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interview with the stone done by patrick.

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here is a interview i did with the long-running serbian black metal band the stone.if you have not had the chance to hear this amazing band and enjoy black metal with a dark atmosphere then take the time to check out and listen to them on the bands official myspace page.
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interview with kozeljnik guitarist for the stone.done by patrick
KOZELJNIK: Hails! I’m doing mostly fine… quite busy last couple of days… Right now, I’m in the studio, recording the next KOZELJNIK album together with drummer L.G. Anyway, a lot of work is at my doorstep… waiting to be done.

2.when did you all form "the stone"? what is the current line-up? for the readers who have never heard the band how would you describe the music?
KOZELJNIK: Born in the year of 1996. in order to deliver the utter depth darkness in the form of the uncompromising hateful Black Metal of Slavic kind! At first the band was cursing under the STONE TO FLESH banner, releasing two demos and the debut album. In 2001 the band was forced to change the name into THE STONE and since then it had been released 4 full-length offerings and couple of EPs. The band suffered through some line-up changes since the beginning and mostly the drummers were the ones who were constantly leaving the horde, but the original creative core of the band consisting of Nefas, the vocalist and lyricist and I, Kozeljnik, as the composer and guitarist, remained undamaged. Coming of our second guitarist Demonetras in the year of 2004 brings the band on the next level, giving the refreshing impulses, especially in composing process and on stage. Later in 2007 the circle was ultimately closed with the arrival of our drummer L.G., who gives the band a crucial creative seal with his superb drumming skills and the rhythmic rituals which we seek from the very beginning. The present line-up is also helped by Glad (vocalist in MAY RESULT; the other horde of ours) who’s doing vocals on stage since Nefas abstinence from the live performing and his decision to focus himself only on studio work. Also Glad contributed his vocals skills on the new record Umro as the back vocalist and he also did the main vocals on the upcoming 10” MPL which will bevout soon on Diabolst Services Cult. One more person is very important in spreading the black plague of THE STONE and this is Urok who plays live bass for the band and also stands behind his dark creations done in the shape of atmospheric rituals exclusively composed for each album since the bands 3rd record Zakon Velesa. He’s also the keyboardist in MAY RESULT and the owner of GROM RECORDS.
3.the band recently released it's new cd "umro"through folter records in long did it take you all to write/record the songs for this release?is the band satisfied with how the songs turned out?
KOZELJNIK: We’re quite pleased with the outcome. The album turned just like we wanted. It’s crafted with the dark apocalyptic pulse, initiated with the essential nihilistic approach. It brings the malicious frequencies of negativity and aggressiveness, which was our primary aim since the beginning of the writing process, to create the auditive magic that turns all life into death. The recording process was quite inspirational and challenging as we set the highest goals so we wanted to get the maximum from the studio séance. As you mentioned, the album is out on Folter Records, the label who also released our previous record “Magla” and the label with whom we are very proud to work with. “Umro” is out on CD in two versions, limited digipack and regular jewel case and also gatefold LP will follow soon.
A limited tape version will also be available soon, so the worshipers of the all formats will satisfy their needs. has the response been from the fans and press?
Kozeljnik: We’re getting very positive reactions and the general response that is coming from both, the fans and critics, considers the album as the best of our works ‘til now. They recognize the potential of the album as something quite unique and authentic, something that stands for its own! On the other hand we received some negative response and mostly from the people who want to hear the same sound, same style, same songs from the album to album. They said that the album is to complex and too hard to get into, but I think those people have problems with themselves and not with the music. Naturally, you can’t please everyone and why should we.

