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interview with teutoburg forest done by patrick

interview w/donn vocalist,all instruments for teutoburg forest.done by patrick

1.dark hails donn!! how is your weekend going? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

I am an individual treading the Left Hand Path. My music is a byproduct of my journey with Teutoburg Forest being one of many such expressions. what age did you become interested in playing music?what was the first instrument you played?

At the age of 16, myself and close friends created a band names 'Cult of Truth' In this I preformed Bass and vocals, though it was my first attempt to play any instrument and this was noticeable within the recordings. the band soon dissolved due to confrontations between myself and the drummer.
I then left music until I was 19, When Teutoburg Forest was formed by myself and another musician. Though I soon discovered that there was a significant difference between the level of our commitment. And so I decided to take TF forward as a solo project. From this I had to learn guitar, drums and really how to play bass. The three TF albums you have reviewed are a result of my experimentation and development whilst learning the instruments, as I have not learnt a single chord, scale, drum technique. I wanted TF to be an expression of my understanding of music, and not a regurgitation of what musicians dictate sounds right.

3.when did you form teutoburg forest?the band name is really interesting. how did you come up with this name for the band? for the readers who have never heard the band how would you describe teutoburg forest's music?

There are several reasons for choosing this title. The name derives from the battle of Teutoburg Forest which took place in 9 c.e. where three Roman Legions were slaughtered, halting the expansion of the Roman Empire North at the rhine. This created a divide between the order of Rome, and the Freedom of the barbarians. Hence this battle had a huge impact on the world, as Europe has held such a key role in shaping the world as we know it today.
I see this as a representation of the battle between the cosmos and chaos. Where the boundaries were set and the conquest of the bastard gods halted. This title represents the end of God's influence over myself, and signifies the turning point, where now the tide has turned, and through my actions I will break the laws of math (god) to take control of my own existence (just as lucifer).
Another reason is on a more personal level. Since a young age I have always been fascinated with History. It is a huge part of my life, and in defining who I am. So the title is a further insight into myself.

Teutoburg Forest is a voiceless scream. The true power of the songs are in the emotions that emanate from them. As each song was created through emotion, not technical guidelines. So to understand the true darkness that permeates through every resonance, one must look past the obvious to reach the true essence of the project. All my projects are drawn from the darkness that is everything and nothing. And so my audio expression is a reflection of how esoteric existence truly is. recently sent me the 3 newest releases.please give a brief description of each release? are you happy with how each release came out?over-all the releases do you have a personal favorite song{s} from teutoburg forest?

'Chao Ab Ordo' translating 'Chaos over Order' was the first culmination of my thoughts/emotions. Being my first attempt, it is obviously the most ferocious and raw. As a new born always tears into the world kicking and screaming, TF is the reverse. There is a fair amount of breadth in this album. From culminations of rage 'the journey' insights into the abyss 'absolute freedom' representations that darkness is not always on the face of the obvious 'Lighting the Acausual Flames' and ritualistic callings 'Destroying Cosmos'.

'Anti-Subhuman Scum' was the next expression, written immediately after the completion of 'Chao Ab Ordo'. In this short space of time, I had learnt much from the production of the music to actually playing each instrument. And so 'Anti-Subhuman Scum' is a continuation of the learning curve, though with the application of experience.

'Cult of the Individual' was the final stage of development. Again written straight after 'Anti-Subhuman Scum' though I wanted to keep in the mentality of progressing and not stagnating. I wanted to create something utterly different from the previous albums, and have done in this manifestation of my will. Songs such as 'Prodesse Quam Conspici' translated 'To accomplish/progress rather than to be conspicuous' is designed to reenforce my philosophy of self reliance, self strength and self Deification and that only these can be achieved within the Self. Along with TF most popular song 'As the Ego Dissolves' which is an expression of pain/detest.

I chose to release the three albums at once, as I saw it as a symbol of my Anti-Cosmic allegiance (the trident) Thrusting the manifestation of my will into the heart of cosmos (in the year of 2008. 2 + 8 = 10 the cycle complete and ready to continue once more). TF is a representation of understanding the cycle, and breaking Ouroboros to create Leviathan.
Teutoburg Forest is created upon the foundation subtle symbolism. And the essence of symbols is that of our pre-existing knowledge of the symbols meaning. Hence I presenting you with symbols and signs that only those whom tread the path will understand.

I am happy with the results, though I know I can do better. This is the drive that has fueled not only TF but my being. The desire and will not to be content with current existence (stagnation). Rather a continuos journey of development and progression.

Personal favorites are : Seeing gods, Destroying Cosmos, Prodesse quam conspici, Delusion of Purpose, Black to the Blind, As the Ego Dissolves. The reasons why are obviously personal, it would take to much time to explain why. has the response been so far from the zines/press and the underground fans? if anyone is interested in ordering a demo {or all 3} are they still availble? where can they be found?

