt on Mayhemfest (2 years in a row) & that is far more streamlined & main streamed than even Ozzfest has become. Which not talking bad about either of those festivals I support them both 110%. I guess this day & age kids are getting sick of the sing songy no balls or real reason to be angry metal so they latch on to the heavier more underground kind. They’re seeing through the bullshit acts. One thing for sure though is in a chart of music, metal is the underground & I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is the most sincere genre of music out there as well as most broad.

10. Looking at your bands pages/sites I see you study Satanism/various dark arts. Would you guys consider yourselves Satanists or just more anti-all religions?

Jordan: We are not a Satanist band. I believe Satanism is so far up its own ass nowadays that you don’t know what’s a beginning or an end. It has become a religion itself (although not tax exempt) where it started as a mockery of religion. I believe Anton LaVey had a brilliant idea /w/ his co-creation of The Church of Satan, & was a great mouthpiece for it as a movement of opening minds. But I believe he just liked the dark side of life & created his life to his standards. When it became too literal the absurdity started sinking in & now that LaVey is long dead, you have everyone claiming they’re the true faction of The Church of Satan. Also the back & forth magic aspect is ignorant. I believe ritual was incorporated as habitual practices to exhaust the person performing it from doing something in an illegal manner & thus purging the thought or letting it recess back to where it came from for a little while longer. I myself do not believe in a God & supposedly neither do Satanists (likewise in a devil). So why would they believe in magic? Pretty absurd… Where is it coming from if theirs supposed magic? That argument always deterred me from fully becoming a Satanist. We are absolutely an anti-religious band.

11. What is your opinion of Anton LaVey and The Church of Satan? Is there any other Satanist/occultist you both enjoy reading/studying?

Jordan: Speaking for myself solely I’m more interested in Nietzsche & other authors as well as varied books on the historic standpoint of supposed witchcraft, occultism, devil worship, etc. All things dark &/or taboo. Also I enjoy symbology & superstition & voodoo related subject matter for anything that goes into this band as well. I do follow a lot of Anton LaVey’s work but reading wise I’m more into Henry Rollins, Charles Bukowski, anything serial killer related or informative. I am always reading metal magazines (&/or) books & horror & art magazines. I guess all reading & life experience goes into any art; vocabulary, sarcasm, wit, & demeanor. Currently it’s as if I’m a college student & this bands success is my major. I have been studying/reading everything from Numerology (in a dispelling manor more so than serious), Manuscripts of Learned Magic in the Medieval Libraries of Central Europe, Witchcraft in poetry (Pale Hecate), Magic Divination & Demonology, Western Esotericism & Rituals of Initiation (Among other “magic” & ritual like subject matter that can be incorporated into this band) ,The Hammer Of Witches (a complete translation of the Malleus Maleficarum) & various books about the Salem Witch trials.

It’s my job to keep this band interesting & dispel what is fiction as I see it, & to put an updated twist on how the past is always doomed to repeat itself in a varied form of what has already taken place. That if you examine history the precautionary measures can be evaluated to make sure life doesn’t cycle in a dumbfounded repetitious circle.

I try to maintain historical accuracy as much as I’m informed of it & present it to my own life experience & personal observations throughout society, human nature & belief systems. Basically the government probably has a file on me due to the books I choose to checkout at libraries.

12. How do you both feel the world would be different if religion {Christianity, Satanism, etc.} were never invented or thought up?

Jordan: I think it would be inevitable that mankind would create something as disgusting as religion. Some people need to follow; otherwise they wouldn’t know how to exist. Whether it be religion; trends, or a sports team. Then as it is anyways /w/ the Catholic Church, others need power by any means. The bible is the best way to stretch law & make people (who do believe) subservient to man-made tyranny. It is protected by law & there will always be councils deciding what goes into what scripture. Like I’ve said to friends, if you would have had a Charles Manson back in Jesus’ day, I believe it’d be not Christianity but Mansonanity today. I believe some people just need to follow & it isn’t that important what they follow, just as long as they are following something. It’s very repulsive in society that this kind of mentality is accepted. It’s also very disturbing that if you compare history in film equation, that Monty Python’s Life of Brian is more historically accurate than The Ten Commandments. There were “messiahs” & “christs” well documented pre Jesus Christ. In fact the similarities to the story is like a small town rumor, it grows into some of the story changing to eventually the name changing & person changing. All evolved from the same story. Look up Apollonius, Horus, Krishna, Mithra, etc., & these stories all predate or parallel Jesus Christ but are in fact pre incarnations of the same savior story (aside from Apollonius, which was around the same time as Jesus). But no one really knows of those stories or supposed deity related figures because the stories have all died out. I believe I am here /w/ this Mary’s Abortion statement/band to help perpetuate the dying out of this Jesus/Jehovah/God/Satan story.

13. Coming back to the band Jordan you handle the vocals for the band. When did you first become interested in singing? Who are some of your influences/favorite vocalist?

Jordan: I 1st became interested probably in high school. I didn’t have the patience for an instrument & the lyrics always resonated more to me in a song. I don’t care how bad ass a riff is, if the lyrics suck the song is dead to me. My favorite vocalists as well as influences are Phil Anselmo, Dave Vincent, Randy Blythe, Ben Falgoust, Mike Patton, Dax Riggs, Tom G Warrior, Dez Fafara, Corey Taylor, Mark “Barney” Greenway, Maynard Keenan, Scott Kelly, Trent Reznor, Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk Wylde, Terry Reid, Glenn Danzig, Kyle Thomas, & Burton C Bell. It’s very varied but that is in general. I have a lot of favorite singers; some just don’t apply for this kind of music. Now of course for Mary’s Abortion I won’t be stringing along hardly any melody in way of singing like Maynard or someone like that because this is very harsh music & also being we have a lot to prove & a lot bottled up. Other musical ventures you’ll see different sides to me vocally.

14. Do you do anything special to keep your throat healthy? Besides singing do you play any other instruments?

Jordan: Well it’s really hard keeping my throat healthy. I’m prone to winter colds. I drink alcoholic beverages in abundance. I always end up working jobs surrounded by copious amounts of dust or concrete that I unintentionally breathe in. & just in the past year or so I developed some really bad acid reflux due to alcohol consumption in the past combined /w/ acidic fruit drinks & so on. My throat is perhaps like the inside of a concrete mixer (at least that’s the degree of my vocals in this style of music, abrasive). I usually just do some vocal exercises & diaphragm & breathing exercises. Some humming after it resonates in my head as full as it can be (due to a hearing loss in my right ear) of more singing type parts of songs I like (to get the fullness going). I like to sing along to Fear Factory & Danzig a lot, it really loosens up my vocals & then when I scream stuff after all of this it is VERY loud abrasive & somewhat shocking to even me. Sometimes you have to sit back & go “DAMN! That was just me?” I will admit though I do need steady practice again to hone it to where I was a few years ago. After the hearing loss in my right ear it’s been a struggle /w/ confidence & ability, but I got to do this & I am a perfectionist.

On the instrument front I literally dick off on guitar (I do not know how to play really), I have made some interesting pieces of somewhat music on guitars though. Someday I’m meaning to have Dio teach me a few things.

15. When you guys are not working on new music or band promotions what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Jordan: Well lately I’m bombarded by work. I usually enjoy lifting weights, seeing shows, reading, eating out at restaurants, relaxing watching horror movies or comedies or just weird movies /w/ my girlfriend. Playing /w/ moms dogs is awesome; it’s a damn kennel up there. I like being creative, drawing or customizing masks. Speaking of shows, I just recently saw Yakuza, 1349, & Triptykon. I met people from every band & all of Triptykon (including the legendary Tom G Warrior). It was amazing. It was pure inspiration. What a great genuine person he is. Very joking & humble yet so serious about his work, & immensely intelligent. I’m going to see Goatwhore & Watain this Saturday.

16. Well Jordan we have reached the end of the interview. Thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview, good luck with the Mary's Abortion future releases!! Do you have any final comments for the readers?

Jordan: Thank you for conducting this interview, Patrick. Allowing me to blabber & ramble at great lengths! Ha ha ha! Uhm, final comments would be to check us out online at either of our pages ( & for news about the album, the line up & for new music. Those pages are the most frequently updated. Also, never let anyone judge for you. Whether it be music or especially religious beliefs. Be your own person. Be your own God & shape the world around you to your liking. Thanks everyone who took the time to read this. Looking forward to communicating /w/ you all!

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