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interview with adumus done by necrosadism!!!


Houston, TX

When you walk into and Adumus show what do you first see on stage? Cerberus in his chainmail...crest of Adumus...spikes galore...and one heavy black metal band. Hailing from Houston, TX comes to you and extraordinary act. Adumus. As I sit down to ask Archfiend about what it is that distinguishes great music from bad and a bit small talk on the split with Blaspherian whom I earlier interviewed last year. I couldn't pass up this opportunity of asking Adumus a few questions after seeing them a couple of times...last time being at Walters on Washington in Houston, TX a few months back....

"Death is a displaced name for a linguistic predicament."
- Paul De Man

1.What distinguishes great music from bad? Can it be distilled into technique, or is it something less easily defined?

A: It's more about feeling than technique from my standpoint. Some of the most remarkable, timeless songs are the simplest. I give credit to extremely technical musicians for their skill, and many of our songs have fairly complex structures, but just because someone can run up and down a guitar neck with a billion scales and modes at an inhuman speed, or play some hyper blast-beat on their drum kit for 10 hours straight, does not mean the music will grab me in any way.

2.Can the genre be said to have a philosophy or culture of its own?

A: Black Metal has been torn to pieces by those who want to create sub-genres, but personally speaking, the genre in its truest form should embrace an evil ideology.

3.What methods do you have for conceptualizing the songwriting process?

A:I can honestly say that 90% of the music I've written has just poured out of me without necessarily having an initial concept. I may have an idea or two before picking up my guitar, but once I get started, the rest just flows. If it isn't flowing, then it’s not a good time to write. Often times we'll all give input and tweak the music once it’s laid out, but the basic structure is typically spawned from being in the "writing mood" and just going with it. Please note that I'm speaking about the music itself, not the lyrics. Cerberus comes up with the vast majority of our lyrical themes once we present him with the music.

4.How have your tastes changed across the years of making music?

A:My tastes haven't changed at all. If anything, I listen to more of the music I was into as a kid nowadays than anything new.

5. Which thinkers, writers, artists and musicians have most influenced your learning?

A: I can't pinpoint who or what has truly influenced me, even though I know it’s inevitable we're molded by what our senses absorb most often. I'd say it’s more of a subconscious conditioning on my part since I've never had an epiphany or felt life-altering inspiration from any writer or artist. Musically speaking, a few honorable mentions would probably be Morbid Angel, Slayer, Mercyful Fate, and Dissection among some others…

6. Is the metal underground an effective way of distributing niche music according to its artistic integrity, or a justification for the kind of independent distribution needed to move relatively small numbers of CDs?

A: The metal underground is an extremely effective way to distribute music, but I suppose small and large numbers of units are defined differently by different people. In my opinion, our ‘08 full-length, Invincible Black Order, has spread rapidly in the underground, and it’s doing very well.

7.How did you get into metal, and how have you been involved -- books, zines, bands -- with the genre?

A: I can attribute my life as a metal head to my older sister who got me into heavy music at an extremely young age.. I was about 7 years old (she was 14 at the time) when I began blasting all of her Megadeth, Testament, Metallica, Priest and too many other bands to name, on a daily basis. The prime of the cassette era! That was back in '86, and it’s pretty much consumed my life from that point forward. As far as my physical involvement goes, that’s primarily through ADUMUS and my support of the underground by going to shows and purchasing albums, shirts, etc. any chance I can.

8.What exactly inspired you to write Storms of Annihilation and Order 666? Both remarkable songs in my opinion...

A: I can't comment on Order 666, because that’s Moon’s work with the exception of one guitar harmony I threw in, but Storms of Annihilation wasn't inspired by anything in particular. It was another one of those times where I just sat down with my guitar and spewed out all the riffs. I do recall listening to a lot of Immortal at the time I wrote it though, and Moon actually mentioned that he heard the Immortal influence in some of the riffs when I showed it to him.. Like I said before, the subconscious is powerful!

9. Can you tell me a little bit of the Maelstrom Split with Blaspherian?

A: The idea behind this was just to put out a unique and brutal piece of vinyl. It’s rare, if ever, that you see a split between a black metal and a death metal band, and Blaspherian is a killer band, and they're long-time Warbrothers of ours. About the vinyl itself – It’s a 7”, one song on each side, pressed on blood-red wax, limited to 666 hand-numbered copies, and it’s become a pretty sought-after item in the underground since ’05. We're all extremely pleased with this release.

10.What aspects of the metal underground would you change, if possible, and how would you change them?

A: I'll just comment that due to the Internet making music so accessible, there’s a lot of posers out there nowadays who research online and “get into underground metal” overnight. Not 100% of the time, but more than often, these people lack support and just want a collection of MP3's. If they do support the scene, great, but the true underground metal heads will always stand out and show their support over fake Internet whores.

11. What is your opinion the Black metal scene in TX? Is there one to make up?

A: Texas Black Metal is a brutal, relentless, and evil force! Eternal hails to all of our comrades here!

12. Anything you would like to add?

A: Mighty salutes to you! I appreciate the interview. The only thing I'd like to add is that if anyone is interested in checking out the Adumus Online Propaganda Hellsite, visit:


Adumus is:

Moon - 6 Strings of Chaos
Vomit - Assault & Battery
Archfiend - Hell Axe
Cerberus - Demonic Screams & Bass Axe


Infinite Battles For Immorality (1999) Demo

Besieging Abominations (2001) E. P. Self Released

To Heed The Call Of War (2004) Full - Length Self Released

Maelstorm Split 7" (w/ Blaspherian) (2006) Self Released

Invincible Black Order (2008) Full - Length - Aural Offerings Records

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Aural Offerings (FR) / Azmerdoth Records (MX)

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Winter Torment E-Zine (2009)