5.does the band have any shows or tours coming up in support of "umro"?if yes who are some bands you all will tour/play with?
Kozeljnik: Couple of mini tours had been played, as well as some festival dates too, but we are still in the process of booking/providing a bigger tour for the band in order to promote the album as much as we can. Some plans are on the way so we hope that soon we’ll be on the road. you enjoy playing live or would you prefer to work in the studio only? if you could set-up a "dream"show who are some bands{past or present}you would love to share the stage with?
Kozeljnik: Well, I find the both quite pleasurable and inspirational. Working in the studio is the essential when it comes to express the creative side of the band. Playing live has a more ritualistic character, so challenging and unpredictable. I never have thought or dreamt about whom would be the best to share the stage with, but if we speak about “dreams” then Mercyful Fate or Iron Maiden comes on my mind. often does the band get to practice? when you all begin to work on new songs how long does it usually take to finish one song? does the whole band work on the music or does 1-2 members handle everything?
Kozeljnik: We usually don’t have big breaks between two rehearsal sessions so you can say that we constantly do practice, but of course it depends on what phase we are doing with the band at the moment. If we are in the process of composing the new material, like it was for the latest album, then mostly drummer L.G., Demonetras and I are constantly in the rehearsal room, practicing the new ideas/riffs and after the building of the preliminary arrangement skeleton then the vocals are coming. Anyway the song isn’t finished and completed until it’s recorded/sealed, so the finalizing process comes in the studio while we record the album.

8.who usually handles the lyrics for the band? what are some subjects/topics you all write about?
Kozeljnik: Nefas is the main lyricist and the one who’s profoundly responsible for creating our dark world of poetry. As for the latest album “Umro” the concept was made on exploring his viciously pessimistic inner depths, preaching about the act of dying, the magical moment of clarity when death comes to your door step and life is fading under the blade of misanthropy. The time of initiating the truth of life which lies on the bottom of the rope, driven by the dark grasp of nothingness, inhaling the breath of negation, entering the corridors where life is just an empty shell needed to be removed. It’s brilliant how he’s capable to create the visions of the life that’s fading away, passing the borders where chaos is the only spiritual essence.
9.the band comes out of serbia's metal underground. what is your opinion on the metal scene in serbia?
Kozeljnik: It’s still developing, but it’s going so slow. There are some new promising acts that I really hope will find its place, but in general the lacking of originality is something quite frustrating here. It seems that nobody pays attention to create something on their own, something authentic and different. That’s what I really dislike when it comes to metal in my home land.

10.who are some of your all-time favorite serbian bands? are their any new bands coming out you think the readers should keep their eyes open for?
Kozeljnik: Well we have some of the old acts from the eighties that were kind of pioneers in creating the metal scene in our lands and some of them are Bombarder, Heller, Bloodbath, Annathema, and some more. Some of the newer acts worth of checking are Dead Shell of Universe (the band in which our drummer L.G. plays too), Infest, Zaklan, Samrt, Besomar, Bane, Disdained, Heretical Guilt, Catastrophy, Angelgoat, Space Eater and probably a few more… you or any of the other members of the stone play in side-bands or projects? if yes please tell the readers a little about them.
Kozeljnik: As you may know we have another band called May Result formed even before The Stone in 1995. The music can be described as metal of blackdeath with more atmospheric approach and more old school way, but still very aggressive and dark. We have released 4 full-length studio albums by now, including one mini album and live one as well. In 2006 drummer L.G. and I formed another black metal creation named Kozeljnik. It’s not my solo project or anything similar. It’s a fulltime band much different then other two acts. We have one EP recorded as well as debut album “Sigil Rust”. The new album is on the way and will be out on Paragon Records this summer. handle guitars for the band.when did you start playing guitar? are you self-taught or have you had lessons in the past?
Kozeljnik: It had passed almost 20 years since I took the first guitar in my hands. I never had a single lesson from anyone so everything I learned came from my own experiences. Of course I’m always trying to push the limits, discovering new territories, new perspectives, developing my techniques. After all I think I have found my own style of playing and composing which is the most important thing when it comes to being a musician.

13.who are some of your influences/favorite guitarist?do you play any other instruments?
Kozeljnik: I play bass guitar and a little bit of drums, but the guitar is my priority. Speaking of influences I have no specific ones.

14.everyone has their own idea/opinions on what black metal means/stands in your opinon what does "black metal"mean to you?
Kozeljnik: The way to express my spiritual dark inner depths. It’s like a timeless canvas on which I paint all my visions in black.

15.well my friend we have reached the interview do you have any final comments for the readers?
Kozeljnik: Thank you for the interview and support.

to contact kozeljnik and the stone check out their site/page here: