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interview with aherusia done by patrick

this is one of the busiest {but best months!} in winter torment's history. a new interview with aherusia is upon you.this is a band fans of classic greek dark/black metal will want to check out.for more information on the upcoming release be sure to check the bands page.
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interview with voreas faethon vocals,guitars,for aherusia done by patrick

1. Hails!! How are things going with you? Please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Well, I personally feel great this period and as far as I know everyone in the band feels the same: We’ve just signed with EMOTION ART Ltd for our debut “And The Tides Shall Reveal The Traces” (which will be on stores in the middle of Autumn 2009), we pre-produce our next album “As I Cross The Seas Of My Soul”, I compose music for our third work and we have live performances all around Hellas.

2. When did you all form AHERUSIA? What is the current line-up for the band? For the readers who have never heard the band how would you describe the music?

The band was formed by me back in 1997, its activity was frozen for the period 2001-2003 and finally in 2004 we managed to be reactivated. The present line up, which includes some members since 2004, is: Voreas Faethon~ vocals, guitars. Arcania~ guitars. Shadow~ bass. Esperos~ cretan lyra. Charon~ keyboards. Aidhor~ battery. We play Majestic Black Metal combined with Hellenic Traditional Music.

3. The band recently sent me a copy of the new cd “And The Tides Shall Reveal The Traces”. How long did it take you all to write/record the songs for this release? Are you and the rest of the band happy with how the songs came out?

The songs which are included in this album were composed many years back. We recorded, mixed and mastered the material from October 2008 till December 2008. The result appears to satisfy us a lot, although we could do some things really better if we had calculated some factors more properly. The main thing that pleases us is that our work is recorded and will be released. All this procedure made us wiser and gave us great experience…

4. How has the response been from the fans and press? Has the band had time to begin work on the next AHERUSIA release?

Well our album is not released yet… The release, as I foretold, is planed about September- October 2009. However we are sending our material to zines or magazines which will ask for it. The reviews are great and the fans who watch our shows are expressing their selves in an enthusiastic way. So, as far as I can tell, I believe that the response is and will be good. AHERUSIA are working now on their second album, which will be recorded in the coming Autumn in Devasoundz Studios too. The songs of our second album are already composed in the period 2007-2008.

5. When the band begins work on a new song, how long does it usually take you all to complete a song? Does the whole band help write the music or does 1-2 members handle everything?

Until now I hold the place of the main composer and arranger. I encourage though, the other band mates to involve in this function. Everyone in AHERUSIA is free to bring his riff or his song, the only pre requirement is that the style of the band will not be altered in ways which are not relative with the aesthetical and musical principles that AHERUSIA hold.
Now, a song usually is worked for a long period in order to achieve the higher quality level due to the current circumstances. We dislike the hasty movements and decisions.

6. Who usually writes the lyrics for AHERUSIA? What are some subjects/topics you all write about?

For as long as Orion Arctorios (vocals, bass), was member of AHERUSIA, we were both writing the lyrics. In “And The Tides Shall Reveal The Traces” two songs have lyrics by Orion Arctorios, three have my lyrics and there is also one song on which we joined our efforts. Nowadays I am the main rhymer of the band, something that does not forbid to the others to write lyrics.
Our main lyrical orientation is about occultism, inner philosophy and the relationship between human and divine. We generally like to create albums that are bound in a form of a concept. So, in “And The Tides Shall Reveal The Traces”, we are narrating the stories of some heroes who – for various reasons, needs, bonds and purposes – demanded to acquire powers that exceed the limits that they have as existences in the universal equilibrium. Their passions are described through the prism of the tragic dialectic of ancient Hellenic drama.
On the other hand, in “As I Cross The Seas Of My Soul” album, we treat with the concept of Freedom and how the fact of our vulnerability as humans, is the key to become someone invincible… All those dilemmas and dialectical questions are given with epic pictures and occult metaphors…

7. I know you recently told me the band is now signed with "Emotion Art Music”. How did you all come into contact with the label?

EMOTION ART MUSIC is a new but very powerful label, seated in Hellas. In the ranks of the label you can find also UNHOLY RITUAL, BARE INFINITY, DIMLIGHT and a lot of aspiring Hellenic bands.
We met the president of the label some months before, on the release party of UNHOLY RITUAL’S debut album, and we gave him our promo, which he found very interesting and a few weeks later we signed with. I must also tell that this meeting was not accidental at all, since Q_Sync (keyboards in UNHOLY RITUAL), is a very close friend and introduced us.

8. Does the band get to play alot of live concerts around Greece? Who are some bands you all have played with?

Well, we love to play our material live. I could say that we are a live-oriented band. We are trying to give as many shows as we can. Here in Hellas we played with a lot of bands such us: ROTTING CHRIST, UNHOLY RITUAL, UNHOLY THRONE, EMPATHY, DUSK ETERNAL, DIMLIGHT etc. In 20/06/2009 we will play with ROTTING CHRIST, SEPTIC FLESH, SIVA SIX and DESENT, in the Castle of Chalkida (Evoia/ Hellas).

9. If you could set-up a dream show/tour who are some bands you would love to play/tour with?

There are so many that I can not make a pick, we certainly would want to play with IRON MAIDEN and FIELDS OF THE NEFILIM, since those bands are two of our favourites…

10. I had mentioned in a previous question the band is from Greece. So I wanted your thoughts on the scene in Greece?

Hellenic Black Metal scene is nowadays growing stronger. We believe that the former years of agony will never return. Hellenic Black Metal scene is one of the most historical scenes of the current musical flow and finally the bands that constitute the scene are acting according to this heavy heritage. ROTTING CHRIST are stronger than ever, SEPTICFLESH are back, DIRTY GRANNY TALES and WEB are the pioneers of new fields of expression and finally new bands as UNHOLY RITUAL, NYNE etc, are raising the dark insignia high…We believe that the collapse of financial globalism which enslaved the entire world, is the reason that people turn to musical choices that awake, rather than suppress, the freedom of thinking.

11. Who are some of your all-time favorite Greek bands? Are their any new bands you feel the underground should watch out for?

ROTTING CHRIST, NECROMANTIA, THOU ART LORD and SEPTIC FLESH are some of your all-time favorite Greek bands. NYNE, SHADOWCRAFT, MORTUS CAELUM and UNHOLY THRONE are bands that someone should check out if he is interested in Hellenic underground scene…

12. Well, my friend thanks a lot for taking the time to fill out this interview. Do you have any final comments for the readers?

Our HAILS to YOU, hope to come for a show there soon…
Fear not! For the shores of Elysium lies behind this chalice of torture…HORNS UP!!!

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