Feedback has been very positive. Some even going as far as to say TF is one of the strongest BM projects in the UK underground. Though this is a deserved title, as I find that to many seem to take BM on its aesthetically value, and do not find the essence that truly defines BM.

The albums are available from the TF myspace.

6.are you currently working/writing new music for the next release? any idea when it will be released?

I have recently finished university, and so I have more time to delegate towards music. I am currently working on six solo projects and various collaboration projects. Im planning on releasing all my solo projects in the second wave of Donn which should be next early - mid 2010, and Teutoburg Forests 4th release will be part of this.

7.when you begin working on a new long does it usually take to finish a song?which usually comes first the music or lyrics?

Some take days, whilst others (such as 'As the ego dissolves') was simply picking up the guitar with no pre conceived concepts, pressing record and doing in one take, and every subsequent element (instrument) of 'As the Ego Dissolves' was done in one take. So it all depends on the song.

I generally write at the same time, as my Occult study goes hand in hand with writing material. So they are produced at the same time. Though I fit the lyrics around the completed songs.

8.while on the subject of lyrics.what are some topics/subjects you write about? do you have any kind of message with teutoburg forest's lyrics?

The project deals with my progression along the Left Hand Path. Though I take inspiration from many sources, the lyrics are a culmination of my research / development and presented as my own interpretation. Themes include Lucifer is Satan, breaking the cycle of God (anti-cosmic) personal development via self discipline and wisdom (knowledge is learnt, wisdom is experienced)

9.are you currently involved with any other projects or bans at the moment? if yes please tell the readers a little about them.

I preform : Blooddawn (vocals), UK based marduk style blackened death. Rape of Orchis (vocals) , Uk based Blackened Grind. Catacombs of doom (vocals, bass, drums, guitar), Greek doom/atmospheric. Torch of darkness, (vocals, bass, drums, guitar) New Zealand raw black metal. Isolated Empire (Vocals), UK doom. Uncle Ghost (Vocals), UK blackened grind. Shulkskull (Vocals) UK avant guard.

They are the bands that have been completed, though I am working on many more at the moment which will be released as they are completed. And there are bands that I feel do not need to be released. That is the power one possesses when one takes control over their reality. The ability to make choices.

10.everyone seems to have their own idea/opinion on what black metal stands in your opinion what does black metal mean?

Black Metal is the music of the opposer. It is not defined by musical aesthetics, but rather that soul that is put into it. As stated before to many bands think if they play these notes, scream in that manner, and wear corpse paint then they will be black metal. That is why so many BM are hollow. They are missing the key element that creates the genera. The blackened soul.

11.well donn thank you for taking the time to fill out this you have any final comments for the readers?

Hail Lucifer
Hail Self
Hail The Individual

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angantyr-kampen fort saetter cd {2006 re-released on eisenwald records}

angantyr are a new band to my ears.but looking over their sites it looks like the band has quite a catalog out there.well if your like me and this is your first encounter with this band from denamark angantyr are a one-man band that play raw mid-paced traditional black metal mixed with some atmospheric and ambient over-tones.their are even traces of doom in the guitar sound on a few songs.the vocals are harsh shrieks of torment and hate.angantyr walk a fine line between harsh black and more "atmospheric black of the early 90's.i get the feeling the more ambient/atmosphere is used to give the listener a sense of false hope before main-man "yleborgaz" attacks with another harsh and hateful black metal of early xasthur,burzum and the such will enjoy this band and his dark visions.
label contact
band contacts

angantyr-sejr 2004 cd {det germanske folklet}
this is the second cd i recieved from ynleborgaz and his project/band angantyr.starting things off with a melodic soft intro that seems to be drawing in some folkish influence and feelings.the music quickly changes to a more straight-forward black metal approach.the music sounds much more raw and brutal than which was on the previous review of "kampen fort saetter".within the whirlwhind guitars and violent punishing drum beats are some folkish and even atmospheric sounds and influences.but i personally feel angantyr's strength and talent lie within the more straight-forward chaotic of early-to mid 90's black metal will enjoy this band's sound.
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band contact

desolation-misery cdr {self-released}

desolation is a new ambient/experimental project within the u.s underground.mainman kei {all instruments,soundscapes,vocals} has created a interesting blend of dark ambient/experimental music.kei also adds some heavier guitar,and harsh vocals for a black metal influence and feel.from listening to desolation i feel the band could be just as good as total-instrumental band.but don't take that wrong the vocals are harsh and do blend well when used.i would recomend desolation to the more experimental/ambient generes/fans.but the newer black metal generation may enjoy the bleak/dark sounds kei has created on "misery.
band contact

