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new reviews for 2-15-10

new reviews for 2-15-10

here is a new blog of reviews for your reading pleasure.i hope you all will find some bands you enjoy and want to support!!!
i am always looking for new bands to review{and possibly interview!} so bands/labels don't hesitate to contact me here ALL emails will be answered but please be patient if it takes a day or so to reply.thanks for the patience and espically the great support!!
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also before i end i wanted to send a huge thak you!! to my friend robert for submitting a few reviews for this new blog. if you are not familar with robert you should be!! he is owner of the great new black,ambient,expiremental label "naturmacht productions" if you want to check out his sites and all the great new releases he has availble {and upcoming} then check and add his "official" sites here:

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aosoth-ashes of angels cd {agonia records}
{reviewed by patrick}
aosoth is a new project/band featuring MKM of {anteus} the band also consists of bst {ex-aborted} musically aosoth is pure grinding black metal with a raw,dirty feel and production.the music itself seems to be more influenced from early 90's straight-forward black metal but you also hear some early swedish death metal influence like the mighty grave{into the grave era} in the guitars and and some of the heavier drumming patterns.the vocals are sick and evil sounding and fit perfectly within aosoth's of disturbing dark brutal black metal will want to check this band out asap!!
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blooddawn-funeral for a despised icon cd {panzerfaust productions}
{reviewed by patrick}
this is blooddawn's 2nd cd.blooddawn hail from england's mighty black metal underground scene.the band consists of donn {teutoburg forest} on vocal duties and paul {all instruments,lyrics} blooddawn play a very chaotic and heavy style of black metal mixing in elements of newer marduk but also adding alot of war/black metal to their attack.the guitars while noisy and harsh also have some varied speeds ranging from heavier mid-paced riffs to all-out whirlwinds of insanity.the drums are done in precisely the same ranges as the guitars and fit perfectly within blooddawn's brutal blackend yet unique sound and of no holds barred brutal black metal will enjoy blooddawn's sound. not the most original band out today but they play with precise and alot of heart and intensity that will appeal to fans of this genre.
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blooddawn-the enlightment cd {panzerfaust prod.}{reviewed by patrick}
blooddawn's newest cd "the enlightment picks up right where "funeral for a despised icon" left off. 6 tracks of violent black/chaotic metal that is as close to war metal as you can get.the music is written and played once again by paul who does a fantastic job of creating some violent uncompromising blackness.but paul has enough writing ability to keep the music violent but also enough difference within each track to keep the band from becoming a clone or second-rate blackend war metal band.donn {from teutoburg forest} handles the all the vocals and like paul donn has a few different vocal patterns {a deeper growl/gruff voice and the more insane black metal shrieks} to keep the listeners attention throughout each of the newer marduk and older blackend war metal bands will love blooddawn's brutal,chaotic sound.
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dozelimit-constructions of the highest architecture cd {r.a.i.g}{reviewed by patrick}
this is a very myserious and interesting band from the realms of the russian underground.their are no band pics,or even band members names the members go by no.1 and no.2 but the important part of any band is the music itself.and dozelimit create a very interesting mix of unique expirmental music/sounds and a dark ambient atmosphere within the music.another aspect i enjoyed/respect from the band is thetheir are no vocals just entire instrumental songs.the band has created a unique and mesmerizing cd of dark ambient/expiremental music. fans of these genres should defintly give dozelmit a chance!!
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elsewhere-then nothing e.p {self released}{reviewed by patrick}
this is a fairly unknown/new band coming from the growing italian metal scene.then nothing e.p contains 3 epic and dark songs.the band seems to mainly be influenced by doom both the traditional and also death/doom from the early 90's seem to be huge influences on the will also hear some early prog metal influence in the guitar sound and tone which mixes nicely with the doom sound to give elsewhere a epic, and layered with flawless music that the listener will not soon forget. fans of early progressive metal and doom/dark metal will not want to miss out on elsewhere.i see this band being big one day.
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End name-dreams of a cyclops cd {r.a.i.g}{reviewed by patrick}
end name has created one of the most unique and impressive releases to be heard in a long,long time.End name come out of the mighty russian doom metal scene but to label the band as a pure doom metal act would be a mistake.the 6 songs on "dreams of a cyclops" is a diverse,heavy guitar driven journey.the main influence heard througout the songs is sludge and traditional doom but the band also seems to be expirementing with harsh noise and dark atmospheres compliments of well arranged keyboards that fit within end name's already well layered and heavy sound.another aspect of this bands originality is that each song is completly instrumental at first i wasn't sure about these styles of music being blended together in a completly instrumental but the band pulls it off triumpantly and i think adding vocals would take away from the bands amazing sound and execution of the of heavy guitar driven rock/doom mixed with harsh atmosphere should defintly check out End name for a wild journey.
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goat tunnel/gourva-split tape {death worm records}{reviewed by robert}I have the pleasure to review the next output of this two bands, as
you read, it is a split tape. This piece of music was already
announced at the interview I made with Gourva.
That Finns can be creepy and strange and sick is known in the whole
world and this tape is a certain proof for it! People you know this
bands will get the expected sick and dark music, 33 minimalistic but
intensive minutes. There are eight songs. Five from Gourva, 3 from
Goat Tunnel. They fit perfectly together and you don't really hear a
difference, so really a split in that case, that they worked out
together a CD and not just taking some songs together.
Every open minded and now excited person should join their Madness.

