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interview with ungoliath done by patrick

here is a new interview i did with a new up and coming german black metal band.the band is currently working on their debut cd "under a bloodred clouded sky" which will be released through the mighty naturmacht productions. if you are a fan of quality black metal then give this band a listen and buy the cd when it is released!!!
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interview with bane vocals,guitarist for ungoliath done by patrick

1.hello bane how has your weekend been going? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Hello, the weekend was very hard. i am at the moment in move to berlin. so the weekend cost much strengh. but i am fine.

2.when did you first become interested in playing music? your main instrument is guitar correct? when did you start playing guitar? are you self-taught or have you taken lessons?

Yes guitar is my main-instrument. and i started playingbefore 15 years. the first interested or playing guitar was after i heared some stuff like Kreator, Protector and Bathory. and this bands insprired my style at the beginning. Later Bands like Immortal, old dimmu Borgir and dark funeral filled my musican soul with strengh

and inspiration. i never had guitar lessons, i am totally self-taught in all instruments i learned and still learning.

3.who are some of your influences/favorite guitarist? besides guitar what other instruments do you play?

- I listen to many Metal styles, so its hard to see where the influences begin or end. I think the influences from the whole Metal scene inspire me. Besides the guitar i play the bass guitar for a long time. In 2001 i started to play the Drums, and joined in 2002 a grindcore Death Metal band called "Epicedium" before a few month i
started to play the Keyboard too. But have to practice a lot on it. also handle the vocal duties for your band ungoliath.when did you become interested in singing? who are some of your favorite vocalist? do you do anything special to keep your throat/voice healthy?

- The first interested in singing was in early 1997, i singed and played guitar in a Black Mtal band called "Black Wisdom" but this band only exist a few month and split up soon. The next vocal experiences was in summer 2002, i recorded the Demo-CD Eternal Darkness in Overlords Dungeon .At this time Ungoliath was a project of me.

in may 2010 i thought about to grow the long frozen project up to a band. And after find the guitar player Luciferion, we done the first rehearsels in June, and i singed again. after this great break of singing, i got to practise and learn much. i still not found a way to keep my voice healthy. but i try this days to sing more out of the stomach

and some breathing techniques. mentioned in previous question you are vocalist,guitarist for the black metal band ungoliath.when did you create/join this band? what is the "current"line-up? for the readers who have never heard the bands music how would you describe the music?

- i started ungoliath in summer 2002 by the recordings to the Demo-CD "Eternal Darkness" All songs on it was were written spontaneously in the studio. And in Autumn 2002 i joined the death metal band "Epicedium", because I was busy musically, i layed Ungoliath on ice.The current line up is very great in my opinion. first Luciferion joined as guitar player

in May 2002n and in july 2002 overlord joined as the new drummer. so the first basic line up was born, and we played in a band called " As Stormclouds Gather" and are therefore and efficent team. Later D. joined as new Bass player and finally the line up is ready with the entry of Roba as Keyboarder. Roba is the Owner of "Naturmacht Productions" and we already

singed with this great Label. So "Ungoliath" is stronger than ever with the selection of great musicians,and we will show at the upcoming Material that will be releases next year at Naturmacht Productions. We would describe our music as Melodic Black Metal with a lyrical primer on a fictional kingdom called "Tendalied".

6.i know the band is currently working on finishing up the debut "under a bloodred clouded sky". how many songs do you plan to have on this release? do you all have a release date set for this release?

Yes, the upcoming release called so. But it will not be the Debut. Only a EP, and will be released next year at Naturmacht Productions. We are trying to find a way for a good recording, and we will do everything to bring out that release as soon as possible. have told me it will be released through the mighty german label naturmacht prod. how did you come into contact with the label?

- i contacted Roba and asked him what he think about to release with "Ungoliath" and he agreed. Later he becoming a member and play the Keys.

8.the band comes out of the mighty german black metal underground.germany has always had a strong metal scene would you agree? what is your opinion of germany's metal underground scene.

- Yes i agree. there are many great Bands and in our opinion the Black Metal scene is stronger than ever. With many bands in all Styles of Black Metal. But it is difficult to find members for a band in a small area of germany, so many bands have to cope great distances for rehearsels. in big towns like Berlin, Frankfurt, and Hamburg its possible. but in smaller
towns it is more difficult. And many artist making his music alone in one-man projects. and with the techniques of today its much easier than in the past to create a project.