desolation-anguish cdr {self-released}

this is desolation's newest release.this time around kei has made one long song instead of multiple songs.this music this time around seems to be more experimental and ambient oriented.a very dark and haunting release it will be interesting to watch and listen to kei and see in which direction he takes future desolation of experimental and ambient music should defintly give desolation a listen.{2 new split releases will be availble soon from desolation so check with kei if interested}
band contact

immundus--haunted memories cd {hypnotic dirge records}
norwegian ambient/instrumental artist immundus has released his newest dark masterpiece "haunted memories".this is proably one of the most chilling,haunting releases you will ever hear! while it seems alot of today's ambient/instrumental projects seem to focus on the depressing/dark side of things.immundus focus more on creating dark horror-soundtrack theme music.each track on "haunted memories" tells a story {without ever using a single word}of pure terror and leaves the listener with a uneasy of horror movie soundtracks {espically from the 70's.early 80's} or dark ambient music will enjoy what immundus has created and this is a masterpiece of dark music
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band contact

make a change..kill yourself-self-titled cd {black hate prod.}
this is a side-project of ynleborgaz{who is in b.m nand angantyr} this is the debut and musically seems to be more in the depressive/suicidal realm of black metal.ynleborgaz also mixes in some dark ambient passages within the songs for a even more depressive sound and atmosphere.also used throughout the a few tracks are female spoken word parts and the female vocals while not used a whole lot during the cd still manage to add an extra element to the already dreary and depressive of burzum,xasthur and others within the suicidal/depressive black metal scene will enjoy this alot.i also believe fans of ambient music might enjoy this as well as their are some very well played and thought out ambient parts.

make a change...kill yourself-ll cd {total holocaust records}
this is the second release i recieved from make a change kill yourself.simply titled ll the cd features 2 much longer and more darker tunes than those featured on the debut the first track is "life revisited is 24 minutes of gloom,grim and depressing music.ynleborgaz also features some dark ambient soundscapes within the depressing black the songs progresses into the unknown bleak and darkness of ynleborgaz mind i hear some doomish style riffs and feelings layered within the ambient black metal .vocals {when used} are the cold,more straight forward shrieks of despair and torment.the second and final track "fooling the weak" is a 18 minute roller coaster of hellish sounds and eerir feelings.the music starts off a little more in the realm of traditional early 90's black metal.then it slows to the more moderate and controlled musical journey.i would say this track is proably the better and darker of the two featured tracks and mixed in with the shrieks of pain and suffering this time are some deeper spoken word who don't mind longer depressive black metal will proably enjoy of the more fast-paced and straight forward black metal should proably stick to angantyr {ynleborgaz other band}

stormbane--tortured in the arms of salvation demo/mcd {self-released}
australia has one of the strongest and most underrated metal scenes out there.i have been listening to australian metal bands since the late 90's and only a handful have been average or just sucked.well stormbane defintly doesnt suck.the band plays the speed/black/thrash metal. yes i know this seems to be the latest trend or fad within the underground scenes.but stormbane have the musical ability and talent to create energetic and fast and furious thrash metal with a nice black metal influence and sound.not the most original sound or band but stormbane are enjoyable and have created a demo worth your attention and time.
band contact

teutoburg forest--chao ab ordo demo cd {self released}
this is the debut release from the u.k's teutoburg forest.raw/harsh blackend death metal is what this young band is creating.the music.the guitars are harsh and chaotic sounding and the drums are fierce and intense blasts of blasphemous noise.donn {vocals,all instruments} does mix in some doomish style while keeping the guitars harsh of the more noisy,harsh black metal will enjoy this release.
band contact,

teutoburg forest-anti-subhuman scum demo cd
this is the second release from the u.k's teutoburg forest.starting off with a fuzzy,distorted guitar riff.the musicial insanity of this one man band soon follows.the drums are played with vicious and intense beats.the vocals are the harsh sreechy traditional black metal vocals.but also you will hear a slight death metal influence with some deeper growls and the guitars have some heavier chords that remind you of the earlier days of brutal black/death metal.teutoburg forest is a band i enjoy and see them having a good chance to make it within the cult underground.but fans of the more polished sounding black metal bands of today will proably not enjoy this band.teutoburg forest are pure,harsh blackend hate.
band contact

teutoburg forest-cult of the individual demo cd {self-released}
this is the newest release from this donn and his blasphemous creation teutoburg forest.the music seems to be less chaotic and more controlled this time around.but no worries to all fans of this band it is still harsh and raw in production and delievery.the 5th track on here "as one" is a real surprise adding a extra element of experimental and ambient music within the harshness."cult of the individual" is defintly donn's best and most diverse release to will be interesting to hear if donn takes teutoburg forest back into the harsh blackness of the previous two releases or continues to add more ambient/experimental sounds.
band contact,