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interview with agael done by patrick

here is a new german band i discovered through naturmahct productions not to long ago. agael mix black metal,ambient together to create a dark masterpiece of both ambient beauty and harsh black metal. fans of original sounding black metal will love agael.
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interview with agael vocals,all instruments for agael.done by patrick
1.hello agael how is your week been going so far? please tell the readers a little about yourself.
Agael: Hello Patrick, the week had been great cause I am still alive. No really it was my 1744 th week here and it was a normal one.
I am Agael and I began to share my thoughts and music with everyone who wants to…My life is chaste and invisible to receive the environment differentiated.

2.when did you first become interested in writing/creating music?is agael your first project/band you have worked with? if no please tell the readers a little about your past bands?

Agael: That was very early in 1993 when I started playing guitar I wrote the first riffs and arrangements. Some of them I fill into the todays Agael music . Then I made a long break from 1995 to 2003. From this Point I played in several bands From Black Metal up to Progressive Death . After these years I realized that I had to write and perform myself. The first stuff I created in 2007 but in 2008 it gets the name Agael.

3.the music you create with agael is very complex mixing in black metal,beautiful ambient parts along with some classical interludes.when you first started agael were you planning on mixing all these styles together for such a memorable sound or did the music just come gradually?

Agael: When I started under the name agael in 2008, I wrote the music that has ever been in me, in my heart. So there can’t be any boundaries in styles. The only plan was to make music in connection with my thoughts and feelings.
Black Metal, Doom Metal, Ambient and Drone have a big spectrum on Emotions. In a mix with classic it becomes further and epic. The same process like growing Thoughts. You can take tones in an logic row, or you collect every feels around and let it sound “philosophic”!
To create an own sound is another part that comes later. But it is also necessary. recently released your debut "hybris" through germany's naturmacht long did it take you to write the music for this release? are you happy with how the music turned out on the release?

Agael: As I signed at Naturmacht Productions, the most songs of hybris where already written. The mainly parts of the songs take more than half a year. I am writing intuitive so there are times I break and let grow. has the response been from the press and the fans?

Agael: Hmm…the press…. I only know some good reviews! And as “small” artist I am happy about every “fan”. The response was even small but it is ok. I think it is a little early to say something about that…The next album will show it…

6.for the readers who might not know yet you are the only member of agael. when you started the band did you want to work alone or have you looked for other musicians to join the band?what do you feel are the advantges and disadvantges to working alone?

Agael: Yes Agael is an one-man project and was not meant for playing live. In the beginning I started with my brother, but I realized fast that I must work alone
I searched the loneliness to write hybris. To get the feelings of the theme…
Atvantages and disadvantages…hmmm
I think that is not the question for agael. The difference to other bands is that I am Agael. Agael becomes flesh and blood, so I must write my songs alone. First Agael was like a mask let me do things easier and speaks my own language. But in time, Agael grows in my allday doing. It is an ideal for my self being. It is my zero-point from wich I can start to put me in the context to this world around.
You would say: “I found my place!” !)

7.if you had the opportunity to work/write with any musicans past or present who would you like to work with?

Agael: I don’t have any opportunities like this…But I am a arctophile of Mike Batts Tarot suite…great musician !)……………. mentioned agael's music is very epic,dark with a varied sound.when you begin work on new music/ long does it usually take to complete?

Agael: From the first riffs to a ready song sometimes I need 3 days and sometimes a half year. The time and my environment give me the ideas. Sometimes I am empty and sleepy of everything around me. Sometimes I have the drive to go thru everything. My feelings are very important for songwriting.

9.speaking of new music have you had time to begin work on agael's next release? have you decided how many songs will be featured on next release? do you have a release date/time set to release the release? will you work again with robert and naturmacht prod.?

Agael: Yes, I will work with Naturmacht in future. I signed the new contract a few days ago. Robert is a fine guy and that is most important for me. The next release will take a little time. The ideas are growing and some songs are written …A preview of my future work is online at myspace.. The themes will be more actual and natural associated. About releasedate there is no planed time! In the next weeks we make a rerelease of Hybris in a limited edition on tape .

10.everyone has their own ideas/views on what black means/stands for so i was curious in your opinion what does the term "black metal"mean to you?

Agael: Difficult to answere…It is like reading between the lines for me. For me it is important to stand absolutely behind my opinions so it is clear that I cant take the normal way of an Black Metal project , cause there are things that becomes trendy over the years and contradict definitely attitude. I am glad to see that some Black Metal Bands becomes maturity. Everyone should search for his deepest inside the good and also the bad things. To turn this outside is another question. Any Religion can give you answeres but it also cut off your search for your real being inside. “You can hide lies in every truth” . Let loose, loneliness is the way to feel spiritual ,to feel natural. Black Metal opinions are contra religios thimgs. But is subjected to the same laws and provisions. Therefrom Black Metal should be uncaged. It open doors but the search is much deeper…. live in the great country of germany. so i was interested in your opinion of the german metal scene? who are some of your all-time favorite bands? are their any new up and coming german bands you feel the readers should watch out for?

Agael: Scene what a scene?... it is sadly to seen….!) Really ! it is a party scene! Like every other scenes over the world., a business and nepotism. I have not much to do with that. I miss the deep in Metal discussion. Sometimes I visit some concerts and partys to have my beer and meet some friends. I don’t need that often but from time to time…That is one cause why I left my Lifebands. On these events I bail as I come…unexpected.
Hmmm…all time favourit bands…difficult, why I am interested in their works and songs not even the band as itself. We talk about german Metal…hmm….I like most Lunar Auroras “Andacht”.
Coming bands to watch out for are much to register. I like the music of Black Autumn, throndt, Lantlos, Trist , Psychomantum and many more I forgot to list up !)

12. besides agael are you currently working or playing with any other bands/projects? if yes please tell the readers about them.

Agael: At moment I only work for Agael, I played in some lifebands like Demento and skepsis.

13.when you need to take a break from creating music what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Agael: Reading, thimking watch films, especially documentaries. Hang out in nature with my girlfriend. From time to time meet friends. Sometimes fall drunken downstairs our castle at night…haha..!)

14.well my friend thank you for taking the time to fill out this you have any final comments for the readers?

Agael: Thank you Patrick to let me leave some words at your zine…
Excuse my English. School is long time ago…

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