9.who are some of your all-time favorite german bands? are their any new bands you think the readers should watch out for?

- oh yes. talking about all-time bands are difficult. we like many bands. and yes many bands should be watched out. Great bands like agael, tattered Soul, Atrium Noctis, Dies ater, As Stormclouds Gather (Reunion in progress), abora ira, goat of hell, Tantalos, Tann im Nebel, Darkened nocturn slaughtercult and many more should be watched out.

10.everyone has their own ideas/opinions on what black metal means or stands for so i was interested in yours.what does "black metal"mean to you?

- In our opinion Black Metal stands for = The beauty of darkness. The whisper of the forest. The power the cold. to be guided by his feelings and emotions,and follow imagination where ever they lead you. this all inspire and fascinate us since many years.

11.besides singing/playing guitar in ungoliath you also have started a new small label "uthilion prod.". when did you decide to start up this label?please tell the readers about your current and upcoming releases. will you release pro-cd or cdr's or even cassete tapes?

the decison came in late july 2010. My friend Danny told me about his promotion agency " Moonspell Rites Promotions" and i liked the way he works and supporting the underground since 2 years. After Danny and robert from Naturmacht Productions had granted me courage i opened Uthilion Productions to support the underground, and in order that

Underground Black Metal should never die. i will granted talented bands the possibility to share their music with the underground. In order to bring Black Metal to where it belongs. Into the Underground! in early 2011 there will be 2 tape releases from "Geist"(italy) and "Tendalied"one-man project of me(Germany) both playing Ambient. After that i will release a

great project called "Dead Summer society"(Italy) and in march April we will bring out their Debut-Album (gothic/doom metal). A few Month later the Debut-Album from "Sanctimonuis" (Russia) will be produced (Black/Post Metal). And if there are more great bands we will find a way to work together. UP only will release Pro CDS/Tapes. i dont like CD-R and its not fair for

the Buyer to get cheap releases for high prices. you own/run uthilion prod.alone or do you have some friends who help? what do you think is the easiest and hardest part about doing a label is? would you have any advice for anyone who is reading this who might be interested in starting up their own label?

- Yes i actually run the Label alone. but i have great Backup from Naturmacht Productions and moonspell rites Promotions. So it is much easier with this great guy, and they are very experienced and they helping me where ever they can. A Very special thanks to Danny and Robert by the Way! for people who wanna running there own label. first you must imagine that profit is
not important in a underground label. Supporting stands in front, and my opinion is only produce music you even like. for making money you should produce other music. the hardest part is to spend the money for the releases. The fund is a huge rips hole in the label. and be shure, its many work for less money. you should love the music and the supporting do run an own label.

13.are you currently looking for any new bands to "sign" to the label or possibly carry in your distro? if any bands/labels are reading this what styles of metal do you want to sign and release?

- Yes i am still searching for talented bands. releases, Labels for distro are always welcome at early 2011. i am at the moment to busy with coming out with the label and with the move to berlin. styles are focused on Black Metal and Dark ambient. but experimental and extreme Metal music is always welcome, too. if working on ungoliath and uthilion prod. was not enough work. you also have a ambient,black metal side-project "tendalied"when did you start this band up? do you have any releases out yet for the fans to buy? if yes where can they find the releases? how would you say Tendalied s music is different from ungoliath's?

- Yes i started this project in august 2010. This project is a mirror of my soul, to showcase how I feel, and process many things. There are many influences. Emotions such as love, hate, depression or just the whisper of the forest. Imagination plays a large role. There is no better way to close your eyes and see where your own thoughts carry you.

a release will be out at february 2011 produced at UP. i dont think there are enough fans of Tendalied to buy a release, the project is to new in my opinion. the Story of Tendalied and Ungoliath are very close. It is set in a fictional kingdom called "Tendalied". The music is is very different in my opinion, so Ungoliath plays fast and melodic Black Metal. Tendalied is very

and melancholic, and only played with keyboards.

15.well my friend,thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out. do you have any final comments for the reader

- first thanks for the great interview, many thanks to Danny and robert for the great support. Regards and many thanks to all readers and supporters of my Bands/Label. and finaly i have got to say that the German Black Metal Band "As Stormclouds Gather" are in progress for a Reunion. Splitted up in 2003 we will be gathered again!

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