Reviewed by Robert


gravespawn-praetorian maleficus demo cd {self released}{reviewed by patrick}
in the age of "experimental" or "modern" black is refreshing to see{and hear!} that some bands such as california's gravespawn have not forgotten the cold,dreadful and just plain ugly roots of black metal.the band plays the barbaric uncompromising black metal with the raspy vile shrieks and chaotic guitar and drum patterns.with this being said the members of gravespawn are extremly talented and the songs on "praetorian maleficus" are extremly tight and of the straight-forward brutal black metal will worship gravespawn defintly worth your money!
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conic destruction-the decaying fields pro cdr {malignant manifestation productions}
{reviewed by patrick}
iconic destruction is a new force within the growing black metal scene in the u.k.the decaying fields is 7 tracks of raw/harsh black metal entertwined with some dark/creative ambient interludes to add an extra layer of darkness to the sound and feel of the decaying fields.all instruments and vocals are handled by zac b.i am unfamilar with zac's musical background or previous/current other bands{if their are any} but zac has created a very unique mix of harsh/raw black metal and adding somd "atmospheric"ambient structures not normally heard with this style of metal.i believe this is iconic destruction's "debut"release and for a debut it is really good and leaves the listener wanting will be interesting to hear the future releases of zac and iconic destruction.
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inferno--black devotion cd {agonia records}{reviewed by patrick}
the owners of agonia records have a great metal knowledge when it comes to releasing old-school brutal black metal. and the czech republic's inferno is no exception! this is inferno's 4th release of ripping blasphemous black metal.the band blazes through 11 tracks of violent blasting black metal with razor sharp guitar riffs and ice cold solo's.the vocals are the classic harsh scream/screechy style and are done amazingly of {old} gorgoroth,marduk,with touches of {old} dark throne will love and be begging for more of inferno's sick,violent sound.
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korpblod-uraldrig samklang cd {self-released} reviewed by robert}
his review belongs to the second output and full length album of
Korpblod, a young couple of swedish artists. And as though the pagan
metal scene is not the brightest these days, there are still
spotlights on the dark sky. And this band is one of them.
With this CD you will get over one hour cold and dark pagan, black
, which just artists from the north can create. No senseless
lyrics, it is all in swedish and they are singing about their roots to
mother nature and their country. A big plus for the authenticity.
The music itself is raw but still in good quality, perfect fitting to
the whole thing called Korpblod, in my opinion. Fast black metal
, good not to overtechnical drums underlining the simplicity of
the music and idea behind. The vocals are screamed of Ulf, who also
plays the drums and writes the lyrics. Disa, the other part of this
project, plays the guitars and instruments like the flute or other old
ones. The use of those last two is made in a good simple way
completing the music and creating a great atmosphere. This is a great
work and all lovers of authentic pagan, black metal should keep them
in mind and give a listen.


samath-triumph in hatred cd {folter records}{reviewed by patrick}

now this is my kind of black metal! sammath was created back in black metal's glory days{1994 to be exact} by jan kruitwagen
{guitarist} the band has quite an impressive back catalog under their metal belts.triumph in hatred is sammath's newest release.the band and espically their music really embodies the cold,ugly sound of the early 90's european black metal movement.the band also unleashes some insane,fast and furious black metal befor mixing back to the more mid-paced evil sounds.sammath have created and released some of the best black metal to be heard in metal purist who enjoy the primitive,stripped down sound of black metal will love sammath.
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